Design »Glass furniture from Italy gives the room artistic touch

Glass legs leather sofa classic wall design

The power of glass has always charmed people. Recently, however, the tendency has been to use glass as the main material in architecture and interior. The play Glass furniture a special role – they are no longer just accents, but become an integral part of the institution.

Stylish glass furniture with an Italian flair

set up bright spacious ceilings design pillars

Founded by Vittorio Livi in ​​1973, the company FIAM is more glamorous at making Glass furniture specialized. The combination of hand-blown glass and high-tech processing has great appeal and gives the designs an artistic look. The material is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and it is very hygienic. Do not be fooled – glass may look simple, but in fact the material is very complicated. The production of glass furniture and home accessories is a big challenge.

Glass furniture combines technological innovation and traditional manufacturing

Upholstered design mirror seat

The professionals of the Italian company have a great deal of experience in this field, which makes it much easier for designers to do their job. Even complicated furniture is decorated with engravings and various decorations. The pieces of furniture are characterized by their original shape and often have a minimalist look. They are perfect for modern, high-gloss facilities and can be combined with state-of-the-art leather furniture. Whether in the living room , in the bedroom or even in the office – The noble glass tables will quickly become the highlight in every room. Thanks to the high-tech manufacturing process, glass can be processed quickly. This allows the production of modern and ergonomic Glass furniture in different forms.

Glass wall-mounted TV with space for TV

Wall unit glass TV cabinet sofa concrete wall

Living room wall as a room divider

Living room set up ideas neutral color glass furniture floor lighting

Big mirror

Living room mirror white sofa colorful glasses deco

Living room with black side table

black glass side table sofa

Shelf made of glass and stainless steel

Furniture mirror shelf home accessories

Glass table with original design

Dining table glass glossy furniture chairs leather stainless steel

Office furnishings

Furnishing glass table stair railing concrete wall

Coffee table made of glass

Coffee table glass modern picture metal chair

Black side table

black frosted glass coffee table low

The same model made of highly polished glass

black armchair Wohnacessoires

Combination of two side tables

Living room set up beige sofa upholstery furniture

Side table with ornaments

Leather couch beige floor lamp industrial chic

Mirror with metal frame

Metal frame around stylish italian glass furniture

Stainless steel and glass table for the kitchen

Set up table kitchen dining area

Glass home accessories black vase bird figurine

set up pictures suggestions glass side tables beige carpet laminate floor

Picture wall black design ideas

Wardrobe Living room classic furnishings

Dining table bowl design ideas

modern glass table mirror metal hanging lamp

Dining table glass black chairs chandelier

Bench frosted glass video system

colored dining room furniture brown color

Wooden bedside table glass purple beige colors

Design glass furniture mirror

minimalist design modern stylish

Glass chair classic wall panels white sofa

The Moroccan style – 38 oriental living spaces with an exotic touch

the moroccan style living room idea yellow blue red romantic

In the changeable history of the North African nation of Morocco, different cultures, civilizations and religions have played important roles and left their mark on them. From the native Berbers to the Arabs and from the Romans and Spaniards, over many centuries the country welcomed many other visitors to its territory. It’s no wonder that Moroccan culture is so rich in many different nuances. Their architecture is rich, vibrant and inspired by very different sources. The Moroccan style Decorating embodies elements of many other cultures. Especially the Moroccan living spaces That’s why they look exciting, exuberant and very mystical.

The Moroccan style of textures and colors

The Moroccan Style Corner Sofa Olive Stone Tile Mirror

Filled with bright, magnetic colors, intricate geometric patterns, plush carpets, lanterns, lights and comfortable ottomans, the Moroccan style inspires you, courageous and extravagant even at your institution and decoration deal with it. Here is a collection of some amazing living spaces that showcase the timeless Moroccan spirit in different ways and show the world today. Enjoy this exciting picture gallery!

The Moroccan style with its modern interpretations

the moroccan style dining room interior red furniture carpet oriental arch

The Moroccan style For the classic living room, it seems like an undiminished celebration of life, with its bright colors and rich textures galore. But we will talk about it a little later. Most homeowners just want a touch of Moroccan charm in their rooms. At the same time they want to preserve the elegant, fresh, contemporary character of the house. This can be achieved by using the bright color accents that stand out in the living room wonderful against the cool, neutral background to advantage. Of course, there are many ways to add them to the ambience. Beautiful throw and floor cushions, ornate curtains, classic Moroccan carpets and cozy decoration in bright red, yellow and blue tones can be seen everywhere and these bold Moroccan elements conquer the scene!

