75 cool ideas for designer sofas with unique shapes and colors

deadgood capsule cool ideas for modern sofa design

These cool ideas for modern Designer sofas are the perfect device for an innovative and unusual interior , Look at these original designs with unusual combinations of shapes and colors and be inspired to furnish your modern living room.

The modern designer sofas from B & B Italia

bandb moon system cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool one Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer B & B Italia are the perfect example of a modern and innovative living room interior. The aerodynamic shapes look simple and original at the same time and are available in different bright colors. Particularly striking are the Moon System series by Zaha Hadid, the yellow Serie Up Sofa and the Love Papilio Armchair.

The yellow Serie Up Sofa by BB Italia

bbitalia serieup cool ideas for modern sofa design

The chic Love Papilia designer armchair

bb italia love papilia cool ideas for modern sofa design

Original designer sofas by Felicerossi refresh the interior

felicerossi krysalis cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modern Designer sofas from the Italian furniture manufacturer Felice Rossi are another highlight in innovative furniture design. The wave lines and simple lines are typical of these elegant sofa designs. The black Krysalis design by Karim Rashid is suitable not only for the living room but also for the modern office. The Mumble Couch with its spacious seat brings comfort and elegance and the Panorama Sofa impresses with its tectonic motifs.

The modular Mumble Sofa by Felicerossi

felicerossi mumble cool ideas for modern sofa design

The panoramic sofa with tectonic pattern

felicerossi panorama cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular sofascape design by Yamermalta

yamermalta sofascape cool ideas for designer sofas

Black sofa with wave shape by Walter Knoll

walter knoll circle cool ideas for designer sofas

Interesting couch design by Vivero

vivero hanabi cool ideas for designer sofas

The black honeycomb leather sofa by Versace

versace honeycomb cool ideas for designer sofas

Red sofa design by Vanden

vanden rustlust cool ideas for designer sofas

The Misterb design by Swan

swan misterb cool ideas for designer sofas

Modular sofa system from Steininger

steininger wohnhaus cool ideas for designer sofas

Beige leather sofa by Steiner

steiner rivol cool ideas for designer sofas

Corner sofa in green nuances by Steiner

steiner chromatique cool ideas for designer sofas

The colorful Hip Hop design by Caliaitalia

caliaitalia hiphop cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Offseat Sofa by Sphaus

sphaus offseat cool ideas for designer sofas

Pierce in blue and white from Softline

softline pierce cool ideas for designer sofas

The Whale Collection by Silverplana

silverplana whale cool ideas for modern sofa design

The landscape couch of Saporiti

saporiti landscape cool ideas for modern sofa design

Round swing design by Rulic

rulic swing cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Ora Ito design by Roche Bobois

Roche bobois ora ito cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric shapes of Quinze Milan

quinze milan sofa02 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Printed sofa by Purcell Living

purcell living cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Purple Satellite Design by PSM

psm satellite cool ideas for modern sofa design

The cool 002 sofa by Prooff

prooff 002 cool ideas for modern sofa design

Transparent design by Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau Ghostfield cool ideas for modern sofa design

The orange Evo sofa by Nolen Niu

nolen niu evo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The modular design of Moroso

moroso misfits cool ideas for modern sofa design

moroso dolorez cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Skin Design by Moltenic

moltenic skin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa Designs by MMInterier

mminterier sss cool ideas for modern sofa design

miminterier amadeo cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Nuvolone series from Mimo

mimo nuvolone couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

mimo nuvolone cool ideas for modern sofa design

The luminous sofa by Meritalia

meriatalia via lattea cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Audrey design by Lucia Peixoto

lucia peixoto audrey cool ideas for modern sofa design

The rattan collection by Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue Rapunzel Cool Ideas for Modern Sofa Design

The Easy One Sofas by Ici Et La

ici et la easy one two cool ideas for modern sofa design

icietla easy one cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Summertime bench model

gufram summertime cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modular sofa design by Fredericia

fredericia seracs cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green Formoza sofa design

filippo ghezzani formoza cool ideas for modern sofa design

The unusual sofas by Feek

Feek sliced ​​cool ideas for modern sofa design

feek layer cool ideas for modern sofa design

Black sofa by Established and Sons

establishedandsons quilt cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red couch designs by Edra

edra tatlin cool ideas for modern sofa design

edra flap cool ideas for modern sofa design

Colorful Edra plush sofa

edra cipria cool ideas for modern sofa design

minimalist design by Driade

driade grandp pile cool ideas for modern sofa design

Futuristic sofa in metal look by Draenert

draenert europe cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern sofas from Domodinamica

domodinamica scuba cool ideas for modern sofa design

domodinamica hotdog cool ideas for modern sofa design

Red leather sofa by Desfomia

desfomia amphora cool ideas for modern sofa design

Minimalist design in pink by Derin

Derin cut cool ideas for modern sofa design

The yellow hug sofa from De La Espada

dela espada hug cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Disfatto Design by D3CO

d3co disfatto cool ideas for modern sofa design

The brown peel sofa by Council Design

council design peel cool ideas for modern sofa design

Purple sofa of Colombo styles

colombo styles purple cool ideas for modern sofa design

The blue Odin sofa by Classicon

classicon odin cool ideas for modern sofa design

Origami couch in beige by Cattelan

cattelan origami cool ideas for modern sofa design

Interesting sofa by Cassina

cassina gaetano pesce cool ideas for modern sofa design

Modern interior by Capellini

capellini basket cool ideas for modern sofa design

The funky sofa of Calia

calia funky cool ideas for modern sofa design

Green sofa from Brühl

brühl mosspink cool ideas for modern sofa design

Geometric design in pink and white from Bruehl

brühl bridge cool ideas for modern sofa design

Couch by Bliard Creations

bliard creations couch cool ideas for modern sofa design

Elegant sofa design by Bizzotto

bizzotto 694 cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Carrera Sofa by BBB Emebonancina

bbb emebonancina carrera cool ideas for modern sofa design

The elegant private sofa collection

asnaghi private cool ideas for modern sofa design

Square sofa by Arflex

arflex square cool ideas for modern sofa design

Tukama Sofa by Antidiva

antidiva tukama cool ideas for modern sofa design

Sofa in dark purple by Alias

aka flexus cool ideas for modern sofa design

The Charming Design by Adele C

Adele C Charming cool ideas for designer sofas

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Unique volcanic designer furniture in basalt

designer furniture made of volcanic fabric table armchair

Look at this unique Designer furniture made of volcanic material in unusual shapes. This exceptional collection was made by the manufacturer Maffam Freeform designed by the Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis. This unusual furniture collection is a fitting example of modern furniture with an innovative design.

