Modern upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti Sofa Designs with feel-good factor

modern sofa design white adjustable recline

If you have a spacious living room where the whole family gathers in the evening, then a large sofa is a must. Modern upholstered furniture like these from Alpa Salotti play a big role in the game living room , They should not only be large, but also provide the desired seating comfort. The sofa is perhaps the most important element in this living area, so you need to take your time to choose the perfect design.

Modern upholstered furniture for the living room

riviera sofa alpa salotti white adjustable corner sofa

Look no further than the Riviera Sofa of Alpa Salotti. The five backrests are adjustable and can take different positions. On one side the sofa is open, which creates additional seats. You can also comfortably put your legs up and relax.

Modern upholstered furniture with a timeless design

white sofa red carpet modern living room alpa salotti

The Riviera Sofa is a design by Habits Studio’s top designers. Its clean lines are accentuated by the pure white color and are particularly suitable for the contemporary style in the living room. The sofa has a high quality upholstery that enhances its elegance. The large cushions and the adjustable headrests provide total comfort and a unique modern look. The white upholstery allows you to combine the sofa with colorful pillows and a red carpet.

high quality materials and clean lines

vision sofa design straight lines black stool adjustable

All Upholstered furniture by Alpa Salotti are just as worth seeing as the Riviera sofa. Their deep, wide seats offer a new level of comfort. If you want to add a touch of sophistication at home, take a look at this beautiful collection. They are perfect for special occasions and casual gatherings with friends. You have everything you need – a lot of style and no lack of comfort.

adjustable backrests

sofa desire alpa salotti steel feet adjustable backrests

Corner sofa in cream raymond sofa modern upholstered furniture alpa salotti beige corner sofa

big pillows and soft padding

upholstered sofa alpa salotti white corner sofa cushions AYRTON

Nuvolari sofa

nuvolari modern upholstered furniture gray adjustable backrests

black leather sofa modern corner sofa black leather steel feet cushion

Sofa and armchair with modern design

modern design sofa armchair white steel feet shaggy carpet black

elegant steel frame

modern upholstered furniture leather gray shaggy carpet

modern upholstery alpa salotti sofa armchair black white

metropolis sofa corner sofa padded steel feet carpet

gaber sofa italien steel frame beige upholstery

freetime sofa white frame gray sofa cushion

clark sofa design upholstered steel lines accent taupe color

biplano sofa upholstered furniture alpa salotti italy

modern upholstery sofa backrest green

Cool design upholstered sofas from Oruga – Lightweight, versatile and comfortable

modern upholstered furniture white corner sofa modular green carpet

The cool Design upholstered sofas from Oruga are characterized by a modern and ergonomic design and are designed to provide the highest level of comfort to the customer. The Oruga team wanted to solve two problems – to reduce the weight of the sofa and to maintain a clean aesthetics. without storing loose pillows.

Design upholstered sofas with a light construction

oruga concept lighter standard 3 seater sofa

In the manufacturing process, materials were chosen that greatly reduce the weight of the sofa. An Oruga sofa weighs only 36 kg compared to a standard 3-seater 95 kg sofa. Neither wood nor metal was used for the collection, only soft padding with high-density foam, silicone and acrylic fibers. These fabrics also require easy cleaning. The customizable backrests and sizes also cater for the required comfort. The Oruga sofas do without the decorative pillows and keep their clean, neat look.

Design upholstered sofas – modern and ergonomic

corner sofa white modular white upholstery oruga

You can customize your sofa individually, with countless design options available to you. Hundreds of dimensions, a wide range of textures and colors, decorative buttons, stitching and zippers – you can customize all the elements exclusively to your needs. On request, you can also have your name or a nice saying embroidered.

