Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas wreath hanging tinker – 1 instructions and 25 ideas

Christmas wreath hanging tinker fir-red-ribbon-glass-balls-red-gold

Wreaths, especially from evergreen branches , have been used for centuries as a symbol of life in the long winter months. The wreath combines many different traditions. The Advent wreath, for example, has four candles. Every Sunday before Christmas, the family gathers and sets off a candle. An Advent wreath can simply be placed on the dining or coffee table or suspended from the ceiling. We show you today a simple guide how to get one Christmas wreath hanging can tinker on four ribbons.

Christmas wreath hanging – materials

Advent wreath hanging tinkering required materials

You need:

– evergreen branches
– Wreath blank made of willow or metal
– Tape
– Cord for hanging best in gold
– Needle nose pliers, flower wire, scissors
– pine cones and Christmas tree decorations
– four bar candles and candle holders (small bells were used as candlesticks here).
– Hot glue

Make advent wreath hanging – step by step

Advent wreath hanging tinker willow-wreath-baender

First, wrap the green ribbon around the willow tree criss-cross. The fir branches are then put in the gaps. Then cut a piece of red velvet ribbon, make a loop in the middle and tie to the wreath. The four red loops must be at the same distance from each other so that the wreath hangs horizontally.

Bell as a candle holder

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-bell-metal pincer-opened

Then take the four metal bells and open them with pliers. Glue or tie the bells with flower wire between the loops.

Wrap ribbons around the wicker wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing tendril-brute-green-red-baender

Now you can beautifully bind the about 12 centimeter long pine branches on the wicker wreath. You should point down so that you can see its green side and not the back when looking up. For a decorative effect also 4 spruce cones on the top are fixed with flower wire.

Fix spruce cones to the wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing wreath-keel

First, find out how long the four suspension cords should be by measuring the distance to the ceiling with a tape measure.

Connect cord and loop


Since the golden cord is heavy, it was tied with copper wire to the red velvet ribbon. The knot was then hidden under a decorative 7-inch-wide band.

Hide knot with decorative ribbon

Advent wreath hanging tinker -dekorband-tannebaum-motiv

After all four strings have been fastened, the four candles are added. Try to make the candlesticks as stable as possible.

four white bar candles

Christmas wreath hanging tinker-fir-twig-white-bar-candle-grind

Now the Advent wreath is hung on a ceiling hook. Now you have easy access to the bottom of the wreath. Insert the other fir branches until the willow wreath is completely covered. You can add a few berry and mistletoe branches and Christmas tree decorations for fun.

Hang Christmas tree decorations


* A project of Willodel

The ideas for decorating the Advent wreath are endless. Cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, cranberries, pearl garlands, apples are just some of them. You can even omit the candles. Take a look at the examples below and get inspired for your own project!

four red pillar candles

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-white-checkered-baender

Red and white checkered ribbon, red berries and wooden discs

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-stump candles

hang a few apples under the Christmas wreath

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-checkered-baender-aepfel

Decorate with cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree decorations


Advent wreath and calendar in one


red pearl garland

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-tannenzweige-weihnachtsbaumschmuck-candy-beaded garland

Hang Advent wreath over dining table

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-about-dining table-green branches

white decorations tied to wicker wreath


Olive branches instead of fir branches

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-olive branches and white-stump candles-anhaenger

nice strong red color

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-pine branches-beer branches red-glass balls

interesting idea for tealight holders


adventskranz-hangend-tinker-floral wire-kerzenteller-glass balls

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-evergreen-branches-journal

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-journal-berries-ceiling hook

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-transparent-plastic balls


adventskranz-hangend-ideas-kitchen-dining table-living room


adventskranz-hang up-tannenzweige-silver-weihnachtsbaumanhaenger

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-blue-Satin Ribbons-glass ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-green-two-Pendant-Christmas tree ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-chandelier-beer-branches tischdeko-red-gold


Christmas Decorating Ideas »Moody decoration for the Christmas tree to tinker with children

decoration for the christmas tree glittering stones wire snowflake diy

The Advent Season is perhaps the most popular craft time for children and adults. In addition to classic Christmas tree balls and garlands you can use very simple and inexpensive materials a glamorous Decoration for the Christmas tree tinker with the children together. Here are some easy ideas that do not require much free time or effort to be implemented.

Deco for the Christmas tree – Brilliant gifts

deco for the christmas tree gift led light red blue green

Such a decoration for the Christmas tree can perfectly light string replace. Make small presents out of tracing paper and add a colorful LED light bulb inside. Another option is simply to put the presents over the existing fairy lights. Make sure that there is no risk of fire in your fairy lights.

Decoration for the Christmas tree – pine tree from rolls

decoration for the christmas tree roll wrapping paper fir tree colorful

If you have a few small rolls, wrap them with colored wrapping paper to make such a fir tree. Cinnamon sticks are also very suitable for this. Glue them together, add a hanging loop and the deco is ready for the Christmas tree.

Make cardboard decorations

decoration for the christmas tree cardboard dot pattern wood

Decorate the Christmas tree with such pendants that you can make from a wooden ball and cardboard. It’s best to do several in different colors.

Christmas tree ball in cupcake form

decoration for the christmas tree ball silver cupcake shape glitter colorful

Decoration for the Christmas tree with natural materials

Pine cone loop patterned-iridescent Deco pieces Christmas tree

Natural decorative utensils like fruits and cones make the Christmas tree look livelier. Decorating them with ribbons, lace or bows with color-matching patterns creates a unique and effective design Decoration for the Christmas tree , Artificial snow contributes to the desired frost effect.

Decoration for the Christmas tree with floral patterns

Christmas tree balls bright blue fir tree-blue white-snow frost-optics

Knitted cover for Christmas tree balls with Zopfmustern

Knit wrap decoration-tinker Advent season Poinsettia ribbon

For the foam Christmas tree balls you can knit a cuddly sweater and decorate it with red velvet ribbon. The knit scarf can be continued through a loop, tied like one Christmas star or artificial flower arrangements.

Decoration for the Christmas tree made of salty dough

Baking dough Christmas Advent Crafts Decoration snowflake jewelry Hanging

These pieces of snowflake-shaped jewelry are made of dough, baked and cooled, then drawn with red felt-tip pen and decorated with little hearts.

Greetings from Santa Claus

Christmas holiday season sayings decoration balls red Santa Claus ho ho ho

Dye the balls with strong red acrylic paint and let them dry. Then stick stickers with letters and snowflakes on them and let the festive atmosphere flood your home!