The volcanic designer furniture – creativity and innovation in the decor

designer furniture in volcanic fabric living room suite

This creative Designer furniture are almost as unusual as that material from which they were made. The basalt is a black volcanic stone and in this case was designed quite creative. The unique forms of volcanic furnishings have been made especially attractive as decorative elements. The basalt was fused and shaped and shaped with the help of a special technology.

Designer furniture by Maffam Freeform for indoor and outdoor use

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric, innovatively hanging

The volcanic Designer furniture by Maffam Freeform are made by hand and each piece is unique. This innovative interior has a real artistic value and can become an accent in your interior. The collection of volcanic furniture is suitable as indoor and outdoor furniture and can be used for kitchen, living room and garden are used quite well. The collection includes armchairs, chairs with or armrests, coffee tables and small stools. The hanging chair looks especially interesting for the garden. Take a look at this unique collection and get some creative ideas for your interior.

Kitchen set made of volcanic material

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric kitchen garnish

Armchair with armrests and coffee table

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric furnishing garniture

Chic decorative device in black

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric comfort comfort

Armchair with an original design

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric experience comfort

Unusual furniture design with armrests

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric armrest

Stool with innovative design

Designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric stool apples

Chair with and without armrests

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric models chairs

Lounge chair in volcanic fabric

designer furniture made of volcanic fabric volcano decorative

Armchair in unusual shape with decorative elements

unusual furniture made of volcanic fabric

Designer chair from the Maffam Freeform

designer furniture in volcanic fabric chair black

Designer armchair with interesting leaning design

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric stuhl rest

Lounge chair made of lava stone

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric without armrest

Stool with interesting shape

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric stool basalt

Designer collection with basalt furniture

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric high armchair

Comfortable and interesting decor

designer furnishing made of volcanic fabric furnishing modern

The Pitt-Pollaro collection features designer furniture by Brad Pitt

36 ideas for place cards – trendy, unique and whimsical

Ideas for Place Cards Oyster Cup Name

We have nothing against the usual table numbers, there are many ways to make them stylish and fabulous, and they are easy to follow. The only downside is that sometimes you can feel special, as if there is a hierarchy, for example cool and clever people at table number one! But that should not be such a big problem, right? So, if you’re looking for another option, yours Wedding Details to personalize and tell your story, here they are! Unique ideas for place cards and place cards! To give you some examples, we’ve put together an inspiring image gallery that’s full of fun, does not seem traditional and complete, but includes many customizable ideas.

Unusual ideas for place cards and place cards stand

ideas-tischkarten-staender-star-wars-storm troops-lego-figures

Those who value a beautiful ambience should spend more time preparing the details. Because place cards are more than just a pretty decorative element. Whether it’s from the internet, at the computer or drawn and crafted by hand, special place cards are the perfect way to show your friends and loved ones that they have a special place in their lives. Here you have your favorite CD covers, unforgettable photos of the places where you met or already been, spent great time together! Take a look at the pictures and the ideas in the photo gallery below! You will not regret it!

Fresh table decoration and table-top stand made of fruits


For a feast in the summer you can consider a fresh deco for the table, which certainly gives the room a fresh touch. The ideas for place cards can in this case include fresh fruit and thus provide for an original table decoration. An example of this is provided by citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges, which are designed as playful table-top holders. The place card can be pressed on a thick paper and then attached to the fruit with the aid of a pin. You can color-match the selection of the appropriate fruit to the rest of the table decoration.

Place card butterfly on wineglass


As a place card stand you can also use the crockery and cutlery with which the table is already set. The glasses are a great variation for the place cards that can be stuck on the edge of the glass. You can make paper stationery in any shape, write each guest’s name on it and attach it to the glasses. Elegant butterflies in delicate pastel shades, which have gracefully landed on the glass, offer a particularly nice idea. They look very feminine and are perfect for various events and parties in spring.

Write guest name with pen on glass

ideas-tischkarten-broken-glass pieces-white-marker

The next idea is more suitable for the rustic style. Here, the names of the guests on different sized pieces of glass are written down with a pen, which are then distributed to the respective places. The edges of the broken glass, however, should be completely secured, so that it does not come to injuries, especially when children participate in the celebration. The fancy place cards are also better suited for informal parties because they do not have a formal look.

Golden key as a party favor – place cards to label

wedding-guest-gifts-place cards-vintage-key-grind

Are you looking for ideas for place cards for a vintage wedding, then you are here. The place cards can be attached to a romantic vintage key and tied with a pretty ribbon for an even more elegant effect. Plus, there’s no need to worry about party favors because the keys can be kept as a gift to keep a memory of your wonderful wedding forever.

Ideas for place cards and place cards for fall

wedding-in-autumn-panel-decorate-silver-pumpkins-name tags

For a celebration in the fall, you can opt for thematic place cards that lift the autumnal mood. A good option for this is provided by small, decorative pumpkins that serve as table-top holders. These can be painted as desired and harmonized with the general color scheme. The pumpkins can then be placed on the napkin and make for a beautiful, thematic table decoration.

Creative DIY place card

tischdekoration 3d place card-vase-succulent-family celebration decorations

DIY ideas for place cards are just as popular and offer a cheap alternative to the purchased ones. Original place cards can be made of cardboard and individually designed. For this you should write the name of each guest on cardboard with block letters and then cut with a cutter. The result is a creative design that you can decorate as you like.

Place cards inspired by favorite movies

place card-idea-film poster-illustrations-tischkarten stand-stool

If you are planning a thematic party, you can also vote the place cards with the theme. For example, the movie posters of popular films can be used and attached to original holders.


This idea is suitable for parties for both adults and children. For a children’s party, however, you should opt for a children’s film, which the children particularly like. A good option for the place card stand of larger place cards offer picture frames. They are offered in a variety of designs and can be easily adapted to the theme of the celebration.