Upholstered armchair with footstool

armchair stool upholstery orange modern design

Upholstery with graffiti pattern

corner sofa upholstery graffiti drawings modern living room

Oruga Outdoor Collection

design upholstery oruga white cafe del mar girona spain

soft and easy-care upholstery

upholstered sofa oruga concept corner sofa light blue jade

a wide range of colors and fabrics

pouf armchair upholstery red oruga concept easily

High Density Foam

armchair white modern esign oruga concept

3-seater upholstered sofa

design upholstered sofas oruga comfort modern orange

oruga sofa 2-seater black upholstered modern

3 seater sofa green comfortably upholstery without pillows

design upholstered sofas oruga white decor pillow colorful

modern sofa sets oruga upholstery brown beige modular

outdoor sofas oruga concept roll mattresses

3 seater upholstered sofa modern brown cream fabrics

2-seater upholstered sofa oruga purple orange comfortably light

upholstered sofa-oruga-coconut-cream-green-design

upholstered sofa three-seat patchwork colorful popperisimo Upholstery sofa set modular colorful oruga concept upholstered sofa modular comfortable easily oruga xxl timeout design corner sofa upholstery set armchair lime green oruga design upholstered sofa large modular oruga blue green

The modern upholstered furniture by Moroso – exclusive armchair in retro-look

Upholstered furniture stainless steel fabrics modern stylish living room reading corner

The designer Benjamin Hubert from London has created an original armchair. The design is part of the latest collection of the Italian brand Moroso, which for their modern upholstered furniture is known.

The modern upholstered furniture by Moroso – comfortable armchair

Armchair fabric zipper black red elastic fabric

The Talma armchair is an innovative and extremely comfortable piece of furniture, inspired by the furniture classics of the 70s. The Italian manufacturer Moroso who thanks to his modern upholstered furniture became popular throughout Europe, presented the model during the Milan Furniture Fair. The metal frame made of stainless steel is extremely light and at the same time very stable. Its ergonomic shape and high backrest ensure comfortable sitting. Of the armchair is padded in a soft and elastic fabric – the fabric “hugs” the steel structure and gives the design a homely, cuddly look. Whether as a TV chair or as part of a cozy sitting area – the furniture is versatile and fits perfectly with any interior.

Modern upholstered furniture from Moroso – practical and stylish

Fabric elastic stretchable fabric living room set up

The armchair is upholstered in elastic fabric

Construction zipper furniture living room set up

The piece of furniture was inspired by the 70s

Style upholstery washable modern designer pieces of furniture

The design was presented during the Milan Furniture Fair

Furniture knobs zipper fabric modern upholstery

Soft padding ensures comfort

Fabric right side foam seat cushion modern furniture

Italian furniture upholstery black red comfortable

Furniture armchair fabric upholstery retro look creative

ergonomic design armchair fabric seat cushion zipper

Furniture living room sitting room set up ideas backrest ergonomic

Furniture upholstery black red armchair furnishings comfortable

Boxspring beds vs. Upholstered beds – the differences at a glance

Boxspring beds trend-light gray-deco-pillows

The box spring bed now belongs to one of the most popular sleeping places in German bedrooms. According to research conducted by GfK, 470,000 boxspring beds totaling around 610,000 units were sold in the furniture trade last year. But what exactly is a box spring bed and what is the difference to a classic upholstered bed? These and other exciting questions will be answered in this article for you!

Construction with box spring beds

Box spring beds construction spring core foam layers

First of all, it is important to look at the construction of the two beds. In a box spring bed It is a sleep system composed of several components. The substructure consists of a box filled with feathers, which gives the box spring bed its name. Because the English word for feathers is “Springs”. On this box is a mattress, which either also has a spring core or was made of foam. Last but not least, there is a topper on the box and mattress, which completes the box spring bed and ensures a continuous lying surface. The whole thing is rounded off by a shapely headboard and a padded frame.

Lying comfort with box spring beds

Boxspring beds Comfortable sleep-better metal legs

This composition is unique among the beds and guarantees a feeling of lying on clouds. The combination of different spring cores and foams gives a box spring bed the property of supporting the body with point elasticity. For most boxspring beds, you can also choose the mattress hardness level so that the bed optimally adapts to your needs. The lying height in a box spring bed is usually between 50 and 70 cm, so that it is easy to get in and out of the bed. This makes the bed suitable for young and old alike. When choosing headboards, materials and colors for a box spring bed, there are no limits to your imagination!