Red and green for Christmas baubles – the contemporary interpretation of berries and holly

Green-Red Deco Christmas Tree Baubles Glass Advent Crafts Christmas Ideas

Sleigh bells wrapped in ribbon bring the music not only in the ear, but also in the eye

Sleigh Bells Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Jewelery Ideas Balls Bows Green

Frost effects for a modern look and texture of the fir tree

Christmas tree ornament iridescent-metallic sheen texture-lend snowflakes

Maritime decoration with shells – aquamarine colored balls with sand sprinkle

Chrtistbaum balls blue-Deko handicraft-shell bowl-sand maritime optics

Decorative ornaments made of patterned paper

Patterned Paper Deco Craft-to-Christmas Christmas tree white-red

Decoration for the Christmas tree – give a personal touch with family pictures in picture frames

Family picture frame-self-made advent gift paper pattern

Let your imagination run wild – simple decorations made of colored paper, fabric and handmade ornaments

Tinker Christmas baubles with fabric garlands green white ornaments stripes polka dots

Deco with vintage stamp with nutcracker motifs

VIntage stamps decoration ornaments Christmas-tree green

Decorate iridescent green Christmas tree balls with brocade and decorative stones

matt green balls Christmas tree ornaments garlands decoration traditional

Make evergreen decoration out of cardboard or wrapping paper

Decoration for hanging Christmas tree baubles with paper

Glass imitation – Christmas tree decoration

Adhesive Advent stick red ball for the Christmas tree decoration stones

Jewelery with glitter particles and brocade

Christmas tree decoration Christmas tree balls red blue-purple pattern brocade felt pin

Golden Ball Frosted Surface Christmas Tree Frosted Pearl Stones Decor

Animals Tinker with Egg Boxes – 25 Cute DIY Ideas for Kids

tinkering with egg boxes penguins-idea-easy-paint

Are you looking for some inspiration to tinker with your kids? Then just use empty egg cartons ! These handy containers are great for tinkering with a variety of projects. But what can you do with egg cartons? We have already put together some great ideas on this topic. But today we dedicate our article to wildlife. Because we found different animals that are great for Basteln with egg boxes and anything but difficult. Sit down with the kids right away and start making things!

Basteln mit Eierschachteln – Instructions for penguins

tinkering with egg boxes idea-black-and-white-penguin-cutting-sticking

We start our article with a manual for crafting egg cartons. These are the penguins from the cover picture. You need the tapered parts of the egg boxes, which you simply paint black and white, as is typical for penguins. Beak and feet make extra and also from the box. Add a small sting to the penguin’s face to put the beak in there and glue the feet tight.

Basteln with egg boxes – Varied ideas from egg cartons

tinkering with egg boxes wal-light blue-easy-mug-paper

You can also make cute whales with egg carton and create a small, arctic landscape together with the penguin. For tinkering with egg cartons, use one of the many beakers that normally contain the eggs. You will also need crafting paper, wobbly eyes and pipe cleaners to make the small whale.

What can you do with egg cartons?

tinkering with boxes of eggs instructions-glue-paper-making-yourself-animals

For tinkering with egg boards you first stab a hole in the cup. Put four pieces of pipe cleaner into it and bend them nicely so that they imitate water jets. From the paper you make the tail and the fins again. The fins are glued to the side with crafted egg cartons, while the tail sticking side is inside.

Make insects

tinker with egg boxes ladybug idea red black dots felt ball

In spring and summer, insects are also suitable for handicraft afternoons. Finally, they are then in abundance. Ladybugs are just a variant. Below, we also have an example of a honey bee. For the ladybug, put a mug, a felt ball, pipe cleaner, Wiggle eyes and acrylic paints ready for painting and you can get started with the Beetle to tinker with egg boxes.

Cute ladybugs

tinkering with egg boxes materials-edding-pipe-cleaner-legs-insect-spring

To make the ladybug with egg boxes, first paint the cups in red and paint the dots with an edding. Then glue the felt ball as a head to the cup. Between ball and cup the feelers come out and finally you stick your eyes tight. If you want, you can also use plush wire to make legs for the ladybug.

Turtles with buttons

tinker-egg nest-craft ideas-turtle-felt-buttons-animals-bommel

Even small turtles you can tinker with egg cartons. Instead of using felt like the whale paper here. The shell of the turtle can have any color and be decorated with buttons. For tinkering with egg boxes, you can either use a felt ball or a pompom again for the head. You decide that yourself.

Animals are tinkering with children

tinker-egg nest-fox-selbermachen-turtle-variant-child-diy

Another variant for a larger turtle can be seen here. Instead of a mug, just use four, which you can then paint as you like. The body is made of paper. Just as cute is the fox. To craft this with egg boxes, you will need the long items of the box again. One is for the body and another is like a fox’s head.

Crafts with egg carton for children

tinker-egg nest-froschkönig-frog-crown-paper-tongue-fly

A funny idea is undoubtedly this frog, which you can transform with the help of a crown in the Froschkönig from the fairy tale. The frog consists of two cups, which are put together with adhesive strips on the back, so that a cavity is formed, which represents the mouth. From craft paper or cardboard you then tinker still a tongue, eyes and the crown. You can also use the idea of ​​tinkering with egg cartons as a small box.

Jellyfish made of pearls

tinker-egg nest-simple-jellyfish-pearl make-colored-colored

A cup is enough to tinker with egg boxes completely. Insert a hole through which you thread the tentacles that you make from colorful beads. In this way, you can hang the jellyfish and look at their full glory. These figures look especially nice when they are displayed in groups.

Crafts with toddlers and egg carton

tinker-egg nest-seafood-turtle-wal-octopus-paper-children

Here you can see another variant for the turtle and the whale for tinkering with egg cartons. The octopus, whose tentacles are not only made of paper, but also of pipe cleaners, is very original. In general, you can combine any materials for the eggs from egg cartons. Make a beautiful underwater world with these animals!

Cool craft ideas for animals

tinker-egg nest-ideas-cows-elephant-tortoise beetle

If you have made several animals, you can put together a whole farm or a zoo, with which your child can play later. Of course, your child should actively participate in tinkering with egg cartons or even produce the animals himself. Interesting are the elephants above, which consist of cups and the pointed parts of the boxes.

Make colorful caterpillars

tinker-egg nest-crawler-points-yellow-purple-egg-carton-idee

For caterpillars, just use a whole row of cups. These you put upside down and then paint them in any colors. Paint points like this or make each mug in a different color for a colorful caterpillar. To craft with egg boxes can be with a little Fantastie so much!