Geometric patterns and garish accents

the moroccan style orange wall paint dark red couch oriental pattern

The use of intriguing geometric patterns and garish accents represents a popular current trend oriental Rooms are elegant and modern, and at the same time typically Moroccan! Large mirrors and sparkling surfaces can also accentuate this appeal without seeming out of place. In fact, we see the classic Hollywood Regency style and Moroccan style go hand in hand in a glamorous living room! Is not that surprising?

Colorful and classic!

the moroccan style romantic fireplace ornaments armchair ottoman

Do you want to deviate from the European style and bring an exotic touch to your interior? Then welcome the classic Moroccan style in the interior design! The first thing you need to do is select the background color for your living area. That’s the big difference between incorporating Moroccan elements into a modern interior and deciding on a specific Moroccan theme. The neutral background in white or cream is simply not good enough! Warm yellow and burnt oranges are often the preferred color choice. For those who want to have a “Mediterranean flair” in their Moroccan living rooms, Aqua, Turquoise or Teal are an appropriate alternative for this.

Luxury at home

Modern facility-Moroccan style

Do not hesitate to fill the room with luxurious decor in contrasting colors and heavy patterns if you want to achieve an authentic Moroccan look. Curtains inspired by life in the Middle East desert, such as natural greenery, arches and keyhole windows, and other elements of classic Middle Eastern architecture give the Moroccan living room an ornate appeal.

Lights, patterns and plush textures

classic style upholstered sofa decorating ideas

When decorating in the Moroccan style, you should rather forego side tables and other additional tables. Beautifully carved wood decorations, colored findings from the local flea market with an oriental flair and great stools are more likely to have their place in this ambience. And while you pay attention to decoration, textiles and colors, you should not forget the role of lights. Because these play a very important role in achieving the true Moroccan mood. Actually, lights, such as Moroccan-style lanterns, are just the detail most associated with this culture. If you see such a lamp, then you also determine the whole room as really Moroccan!

Pure light

Wooden table solid wood classic setup-African-Arab style

The extraordinary and inimitable Moroccan lights fulfill a dual function in the living space, they are brilliant sculptural additions, even if they are not turned on. Combine them with the other well-recognized features of vintage style, with Moroccan carpets, for example, and half of your work would already be done! Inspiring, inviting and sometimes simply majestic, the Moroccan living rooms are an expressive oasis of color and creativity.

Clean touch with Arabian flair

Living room with fireplace window with-rounded-Arab forms

Lucy Interior Design

Do you want to implement the oriental style in your modern living room, then you should work with colors. The oriental world of colors is rich in intense colors, which have great significance in the interior. These include above all yellow, red, orange, green and azure blue. It may be possible to combine the modern and Moroccan styles in the decor, but only if the right colors are used. Even if the walls and the ceiling are white, you can use the furnishing elements in the corresponding colors to give the living area an oriental flair.

Fairytale house

Living-door two-stories-typical-Moroccan

The Moroccan style gives every room a touch of exoticism. With rich colors, beautiful textiles and wooden furnishing elements, your apartment looks like a palace from “1001 Nights”. For a completely authentic look, each element plays an important role – from the wall design to the small stool in the living area. The ornaments of furniture and windows play an important role here and should definitely be part of the furnishings. Popular motifs are flowers, tendrils and, above all, motifs borrowed from nature.

Oriental modern

Vintage style with glass table and upholstered furniture

More and more interior designers are trying to implement the oriental interior design style in modern interior design. It creates a kind of style mix that speaks for a fancy interior design. Elements that are commonly used in such a facility are oriental carpets and pendant lights. They have a specific design and therefore point immediately to the Orient.

Basic elements for an oriental decor

Curtains-with-oriental figures-furnishing-home

Jason Dallas design

Like every style of living, the oriental and Moroccan styles have certain elements that are fundamental to them. These are mainly objects that are used in the decoration. The deco-basics for this interior style include comfortable floor cushions and poufs in the typical for the style colors, hanging lamps with fancy design, as well as various vessels of silver, copper and brass. Wooden screens are another popular decoration idea that can simultaneously serve as a room divider in a larger space.

Cozy sitting area with floor cushions

Tea and coffee corner-round Seat Cushion on carpet

KuDa Photography

If you want to furnish your apartment in the oriental style, then you can design a separate seating area. There is definitely a carpet with several floor cushions, as well as a low table in the middle. The area can be separated from the rest of the apartment with canopies made of organza. Continue to create a suitable lighting that conjures a warm light in this area. With such an oasis of calm and relaxation in your own home, you do not have to worry about stress.

Living room with Arabic flair

stylish shapes and spaces-Arab style

The Souq Lighting

In order to invite the Orient into your own four walls, you do not necessarily have to set up the whole room in Moroccan or Arabic style. Instead, from time to time, you can place different elements of the style in the room that only give an oriental flair. Whether a carpet, a beautiful chandelier made of glass or a sofa with a Moroccan pattern decide for yourself.