Ideas for place cards on original flower vases

tischkarten stand-vase bottles Idea Gallery Wedding-white-roses

A beautiful alternative for the place cards at a wedding are elegant flower vases with cut flowers. Instead of buying them, you can make old wine bottles with a beautiful etiquette, where the names of all guests for each table are listed. The flowers that you choose for the vases should be matched with the other wedding flowers. This is how to create a wonderful table design for the wedding.

Place card beautiful decoration element-themed party ship motifs

Take a look at the rest of our ideas for place cards for any occasion and be inspired for an original design.

tischkarten stand-stacked-books-flower-ideas-tischschmuck-wedding

Suits silhouettes creative place cards Beautiful decoration element

decoration-space-cards-old ideas-audio cassette-wedding-themed party-diy

diy silhouette wallpaper creative-tischkarten-wedding-engagement-celebration-occasions

wedding-tischdeko-name tags-stand-cork-silverware

wedding-winter-deco-table-deer figurine-filigree-place cards stand

ideas-failed-tischkarten-name tags-picture frame-from-wood




ideas-table card place cards-wedding-in-free-spring-summer-flowers

classic table decoration matching place cards-inspired-by-books

Creative Ideas Square card table card framed-hieroglyphic wisdom

place card autumn-wedding-diy-ideas-pinecone-dyed-pink

rustic-deco-wedding-tree stalk-tischkarten Halter-selbermachen

rustic-wedding-tischdeko-linen fabric-tischläufer-number-card-paper

rustic-tischdeko-wedding-tischkarten-with-digits-small vase

black-panel-place card-diy-decoration-wedding-floral arrangement

tischdeko-charming-checkered-tablecloth-summer flowers-wheat straw

tischkarten stand-metal-ideas-creative-tischkarten-by-special-occasions

tischkarten stand-cards-failed-floral arrangements-wedding

inspirations-gallery-tischkarten-place card table decoration-with-flowers

tischkarten-travel destination-ideas-wedding-bouquet, white and pink

fresh-ideas-wedding-in-summer-name card table-tangerines and orange

Architecture »Unique 3d house design by Benoit Challand stands on long stilts

House sustainable architecture modern scotland Roost House Benoit Challand

The fascinating 3d house design French artist Benoit Challand uniquely combines the visual language of Le Corbusier with the sculptural formal language of Santiago Calatrava. The futuristic creation of Challand floats high above the ground thanks to an angular framework construction. Designed with high standards of sustainability, the house stands on high stilts.

3d house design in the Scottish Highlands

Roost House scotland architecture visualization-Benoit Challand

The 3d house design was named Roost House and has an amazing concept. It should generate electricity by itself, with renewable energy and heating passive be cooled. Using state-of-the-art technologies and building technology innovations, the house should be completely independent. Incidentally, the environmental resources are spared.

House on stilts – three-dimensional photorealistic renderings

Stilt house modern panoramic window 3d house design benoit challand

Both the interior and exterior walls are clad in wood. Outstanding niches form the balconies, while the pitched roof is equipped with solar panels. Has to Benoit Challand even before, a wind turbine mounted below the Wohnkubuses. A dizzy ladder should reach the entrance.

Stunning renderings

3d visualization realistic furniture design classic Roost stilt house Benoit-Challand

Among the furniture used in the interior design of the stilt house are iconic furniture designs including the LC4 chaise longue by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, and the LCW chair by Charles and Ray Eames.

Background photographs by Alexis Raimbault

modern House on stilts

Bedroom ceiling-high glazing chandelier-3d benoit-challand

Exclusive bedroom furniture and decoration – 3d

3d visualized renderings stilt house modern bedroom

Roost House – wood paneling inside and out

Indoor paneling Roost-House Benoit Challand-3d house design

House visualization stilt house

stilt house-modern 3d house design Benoit Challand

The ultimate luxury bath for a unique feel-good experience

Design 3d-luxury bathroom indoor fireplace-Oksana Balamatjuk

Living in style is not an easy thing. The current trend towards living, determined by more openness, freedom and generosity, is successfully continued in the wet areas. The contemporary Luxury bathroom – a dream of many people – gives peace and relaxation in an atmosphere of cosiness, sophistication and refinement. Here are some of the most beautiful and charming bathroom concepts that have participated in the prestigious Russian competition for architects and designers PIN WIN. They are a testament to uncompromising style and a fine sense of design. Take some time to look at it, it’s worth it!

Chic luxury bath of Oksana Balamatjuk

bathroom furnishings-elegant indoor fireplace frozen glass effect

The designer Oksana Balamatjuk from Belarus presented her bathroom concept full of luxurious accents such as Siztmöbel, indoor fireplace, wooden bathtub, chandeliers and decorations. It is a bathroom of contrasts – light and dark, delicate and massive, cold and hot. On one side are the shower partitions, which imitate frozen ice and the animal skins, on the other side the dancing fire flames. Watching light effects and starry sky are only a part of the details that pamper the senses.

The use of wood increases the feeling of warmth in the elegant luxury bathroom

luxury bath design integrated tub-wood acrylic glass chairs cowhide decoration

Warm and relaxing winter oasis

Frozen glass effect shower wall partition wood-integrated

Walls covered with high quality wood

bad design wood paneling luxurious sink table candles

Oksana Balamatiuk interior design-luxury bathroom chandelier ceramic

Oksana Balamatjuk bathroom concept plan-room layout integrates fireplace

Fancy bathroom design by Veronica Martyscheva

bathroom concept game dice stool design black white

This bathroom is dedicated to games. Dominoes on the wall and dice, suitable for sitting, provide an extravagant flair. The sunken rimless bathtub almost disappears into the floor. Dynamic elegance, clean lines and latest technology combine to create a unique ambience.

Setup theme “Games”

walls-bathroom-design-roofing furnishing-themed-games wall-design

Creative design with characteristic details

bathroom concept 3d visualization-borderless bath integrated

luxury bathroom-spacious recessed tub ceiling lights led

Luxury bathroom inspired by nature

nature inspired design wall wood giant bathtub indoor fireplace

Evgenyi and Irina Patruschev created this nature-inspired bathroom. In addition to the ceiling design with tree branch silhouettes, the absolute highlights are the little bird wall tattoos.