Tinker chickens

tinker-egg nest Chickens-tinker-egg-carton-paint-eggs-easter basket

Also suitable for Easter is this idea, with which you can show off the Easter eggs wonderfully. Use the whole box to make egg carton boxes and turn them into a fun chicken coop as shown. You are also welcome to design individual eggcups by cutting out the cups together with the long element and decorating them with felt.

Spider tinker with egg carton

tinker-egg nest-spider-yourself-making idea-kids-halloween

Very simple is this spider made. For crafting with egg boxes, simply paint the mug in black and then make the spider legs out of black pipe cleaners. You can also use these cute spiders on Halloween to decorate the house. They can be set up, but also hang up.

Fun with the kids

tinker-egg nest-kids-play-dragon-camel-dinosaur-whistle washer

You can use a small egg box to make a kite with egg cartons. The box then represents the mouth, which is provided with a tongue. You also make your eyes out of egg boxes and more precisely two cups and the rest of paper or felt. The dinosaurs and the camel are made fast and easy too.

Crafting with egg carton – Crocodile from whole boxes

tinker-egg nest-crocodile-snail-easy-grasshopper-grille

From whole egg cartons you can also make funny crocodiles with egg boxes. How exactly, see above in the picture. Worth a crafting afternoon, but it is also the cute snails from each cup and the grasshopper, you tinker like the caterpillar and then provided with the spring legs. Just let your children choose the animals to be tinkered with.

Hedgehogs for adults and older children

tinker-egg nest-idea-hedgehog-craft project-manual-silver

Somewhat more elaborate, but all the more beautiful is this hedgehog to tinker with egg boxes. First roughly shape the body. For this you can use paper or whatever else you have at hand. Shape a triangle. The tip serves as a nose and is covered with a piece of egg carton. For the needle dress you need more elements in sheet form from the box. After you have stuck everything, you can spray the hedgehog with any colors.

Funny ideas for every age

tinker-egg nest-bee-spring-fish-crab-cancer penguin

Here you can see the bee we mentioned earlier. Similar to the spider, you also make a crab. This only needs two scissors. The fish you make from two cups, as well as the frog. Foam rubber was used for the fins. To make penguins with egg boxes you have here again a variant.

Crafting with egg cartons for Christmas

tinker-egg nest-christmas-reindeer-bobble-nose-rudolph-paper-antler

If you want to make something with egg carton for Christmas, then this reindeer is a great idea. Of course, the easiest way to get the red nose is to use a bobble or felt ball. Whether you use paper, felt or sponge rubber for the ears and antlers, you decide for yourself. The egg carton animals are a great way to reuse smaller remnants. So if you have materials left over from other projects, you can certainly use them when making animals with egg boxes.

For father’s day tinker with children for great surprises

for father's day crafting sweets containers idea kisses

Tinker for Father’s Day is always fun, especially if you let the children participate. Take a look at our suggestions and get down to business! In the article, we have gathered a variety of ideas that will surely put a smile on Dad’s face. Let yourself be inspired and make a wonderful Father’s Day gift together with the children!

Tinker for Father’s Day and create remarkable works!

for father's day crafts photo frame decorate branches stoecke idea

Father’s Day takes place on “Ascension Day” on 29.05.2014. It is celebrated on the 40th day after Easter. Sometimes it is also called man’s day or gentleman’s day. Because this is a special day, a day of honor for all fathers, you should prepare well and pleasantly surprise your favorite man. What is better than something tinker for Father’s Day , Our creative ideas will help you. Opt for decoration, such as garland and paper cups, or a self-painted card. Or you can try everything. Get colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, funny templates and start! Have the children cut out interesting figures. Give occasional advice only when necessary. Old glass cans can be filled with stones and other decorative elements to create an effective gift.

Tinker for Father’s Day – Let your imagination run free!

for father's day tinker card picture frame heart red

It is quite common to celebrate Father’s Day as the day of the whole family. Then we remember what all fathers and husbands did for us and how they taught us to become good and lovable people. On the day you should thank them warmly. Try to spend as much time as possible with your dad. That just happens more often than the cheapest gift of the world. To make the party even funnier and more enjoyable, why not something tinker for Father’s Day ? Children can be surprisingly creative and resourceful. Gather interesting ideas and prepare a lot of fun and joy for the whole family!

Father’s Day card with recognition barometer

father's day card idea barometer respect

A handmade card from the kids is one of the best gift ideas for Father’s Day. The little ones can make a beautiful design themselves and give the dad a great pleasure. The card should be as personal as possible and express the love of the family. Therefore, you can paint with the child on it a recognition barometer, which points to a very high recognition.

Make photos with letters as a frame for Father’s Day

to father's day tinker letters photo idea colorful paint

Photos of the children are just as suitable as gifts for Father’s Day. This allows self-made picture frames and photo walls to create valuable memories. Instead of tinkering with an ordinary picture frame, the children can write the word “Dad” in cardboard letters and fill in the gaps with photos.

Father’s Day celebrate with snacks

tinker ideas make ideas for father's day

Would you like to celebrate Father’s Day this year, then you can organize a surprise party with the children. For this you need matching decoration, food, drinks and why not a cake. An original table and wall decoration, the children can make from various materials especially for Father’s Day.

Make garlands

tinker garland kids to participate 29 05 2014

To the wall decoration fits a garland or pennant chain quite well. The craft ideas are simply endless. The letters can be designed as original motifs for men such as ties, mustaches or craftsman tools. Use crafted paper with beautiful patterns to create a playful decoration for Father’s Day of Honor.

Father’s Day cards

interesting card itself make mother children nice

Regardless of your age, your child can make a nice card for Father’s Day. Even toddlers can use their help to create beautiful designs that always look sweet and lovely. Prepare some suitable templates for this, which should then simply glue the little one on the card. Discuss the ideas with the child and you will be amazed by their creative suggestions.

daughter and father

Father daughter making strong love gift surprise

Children surprise us with creative ideas

for father's day crafts kindergarten ideas tips children

Coloring pages are very popular with children and can be used for a nice greeting card or picture frame for Father’s Day. On the Internet you can find many suitable ideas and print out. Choose a motive that would give the dad the greatest pleasure. For example, if he likes to go fishing, then fish and fishing rods are perfect as motives.