Wall color green for the living room in oriental style

Seat Crate with pillows and carpets-green window frames

Elad Gonen

The Moroccan style is characterized by vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. If you want to give your living room a touch of Moroccan flair, then you can opt for such a wall paint. Since the interior design style has a lot to do with nature, green is perfect for the walls and furnishings. Combine with bright yellow and orange to create a harmonious ambience.

Colorful decor in the style of the Orient

Round-sitting area-with-cushion and pillow-Arab-Art

ibrahim radwan

With a successful combination of different colors and patterns for the interior, you can invite the popular oriental style to your own home. The easiest way is with the appropriate textiles. The Moroccan style uses a lot of silk, organza, cotton as well as brocade. Upholstered furniture and beautiful curtains are therefore a must for a real oriental flair. Use as many colors as possible, which are well coordinated with each other. Gather inspiration for the Moroccan style from our picture gallery.

Red color colorful device-Classic and still full

Becky Harris

Retro Style Leather Sofa with metal chairs

Urso designs

Rattan Seat Cushion Oriental Carpet Curtains

Laura U

Pendant lamp-lantern-Moroccan Style colorful carpet

Duet Design Group

modern facility Fireplace with natural stone

Tom Stringer Design Partners

oriental carpet with pillows Colorful Plush

House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Modern equipment-with-leather furniture Turquoise color

Tami Smight Interiors

High-ceiling-airy wooden floor

Cat wooden floor sofa with cushions

Rebecca Mitchell Interiors & Boutique

Arab-forms and figures Parlor in Turquoise

Moroccan Bazaar Interior designers

Fabulous facility squab-high-ceiling-oriental

Gordon Stone Design

House with veranda-living room with fireplace


Classic-wall decoration-cushion sofa with wooden table

Sunny K. Merry

Handwoven carpet cream white furniture with fireplace

Gordon Stone Design

Moroccan-style equipment Furniture living rooms

Colorful Cushion Leather Furniture Modern Outfit

Sarah Kidder design

Blue carpet with asymmetric-figures

Janet Paik

Trees-as Deco classic white furniture with metal tables

from Wisteria

Mirror on-the-Wall Art-upholstered sofa

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Wanddeko-southern-style wooden tables

Classic Mosaic Moroccan facility

Sailboats Look at Coast Harbor porch-Moroccan style

Vintage living room furniture – a romantic touch from the past

a romantic touch from the past


V intage living room furniture come with the ability to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in which your guests feel very welcome and comfortable in their company. In addition, the fit Vintage living room furniture ideal for a house where a sensitive and even a bit nostalgic person lives. Vintage living room furniture will add an exclusive, romantic touch of the past to your home – you will not regret choosing this particular style in interior design.

Vintage living room furniture

vintage möble-living room

Vintage living room furniture are usually made of wood. The finest workmanship is something we observe in a living room where vintage style dominates. Teak, bamboo and oak wood tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves and chests of drawers inspire the idea of ​​good, old memories and the glamorous past we had and want to preserve. The smell of wood is something that saves the authenticity of an old era with its own individual beauty.

Vintage living room furniture made of wood

vintage-living room-furniture-wood
Vintage living room furniture are built in regular and classic shapes and forms. The organization and arrangement of all furniture is also typical of a neat living room. The variety and the interesting thing is the lightness and freshness that the Vintage living room furniture to give the interior design. For example, a small, decorative table is placed in the middle of the room and surrounded by sweet armchairs with soft and light damask. The sofa is covered with pillows and even stuffed animals.

Vintage living room furniture – yellow sofa

vintage-living room-furniture-yellow sofa
Lastly, we have an important tip for the decoration of yours Vintage living room furniture give. No matter what types of Vintage living room furniture You have chosen, you should have in mind that these pieces of furniture should be combined with the decors. The vintage style is adorned with plenty of decorative elements, sweet romantic ornaments and motifs everywhere – on the walls, on the shelves, on the table and even on the sofa and armchairs.

Vintage furniture with purple accents

vintage-living room-furniture-violet-accents

cozy romantic vintage decor


white interior design vintage furniture


Vintage living room furniture with Morocco style

vintage-living room-furniture-morocco-style

white vintage living room furniture

white-vintage-living room-furniture

Traditional wood kitchen by CucineLube with a touch of luxury


The new kitchen trend brings traditional and well-known elements and shapes with it. The traditional wood kitchen has made a comeback in recent years. It promises you quality of life with a high degree of coziness and comfort and decades of cooking fun. The 9 classic kitchens of the Italian manufacturer CucineLube stand for a modern city look with a slightly nostalgic rustic flair and an exclusive touch of luxury. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the romantic wooden kitchen with traditional design!