If you look at that afterwards upholstered bed If you look at it, you will notice that it is a bed in the classical sense, consisting of a bedstead, a slatted frame and a mattress. The individual components often do not belong together, so the frame, grate and mattress have to be bought separately. This can have both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that the individual components (in particular slatted frame and mattress) can be selected so that they are individually adapted to the body and the sleeping position. The disadvantage is unfortunately often in the price, since the purchase of the individual elements can go pretty fast into the money.

Differences and similarities

boxspringbed-black-and-white upholstery-wall color Gray-shaggy carpet-

Now that the two beds have been looked at individually in their construction, we can finally uncover the differences and similarities:


As far as the design is concerned, the upholstered bed and box spring bed are on the same level, as both can have a cushioned frame and a beautiful headboard, which can be designed in different materials and colors. Faux leather or a fabric in anthracite, black, brown or beige are particularly popular. But also unusual colors and patterns are possible with both models.


Both boxspring bed and upholstered bed can be varied not only in color but also in shape. Fancy headboards, special accessories or bedside tables are available on both models. Also in the size there are box spring and upholstered beds in different variants.

Boxspring beds trend america-light gray-upholstery-bedroom-scandinavian


In terms of comfort, the boxspring bed can convince with its lying height and the topper. The unique composition of box, mattress and topper ensure an inimitable sleeping feeling that no conventional bed can match. However, if the upholstered bed is equipped with a slatted base and the ideal mattress, you will also find an optimal feeling of lying here.

By the way, there are also upholstered beds, which are equipped with a box. But this box has no spring core and is used only as a bed box. Although this creates additional space, the effect of a body-supporting spring suspension remains out.


In comparison to a box spring bed, which already represents a complete sleeping system, upholstered beds are often more expensive, as mattresses, slatted frames and bed frames usually have to be purchased separately.

In conclusion, it can be said that the boxspring bed emerges as the winner in terms of comfort and price, while the upholstered bed is in no way inferior to a box spring bed in terms of design. Ultimately, when choosing a suitable place to sleep, but still the feeling of lying in the foreground, because we spend about a third of our lives with sleep and who wants to be there already in a nice, but uncomfortable bed?

Boxspring fabric upholstery-black-feet

Designer upholstered beds – Collection 2016 by Ditre Italia

Designer upholstered bedding bedroom leather beige cushion

Nothing relaxes more than to end up in a soft, comfortable upholstered bed at the end of the day. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Italian company Ditre Italia has launched a new collection of Designer upholstered beds named The Newbeds 2016. The source of inspiration for this was the idea for a warm-looking bedroom Facility that creates a feeling of well-being.

High quality designer upholstered beds for maximum comfort

Designer upholstered beds bedroom brown beige bed linen

The upholstered beds that are part of the collection are four-Kanaha, Monolith, Grandangolo and Sanders. Kanaha is characterized by elegant shapes, striking design and a thin construction that looks light and airy. The headboard consists of two large soft cushions that invite you to relax.

Designer upholstered beds – the comfortable Kanaha bed attracts the eye

Designer upholstered beds brown-beige-blanket-gray-carpet

The bed is also available with leather upholstery and the cover is removable if made of fabric. With its thin metal bed legs, the bed looks like it’s floating in the air.

The practical designer upholstered bed – Sanders model

Designer upholstered beds bedside-gray-stool

The designers Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto have projected the bed as a product of the Sanders furniture series. The upholstery is made of high quality fabrics in two colors and can still be made of genuine leather. If made of fabric, the cover can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

A zipper visually divides the bed into two

The new 2016 bed collection by Ditre Italia

The upholstery can be created in many color combinations – the customer decides himself according to his preferences. Even the zipper is available in two colors – gray and beige. The filling is made of polyurethane and real down. The construction is really stable and is firmly on the ground with four plastic legs.

Perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetic design from the highest level

designer upholstered beds-bedded box-bright-blue-side table

The mattress is on a practical, spacious, 19 cm high bed box, where you can store many things. A fancy stool in the same style that transforms easily into a side table can also be ordered to the bed.

Patio Area »57 ideas for upholstered outdoor furniture sets with a maritime flair

outdoor furniture sets terrace-furnishings-wood-weathered-optics

When the days finally get warmer, you just want to stay outside longer. For this you need of course the appropriate garden and terrace furniture, which invites you to rest and linger. Treat yourself to the luxury of designing your outdoor living room individually and at your own pace. To better understand how to design your outdoor room, take a look at our exclusive selection Outdoor furniture sets with a slight maritime touch.

Cozy outdoor furniture sets expand your living space

outdoor furniture sets pool area-brown-rattan-beige-comfort

The matching furniture in combination with the right one living textiles offer you in your own garden or on the terrace an incomparable pleasure – calming and vitalizing at the same time. Discover a new way of life with the modern ones Outdoor furniture sets and let it all hang out.

Framing the outdoor living room with much imagination

outdoor furniture sets trend-green-accent-carpet-black-rattan

Terrace furniture made of rattan, teak, bamboo and other sustainably grown woods are quality products for outdoor and indoor use. Due to the excellent high resistance to weathering these are used as a material for Outdoor furniture sets preferred in a variety of designs. The selection of designs is huge and you are often spoiled for choice. But you make the right choice with rattan, polyrattan and teak patio furniture!

Seating landscape with a slight southern flair

outdoor moebel-sets-turquoise pillows-wooden-ceiling-pink tiles

The outdoor furniture, combined with maritime details that convey a sense of relaxation and lightness, can be used outdoors under the sky. Do you also long for something exotic in your everyday life? The atmosphere can be transformed only with individual decorative items – use fishing nets, shells, seaweed resembling decorations, couch cushions with palm patterns, striped floor mats, carpets and Larternen to create an authentic summer beach atmosphere. Here are some suggestions!

Modern and romantic in white

outdoor moebel-sets-white-rattan-modern-romantic-glass-coffee table

Rattan sofa set with metal legs and coffee table

rattan garden outdoor furniture sets Estelle metal frame white upholstered cushion

Decorate with shells, driftwoods and lanterns

Terrace furniture outdoor furniture sets with summery-style beach-style

Rundsoffa made of bamboo wood with padding in white

round sofa coffee table wood terraces furnishing ideas maritime atmosphere

The wooden coffee table on wheels is a practical piece of furniture for your terrace

Furnishing ideas maritime decorating living room landscape in the garden

Create a summery atmosphere with lanterns and lanterns

terrace maritime-decorate outdoor furniture sets modern

The color combination white-red matches a summer-inspired outdoor area

outdoor furniture sets seating landscape-weatherproof wooden corner sofa

White-blue-classic color scheme

teak seat sofa-upholstered outdoor patio furniture maritime-nautical

beach atmosphere patio furniture polyrattan sofa recliner-with upholstered overlay pattern

Armchair polyrattan weatherproof upholstery decorations round coffee table

Outdoor dining room rattan furniture lighting ideas modern-style

outdoor sofa set coffee table metal frame couch cushion patterned

Maritime Patio Furniture Outdoor Area Chandelier Wrought Iron

Outdoor textiles striped upholstery metal coffee table umbrella

colors home textiles durable terrace furniture furnishing idea

Maritime furniture sofa set seating landscape patio furniture

patio furniture upholstered polyrattan sofa cushions

Shell armchair outdoor sofa-lime green upholstery-carpet side table

Patio floor carpet illuminated with lanterns shed pattern

Patio furniture outdoor furniture set upholstery ideas ideas garden furnishings ideas

summer garden terrace furniture upholstered seating landscape couch cushion-patterned palms