Make a card for Father’s Day

for father's day original creative tie paper

The card for Father’s Day can also be designed with a 3D design. A popular idea for this is the design as a shirt with a tie. It is best for fathers who wear a suit with a shirt and tie every day to work.

Grab paper and scissors!

tinker card tie drawing paper

A shirt card is super easy to tinker and requires no great skills and special tools. All you need is some craft paper in any color, a pair of scissors and other ornaments of your choice. First, you should design a simple map with the selected paper. Then measure a few inches from the top edge and cut the left and right sides with scissors. Now just fold both corners together, so that the collar of the shirt results. Cut a tie from a second sheet of paper and glue it in the center of the card. Decorate as desired with buttons and other decoration and the card for Father’s Day is ready.

Interesting idea – make tool box

craft man accessories paper cutting gift original

Many children see their father as an experienced craftsman, so they can make a card with toolbox for Father’s Day. The individual elements can be cut out of paper as well as sponge rubber or cardboard and glued on a self-made toolbox.

Use old glass jars!

Ideas children can use stones themselves

To make a nice Father’s Day gift, you do not need expensive materials and tools. Rather, you can only use things that you already have at home. A nice example is a glass jar that can be filled with funny vouchers and wishes for the daddy. The children can write activities such as “walk in the park”, “video game”, or “movie viewing with the family” on small pieces of paper and stuck in the glass jar. You can decorate the container together with existing materials and make a nice surprise for Father’s Day.

Show your love!

for father's day tinker with children blue pink yellow

Funny gifts cheer up the atmosphere even more

for father's day crafting original idea looking for cooking

father's day tinker mouse pad 29 05 2014

tinker original creative blue brown letters shape

on father's day, creative ideas create new ideas

make your own father's day kindergarten

for father's day tinker card greeting paper carton

for father's day tinker example card portrait paint

Nice decoration for the spring with children tinker – 15 simple ideas

with children tinkering spring idea butterflies flowers colorful

Tinker with children is really fun. You do not need a lot of money or time to invest in the following spring decorations. Some of them are true works of art, but still very easy to imitate.

Tinker with children – Make pretty picture frames

tinker with children picture frame idea blueten paper wall design

Spring offers you a good opportunity to experiment with colors and fabrics. Lovely Decorations and accessories for the spring you can fast to tinker with children , Whether fabric, paper or wood – these ideas will delight the little girls and boys in the same way.

Craft Idea for Spring – Bird garland of shells

tinker with children garland voegel clams coat hooks

Spring brings an incredible number of diverse treasures, with which an infinite number of craft ideas can be realized. Flower door wreaths, floral garlands and wall decorations can be easily made to tinker with children , At 5, a child is already capable of sticking, painting, decorating and cutting contours. little one Children make very much and have very interesting craft ideas , But they need your support and hints. Always tell your child that you are proud of him / her. Of course, you must make sure that the craft work is the same age as the child. If you collected shells last summer, you can now turn them into a happy spring decoration. From the shells are created in a few simple steps birds with colorful feathers that bring the spring in your apartment. Have your children cut out the birds’ feathers from colored craft paper. Natural materials such as leaves and thin branches can also be used in the design. Attach a string to each home-made bird for hanging. Thread the birds through a satin ribbon or yarn and knot the string on each bird so they will not slip. All you have to do now is find a nice place to hang your garland.

Make flowers with children

with children tinker lavender paper paper green flower fingerprints
With some tips and tricks you turn unnecessary stuff into fun toys or beautiful ones Deco Highlights for the appartment. You can also give away the children’s works, for example for Mother’s Day. A box to tinker with children is a practical and great idea that you can easily implement. It is suitable for storing children’s things, small toys or maybe everything that the little ones have created by hand. For example, a storage box can house anything that creates chaos in the nursery. The box for your little ones can be made of wood, cardboard or old boxes depending on the effort. Let your children decorate the box to their heart’s content.

Gifts for Mother’s Day to tinker with children

Craft Ideas Springtime Pillow-Kids Crafting

Unique and very personal gifts let you tinker with children on various occasions. A bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day is always a nice gift idea, especially if instead of flowers, adorn the colorful handprints of your own children’s gift for Mom. For example, help the children decorate a great throw pillow or decorate a dish towel with their hand prints. Paint your child’s palms with a brush and fabric color and gently print your hand on the pillow. The leaves and stems of the flowers can be painted with a textile marker. Let the fabric dry well. Depending on the material used, the decoration can be glued on or painted with paint.

Build a children’s box yourself – make wood with wood

Children's box-crafting with wood

Ideas for crafting in spring – decorate flower pots

Deco flower pots-tinker with children

Another great craft idea with children for spring would be to make cheerful flowerpots. Vivid colors create a positive and sunny atmosphere and emphasize the natural beauty of potted plants. The great design from the picture above can easily be copied from ice stalks. Your child can color the stalks and glue them on the flower pot in any order. If you have fabric leftovers at home, you can also use them for decorating the plant pots. Coat the flower pot with glue and wrap the flower pot with one piece of fabric or several colorful scraps of fabric. Old newspaper pages or any other paper can be used in the same way.

Tinkering with children’s bird food houses is great fun

Bird Feeders Can Crafts

Making a bird feeder house with children is always an excellent idea, which makes the children happy. A free-hanging bird feeder in the garden will lure the native songbirds and your children can watch them feeding. When installing the house outside, make sure the cats do not come right up. You can build birdhouses yourself from different materials.

DIY in the spring with children – bird food

Birdseed house decoration ideas garden design

So an empty box with a little paint and a ribbon can be transformed into a great, colorful birdhouse for hanging up. Empty PET bottles can also be converted in a few simple steps. Make holes in the plastic bottle through which you stick a stick where the birds can land. Your children will be fascinated by it. From a clay pot, you can also make a food bell and have them painted or glued by your children. To do this you must attach a dumpling to a string and then pull the string through the hole on the clay pot bottom.

Deko Highlights – table decoration with candles

Candles Decorating with children's decoration Spring

In spring, you can also make beautiful decorations for the tea pot holder with children. Paper is a suitable craft material, with which even the little children can let off steam creatively. You are welcome to make stencils for or with your children, which you then transfer to the colored paper and cut out. Cut flowers with beautifully rounded or pointed, narrow or broad leaves. The color combination is entirely up to you. The finished pieces of paper can be wrapped around the tealight holder so that they look like magnificent flowers on the table. A fast and creative deco idea for spring.