Good solutions for your individual kitchen concept


The investment in a high quality traditional wood kitchen is worthwhile for anyone who wants to stay in an apartment in the long term and attaches great importance to the good quality of life. Good wooden kitchens have their price and must be adapted exactly to the existing premises. The appealing electrical appliances are also designed for the sophisticated wood kitchen.

Set up your house in style!


The surfaces of high quality wooden kitchens are specially sealed and polished. Kitchen utensils including fronts, handles and countertops are available in a variety of materials that are easily cleaned with conventional cleaning agents – such as stainless steel, marble or granite. If a kitchen is regularly cleaned and treated accordingly, it retains its first-class appearance for decades.

Wood kitchen with high quality electrical appliances

traditional-wood-kitchen-cucine-lube-luxury-white-cream-white-dining table-model-Pantheon

The real traditional wood kitchen consists mainly of oak, beech, birch, especially hip pine, linden, cherry, walnut tree u.a. The authentic solid wood gives every room a pleasant atmosphere and, of course, also stands for worthiness. Ideal for this is the noble floor covering with real wood parquet or natural stone.

Cabinet handles, fittings and accents artfully made of high quality materials


Traditional wood kitchen by CucineLube in luxury version

Marble kitchen luxury gilded door handles italian-white traditional-cucinelube

Traditional wood kitchen by CucineLube – models and variant

luxury kitchen red white marble floor luxury high gloss surface design

Kitchen Edelweiss solid wood kitchen furniture chandelier-granite work counter

Kitchen with solid island wooden dish rack open shelving metal handles

Ideas for your individual professional kitchen

traditional kitchen cabinets metal handles light-wood country style

Solid wood kitchen with wooden fronts

wood kitchen traditional wood furniture functional design

Wooden kitchen in timeless and modern design

traditional wood kitchen high-quality solid wood interior design ideas spacious

Kitchen series Pantheon

kitchen block built-in sink shelves system drawer surfaces sealed polished-symmetrical

Lush decorated walls, kitchen fronts and furniture

luxurious kitchen design italian dinette design ideas modern cucinelube

This luxury kitchen stands for an exquisite living ambience

furnishing ideas kitchen-living room white-wood fronts design chandelier-crystal

Exclusive combination of materials for the kitchen floor – marble and parquet

crystal chandelier filigree designer kitchen furnishing ideas classic built-in furniture ceiling design

Traditional wood kitchen gives a nostalgic touch

modular kitchen cabinet-integrated electrical appliances luxuriously furnished-cucuine-lube

Furniture classics complemented by exquisite details

country style chandelier-elegant furniture solid wood kitchen cabinets

Tradition meets modernity in the Pantheon kitchen

classic wood kitchen high quality marble work desk chandelier parquet laying pattern

classic wooden kitchen island carpet black metal chandelier beautiful

traditional wood kitchen white visible grain cooking island marble work counter

kitchen colors black-red classic cupboards shelving systems corner element

luxury kitchen-with cooking island wall shelf system high quality solid wood parquet marble

classic kitchen island natural stone counter lush decorated cupboard doors

eat-in kitchen carpet embellishments chandelier elegant home decorating ideas

classic kitchen concept design italian kitchen maker cucinelube

luxury apartment furnishing-color scheme black-white kitchen-bar counter marble plates

planning design kitchen traditional design doorframe chandelier

Furniture line Veronica – Dream kitchen with solid wood furniture

Eat-in kitchen easy-care counters classic-furniture utensils-chandeliers

White kitchen with dining furniture solid wood tables and chairs

White kitchen classic ovens work counter kitchen back wall tile

wooden kitchen traditional with cook island sink brass

ideas for modern kitchen edelweiss wooden-with bar counter-vintage

corner kitchen solid wood cabinet display cabinet

Solid wood kitchen furniture-Country style solid wood rustic atmosphere

Solid wood kitchen furniture Marble counters Kitchen island with electric appliances