Elegant shapes in a straightforward design

chic bathroom fireplace outfit ceramic bathtub

Rundfenster “interrupts” the rule of the right angle

bathroom bright 3d visualization bathtub walk-in shower room

purist natural bath elements design Evgenyi-Irina Patruschev

Bath with porthole window washbasin wall cladding-wood

cozy bathroom ceiling mounted wall tattoo branches

bathroom walls Evgenyi-Irina Patruschev-design concept

Bad design for aristocrats by Victoria Faynblat

bathroom concept wall decoration wallpaper chandelier golden armature

Ornate fronts and walls, unique designer tub, shimmering gold faucet – that’s the ultimate Luxury bathroom for all those who long for more romance and uniqueness in their lives.

Luxurious bath in the royal style

design luxury furnishing furniture decorated freestanding bathtub

luxury ambiente bathroom furnishings drapes-golden taps wall

bathroom elegant 3d luxury pure-frills bathtub fancy

Maria Ivanova presents Hedonism bathroom

luxurious bathroom design tub steps in

Clever and luxurious at the same time, the bathroom has a straightforward design and lots of granite.

luxury bathroom feel-good room design granite wall bathtub design Maria-Ivanova

bathroom doors semi-transparent walls-walls maria-ivanova

granite bathroom wallcovering rounded vanity edges

bathroom concept maria ivanova design room planning

Exotic bath from Design Bureau Archwood and Marina Izmailova

bathroom design Archwood-Marina Izmailova wood cladding walls natural stone slabs

Bathroom with tropical accents

bathroom ideas exotic accents ceramic tub regale-marina izmailova

Ultimate relaxation zone

Bathroom design ideas of separate areas wall decoration images of boulders

exotic furnishing washbasin white ceramic luxury bath

bathroom areas-room design plan concept marina-izmailova

LINE8 Bathroom with a masculine appearance

luxury bathroom-for rock n roll fans decoration ideas

The luxury bathroom has an industrial feel

bad design ideas masculine look brick wall detail

industrial chic bathroom lighting ideas corner bath black line-8

Darkness and dramatism of Peter Sergeev

Masculine looking-bath black white high contrast 3d visualization

bathroom black-integrated flat screen TV ceiling light bar lights

contrasts bath colors dark dark-bright drama-Petr-Sergeev

Dark dramatic bathroom 3d concept interior Petr Sergeev

bathroom concept 3d room design plan Petr Sergeev

52 ideas for bathroom tiles – on the way to the dream bathroom

Landscaping »Building Friesenwall – tips and ideas for a unique drywall

Friesenwall build plant-ideas-tips

The Friesenwall is considered one of the oldest Garden design elements from northern Germany and is gaining more and more popularity in other parts of Germany. This decorative border for the garden is made of large stones and creates a visual eye-catcher in the outdoor area. Planted Friesenwälle can fulfill the function of a screen or subdivide the garden in different areas. If you would like to build a frieze wall for your green area, then you should consider the design, costs and desired design. In today’s article you will find more about the Friesenwälle and their function in the outdoor area and get helpful tips for the construction and planting of a Friesenwall.

What is a Friesenwall?

fries wall build-simple-land limit

The Friesenwall is a kind of drywall, which is piled up from round stones in different sizes and colors. The wall is usually about 80 centimeters high and consists solely of stones and earth. As the construction of the Friesenwalls primarily uses natural stones and boulders with different sizes and structures, the masonry looks natural, giving the outdoor area a natural flair. The Friesenwall offers a nice alternative to conventional fences made of wood and metal, which limit the own property to the street side.

fries wall build-boulders-limiting garden

Originally Friesenwälle originated in the marshlands of Friesland, because there was hardly any wood and no quarries for the production of fences. In the fields, however, were found plenty of boulders, which were used for the construction of land boundaries. Although today there is a large selection of materials for the fence, the Friesenwall has not lost in importance. Rather, this decorative enclosure has been prepared, and is increasingly seen outside of Friesland. The wall can serve as a fence, wall or even hedge and creates a nice accent in the garden or in the front yard design.

fries wall build-face protection-terrace

Friesenwälle can be covered on both sides, as well as on one side with stones. The two-sided version is considered a bit more stable and has a freestanding construction that is suitable for any area in the garden. However, if you want to build a one-sided frieze wall, then the wall will only be provided with dry masonry from the outside. Rather, it fulfills the function of a wall with support function and is therefore perfect for the front garden. With a one-sided frieze wall no wall is visible from the inside, but only a simple embankment, which is an advantage for the inhabitants.

Building Friesenwall – materials and costs

fries wall build-drywall-garden

Stones give the garden a feeling of power and strength, so more and more gardeners are choosing Friesenwälle to limit their property. If you also want to build a Friesenwall, you should first collect the necessary materials and calculate the resulting costs.

With regard to the required materials, this wall does not have a long material list. All you need is natural stone and loose earth, which is used to stabilize the stones. You can get stones both in the building materials trade and in the specialist trade for natural stones. Depending on your own preferences, you can use different stone types to make the wall entirely to your own taste. The different stones are usually colored differently and the selection can be adapted to the garden design.

fries wall build-garden-planting-ornamental grass

Roughly speaking, you need about half a ton of stones per square meter for the Friesenwall. Depending on which stones you have chosen for the wall construction, the prices per ton can vary greatly. As a rule, you can find natural stones from 50 to 120 euros per tonne, although size sometimes plays a role as well. If you want to build a classic Friesenwall, then you need both large stones for the lower layer, and smaller for the upper layers of the wall.

Tip: Instead of buying the stones, you can collect natural stones from the next quarry, or use field stones or boulders. However, think about transporting the stones, which will probably require a small crane.

How can you build a Friesenwall?

fries wall build-landscaping-stones-rush

Friesenwall is easy to build in technology, but requires some skill and experience. Especially if you want to have the wall for a longer period, we recommend that you leave the task to the experts, instead of building yourself. The Friesenwall build should be well learned, so that the stones do not slip together in a few years. If the wall is constructed professionally, it remains stable for more than 30 years.

fries wall build-plant-patio-area

If you want to build a stable Friesenwall, then this should ideally have a slope of 10 to 15 percent. However, a foundation is not required when building a Friesenwalls. Instead, a compacted sand bed about 20 centimeters thick and 80-100 centimeters wide is needed. If you’re building a double sided frieze wall, you should make it a double wall with gap. In the one-sided variant, an embankment is provided with dry masonry.