Make spring decoration with children – jewelry for flower pots

Tinker with children's spring decoration idea

Make colorful door wreath with children

Spring decoration-door wreath wind chimes

Handicrafts in spring – plastic bouquet

Bouquet paper flowers craft ideas

Spring tinkering with children – wind kite

Wind dragons craft deco spring-crafting ideas

Tinker fabric bag with children

Children bag craft ideas spring

Cut petals out of paper

Paper flowers tinker with kids

Spring butterfly crafts ideas deco with children

Tinker with plastic bottles – 30 creative ideas for copying

plastic bottles tinker paint sticking paper floral vintage

What you can create from used objects is unbelievable. Much, as the media and society continue to admonish, is harmful to nature and the earth, and to humanity in general. Maybe that’s how it is when you ruthlessly waste throw it away. The positive is that you can always make something creative and interesting out of leftovers like packaging and used and broken things. All of this is part of a whole culture – the DIY -Society. Plastic bottles are available in numerous colors and sizes and are easy to work with. You only need a pair of scissors or a cut knife, glue, wire or thread and you’re ready to create something creative. Here you will find 30 ideas in a few minutes craft from plastic bottles can. Have fun!

Tinker with plastic bottles – Creative DIY projects for the garden

plastic bottles craft bowls flower pot cat figurine

Make cacti

plastic bottles crafting cacti ideas flowerpots decor

Sculptures made of plastic bottles

plastic bottles crafts flowers ideas sculptures green blossom

Pendant made of plastic bottles bottoms

plastic bottles tinker flowers bottles floor red green blue Christmas tree cover

Make a vertical garden out of plastic bottles

plastic bottles-tinker-garden-vertical-diy

Scheme for the cultivation of vertical vegetables and spice garden

Making plastic bottles -schema-garten-urban-stadt

plastic bottles-tinker-garden-blumengefaesse-diy

Make hedgehog flower pot for the garden itself

plastic bottles-tinker-blue pot-hedgehog-garden-deco

Larger plants can also be grown in larger PET bottles

plastic bottles-tinker-flowers-plant-plant-flower pot

Plastic containers are particularly well suited for the planting of young plants, which are later put into the garden.

plastic bottles-tinker-flowers-plant-grow-flowerpot

Plastic does not always bother nature. From this you can also build something useful – a bird feeder, for example. Hang it on a tree in the garden or in the nearby park.

plastic bottles-tinker-bird-futternloeffel-diy

With a little imagination, you can make great gift boxes from the PET bottles. Here are the lower parts of the plastic bottles dyed in bright spring colors and decorated with a functional zipper. This has created sweet gift boxes, in which you can put in imaginative little things.

Craft out of plastic bottle-container-zipper-diy

From transparent, colorless plastic bottles make a manageable organizer for make-up and make-up.

plastic bottles-tinker-organizer-make-makeup-diy

Pick plastic bottles with similar shape of the soil. Build a practical shelf for accessories or small things.

Tinker from plastic bottles -organiser-diy-little things

In transparent plastic bottles you can store many small things easily and clearly.

plastic bottles-tinker-small-things-organizer

Tinker with plastic bottles – a DIY project for mobile phone holders

plastic bottles-tinker-cut-handy-hslter-socket

plastic bottles-tinker-phone-holder-socket

Make gift box from plastic bottles and decorate it tastefully – a great recycling idea

plastic bottles-crafts-diy-pack-gift-organizer-diy

plastic bottles-crafts-diy-pack-gift organizer

Save money with one piggy bank from plastic bottles. You can also paint the bottle or wrap it with wrapping paper so that it does not reveal its contents.

plastic bottles-tinker-piggy-save-diy do it yourself-

Craft your designer lamp from a softener bottle or from several coke bottles

plastic bottles-tinker-stehlampe-detergent weichspueller

plastic bottles-tinker-lamp-chandelier-transparent

Make a shovel for the litter box or for the garden

plastic bottles-tinker-cat-loo-shovel-diy

The crunching sounds of the plastic bottles irritate the dogs a lot. Make a dog toy – wrap an empty plastic bottle with fabric or put it in an old sock. Remove the cover first.

Craft from plastic bottles -dog-toy-socke

From the bottle caps can also be done great things. Paint them or collect different colors and make whole pictures.

plastic bottles-tinker-cap-lid recycling art


Make a breakfast box from the bottoms of plastic bottles

plastic bottles-tinker-breakfast box-muffins-house

From disposable bottles you can make great decoration ideas

hang up plastic bottles-tinker-colorful-flowers-

Pendant from bottle cap

plastic bottles-tinker-anhaenger-diy gifts for children

Tinker with plastic bottles – beautiful flower


Tinker stand for disposable bags from a plastic bottle

plastic bottles-tinker-organizer-einwegtueten-bags

plastic bottles-tinker-flower-garden-hang up-urban

Tinker from plastic bottles - colorful creative ideas

Dwarfs tinker with children – 10 exciting projects for every age group

Dwarves make paper with children colorfully

The kids love the dwarfs and their stories. They are fascinated by the short-lived mythical creatures who possess magical abilities and often dream of a small dwarf world. cute Dwarfs make children It will undoubtedly help your little ones to move quickly into a fantasy world. In the following article you will find great craft projects for the little ones fairy tale characters for younger and older children, who guarantee a lot of fun. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Dwarves tinker with kids – Make cute mythical creatures


The sweet dwarfs of mythology are small creatures very similar to humans, who often live in underground dwellings and are excellent miners and weaponsmiths. The good-natured imps usually have round, thick bellies and puffy white beards. As far as your clothing is concerned, you wear a colorful pointed hat, a stylish vest and sturdy shoes. When the next handicraft afternoon is over with your kids, you can mimic the little mythical creatures from different craft materials.

Dwarfs make toys with children from felt, fabric and wool


For your home-made dwarfs to take shape, you must first make the body. You can use fabric or felt, for example. If you like to sew, you can make a small bag from any leftovers that your child will fill with cotton wool. If you do not have cotton wool on hand, you can use lentils or rice for the filling, which will give the gnome the necessary hold.


For the small body, you can also use an old sock, which you simply knot after filling. Also made of wool you can make a cute dwarf with children. For the little wool head you first need to wrap a thin piece of wool around your finger. Continue to wrap thin wool around the resulting tufts until you get one big enough. Then place two sheets of wool crosswise on the table and place the ball in the middle.