Agnese-a Sophisticated elegance with light rustic charm

large kitchen country style cabinet system solid wood furniture exposed beams

eat-in kitchen wooden furniture seating area with shabby chairs flat screen TV

wooden kitchen design italian cuisine traditional cucinelube

traditional kitchen with rural look bar counter-bar stools

Kitchen italian design all-purpose functional furnishing blue fronts

kitchen solid wood fronts kitchen cupboard with frosted glass fronts

Claudia is a contemporary and design-oriented design line

Kitchen Design glossy wall cabinets Wall-mounted carpet

kitchen styles white combine-classic modern kitchen design

white wood kitchen cupboards beige-green curtains white

corner kitchen frosted glass cupboard doors italian design white cucinelube

corner kitchen modern seating storage furniture dining room design ideas

ideas kitchen furnishing with kitchen island ceiling high cupboard systems

modular kitchen closets tailor-made furnishing ideas

traditional wooden kitchen cabinet system built-in appliances dining area design

Erica celebrates the comeback of solid wood

classic kitchen concepts from wood design ideas closets

country kitchen set up high quality solid wood furniture dining area rocking chair

kitchen back wall with tiles laid shabby-chic kitchen styles cucinelube

tile floor kitchen back wall country style kitchen door arch

Laura Kitchens by CucineLube

kitchen block drawers handles metal hood modern colors

kitchen made of wood - lush decorated fronts extractor chairs design

kitchen concept modern chairs classic design spacious-bright

white wood furniture-for kitchen grain-easy to clean italian-cucine-lube

retro design kitchen furniture-wood stove-built-in cooking area

solid wood kitchen modern rustic atmosphere mediated-by-furniture

wooden kitchen retro-designed appliances-integrated work surfaces


kitchen country house character-romantic appearance-ideas establishment cucinelube

kitchens bright wood kitchen island-with sink built-in oven kitchen furniture

spacious wood kitchen plan-set design ideas cucinelube

traditional kitchen with cooking island intagrierte wine racks matt glass seating area

classic corner kitchen solid wood roof window home décor ideas

real wood parquet floor kitchen-modern furniture-rectilinear design

Expressive color combinations with Silvia

modern kitchen design ideas color scheme current black red

eat-in kitchen with dining area furniture solid wood high quality wardrobes ceiling high

modern kitchen furniture design dining area table chairs

kitchen design italian modern chairs acrylic glass cooker hood

shabby chic kitchen kitchens chandelier italian furniture

modern wooden cabinets barstool-designer kitchen cucine lube-italy

spacious kitchen-furnished cozy-wood traditional-dining area

Italian design corner kitchen fitted kitchen appliances wall cabinets-hood-modern

Rustic kitchens Velia ciliegio

spacious kitchen country style wood furniture ceiling design visible beams

classic wooden kitchen with rustic character ideas for furniture design

Kitchen Country style wooden furniture cooking island flooring with tile

Kitchen series Velio Laccata

Italian kitchen design furniture dining area dark wood chairs

Corte kitchen country style cream white cabinets vintage

Rustic kitchen-wood fitted wardrobes-showcases-ceilings wooden beams

classic kitchen-anthracite-colored cabinets built-in appliances outfit modern

spacious kitchen red cabinets furnishing modern arched windows

red kitchen traditional decorating modern stainless steel appliances

kitchen design furnishing and planning solid wood furniture-lacquered

design plan kitchen country style wood furniture stainless steel fitting

Parisian style, bright colors and a touch of luxury in a modern apartment

Parisian style furnishing-hallway-beige-parquet-floor-ball-pendant-lights

Of the Parisian style is noble, design-oriented and romantic. The typical Parisian apartment has high ceilings, double doors and a wonderful wood parquet flooring. In almost every room there is an open fireplace and a large wall mirror with an antique frame. All these features are typical of the old-style apartments from the mid-19th century and characterize the Parisian cityscape that we know today. This private apartment is a beautiful example of the elegant French style of living inspired by a stylish design-oriented interior.

Parisian style from the middle of the 19th century

Parisian style-furnishing-corridor-ball-pendant-lights-deco

Designer Gérard Faivre is revolutionizing luxury real estate in Paris by designing and customizing each apartment individually. This apartment exudes an authentic Parisian flair but is equipped with modern facilities and excellent service. Sound system, home automation, alarm system and air conditioning are just a part of it.

Parisian style in a designer apartment

Paris-living style device-living room and blue sofas Round carpet

Opulent upholstered velvet upholstered furniture is placed in a circle in the middle of the large living room. Sheer white Gardinan flood the daylight through the large French windows. It is reflected by a large wall mirror.

The arrangement of the seating forms a circle

Parisian living style furnishing-parquet-parquet-blue-seat-cushions

The eye-catcher in this room is the wonderful chandelier, which not only illuminates the room, but also sets wonderful color accents.