Porch terrace furnishings ideas weatherproof robust-shapely furniture

Corner sofa Terrace furniture coffee table low-colored pillow textile

white corner sofa outdoor furniture sets throw pillow parasol stand

summer garden living room outdoor rattan sofa cushion side table metal

terrace Teak furniture seating landscape Side table decoration Seashell

set up floral-patterned home furnishings outdoor area

upholstered sofa set rectilinear design-upholstered porch-upholstery

poly rattan designer coffee table glass plate outdoor furniture sets

Terrace with fireplace round sofa set rattan Padded carpeting

terrace with summery accents white curtains polyrattan furniture group coffee table

patio rattan furniture idea decor summer atmosphere

rattan sofa wooden patio furniture seating landscape garden upholstery cushions couch cushions

wood sunbed pool deck set up white upholstery pad-blue

rattan sofa set-for terrace living room outdoor

garden privacy rattan patio furniture design outdoor furniture sets

maritime decor furnishing theme covered patio set-blue-white sofa

Modern teak outdoor furniture sets waterproof home textile

Furniture group outdoor sets dark wood frame Cushion with patterns

rattan armchair-patio furniture white blue-upholstered cover colors

Poly-Rattan round sofa-with footrest couch cushion-pad

Garden patio furniture white upholstered pillow with umbrella

maritime terrace design with summery-style roofing curtains

outdoor round sofa with armchair pink nuances parasol

rattan patio furniture round sofa-green upholstered-side table carpet

Teak furniture with upholstered pads permanently stable weather resistant

Rattan corner sofa-with umbrella-rectilinear side table black

outdoor furniture sets classic-style rattan armchair

Furnished terrace shapes decorations color theme maritime

Upholstered outdoor sets Terrace throw pillows patterned floral

metal wrought iron coffee table for patio fashion upholstered sofa set

modern weatherproof garden patio furniture Pillow-red patterned

Living room furnishing ideas Rattan outdoor furniture sets

XXL Sofas – Modern designer upholstered furniture in XXL format

XXL Sofas upholstery-tuftytime-gray-green-living-room-modern

An XXL sofa, still called Big Sofa, is wider, deeper and larger than conventional two- and three-seater seats and can accommodate six or more people. This casual XXL sofas are ideal for people who use their sofa in the first place to relax. There you can even put your legs up and watch TV in a reclining position, read or cuddle. The Big sofa is also ideal for large families, because it can find any family member space. An XXL sofa with bed function would be a good option even for those who often get guests, but do not have a guest room. An important argument, however, is the space requirement, but who owns a large living room should definitely consider the purchase of a XXL Big Sofa.

XXL Sofas – More coziness and seating comfort

XXL Sofas upholstery-ON-THE-ROCKs-Francesco-Binfaré-Edra

The giant sofas are not only cozy and comfortable, but can also be an eye-catcher in the living room. In modern colors and with trendy design elements Bigsofas are available in different versions. Whether with soft fabric upholstery or leather upholstery, these opulent chairs form the center of the living room and transform into an oasis of relaxation. If an XXL sofa consists of several modular elements, the design possibilities are numerous. Usually they are arranged in an L or U shape.

Take a look at these beautiful XXL sofas with feel-good character and let us dream of cuddling and relaxing.

XXL sofas to dream and relax

xxl-sofa-Polstermoebel-NONSTOP Ruud Ekstrand-Desiree-Divani

Scott Big Sofa by Ludivica and Roberto Palomba for Zanotta

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room SCOTT Ludovica-Roberto Palomba--Zanotta

Tufty Too sofa in anthracite color

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-tufty-too-anthracite-color

Freestyle sofa by Molteni & C

xxl sofas-Polstermoebel-FREESTYLE-Molteni-C

Scott Sofa in L shape by Zanotta

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel beige SCOTT Ludovica-Roberto Palomba--Zanotta

Domino Big L-shaped Sofa by Doimo Salotti

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel anthracite Domino Doimo Salotti-

Blo Sofa by Roberto Gobbo for Desiree Divani

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-BLO Roberto Gobbo-Desiree Divani

Tufty Time Living Landscape in XXL format

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-living landscape-tufty-time