Dwarves tinker with children – make a pointy cap and beard


Now you have to tighten all four ends of the wool tightly over the wool ball and tie it around the neck. For more stability you can make a tight cone from the wool that you put under the head. Of course, an elf can not stay without a pretty pointy cap. Depending on the desired size, cut a circle out of fabric or felt and make a triangle out of it. Now lay the fabric together like a school bag and sew the edges together. If you want, you can roll up the edge and sew a bell to the top of the hat. A piece of crafting wire can hold the hat upright. Dwarfing with children also includes the long dwarf beard. The beard can either be made of felt, made of cotton wool or maybe even get fake fur. The self-made beard can be attached under the hat.

wine bottle-bart-Filzmütze-dwarfs-tinker

All you have to do is attach the small round nose. Take a wooden or plastic bead and stick it on the beard. The pretty dwarf is now ready and your child can now move with this figure in the fairytale world of Snow White and the seven dwarfs or reenact the fairy tale. The homemade dwarf is a great decoration for the nursery or for the table for a thematic party, a birthday or various other occasions. The gnomes are also an excellent Christmas decoration idea. You can put the little figures under the Christmas tree or make them as ornaments for the Christmas tree. If you want to make larger dwarfs, you can use empty glass bottles for the body and use the original dwarfs as winter decoration.

Dwarfs make toys with children from natural materials

pinecone-felt-child-wood ball

Dwarfs tinkering with children can provide you with different materials that nature provides. From pine or pine cones, you can create great dwarf figures that adorn the nursery. Collect nice cones on the next walk in the park, which are preferably good. You can use a small cotton ball or polystyrene ball as the head for the little pin tow. Larger wooden balls are also excellent. If desired, your children can paint on the ball face and form a tiny nose of cotton wool and stick. As eyes, you can also use Wackelaugen from the craft store or make yourself. Now only the felt cap has to be made and fastened. Cut a semicircle out of scraps of fabric or felt, roll it as a peg and glue the cut edges together. If you want, you can equip the gnome with a scarf for the cold days.


The chestnuts are also an ideal crafting material for the pretty mythical creatures. Pick up a chestnut and drill holes for the arms, legs and head. The arms, legs and neck can be made from toothpicks. Have your child paint a face on a smaller chestnut and put his head on his neck. Tie a scarf around the dwarf’s neck so that the pretty gnome can survive the cooler days.

Little dwarfs make toys with children from felt and cork


If you have old corks at home, you can make little gnomes from them with little effort. Drill two holes in the side of the cork where you stick arms from pipe cleaners. Glue a wooden bead for the head and make a warm coat and felt cap. These tiny dwarfs are a suitable decoration for a houseplant and for the windowsill.

Dwarfs make wood with children

garden marker-wood-dwarfs-tinker

An excellent idea for small garden dwarves made of natural materials are these simple but effective dwarf garden markers. All you need for this fast-paced crafting project are thicker branches, which you can cut to size in the desired greetings and sharpen at one end. There will be the pointed hat of the gnome. Then have your child give the wooden garden gnome a face. Caps in different colors look great and allow you a quick orientation between the beds. Schoolchildren are welcome to label the individual markers.

Dwarfs make toys with toilet paper rolls

zwerge-tinker-Toilet Paper Roll

With the very young children, you can tinker cute dwarves from empty toilet paper rolls. This great crafting activity supports your child’s development and teaches how to use scissors and glue. If you want to copy the seven dwarfs, you need paper in several colors, which is glued around the roll. So each dwarf wears a different vest or coat and you can not distinguish the one being in playing easier. The child’s face and beard can either be painted or cut out of colorful paper and put together. The hat can also be cut out of paper in a suitable color and stuck to the roll.

Origami gnomes make children

dwarfs origami-dwarfs-paper

If you would like to create cute paper dwarves with your children, you have the opportunity to fold origami dwarfs. Children are naturally curious, willing to learn and eager to experiment. If you are looking for an exciting job for older children, this crafting technique is very fascinating for the little ones. Origami requires a lot of practice and is also complicated, but promotes the skill of little hands. Here your energetic support is needed. On the Internet you will find numerous video folding instructions that will lead you step by step to a beautiful gnome figure. The challenging task and enchanting results will make your child proud of themselves.

Create cute dwarf accessories from beads

colored paper-paint-dwarf-tinker

If your child is as fascinated by the beads as by the mythical creatures, you can make tiny gnomes out of the colorful plastic beads. With the right template you can create pixies according to your own imagination. With practice and a little patience you will succeed in conjuring up a very personal key chain for your child or beautiful thematic decoration for the nursery. With dwarves made of bracelets, you can also design other creative accessories. If you want to inspire your children even more, you can also build a dwarf house for the home-made gnomes out in the garden.

Seven dwarfs Costume


A great idea for carnival or for a themed garden party or a children’s birthday is a funny dwarf costume. For this you do not necessarily need to buy extra special clothing, but can use normal everyday clothing. Pants in green or brown and a green blouse with vest will serve you well. Of course you need a big, white beard and the typical pointed cap for the great children’s costume. You are welcome to attach a rubber band to the cap so that it stays on the head when the child is raging. On request, you can glue angel hair around the hat. From angel hair you can make a beard for the costume. If an artificial Christmas beard is left over, you can use it for the dwarf costume.

dwarf hat-felt-kinder-garden

Nonwoven wadding that you hang over a piece of hats will make a perfect beard. Suspenders will certainly arrive well too. Various small accessories, such as a bag for the tool for mining or a lantern complete the unique costume. Do you want to organize a motto dwarf party for your child in which your child plays with his dwarf guests outdoors? Then it pays to think about the games, the food and drink, the decoration and the giveaways. In this sense, you might be able to make a gnome hat for every little guest of honor and place it on the plate. If your child expects several guests, you can also design the pointed caps from paper.

Tinker with a shoe box? – instructions for children’s toys

Shoe box tinker children's pizza oven games

Do you want to make new things out of old things? Of the Upcycling trend Go on and the imagination knows no bounds. The advantage is obvious: you get new things without having to spend money on them. If you are looking for new play and craft ideas for your kids then you are in the right place. What can you do with a shoe box, we show you below.

What can you do with a shoe box?

Shoebox crafting -children pizza oven-pizza-toy

From a simple craft material such as shoe boxes can tinker great toys. You can stick on the boxes, paint and decorate according to your mood. Take a look at our great ideas and create something creative together with your children!