If you build a drywall, no mortar is needed. The stones are simply stacked in the ground and the space between the individual stone layers is also filled with soil and compacted by pounding. The joints can also be filled with turf strips, which makes the wall look much more natural. Planted joints also look especially decorative and beautify the whole wall. The finished Friesenwall is then planted as desired with plants or woody plants.

fries wall build-beautiful-garden design-stones

Below we have summarized the main steps to build Friesenwall. In this case it is a double wall with space.

1st step: Dig sand bed 80-100 cm wide and 20 cm deep and collect the soil to the side.

2 step: Place the largest stones as a lower row close to the ground, tap them with a pounding hammer and compact with soil.

3 step: Fill the space with soil and pile up more rows of stones.

4 step: Condens the earth between the stones with a hammer handle and plant the room as desired with plants or turf.

5 step: Fill the gap in the Friesenwall with soil and plant.

Build and plant Friesenwall

fries wall planting-ornamental grass-lavender

Whether you want to use the Friesenwall as a retaining wall, fence or property boundary, this looks much nicer with a suitable planting. Without plants, the stone wall has a cold effect and unfinished look. Therefore, we would like to present some ideas for suitable plants and shrubs that feel comfortable on the Friesenwall and beautify your garden in an elegant way.

fries wall-building-stones-boulders

If you build a frieze wall, you should wait a few days before planting and leave the wall in this time alone. After a few days, you can fill in the places where earth has set and only then is the wall ready for planting. On the traditional Friesenwällen usually a sod is laid, which holds the upper stones together and draws a beautiful line at the wall crown. The green grass combines wonderfully with the stones and creates a successful play of colors.

fries wall build-garden-beet-planting

And which plants are actually suitable for the Friesenwall? The answer to this question depends on various aspects. The selection of plants should first be adapted to the weather conditions in your area. In areas where dryness and heat prevail, you should choose drought-tolerant plants. These are, for example, all upholstery and bedding plants that tolerate drought. Bluebell, grass, lavender and cranesbill are therefore an appropriate choice.

fries wall-plant-flowers-ideas

For Friesenwälle is best suited a loose planting, which requires no regular cut. Examples of suitable woody plants are the vinegar tree, the crippled pine and the willow bush. Between the perennials ornamental grasses look very decorative and create great accents in the garden.

fries wall build-plant-roses

Roses are also suitable for the Friesenwall, but only in areas where enough rain falls. The best varieties of roses for this purpose are the wild roses and shrub roses. Another popular planting for the drywall are ground coverplants, which also need a sufficient amount of water. With the right flowers and plants Friesenwälle inviting and look much nicer. Flowering perennials in combination with evergreen plants harmonize perfectly with the stones and create a real gem in the garden.

Friesenwall build as a screen and wind protection for the garden

fries wall build-protection wall-great-stones

If you build a Friesenwall, you can use the appropriate plants to transform it into a functional privacy screen and protect your own property from prying eyes. For this purpose, the Friesenwall can be planted with evergreen plants such as boxwood, tree of life and cherry laurel. These combine beautifully with other plants such as stonecrop and stonecrop and ensure a varied greening in the outdoor area. With a planted frieze wall you can combine the function of the property enclosure with that of a wind and privacy screen. So the view is blocked from the outside and from inside only the beautiful plants and hedges are visible.

fries wall build-architect house-face protection

Extensively planted Friesenwälle serve not only as a privacy, but are also perfect as a windbreak. Especially if your property is very drafty, you benefit from a good wind protection. For this you should plant the Friesenwall with suitable trees, such as the wind comb. In this way, you can transform the drafty garden into a beautiful terrace and spend nice time outdoors with friends and family.

fries wall planting-groundcover-sod

Friesenwälle are a wonderful choice for the garden and create visual highlights in the outdoor area. Each Friesenwall is unique because the stones used always vary in size, shape and color. With such a wall you give your garden a Nordic charm and create a beautiful landscape.

Hanging beds – 34 great design ideas for a unique accent in the house


Often we are fascinated by things that are not part of our everyday lives. While some of us tend to spend a lot of time on the beach and surf, others are obsessed with the sky and flying. Flying has always been one of our dreams. How about flying in your own bedroom? Hanging beds make it possible.

Hanging beds let you float in the air

hangende-beds-yourself-make-wood-mattress-wall color gray

designer hanging beds Add this great charming touch to any home, garden To add a terrace. They look stylish and chic, different from the rest of design ideas, and create stunning visual contrast. Variants are varied – from hammocks for brave fighters to round-shaped beds that seem to be for a princess. The design for floating beds was most likely inspired by the beautiful hammocks, an indispensable part of any exotic vacation spot. This may also mean that hanging beds give a sense of luxury and relaxation, so typical of a vacation trip. Modern designers have done much more than just transform traditional beds into floating versions. Designs vary between nest-like woven options and soft plush-covered beds. The last pamper the senses.

Hanging beds undoubtedly provide peace and relaxation


If you have problems falling asleep, a hanging bed will relieve those symptoms – for sure! It has been scientifically proven that the subtle rocking motion leads to sleep much faster than silence. Many experts recommend using this additional benefit. Hanging beds As the “inner” accent of contemporary interiors trends, they are often used by designers to create an inimitable atmosphere that is both modern and sophisticated. With so many different shapes on the market, finding one that best suits the ambiance in your bedroom should not be a problem at all.

Hanging beds – construction very well suited for small apartments

hangende-beds-small apartment-studio-skylight-construction

Hanging beds in the outside area and longe

hangende-beds-outdoor canopy-wood-pergola-rope-terracotta

Designer hanging beds give the decor a Nordic touch

nordic note bedroom blue blanket pillow books office desk chair

hanging beds currently modern small cushions bright tones

Elegant and inviting to relax

elegant hanging bed hanging lamp look baroque details

pink flash tones wall placed over floor

Hanging bed in rustic style

bed floating chain rustic big contrast created

modern hanging beds perfect apartment senses pamper

various offers black over floor swimming tiles

great variation exotic full relaxation calm beige

Old boat becomes the perfect floating bed

old boat hanging bed rebuilt living room plants fireplace

nestly woven furniture beautiful house cozy inimitable

hanging beds currently floating in the air

Simply stylish hanging beds two natural stairs cushion

bunk bed interesting pop art note design black cover

high bed bed bedroom office hanging in air

funny hanging bed idea for children to flood in curtains of light

Creative ideas make for more fun and high spirits in the nursery

kids room two beds wonderful atmosphere pictures

children's room bed design original unique decor

simply elegant nursery lend colorful accents use

hanging beds interior design look perfect sophisticated modern

wooden board hanging on two small children environment backyard house

Classic hanging bed with plush cover

classic hanging large bed plush terrace exotic atmosphere

Resort and Exotic are not so far

hanging bed design idea inspired shaped princess romantic

outdoors daytime relax with style white romantic

hanging beds swing movement brings fast quiet together sit lie relax outside

whimsical floating bed green fresh nature lush planting

Romantic escape from everyday life

romantic bed in the green rest away from the stress

great blue swaying air sleeping travel imitating

beautiful bed hanging chain stylish bedroom original lighting

romantic idea for bed design rest basket bedspread decoration

Unique pieces of furniture in the modern style of Il Loft

Unique pieces of furniture -italian-design-furniture-upholstery-color-modern

Unique pieces of furniture are no longer an illusion if you want the perfect arrangement in the house or apartment. Thanks to the professional work and artistic conceptions that come directly from the workshop and the creative studio of Il Loft Studio, the beautiful, comfortable and qualitative interior design is a reality that everyone can afford. Take a look at the collections of Il Loft to make sure that the most suitable products for your lifestyle could be.

Unique pieces of furniture by Il Loft – corporate vision

Unique pieces of furniture -italian-design-couch-oval-shape-upholstery

It is absolutely easy to answer why unique furniture from Il Loft are so amazing and reliable. The answer lies in the corporate vision that has been following the team for more than five decades. Since the company was founded, workers and designers have ensured the quality and durability of their products. For this reason, the trust of the public for the last 50 years is maintained. The stability and high quality of the products is guaranteed and the original design is achieved by emphasizing the modern and innovative conceptions.

Unique pieces of furniture by Il Loft – Popular collections

Unique pieces of furniture -italian-design-modern-armchair-color-upholstery

When we talk about the unique furniture by Il Loft and talking about the collaboration between these products in a fully operational interior, we should warn you that you should leave your traditional views and principles outside the business. Here originality and craziness have conquered the usual trends and classical ideas. What you can find to the beautiful collections of Il Loft, is a large amount of decors, furniture and home accessories that you have not seen elsewhere.

Unique pieces of furniture by Il Loft – modernist and unconventional

Unique pieces of furniture -italian-design-poslter-pastel-colored-special

Unique pieces of furniture by Il Loft are closely linked to the combination of minimalism and high-tech style, which have become extremely popular these days. The Japanese line can also be felt when it comes to seating and tables – dining table with a low exposure and coffee table with an ikebana appearance. The softness and simplicity of the sofa and the armchairs are balanced with a light color scheme, which is extended with the additional additions to the inner conceptions of society. A Persian carpet in an electric paint or a straw mat with a retro look, but with an innovative production technique.

Unique pieces of furniture with a fancy design

palace-sofa-The-unique furniture pieces-of-Il Loft

The true beauty and originality of the unique furniture by Il Loft can be observed in their new collection of beds. There is no ordinary bed with a normal and classic shape and if you find one, it will be decorated with a strange decoration or made by atypical materials and complex techniques. The rounded beds are our favorite products from Il Loft. Some of them are even elegant construction of several parts that can be used for different purposes during the daytime.

Special furniture design ideas and materials used by Il Loft

carpet-the-unique-furniture-of-Il Loft

The office ideas of Il Loft present modern unique pieces of furniture , The most important concept behind their production is to help office workers unleash their creativity and abilities so that production can be efficient and beneficial. The desks also follow a Japanese style, and the chairs are constructed in a manner that incorporates the high-tech ideas with the innovative power of futuristic ideas.

Unique pieces of furniture Accademia sofa

accademia- The unique pieces of furniture-from-Il-Loft

The special materials used in the production of Il Loft furniture are classic. Il Loft holds on wooden surfaces for beds, tables and chairs. The wood species are oak and bamboo, because elegance and sophistication are the number one rule for the work of the Il Loft team. Microfibre and leather – of course no artificial leather – are the main textiles that are used for decoration and damask.

The unique pieces of furniture from Il Loft – bed design

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft bedroom

Unique pieces of furniture for the bedroom in brown and orange

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft bedroom-furniture

Unique pieces of furniture for Living room in blue

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft colorful-living

Unique pieces of furniture in sand colors – Super Roy

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft super-roy-sofa

The unique pieces of furniture of Il Loft – carpets

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft round carpet

Unique pieces of furniture and matching carpet

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft carpet

Unique pieces of furniture for the office

Cicago-the-unique-furniture-of-Il Loft


olympic-the-unique-furniture-of-Il Loft


mirak-the-unique-furniture-of-Il loft office

Il Loft furniture – a mix of shapes, colors and structures

The-unique-furniture-of-Il Loft

Unique pieces of furniture harmonize with the art objects in the room

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft sofa-super-roy

Unique relaxation furniture – unusual armchair

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft chair

Unique pieces of furniture for individual room design

The-unique-furniture-of-Il loft modular sofa

* You can find the whole product line of Il Loft here

Garden Design Inspirations – 5 Unique Ideas & Tips

Garden design inspirations Pond wood terrace trees summer flowers tall grasses

Source: Bahl Gardens – bahl-gaerten.de

The spring is approaching and with it the gardening, which brings your personal paradise with it. So it’s time for you to think about it slowly and make a plan to change your garden, what you want to add and what you want to remove. Maybe you already have a certain idea. But if you continue for a few great Garden design inspirations are open, we hope you have some great with this article ideas to give. These will certainly be interesting in case you just started searching. Let yourself be surprised!

Garden design inspirations – build mini-pond

Garden design inspirations mini pond wood box goldfish plants

Garden Design Inspirations – One pond is the big dream of many garden owners. But since the effort is a bit bigger, many simply postpone this idea and promise themselves “next year”. But we think that this year is really time for it and a great option, which is also budget friendly, is a mini-pond. This idea is also ideal if you only have a very small plot and no space for a large pond. Choose it permanently or simply as an intermediate step until it is ready for the big pond.

Garden design inspirations – what are the advantages of the mini-pond?

Garden design inspirations Mini pond create aquatic plants select stones

Garden design inspirations – The mini pond brings many advantages. On the one hand, he does not take up much space, on the other hand, he is also easier to maintain, dismantle and rebuild and disguise. Also excavation work is not necessary, because it does not necessarily have to be embedded in the ground.

Garden design inspirations – you need a small biotope or another suitable vessel. Such are barrels, small bathtubs, but also feeding troughs. The otherwise rather ugly concrete rings that are used for the sewer construction, are ideal and can be turned into a mini-pond.

Gardening ideas – choosing the right location for the mini-pond

Garden design inspirations Mini pond create water lilies location

Garden design inspirations – As far as the location is concerned, caution is advised. The mini-pond should not be in the direct sun, because as you know, a body of water heats up faster, the smaller it is. This, in turn, does not tolerate most plants, nor animals. Instead, choose a location in partial shade or one that is only in the morning and evening in the sun.

Garden design inspirations – When designing, you can let your imagination run wild. Find out which plants and fish are suitable for this type of pond.

Garden design inspirations – A rose garden

Garden design climbing flowers rose garden stone wall

Garden design inspirations – This flower has something very romantic and fairy-tale about it. This is because it is associated with love and should not be missing in most flower bouquets. Of course you have often toyed with the idea of ​​getting one Create a rose garden or to devote a corner of the garden just to this enchanting flower. Pretty are a rose garden or a so-called Rosarie. Of course you can only plant here and there a rose bush. But many dare not and there are actually some things that should be considered.

Garden design inspiration – care tips for the rose garden

Landscaping rose garden fountain create lawn area

Garden Design Inspirations – Like most beautiful things in life, the rose has its claims. She needs a sunny place, which is sufficiently airy. Do not confuse the airy but not windy, she does not like that so much. Also, the soil should not be too wet, because this does not get the roots. They better tolerate periods of drought.

Garden design inspirations – When planting you should choose a frost-free day. Overall, you have time for this from October to April. If you have not bought the rose in a pot, a little preparation is necessary. Cut both the roots and the shoots if they are longer than 20 cm. After planting in a loose soil, which you then congeal, add rose fertilizer, as well as lime and humus. Nothing should go wrong now.

Garden design inspirations – The front yard

Garden design inspirations flowers perennials shrubs lawn area

Garden Design Inspirations – With all the preparations for the paradise behind the house, should also be the front yard not to be forgotten. The choice of plants depends on what you actually want. Would you like a decent garden, reminiscent of a French or rather a rather overgrown, English garden with lush bushes and plants. Need a privacy? Should colorful flowers be there?

Plant the front garden with palm trees

Garden design inspirations front yard examples of exotic palms

Garden Design Inspiration – Become aware of how much time you can actually give to the front garden next to the main garden. Depending on this, you can choose annual or perennial plants. And even trees that bloom pretty in the spring are a great choice. Or what would you think about an eye-catching fountain in the front yard?

Garden design inspirations – raised beds

Gartengestaltung raised beds create lawn edge retaining wall

Gartengestaltung Inspirations – raised beds are a comfortable and visually attractive alternative to the flat beds. A big advantage here is that you can do the work while standing and not in uncomfortable, stooping posture. You also have the opportunity to determine the soil quality yourself, which is not the case with the existing garden floor. The raised bed consists of different layers, including soil and compost.

Raised beds give the garden structure

Garden design plastic raised beds create ideas instructions

In this way even home gardeners who have not been blessed with a nutrient-rich soil in the garden can give their passion free rein. In principle, the raised beds are reminiscent of large flowerpots and planters. In it you can cultivate vegetables as well as flowers and get bigger yields. With a raised bed you can also decorate and make wonderful the garden or the terrace.

Garden design inspirations – The garden path

Garden design inspirations Gartenweg mosaic create ideas

Garden design inspirations – The garden path is absolutely necessary, because it protects not only plants and grass from trampling. It is also visually beneficial and gives the garden a neat and neat look. He also connects the individual areas of the garden and makes it easier to reach them.

Create the garden path yourself – which materials are suitable?

Gartengestaltung Create garden path Stone succulent plant

Garden design inspirations – you have the choice between loose and solid materials. As solid materials are natural stone, concrete blocks, paving stones, but also gravel, which is attached to concrete. In turn, the first group includes gravel, grit or bark mulch. However, these should only be used for secondary routes, ie those that are used less often because they are not so stable. Therefore, they are more uncomfortable for the lawn mower or a wheelbarrow. Especially nice are combinations of both material groups. You can frame a solid floor covering with gravel and get a nice effect without sacrificing a stable surface.

Integrate projectors in the living room – ideas for a unique cinema experience

beamer in living room floor lamp-corner-couch-throw-pillow-table-wood-beam-fireplace-dog

Do you want to bring the special and irreplaceable cinema atmosphere into your living room? Is it a real one? Home theater experience , the beamer are the perfect devices that make the pure fun possible. The effect they owe not so much the image quality, but the size of the image, the video projectors to the wall. Below we present you some ideas how to do one Beamer in the living room can integrate.

Beamer in the living room – practical procurement with many advantages

beamer in the living room panel-cabinets-ceiling-daylight-couch-table-small-wood-room-plant

Integrating a video projector has several advantages. In terms of aesthetics, a projector is in contrast to the big, black TV screen in the living room or bedroom almost invisible. For the projection, only a white wall is sufficient. With screen diagonals of up to three meters, the beamer conjure a much larger image than any screen.

Position the projector in the living room correctly

beamer in living room ceiling-hide-integrate-picture-wardrobes-sofa-armchair-cushion-blanket-home-cinema-natural-beige

One of the most important decisions you should make before purchasing is choosing the right location for the projector. Ideally, projectors are attached to the ceiling by means of suitable brackets, because in this way both the projector itself and the cables are out of the way. Even when not in use, take no space in the room away.