Glass elements in pastel colors

Paris-living style device-living room and blue-akzente beige carpet

Seating furniture with velvet cover

Parisian living style furnishing-living-room-chandelier-colorful-glass

typical open fireplace

Parisian-style living-device-sitting area-marble-fireplace umrandung-pendant lights

stylish bedroom

Parisian-style-device-bedroom-old building

A mix of Parisian chic and modernity


Parisian style furnishing-bathroom-two-persons

More information can be found on: Gerard Faivre’s website

Photos from Mathieu Fiol

Designer wallpaper gives the apartment a masculine-like touch

Designer wallpaper-modern wood look shabby chic-interior design-piet hein eek

Piet Hein Eek presents new exclusive collection Designer wallpapers imitating wooden beams, lumps, planks, etc. “Scrapbook” gives every interior design a rustic, unique and masculine touch. These wallpapers are suitable for different purposes – whether for public spaces or at home. Your guests will never be sure that it is not real wood.

Designer wallpapers for Shabby Chic facilities

scrapbook wallpaper design masculine interior design shabby chic

As the name suggests, they see Designer wallpapers rustic, shabby, a bit worn out. For example, you can only dress one wall as an accent to accentuate the schabby-chic nature of the decor. If you want to set up your terrace comfortably and cheaply, the extraordinary wallpaper is used. Even your cabinet will give it an interesting look.

Wall design of Piet Hein Eek

piet hein eek wallpaper ideas-for interior design-masculine effects rustic

If you are interested in Shabby chic decor for the home or apartment, you could try the following: use unique pieces of wood foil as wallpaper for your walls. This gives you a masculine home with your own style.

Scrapbook collection

piet hein eek designer collection scrapbook shabby interior design ideas

Exfoliated color as a wall accent

Room design wall design with wallpaper in wood planks optic-dark brown

Wall design in shabby chic style

Wallpeten design flaked color wooden slats white-shabby bedroom ideas

Wall of “patinated wood”

shabby chic furnishing wallpaper with old optic wood

Rustic hardwood floors painted in black

wallpaper design rustic wood planks wall optic-black Piet Hein Eek

Lacquered wooden wall – designer wallpaper optics

Wood appearance wall design with wallpaper scrapbook collection

Worn look

wallpaper design interior piet hein eek scrapbook wallpaper collection

Designer wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

Wooden floorboards wallpapers - vintage effect piet hein eek collection scrapbook

Penthouse in Scandinavian style with a touch of minimalism

flat scandinavian style wooden floor bright colors

This beautiful Penthouse in Scandinavian style we have on the real estate page Alvhem discovered. It has a total area of ​​approx. 90 sqm – 71 sqm living space and a 19 sqm terrace. The interior design conveys a sense of brightness and shows a simple and elegant design in every room. The ceiling of the apartment has an impressive height of 4.5 meters, which has allowed the designer to design a reading area next to the skylight above the front door. Did you introduce it?

Penthouse in Scandinavian style – light and airy

flat furnish scandinavian furnishing wooden boxes coffee table

A white and stylish kitchen, compact bathroom with washing machine, a beautiful woodburning stove and a small balcony with sitting area are just a few of the exclusive features of this small attic apartment. Underfloor heating runs through the whole apartment and clears the wall of large radiators. The interesting wall design with plaster and the sloping roof with windows create further visual interest in the living area.

Penthouse in Scandinavian style – entrance hall and living area

penthouse scandinavian storage oven roof windows shelves

The heart of the apartment is a cozy living room, which has been divided into several zones – a dining area for six people, Lounge area , Reading area and hallway. The kitchen opens almost completely onto the terrace with the help of large sliding glass doors. In this way, the owners can cook at the same time and enjoy the view of the city. Or eat on the terrace and have a barbecue.

Wooden wine boxes as a coffee table

penthouse in Scandinavian style wooden furniture neutral colors

Wooden floor and stove create coziness

penthouse in scandinavian style alvhem living area

Reading corner at the top

penthouse sofa bed beanbag roof window candles lamp

dining area

penthouse scandinavian dining area light wood dining furniture

Access to the balcony penthouse balcony kitchen scandinavian style of living

kitchen line matt white gray tile kitchen back wall

penthouse balcony ladder floral stand sofa

balcony attic wine box side table rattan sofa

penthouse balcony plants herb garden rattan sofa

home office scandinavian set up wooden floor photo wall

penthouse home office scandinavian style natural light

bedroom minimalist gray white wall plaster wood floor

bedroom scandinavian furnish wardrobe sliding doors

penthouse scandinavian style furnishing shelves wine boxes

small bathroom washing machine wall plaster mosaic tiles penthouse in Scandinavian style floor plan

Stunning apartment facilities with a touch of the Orient

white-living-oriental-style furnishings ornament lamps

You want an oriental decor? Inspiration can be found in our fascinating selection of apartment facilities with an oriental flair. Anyone who has ever been in the Near and Far East knows how colorful, versatile, spirited and slightly spicy life can be. The cultures of the East fascinate the western world so much that more and more people want a touch of oriental serenity in their own four walls. Not always you have to completely reinvent yourself. With a new living room color, selected design elements and skilfully set lighting effects, the desired feeling of living can be created.