Make pizza oven out of shoebox

shoebox-tinker-children-pizza oven-felt-eat

In addition to putting on makeup and dolls, cooking and baking are among the most popular girl games. For your little princess you can make a simple pizza oven out of a shoebox. Simply make an opening on the wide side of the box so that the flap can fold forward.

oven knobs

shoebox-tinker-children-pizza oven-buttons-round head cling

Two circles of cardboard serve as oven buttons. To let them turn, you should use round head clamps. Also make a small dash to make the mark for the temperature.

Cheese, salami and olives of felt

Shoebox make kids-pizza-yourself-cooking-felt-food

The best part is that the child can prepare the pizza himself. Cut out different ingredients of felt: for example, salami and tomato slices of red cloth. Black olives, pink ham cubes, grated cheese, red onion and many other pizza ingredients are ideal.

Marble labyrinth made of simple materials

shoebox-tinker-child-ball play-skill game

Not only does crafting fun here! What is a maze labyrinth? This is a small playing field with a labyrinth in which a ball can roll around. Tilting the playing field directs the ball. There is only one way and you can not get lost, but there may be obstacles that the ball should not fall into.

Tinker skill game for kids

shoebox-tinker-child-ball labyrinth-straws

For the drinking straw labyrinth you need: many colorful straws, a shoebox lid, a felt or pencil, a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. The stretcher and the lid can still be covered with washitape and colored paper.

Draw template with pencil

Shoe box tinker children's guide ball labyrinth markings

First sketch your labyrinth. You can color the template above or design your own maze. Make sure that the balls have enough space to roll through the corridors.

shoebox-tinker-child-guidance-ball labyrinth-straws

Using these lines, you should cut your straws and then glue them with the hot glue gun. Cut two more opening and closing openings on the frame.

Table football tinker from shoe box

Shoe carton make kids kicker instruction wooden skewers

A mini kicker from an old shoe box makes fun for kids and adults. It’s fast-paced and requires few cheap materials and tools. So you can play your very own foosball tournaments!

Required materials

shoebox-tinker-children-football table-manual-wood cling

The following material is needed: 1 shoebox, 4 sticks, washi tape, 10 wooden clips, green or yellow paper for gluing, fruit or potato net for the gate, white marker, all-purpose glue, scissors, piker, cutter, ruler, polystyrene ball or table tennis ball.

paint the field markings with a white marker

shoebox-tinker-children-football field-colored card

Cut a gate with the cutter into the shoebox on both short sides. Cover the cardboard inside with green construction paper. Draw the lines of the torrents with a white marker. Cover the outside with colored construction paper or paint with acrylic paint.

shoebox-tinker-children-football table-easy

Using the pencil, mark the position of the holes for the torsion bars. These should be stung at a height of 5.5 cm. Best measure from the midline. In these holes come later the wooden sticks to which wooden clamps are attached.

Wooden clips serve as football players

shoebox-tinker-child-wood cling-washi-tape-team colors

The wooden sticks should be as long as the carton is wide, plus about 10 cm to each side. Alternatively, you can also use orchid sticks. For safety and a better grip, wine corks are put on the wooden sticks and glued.

shoebox-tinker-children-football table-wood cling-wood skewers

Paint the clothespin players as they feel like it or cover them with Washi Tape. Now the figures should be clamped on the bars and fixed with hot glue – exactly as you can see on the picture. It should be half a centimeter between the clip and the bottom of the carton.

Fasten torso bag

shoebox-tinker-children-football table-net-tor

Use tape or a staple gun to attach potato or fruit nets to each gate opening. For easy mounting, you can leave such a flap – as shown in the picture above.

Make a door display

shoebox-tinker-child-punktzahl game was

Cardboard and metal rings can also be tinkered with a simple door display. Another alternative is two pieces of wire with threaded beads. So you always have the football result at a glance.

Making theater in a shoebox

shoebox-tinker-child-teater-bobble-bordüre-finger puppets

If you already have some Crafted finger puppets You also need a stage where the children can recite. For a shoe box is also perfect. With Bommeplbordüre and wrapping paper you can put on the simple shoe box.

Making dolls for the theater

shoebox-tinker-kids-theater-animals-wooden sticks

Then you can design a fairy tale with the children. Very nice would be different wallpapers for the different scenes. The theatrical figures can also be easily printed out, cut out and on wooden sticks Fasten.

Make treasure chest out of a shoebox

shoebox-tinker-child-schatzkiste-kids birthday-pirate

If you want to organize a great birthday party for your child, then consider the motto “Pirate Party” and let the party guests look for treasures. As a basis for the treasure chest a normal shoebox can be taken again. Typical for the treasure chest are the rivets and hinges, as well as the keyhole.

Make a guitar out of a shoebox


Your children would like to learn to play the guitar? Or dress up as rock stars for the next carnival and really compete with the big pop stars? Then try to make a guitar out of shoebox and rubber bands. You will find that this musical instrument actually works from simple household items. Use rubber bands of different thicknesses – the thin ones sound much higher than the thick ones. If you change the tension of the rubber bands, other tones will result.

Make aquarium in a shoebox


If you do not want to have pets, you can make a nice aquarium with your children. First, the shoebox is painted from the inside with water colors or clothed with paper. Then paper, colorful fish, sea animals and plants are cut out.

Craft underwater world in a shoebox


The animals and plants are glued into the shoebox. Some fish are attached to the top of the box with a thin thread. It looks like they are floating in the water.

Cling film instead of Plexiglas wall


On the bottom of the shoebox are still glued shells and small stones. A sand mixture (sand and paste) would be a great idea. The opening that looks towards you at the front can also be closed with a transparent film. It really looks like a real aquarium.

Make a house out of a shoebox

shoebox-tinker-children-house-doll-three floors

Prefabricated dollhouses are sometimes too expensive and take up too much space. Shoe boxes, on the other hand, are a cheap crafting material. You can also decide on the architecture itself – the dollhouse can also look like a block of flats or like a house with gabled roof.

Make room in the shoebox

shoebox-tinker-children-house-doll-bedroom different-colored

A real castle on three floors can be made from several shoe boxes. Simply glue the boxes over each other and use colored paper as wallpaper and carpet. Wallpaper remnants are also ideal.

Real-looking window decors

shoebox-tinker-children-house-doll-window wallpaper glue

So you can make each room in the dollhouse different: pink wall paint in the bedroom, yellow in the kitchen, green for the bathroom, etc. The last touch white “baseboards”. A great idea is still to use printed images of windows with a view.

Mini furniture for the dollhouse

shoebox-tinker-children-house-doll-bedroom bedroom-pink

It should not always be bought doll house furniture. These can be made super easy: chest of drawers made of wooden boxes, carpet from cake doilies, table from Klorolle and bottle cap, etc. Also look for more ideas online!