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-tufty-time-bb-iitalia

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-living room-RAY-Beb-Italia


xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-taupe-melt Bonaldo

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-PEANUT-Mauro Lipparini-Bonaldo



xxl sofas-Polstermoebel-MASTER-G-G-Vegni Gualtierotti-Casadesús

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-l-form-beige-long play casadesus



xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-steel-padded JAMES David Casadesús

xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-CUBA-25 Cappellini


xxl-sofas-Polstermoebel-beige-l-form Quattro casadesus

xxl-sofa-Polstermoebel-NONSTOP Ruud Ekstrand--Skandiform

Modern upholstered furniture – new designer sofa combines two seat heights

Flat white color upholstered furniture decorating ideas

The new Designer sofa from I solagiorno is an innovative and extremely comfortable piece of furniture. The design combines the comfort of a couch with the functionality of a bench.

Designer sofa combines the comfort of a couch with the functionality of a bench

Wooden table sofa small apartment set up ideas upholstered furniture

The Designer sofa from Isolagiorno is the heart of every house. The piece of furniture is an excellent example of a successful combination of modernity and functionality. The couch is equipped with a wide backrest, which itself can serve as a bench. In this way, the designers have created a perfect piece of furniture for the small apartment. The sofa can simply be placed in the middle of the room and divide the space into two areas – on one side can be a cozy dining area, on the other – a cuddly seating area in front of the TV design. In addition, the central position guarantees that there is enough free space for other furniture – for example, several chairs, or the cool coffee table, which somehow not fit properly in the small living area. The problem with insufficient seating surface is solved!

The manufacturer offers two narrow tables that fit perfectly with the purist upholstery piece. The first table is made of oak wood and impresses with a puristic look, the second – made of metal and fascinates with a minimalist look.

Designer sofa in the heart of the small apartment

design ideas glass sliding door wood flooring

The sofa has a puristic design and is available in three neutral colors

open plan sofa chocolate color table chairs

It is perfect for small and narrow rooms

small flat sofa loft style interior wood table

The sofa creates a visual connection between the dining area and the living room

set up space saving furniture design ideas

The combable piece of furniture comes with two tables

Designer furniture sofa upholstery brown color modern

The first table is made of wood and fits perfectly to the sofa in dark brown

Dining room set up ideas wood table three chairs

A small floor lamp and three chairs in Scandinavian style form a comfortable sitting area

Designer furniture sofa upholstery brown color modern

The neutral color scheme and white walls make the room look bigger

Design wooden table three black chairs dining space plan

Modern, comfortable and practical – that’s how the design of the Italian brand can be described

Floor lamp upholstery dark brown living room set up

White table and light gray sofa

Upholstery Italy white table three chairs decorative cushion

Upholstered furniture seat height sofa design gray fabric upholstery

Furniture Italy puristic neutral colors beige light

TIsch sofa designer furniture Italy cool comfortable

cream sofa upholstery comfortable Italian furniture

Color wire papers to set up space saving furniture living room

Table three chairs metal white color upholstery

Decorate chocolate color white table dining room

cozy handy little apartment set up dark brown sofa computer

Furnishings simple elegant Italian furniture wooden table sofa

Sofa practical furniture space saving design ideas

Dining room living room room distribution furniture design

Space saving furniture designer furniture sofa

Sofa space saving furniture pieces cool idea living room

Distribute loft apartment furniture planner space

Velvet upholstered armchair design by Slokoski set in a portrait frame

Eccentric furniture armchair-lime wood ball polished-silvered frame construction

With frame, inspired by the baroque aesthetic, and upholstery of fine velvet, represents the extravagant Armchair design “Frame Chair” of the Bulgarian company Slokoski represents a successful mix of classic and modern. It impresses with its unique construction and a noble appearance, emphasized by floral ornaments and ornaments.

Armchair design reminiscent of the baroque aesthetic

Extravagant upholstery design furniture frame chair frame gold look

The upholstered chair was set in portrait frames, thus highlighting its eccentric nature. If you have such a piece of furniture at home, it is immediately an eye-catcher and invites you to cuddly Sit and relax on. If the design object is still staged with special lighting, its splendor comes out particularly well. The dreamy Armchair design put us in another time.