Apartment facilities as a result of cultural mergers

Apartment facilities-floor design-with-touch-Orient Light effects

The oriental furnishing style with its fairytale-like details and sweeping shapes makes the heart beat faster. One enjoys the peace and harmony in which this variety of details exists. Loud are here only the colors. In terms of color, one may generally approach it with courage. Play with rich orange tones, sand, saffron, cinnamon, curry to taste. A beautiful contrast to it can be with rich turquoise and create red. Predominant materials are leather, metal, stone, organza, as well as silk and velvet-glossy fabrics. They are used as tablecloths, tapestries, curtains, throws, canopies, etc. Gold and silver enhance the home furnishings. These colors and materials provide energy, life friends and passion.

Oriental-style apartment facilities

Sexy-oriental-sounding device-to-wealth of details-seating

The colors of the sky and the sea are also reflected in the oriental design – in combination with brass, nickel or iron they convey spiritual openness and clarity. The widespread in the Orient blue mosaics, tiles and tiles can be used especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

Colorful-patterned mural-seating-velvet fabric curtains stores

Almost everything is decorated – handcrafted beautiful art objects, chairs, tables, columns. Lamps and lanterns with different ornaments spray a special light ambience. The oriental seating offers plenty of comfortable seating and plenty of pillows – a low leather stool and floor cushions complete the ensemble. Tailored tables made of wood or wrought iron are positioned in the middle of the room so that you can enjoy the full enjoyment of tea.

Colorful cushions sofa set-blue-ceiling-design-with-oriental flair

Oriental living room

Typical elements and home accessories for the oriental decor style are mosaics and mosaic fountains, metal lamps and henna lamps, seat cushions, tea accessories such as trays, ceramics, screens, water pipes, mirrors, carpets and kilims. They offer you the opportunity to align the entire living concept with your own interior design style. Give your individuality and creativity an expression. It is important that you finally feel comfortable in your own home.

Oriental-seating-unschiedlichste Pattern ornamented wooden frame

Sexy oriental-style decor

The authentic oriental style with a wealth of details is most suitable for rooms with sufficient space. If you have little space at home, you should avoid heavy fabrics and large seating areas and reduce decorations to just a few eye-catchers. Choose lighter, non-compliant materials and colors that look more subtle.

Oriental Carpet Living-seat Galore-equipped with Pillow

Oriental carpets for a warm living environment

oriental-sounding device-sofa-bed-colorful fabrics-kelem

Sofa set with an oriental flair

Patio furniture set-seating area-oriental decorations-eyecatcher

Furnishing ideas from the near and far east

Typical elements home accessories and Oriental-style furnishings mosaics pattern

Slightly oriental bathroom with modern facilities

Kitchen-Oriental-metal lamps, rustic wood table candlelight romantic

Ornament lamps bring a touch of the Orient

Oriental Parlor floor length curtains satin shiny-materials

Sofa set decorated with different patterns

Apartment facilities-oriental-sounding items kilim

Bathroom Oriental Floor Tile ceramic patterned apartment facility

bathroom-wall-mosaic rustic stone-sink board-decorative-mirror

blue mosaic tiles Bathroom shower Snail Oriental flair

colorful-living textiles-bedroom-laminate flooring-kilim-pattern-sand color-wall

Furnishing ideas-from-close-and-far-east-modern-interieurs-colorful-alive

Mediterranean-bathroom-Moroccan-inspired mirror-frame-wall Lamp wrought iron

modern-living room design-Asian-inspired murals-gold-color

Oriental-looking lamp metal housing facilities house entrance

Oriental-sounding Bath color-of-sea-wall design ceramic tiles

Seeming Oriental-interior design-bathroom-mirror-sink cabinet

Oriental rugs-modern-living-room-ideas-warm-living environment

Ornament Lamp Bedroom textures-Moroccan-inspired

dressing table-bathroom-ladies room-wrought iron-device-items of your choice-mirror design

Staircase wood treads with-tile-laying Oriental pattern

Cars »Audi carbon e-bike with touch screen computer

audi electric bicycle carbon tire design tips

The German automaker Audi has completed a particularly interesting product and will be premiered next week during the Wörthersee Tour in Austria. However, this is not about a car, as you may believe, but about one bicycle With electric motor , To that Audi electric bicycle Also, to make it perfect, the company came to the assistance of racing driver Julien Dupont, who regularly conducted test drives and shared his opinion.