Shoebox house with front yard

shoebox-tinker-children-house-bedroom furnishings

If you do not want to build a big doll castle, you can also start with a small project – a 4 bedroom apartment with front yard. The cardboard can be glued with paper in stone look and imitate a real stone facade. The lawn here forms a piece of felt and next to it there is a sandpit with a slide.

Decorate dollhouse for Christmas


When the dollhouse is ready, you can also make seasonal decorations together with the child. Whether at Christmas or Easter – the ideas are numerous!

Mother’s Day »Muttertagsgeschenke tinker – creative DIY ideas

Mother's Day gifts make jewelry bracelet-yourself-make

Prepare your mother on May 10th. Joy – by tinkering loving Mother’s Day gifts. We show you 25 creative DIY ideas that will surely inspire you! Lovingly designed picture frames, creatively decorated pots , a small herbal garden for the balcony or just a loving greeting card – choose a craft project from the photo gallery below.

Tinker Mother’s Day gifts – creative and practical ideas

Mother's Day Gift tinker family photos-fingerprints

The first idea is very simple and very suitable for families with small children. Father and kids can make a white picture frame imaginative together – the example above is adorned with fingerprints, but you can also decorate it with rhinestones, lace, appliqués and even dried flowers. Children between the ages of 4-6 can also be a loving Make a greeting card, paint a cup or make your own patchwork garland.

Children of school age can tinker flower plugs and cup coasters or a simple serving tray with Decoupage beautify. If mom likes to be out in the open, the rest of the family can surprise her with upcycled planters. Other cool ideas include a macrame bracelet, jewelry box or simply a beautiful arrangement of seasonal flowers.

Make Mother’s Day gifts – loving surprise on May 10th

Mother's Day gifts-crafts-loving Card

Of course, the preparation is crucial for the surprise to succeed. Take your time and try different variants on the weekend before Mother’s Day out. If you are planning a brunch with the family, of course you must also try the recipes in advance. We wish you a lot of fun cooking and at the Tinker !

Make mother’s day gifts – sew your own phone case

Mother's Day gifts tinker idea flower faucet

Tinker lovingly greeting card and affectionately label

Mother's Day gifts-crafts greeting card ideas

Mother's Day Gift tinker Garland do it yourself-

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-flower arrangements-seasonal

Glass mug with dry flowers

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-dry Flower Cup Coaster

Jewelery Storage – Serving tray becomes jewel box

Mother's Day gifts-crafts jewelry store

Sew bag / grocery bag and give it for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Bag tinker-yourself-sewing

Decorate serving tray with napkin technique

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-Serving-beautify

Make jewelry yourself – cute bracelet

Make Mother's Day Gifts Make-Your-Own Jewelry

Tinker Mother’s Day Gifts – Upcycling Idea with Old Picture Frame

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-Upcycling window frames

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-cup-loving-label

Make Mother’s Day gifts – wooden jewelry box in a vintage look

Muttertagsgeschenke tinker Schmuckschachtel-Pralinen-selbst-machen

Plant the old teapot – and decorate it on the balcony or garden table

Mother's Day Gift tinker teapots-planting

Upcycled gifts – old cans become plant pots Mother's Day gifts-tinker-planter-yourself-make

Paper Flower Pens – Make Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-planter Paper Birds

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-macrame-Pflanzkuebel

Mother's Day Gift Ideas tinker-Blumenkuebel

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-flower arrangements-tie

Mother's Day gifts-tinker-upcycling Blumenkuebel

Scrapbooking Ideas – Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts tinker

Scrapbooking ideas album itself-tinker

In 2015, we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10 and Father’s Day – on May 14. If you want to give joy to your parents, then consider a homemade gift. We show you some imaginative Scrapbooking ideas that you can do yourself. Leave yours creativity Freerunning!

Scrapbooking Ideas – Personalized Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts tinker

Scrapboooking Ideas Mother's Day gifts-yourself-make photo album

The term scrapbooking comes from English and means snippets. The new craft trend comes from the UK and is closely linked to the hip vintage style. Similar to the furnishing style, new photo albums are bought and artificially obsolete, decorated with lace and various decorative ribbons and affectionately labeled. The special feature of a scrapbook album is that not only the envelope is imaginatively designed. The pages are also labeled, decorated and covered with photos , This is how the most beautiful family stories are told. What a creative and personal gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

Scrapbooking Ideas – Photo Album and Daily Book in One!

Scrapbooking Ideas Mother's Day gifts-diary-tinker

For a Scrapbook album you will need about 1 weekend. Right now, when the weather is cold anyway, you can do your craft work. Let the children help! The vintage version is decorated with lace, flowers made of paper or fabric, rhinestones and satin ribbons. Letters are cut out of a newspaper and a loving message is stuck on the envelope. Then the individual pages are designed – write your favorite memories from childhood, stick photos of family trips and travel. Leave free space for more photos!

The gift for Father’s Day you can rather than to make a diary – For example, your dad can outline the garden, write down various data, for example, family members’ birthdays, or just make a list of daily tasks.

Mother’s Day Gifts – Make scrapbook album yourself

Scrapbooking Ideas Mother's Day gifts Lace Fabric

Scrapbook album with beautiful children’s drawings

Scrapbooking Ideas Mother's Day gifts-yourself-make-pictures

Beautiful gift idea – charming family album with photos

Scrapbooking Ideas Paris Eiffel Tower Photo Album

By marking the pages with sticky notes, various deco tapes are used as read marks

Scrapbooking Ideas-vintage Mother's Day gifts-crafts

Scrapbook as a gift for Father’s Day

Scrapbooking Ideas Fathers Day Gift Ideas-tinker

Scrapbooking Idea destinations-modern photo album

Scrapbooking Ideas-Family Ideas

Scrapbooking Ideas Disney Photo Album Collection

Scrapbooking Idea Dekoband etiquette design

Scrapbooking Ideas-colored paper-cut designs

Scrapbooking Ideas Flower rhinestones photo album

Scrapbooking Ideas Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Scrapbooking Ideas Fathers Day Gifts diary

Scrapbooking Ideas-less album Grandparents Gifts

Scrapbooking Ideas Mother's Day gifts-tinker-out

Scrapbooking Ideas Mother's Day gifts-tinker-page decorate

Scrapbooking Ideas Paper Flower Lace

Scrapbooking Ideas Paper rhinestones Birds

Scrapbooking Ideas photo album Loop tip