Space solutions at the different room facility

beamer in the living room flower-wall-flower-couch-couch-pillow-carpet-strip-roller screen

Do you have a living room with a suspended ceiling with space, you can opt for a ceiling lift, in which the projector disappears after the movie night just by pressing a button. The projector can also be placed on a bookshelf or a projector table, provided that sufficient air circulation is ensured and the surface is vibration-free.

Pay attention to lighting conditions in the room

beamer in the living room instalation-home-cinema-luxury-modern-table-set-large-wall-decoration

For a flawless image, the projector’s lens should be at the level of the bottom edge of the screen. An important prerequisite for the desired cinema flair is the darkness. For a sharp picture darker spaces are suitable. With ample light being essential to a comfortable atmosphere, blinds, roller blinds or opaque curtains that do not let the natural light or incoming light from the neighboring buildings through at night can be a great help.

Achieve optimum color and contrast quality

beamer-living room-cabinet wall-mounted black-canvas-corner-coffee table-window blinds

Better color saturation, contrasts and black levels are the darker the wall color or furniture is. In the living area you rarely decide on black walls. In addition, the technology in an apartment must actually be adapted to the home furnishings and not vice versa. For this reason, black curtains can also help.

Lighting in the room

beamer-living room-modern-corner-glass table-canvas-chair-Throw-shell Blinds

To get a clear picture, it is recommended that you position the light sources so that they do not shine directly towards the screen. Opposing, bright and reflective surfaces can also reflect the light and affect the quality of the image.

Distance from the screen to the seat

beamer-living room-stairs-metal exterior front-workspace-sitzmöbel-table-serving tray-canvas-daylight

If you want to achieve excellent projection results, the size of the screen must match the distance of your desired seat. The viewing distance should always be 1.5 to 2 times as wide as the image width itself. Otherwise, you have to move your head constantly, which is exhausting in the long run.

Canvas models in numerous designs

beamer-living-ceiling-cover design roof window-oblique-chair Home Cinema screen sunlight-

If you want to achieve optimum color and image quality, you have to buy a canvas. In today’s product market, there are different models of screens that will no doubt meet all your needs. Do you want to roll up the screen manually, or do you want a projector screen that can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button?

Manual or electric reeling

beamer-living room-corner sofa-gross-stool-ceiling fixtures pillows wallpaper dresser-carpet-table lamp

You are planning to buy a canvas for your living room and can not decide which reel is more suitable for you? A manual reel screen is easy to handle and a good solution on a budget. If the screen is used relatively frequently, the electric version would be better for you because it promises greater user comfort. You can also get a frame screen, which is characterized by a perfect flatness of the linen cloth.

Reflection properties of the canvas

beamer-living room-ceiling-hide-corner-table-commode-shelves-decoration-making ceiling lights

A good screen should best reflect the light in all directions as much as possible. This ensures even brightness of the image, regardless of the angle at which you look at the image.

Canvas material for good movie playback

beamer-living room-integrate-concrete wall-ceiling light-table-seat cushion table-guitar-burger-carpet

You are also welcome to use a screen that is also used in the right cinema. These are the acoustically transparent cloths made of perforated foil or fabric. To get the best picture and sound when using it, it’s best to place the speakers behind the screen. But that is not a requirement for a good sound.

Where can you attach the canvas?

beamer-living room-built-hide-integrate-corner sofa-commode-canvas-light-cushion-wall posters

Screens for the projector in the living room are usually fixed to the ceiling or to a wall. There are also the mobile screens with tripod, which can be placed in any different places. If you do not want to have the screen in front of your eyes after an exciting movie, then purchasing a tripod screen would make more sense for you.

Determine the appropriate screen height

beamer-living room-integrate-daylight-canvas-attic-flower-vase-terrace-fireplace-decoration

So that you can really enjoy the movies or video games in your living room movie theater, the mounting height of the screen is an important issue. Ideally, of course, the spatial conditions must be taken into account. The best picture should be at eye level. Since the modern seating is kept rather low, the height should be adjusted and the screen should not be mounted too high.

Brightness of the beamer

beamer-living room-little-couch-coffee table-commode-mirror-carpet-glass door-keyboard ceiling lights

When buying a projector, you should consider another important criterion, namely its brightness. This is measured in ANSI lumens and indicates how much light the device can project onto a surface. If your living room is flooded with light, the projector should have at least 2000 lumens. Do not use more lumens than needed, as this can cause a disturbing glare effect.

Comfortable seating in the home theater

beamer-living room-fireplace-wall decoration sofa leather-table-chair-cushion-cover-lighting potted plant

Sitting comfortably in your own living room cinema is just as important as the picture and the perfect sound from the speakers. If you have a large corner couch, the perfect conditions for a few hours of relaxation are fulfilled. What do you think of a single armchair with the matching footstool, so you can put your feet up and rest?

Set up beamer in the small living room

beamer-living-small-roll canvas-electrically-daylight-chairs stool sofa-transition bedroom bedrooms

Incidentally, you do not have to do without a projector in the living room, even if you have a small apartment. If your apartment has transitional rooms, you can attach the canvas to the ceiling above the door. So you can use the remaining walls of the room for a nice decoration.

Integrate beamer in the living room in the niche

beamer-living room-cozy-small-sofa-table-sliding doors-chandelier wallpaper wood cladding-shelf wall-American

If you have an open wardrobe that you separate with sliding doors from the rest of the room, you can also attach the screen over the door. So you will not see the case of the screen.

Seating as in the cinema salon

beamer-living room-canvas-bookshelf-wire-sofa-chair-hanging lamps-metal-coated-men-women

You are welcome to visit and your guests are also great movie enthusiasts, then you can give them a unique, comfortable cinematic experience in a great atmosphere give. Position your cinema chairs in a row and transform your living room into a real cinema.

Quiet Beamer with first-class resolution

beamer-living room-small-wall niche-wall lighting carpet-pattern-commode-cushion-picture-window

If you are a real movie fan, love the video games and are ready to spend more on the perfect cinematic experience, you can get a costly model. So you can benefit from impeccable picture quality and the projector will be almost noiseless.