Classic meets modernity

Seating design Slokoski purple-silvered frame-plywood foam linden wood

The aesthetic armchair with linden wood frame is really a feast for the eyes. The frame was decorated with fine carving, polished, painted and executed in gold or silver finish. The seat is made of plywood and foam and covered with soft velvet upholstery.

Frame in silver or gold finish

Armchair velvet upholstery seat upholstery deep purple linden wood frame silver finish

The velvet padding is available in gray or deep purple. By special request other colors are possible.

High quality home accessory in gold frame

Frame Decorated-fine carving frame Chair-Slokoski Design

The extravagant Armchair design from Slokoski has the ability to invigorate and enrich its environment. It comes as a high-quality accent with positive effect or decoration in an apartment particularly well to advantage. The design is based on the idea of ​​not only evoking old memories from the past, but also those that are yet to come. The Sessl was recently exhibited at the furniture fair Maison & Objet in Paris.

“Frame Chair” in indigo purple with silver frame

Armchair design classic meets modern upholstery velvet covered

The choice of fabric contributes to a noble look

Ornamental frame frame-gilt design armchair velvet upholstery gently

Designer armchair with wooden frame

Design armchair-in portrait frame-frame chair-Slokoski furniture

Velvet upholstered seat in gray

Frame chair armchair design modern-gray velvet upholstery ornaments

The Baroque aesthetic, presented in a modern way

Frame armchair modern design soft upholstery velvet wood frame-painted silver finish

Frame Chair at the Paris Exhibition

Exhibition Slikoski 2013 Armchair Velvet Upholstery Purple Silver Frame Frame

15 creative atmospheric ideas for upholstered stools to make your own

ideas for upholstered stools to make yourself modern interior

If you are looking for fresh ideas for Upholstered stool to make your own are, take a look at these interesting and creative designs. The homemade upholstered stools are determined Mood and bring more originality into the interior. If you make the stool yourself, you can determine the color combinations and the patterns yourself and adjust to the decor.

Upholstered stool to make yourself – design options and designs

ideas for upholstered stool make blue pattern

For the Upholstered stool to make your own you can use different ideas and materials. You can dress an old stool only with new fabric and so refresh. Other options are to use wooden pallets. This variant is quite original and sustainable. For more style you can wooden pallets paint in a different color. Round fabric ottomans are also a good idea, which will both ensure more comfort for you, and will be a decorative element for the interior.

The upholstered stool to make your own color with the interior

ideas for upholstered stool to make yourself black and white

It is especially important Upholstered stool to make your own to integrate in the interior. The advantage here is that you can design the stool virtually to your own taste. Make the design not only in color with the interior. For example, if your living room is rather rustic, opt for an upholstered stool with ethnic motifs. The modern decor will also require a simple and elegant stool design. Be inspired by these fresh and evocative ideas and create a unique upholstered stool design.

Colorful and atmospheric designs

ideas for upholstered stools to make yourself zigzag pattern

Dress up the old stool again

Ideas for upholstered stools to make yourself before afterwards

Ottoman with stripe pattern

ideas for upholstered stools to make yourself stripes pattern round

Round stool with checked pattern in black and white

Ideas for upholstered stools themselves make check patterns

Stool wooden pallet in white

ideas for upholstered stools make wood pallet stool

Upholstered stool with geometric pattern

Ideas for upholstered stools make green patterns

Interesting geometric pattern

Ideas for upholstered stools themselves make geometric shapes

Various stool designs

Ideas for upholstered stools make fur artificial

Upholstered stool in ethno style

Ideas for upholstered stools make ethno style

Elegant stool for the luxury interior

Ideas for upholstered stools make elegant design

Cute stool with wave pattern

ideas for upholstered stools themselves make various patterns

Personalized upholstered stool for the nursery

Ideas for upholstered stool make personalized letter