Audi electric bicycle with modern design

Audi bike electric motor e tron ​​carbon handlebar

The design of the bike is very impressive. This is how the frame is made Karbon , The same applies to the 26-inch tires and the rear swingarm. But despite this ultralight material, the Audi electric bicycle weighs a whopping 26 kilograms. The reason for this is especially the electric motor. This has an output of 3 hp and 2.3 kW. But with this impressive facts of the bike it is not enough. In addition, there is a computer with touch screen, which can be connected via W-LAN with the smartphone. In this way, recorded videos can be published. How to turn videos while driving, are you asking yourself now? Well, quite simply with the Audi electric bicycle associated helmet with built-in camera!

Audi electric bicycle – adjustable by a button saddle

Audi electric bicycle saddle button carbon design

The Audi electric bike provides comfort and the right seat height with a saddle that can be easily adjusted to any desired height at the touch of a button. So you can set the saddle simply to the height of the frame for art biking and bring back to the desired height if necessary. And while biking a wheelie mode also helps. With its help, even beginners can perform stunts for the advanced.

Audi electric bicycle in gray

Electric bicycle idea tire 26 inch gray metal audi design

Electric bicycle manufacturing in collaboration with Julien Dupont

electric bicycle design idea tire tips black frame pedals

Construction of the Audi bicycle frame

Electric bike construction frame item black sketch audi model

Audi bike in the planning

audi electric bike sketch planning design idea modern

Sketch of the electric bicycle from Audi

Audi electric bicycle frame sketch idea design

E-bike from Audi ,

Wing chair design with retro touch – 22 furniture ideas

Wing chair design home office furnishings-industrial-chic brick wall-wall look

Are you looking for a comfortable living room chair that will make you feel comfortable and comfortable? Do you have a preference for nostalgic Designs? Then a wing chair is just the right choice for you! Browse through our gallery and find a selection Wing chair design Ideas to inspire!

Wingback chair design for reclining

-patterned decorative-wing chair design dining room furniture eclectic device

What is a wing chair? We know the wingback or upholstered chair from the living rooms of our grandparents. The piece of furniture has been classics of upholstered furniture for decades and is inherited from generation to generation in many families. The wingback chair differs from the usual armchair usually by its design. In the wing chair, the backrest is high and in the head area, the so-called ears are present in the upholstery. Wingback chairs with or without matching stools are available in various colors, shapes, sizes and styles today.

Wing chair in country style ensures a secure seating

Armchair design, country-style living room Ideas Furniture ceiling design

The upholstery ears provide shielding from noise, peeps and drafts. The base is traditionally made of wood, the seat is with foam padding, spring core or wave suspension. There are different materials for the covers: real leather in Chesterfield style , soft velor, flattering leather, elegant velvet or cool cotton with plaid or floral pattern.

This versatility explains why wingback chairs blend in with a classic interior design or look great in a modern setting.

Wing chair design – from rustic to romantic

patterned wing chair design retro romantic Turquoise Blue with-Throw-

A wingback chair is characterized by high seating comfort, by wide and deep seat, various seating positions, longevity through solid workmanship. Cuddly pillows in various colors give the wingback chair individuality and enhance the feel-good factor.

Whether in the living room or in the work area – a wing chair becomes the centerpiece of the facility and invites you to enjoy reading, listening to music or watching TV.

The designs shown can be found online

Place to feel good

Wing chair design living room design ideas Color Turquoise Apple green

Wing chair with decorative button stitching

Gomer-wing chair design Scandinavian-style wood-substructure-Safavieh

Furniture design for a high feel-good factor

retro armchair design Devon cream white-wide seat-back cushions TOV

High backrest supports the back

Seneca Retro wing chair design white metal substructure Pastel Furniture

Shaping with a slight retro flair

Wing chair design white Dalma wood substructure modern-timeless uttermost

Comfortable, opulent wing chair

Wing chair design embroidered seat upholstered backrest-TOV Gramercy chair

Wing chair in nostalgic design

Country-style wing chairs-with-ottoman-eyed-modern Simon Li-Richard

classic wing chair design barton-fabric cover-floral motifs Madison Park

Armchair design side fabric-respect-floral-patterned-fitting leather-TOV-Soho-ikat chair

lounge-armchair-Designd-COR Logano lounge chair with ottoman-futuristic

Wing chair design retro country style fabric pattern Tulips Maine Cottage Eloise

Wing chair design paris-Shabby-Chick design Hooker Furniture Sanctuary

Wing chair design velvet wine red arms-Living-Mad-Hatter-chair

Armchair design upholstered blue-swinging-Curations Limited-New Age armchair

Wing chair design Logan-Chelsea-home traditional side-patterned

Wing chair design retro Erin light yellow-pad-reference material-Comfort-Pointe

Wing chair design decorative-buttoning-Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio

gray wing chair design upholstery fabric-Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio