Balcony »Balcony Screen with Vertical Garden – Cheap & Effective

balcony privacy vertical garden idea exotic bench chairs

A vertical garden looks chic in every room! Especially green walls are more effective Balcony privacy screen can be used to neighbors. From a small garden with herbs, over vertical green wall with vegetables, to magnificent botanical compositions – the variety of planting possibilities is fascinatingly large.

Balcony Screening – ideas with plants

balcony privacy hedge idea modern rattan sofa feuestelle stuehle

Vertical gardens and green walls are an expression of a new urban living culture and sustainable life philosophy. Balcony plants provide the necessary shade and have a calming effect on people. In addition to the recreational effect, green walls improve the urban microclimate. The green one Balcony privacy screen also fulfills a safety and wind protection function.

Balcony privacy provides an intimate environment on the terrace and balcony

balcony privacy bamboo idea planter wood floor

Green walls are suitable for balcony, as well as for terraces or garden as delimitation. Of the Balcony privacy screen should of course also correspond to the taste of the owner and last but not least ideally suited to the style of living. One would rather like a haven of peace with flowering plants, another would like more climbing plants. On a small footprint, which is the case with the balcony, the space should be used as efficiently as possible. By vertical garden cultivation, the space can be optimized.

Use plant bags for privacy

balcony sight protection plant bags flowers yellow bloeten

A green wall is the perfect one Balcony privacy screen and windbreak. The aromatic scents provide a familiar relaxed feel-good atmosphere in the fresh air. These provide good protection against drafts and wind.

Modern balcony with tropical plants as privacy

balcony visual protection artificial grass floor glassware plant flower box

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Windows & Doors »3D wooden elements on vertical bars as a room divider or sunshade

3D wood elements privacy glass sunshade

The sunscreen for windows is not just for the hot daylight saving time a very important topic. Some products are also a great option for creative design. Stylish and functional, for example, is the sunshade made of wood, which optimally integrates into any interior and sets beautiful accents. The 3D wooden elements that we would like to present to you in today’s article, are an attractive and contemporary alternative to the wooden blinds and wooden slats. They are designed by the talented American designer Elish Warlop. With her creations she tries to interpret the paradox between silence and movement.

3D wood elements in rhombic design as a privacy screen

3d wood-elements-face protection-glass front-modern

The 3D wooden elements in rhombic design are attached to vertical steel cables. Each bar can also be rotated so that you can direct the daylight in the desired direction. The designer was inspired by the concept of tiling, where different tiles share edge points and can create a flat layer together. So the construction can also serve in the evening as opaque privacy. They are ideal for shielding large glass fronts, as shown in the example.

3d wood-elements-diamond-shape-turned-vertical-rope rods

The 3D wood elements look very stylish and not only because of their shape. They are made of high-quality walnut wood, which is characterized by a pleasant dark wood tone. The color varies from dark brown to dark brown tones. The visual antipole to the solid wood material is formed by filigree but hard steel cables. The composition of wood and steel gives each room a dynamic and warming look.

3D wooden elements on vertical steel bars as a room divider

3d wood-elements-room dividers-decorative-rope rods

The wood-steel construction is ideal not only as a visual and sun protection, but can also be used as a room divider. Depending on the rotation angle, the 3D wooden elements can separate or connect spaces. The design fits in a country house as well as in a modern apartment. Combined with a yellow-green sofa and floor tiles in taupe creates a particularly harmonious ambience. See for yourself.

3d wood-elements-room dividers-flooring-tiles

3d wood-elements-steel bars-room divider

3d wood-elements-vertical-steel bars-living room

3d wood-elements-walnut wood-grained design

Source: Elish Warlop Design Studio

A vertical garden as decoration – 75 ideas for modern greening

Create a vertical garden -open-planning-kitchen-living-room-modern-gray-beige-wood-white

With all the environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle in recent years, it depends on novel lifestyle. On vertical garden is being staged as a space-saving variant for indoor and outdoor areas. It is particularly suitable for townhouses. In the modern, urban life The aim is for more green space, as they greatly improve the quality of the air and create a recreational effect. Green walls improve the microclimate in the room and occupy hardly any living space. They are more in need of care than a ground-level garden, but the result is worthwhile, creating a new and inspiring connection between indoor and outdoor.

Vertical garden – tips and ideas for modern indoor and outdoor greening

Vertical garden-laying-dining-table-pendulum-lights-designer-chairs-wall-design

Creating a vertical garden in-house is possible in different ways. It can be narrow Raised beds built from euro pallets, hanging planters or placed on shelves in stages such as strawberry pots or in the form of large concrete and steel wall constructions. Manufacturers offer special frames with a grid, so that after the planting a real painting ensteht. Such an eye-catcher at eye level fascinates the viewer and ensures a distinctive room atmosphere. In principle, any design is possible and based on the experience of the gardener. Mostly a water-storing substrate is used. It is also suitable soil mixtures with compost or long-term fertilizers. A large-area, vertical garden requires an irrigation system with hoses, which automatically supplies the plants with water every few weeks.

A vertical garden for a change in the interior or garden

Vertical garden-outdoor-tree-trees-conifer-palms-plants

Similar to a garden at ground level, the plant species vary depending on the location and must be selected accordingly. The lighting conditions and temperatures play an important role and change with altitude. A vertical indoor garden may need to be illuminated with plant lamps, but the weeds are rather small. Suitable flowering plants are the Flamingo flower, the single leaf (Spathtifyllum), the Guzmania and the Schamblume (traffic light plant). Most ferns are relatively easy to care for and long lasting. These include nest fern, rib fern, sword fern (Nephrolepis Boston) and others. From spices such as oregano, rosemary and wild thyme can create a wonderful vertical garden. Other green and climbing plants are also suitable for this purpose: tree friend (Philodendron erubescens), begonia begonia, begonia rex, stingray, stinging nettle, calathea / kormarante, kite, purple, three-master flower, ivy, green lily, smaller specimens gum tree, climbing fig, cobweb, croton Excellent, marante, point flower, various varieties of succulents, asparagus angel and oat grass.

Fresh breath in the house

Vertical garden-dining room-wood floor-pendant light-window-loft-couch-benches

Planted facades or walls give the building not only a much more interesting character than the usual variants of wood or plastic. A vertical garden is included by the modern architecture to bring more green to the city. In addition, it provides visual and noise protection, filters the air, supplies the room with oxygen, increases the humidity and cools in summer. The concrete walls of the city buildings are given a completely new feeling of living. Instead of living in a concrete desert, you spend your free time in a natural habitat. More than 50 percent of the population lives in cities and green spaces are becoming less and less. The vertical gardens are not confined to the outdoors. Even non-gardeners can integrate systems for plant beds in the vertical on their balcony or in the interior.

Another type of greening and plants in the interior

Vertical garden -sofa-light gray-upholstered-dining-table-chairs-modern-simple-terrace-doors

Wall design with plants

Vertical garden-dining-table-chairs-wood-bright-mock-up-spots-wall-design

Natural look with plants in the interior

Vertical garden-open-kitchen-wall-design-modern-dining-table-chairs-wood-stool

Hanging plants on the wall

Vertical garden-dining-room-chairs-black-cantilever-table-round-marble-plate

Wall garden made of Europallette itself

Vertical garden -europalette-wall-paint-white-loeffel-huge-table-hanging

Ideal facility for office space provides more oxygen

Vertical garden-office-white-stairs-wood-glass-laver-workspace-room-divider-wall-glass

Modern interior design with vertical greening

vertical-garden-plant-open-kitchen-dining-upholstered chairs spots pendant lamp-black

Loft apartment with character and beautiful views of the city

vertical-garden-open-planning couch-dining table-cream white-wall died altun-side board-black-dark brown-loft

Open kitchen, plants and several windows ensure a better quality of life

living-dining table chairs coffee-loft-French windows vertical-garden-open-planning-

vertical-gardening inner staircase-modern sphere-chair-cream white-wall shelves coffee table

vertical-garden-juteteppich sphere-chair modern Buddha statue-white coffee table-and-white high gloss

vertical-garden-kitchen faucet window sink-marble top-wood-white

vertical-garden wallcovering-imitation wood-plastic-chair-side board-white-modern plants wall hook

vertical-garden-white-light-modern-construction-statue-esstisch-kuechentheke stool chairs

vertical-garden-white-modern-open-planning-carpet-armchair-fancy-design-red-kitchen living room

vertical-garden-living Flooring wood look-couch coffee table Lighting plant-gray-armchair

vertical-garden-living room couch plant-wood coffee table Cushion greenish-spots-

vertical-garden-living room-corner-wood ceiling-spots-blue-room dividers

vertical-garden-wall design-succulent-concrete wall emitter-industrial-style coffee-pillow-Wall shelves

vertical-garden-living-industrial-style-betonwaende poster emitter-couches-anthracite gray-Wall shelves

vertical-garden-living room-industrial-style-couches-gray-module-coffee table-round-spotlight-concrete wall

vertical-garden-living-industrial-style-black marble floor-seofas carpet-color emitter-fireplace-bioethanol

vertical-garden-living room-kitchen-open-bateon-industrial-design-pendant lights dining table couch-

vertical-garden-living-garret apartment-loft-ladder-stair-white-wood railing carpet soft-

vertical-garden-living-modern interior couch-dark blue-inside gardening pendant lights wooden ceiling-wall design

vertical-garden-dining-modern dining table chairs-black-white-red-carpet-soft fitted wardrobes-hidden-subtle-lighting

vertical-garden-living room-pendant lights-black-gray-anthracite-wall tiling-curtains-carpet

vertical-garden-living-rustic floorboards-dachschraege-natural stone wall

vertical-gardening modern fireplace-upholstered chairs coffee table Coffee Table chandelier glass fronts

vertical-gardening modern console white Plant bruen Partition pillows

vertical-garden-tvwand Tv-wall design-creeper-green-state-light gray

vertical-gardening modern ultra-dining-white-dining table chairs-black window spotlights

vertical-garden-floorboards Kitchen landhausstil-white-table-wood wallcovering

vertical-garden-living room couch leather-caramel color-sprossenfenster wallcovering wood cushion

vertical-garden-living room couch leather-black-wooden structure Fern plant-green

vertical-garden-stairs-brick wall-black-table-vase-chandelier-open spots-tiles-wood optics

vertical-garden + staircase-floor modern-glassgelaender oak handrail roof window built-in wardrobes haengeleuchten-

vertical-garden-staircase-front door wooden wall-beige color-plant-floor bright

vertical-garden-staircase-holzpoptik-floor covering wallcovering-open-planning-glass wall-glasgelaender

vertical-garden-staircase-metallgelaender wood hzandlauf window helll

vertical-garden-staircase-ultra-state white lighting-behind-glass facade-pflenazen

vertical-garden-corridor-building-lighting-modern-architecture-natural stone optics

vertical-garden-building-facade glass-door-inside garden-modern-architecture

vertical Garden Business interior-sprossenfenster-industial style fan-deco-replay

vertical Garden Business-modern innovative interior stand-jeans-replay

vertical-garden-wooden floor-couches coffee tables-black-white-modern open-planning

vertical-garden-wooden floor-chair modern open-plan of the inside-Garden projectors

vertical-garden-wall-led-chair diagram illumination spots modern-cafe-

vertical-garden-couches-yellow-pad-indirect-lighting-modern lobby-cover panels

vertical-gardening indoor gardening Lighting marble soil-plant-ceiling panels specularly-modern

vertical-gardening inside gardening modern architecture stair-seat plant greening-bilbliothek

vertical-garden-inside garden-workplace-flooring-black and glossy-stair-modern-architecture

vertical-gardening inside gardening modern-betonwaende-chair gravel-sand stone flooring window lighting

vertical-garden-outdoor facade-glass fronts-modern-architecture-armani

vertical-garden-inside garden-building-floor-black-flooring-modern-architecture

vertical-garden-inside garden-stairs-ultra-modern-black-floor spots-modern-architecture

vertical-gardening inside interior tables chairs wooden floor-cafe-emitter modern design

vertical-garden-outdoor floor stahlgelaender rods wood concrete

vertical-garden-outdoor roof terrace-garden-trees tables chair-black

vertical-garden-outdoor roof garden-trees pflanzenkuebel-black-module-modern

vertical-garden-outdoor building facade Door fence-planted

vertical-garden-outdoor stair-park-roof garden trees pflanzekuebel-TREES-stahlgelaender

vertical-garden-outdoor facade building tree modern architecture

vertical-garden-outdoor facade building City CorTen altbau modern-

vertical-garden-outdoor-indoor garden-wall-building-window-concrete-modern-architecture

vertical-garden-outdoor small-gewuerzgarten-selbermachen-moss

vertical-garden-outdoor modern-creeper-marble-concrete rock-terrassentueren-garden shower-luxury bathroom

vertical-garden-outdoor been sympathetically-bluehde Plant tropical exotic

vertical-garden-outdoor steel-frame construction-creeper-brick wall-roof terrace-external staircase

vertical-garden-outdoor tokyo-building facade-modern architecture sidewalk

vertical-garden-plant-succulent-edit-green-storey wall design-indoor-outdoor

Home & Garden »Vertical Planting – 19 Creative Ideas and Tips for Vertical Gardening

Vertical planting vertical gardening indoor plant wall

The vertical planting provides a space saving solution when looking at the apartment or Plant the garden want, but the space is not enough. This allows the interior walls, the outdoor area and the balcony to be embellished and creatively designed. The ideas for a vertical garden are just endless and you can even do it yourself. In this article, we have collected a variety of great ideas for DIY projects that inspire you for vertical gardening.

Vertical planting in the apartment


Green plants in the home create a natural atmosphere and create a fresh feeling in the interior. However, flowerpots and planters usually take up too much ground space and start to bother. With a vertical garden, you can invite nature to your home without giving up the available space. This allows you to create plant walls that conjure up a green oasis in your own four walls.

vertical-planting-plant wall-do it yourself-

Vertical gardening is particularly popular in cities, because it fulfills the dream of a garden in the city. In urban areas, the available space is usually limited, so you should look for space-saving alternatives. The best place for a vertical garden in the interior is undoubtedly the wall. Flower pots can be hung on it, small herb gardens can be planted and even plant perennials and annuals.

vertical-bepflanzung-inside-wall copper tube

There are many different possibilities for vertical planting in the home. First, you can make a plant wall yourself by using a material such as wood or steel mesh. Then it is easier to attach small pots of plants and conjure a vertical garden. If you want to give the apartment a little more color, then you can make these colorful hanging baskets yourself. This requires colored rope that is braided or knotted using a popular technique. You can then hang the hanging baskets on a copper tube and make a creative vertical garden on the wall yourself.

Build a vertical garden at home yourself

vertical-bepflanzung-clay pots Garden inside

For craftspeople who are interested in new DIY projects, we recommend this vertical herb garden, which can hold up to twenty pots. For this, suitable recesses for pots in elongated wooden boards are made with the drill and the boards are hung using a fixed rope. No difficult task for the do-it-yourself maker.

vertical-bepflanzung Pendant-gardening inside

A hanging vertical garden is considered a visual highlight in every room. For this project again wooden boards are used, but with much smaller dimensions. In addition, in this case jars replace the flowerpots and offer a great alternative. Instead of water drain holes you can lay the glasses with stones.


A vertical planting can refresh any room in the apartment. If your living room only needs a natural touch, then you can make this simple vertical garden yourself. In this DIY project, three beautiful metal buckets are planted and fastened to an old cabinet door with the help of three wall hooks. A creative planting idea for a natural interior.

vertical-bepflanzung Idea inside Kitchen window

The kitchen can also benefit from a vertical garden. With a herb garden, you always have the herbs you need when cooking. Since most herbs usually require a lot of light, we recommend vertical planting in front of a window, if possible.

Vertical outdoor planting

creative-vertical-bepflanzung Idea facade

From a vertical garden not only the apartment, but also the outdoor area can benefit. Even if you live in a house with a garden, you can consider vertical planting. This beautifies the fence, the terrace and even the house facade.

Tip: When planting the facade, you need a suitable irrigation system, so that the plants can always be supplied with water.

vertical-planting plants wall-succulent

If you want to make a creative vertical garden yourself, then you can “paint” a picture of succulents. The evergreen plants are planted in a suitable box and lined with wire mesh. Then a suitable frame is made or simply an old picture frame used and the natural wall decoration for the outer wall is finished.


Vertical gardens are a great gem for terraces and balconies. With a trellis of wood and wooden boards, you can make a vertical garden yourself and plant with flowers and plants of your choice. If you place PVC pipes with water drain holes in the middle of the structure, you can make a separate irrigation system yourself.

vertical-planting wooden crates flower pots Fence

With a checkerboard-like flower box you can create a creative vertical planting on the garden fence. This order allows the flowers and plants to grow in the gaps created and provides a beautiful effect.

Tip: Instead of buying multiple planters, you can use old wooden pallets or wooden boxes for this project.


For a vertical planting in the garden, you can also build a standalone wall yourself. This requires wood for a frame, as well as wire mesh. Depending on the size of the wall, a large number of clay pots can be attached using wire and planted as desired. If the pots are placed close together, you can even create a creative privacy screen for the garden.

Upcycling ideas for vertical gardening

vertical-planting Herb Garden wooden crates

Instead of expensive materials, you can use old things for vertical planting. This makes it possible to recycle and revitalize europallets, wine boxes, old bookshelves and other furniture or kitchen utensils.

vertical-bepflanzung-wooden pallet-vertical-garden

Wooden pallets are one of the most popular upcycling ideas for the garden. This allows you to build different furniture and decorations yourself and the vertical garden is no exception. Whether you fill the wooden pallet with soil and plant, or simply attach some flowerpots to it, decide for yourself.

vertical-bepflanzung-garden-conductor creative

If you can not build the vertical garden yourself, then you can old ladder use. The steps are perfect for a vertical planting and you can put flower boxes, small flowerpots and beautiful decorations on it.

creative idea Vertical bepflanzung dresser

Instead of throwing away the old dresser, you can turn it into a creative garden decoration. For this purpose, put the dresser in the garden and fill with soil. Open the drawers in steps to give this great waterfall effect.

plastic bottles-plant wall-do it yourself-

If you want to recycle the pet bottles, we recommend creating a green wall from them. For this, the bottles can be filled with soil and hung on a clothesline. This vertical planting is perfect for the fence or outside wall.

vertical-bepflanzung-garden-hanging organizer

A hanging storage for the door with pockets can also serve as a vertical garden. For this, the individual bags are filled with a corresponding soil and then created with herbs and individual plants. The result – a vertical planting at a lower price.

Dreamhouses »Vertical garden and slide – harmonious ambience under one roof

Vertical garden green-two-level-slide-wood-kitchen-lighting-pendant-lights-laminate-floor

A vertical home garden can be the creative response of man to the need for nature and the green. A family from Kharkiv, Ukraine wanted to have this expression of urban living culture installed in their studio apartment. And the reason for this is not a lack of space in the ground-floor area, but the claim of the inhabitants on vertically connected living levels. The vertical greening in this apartment combines its two levels visually and stands for the principles of sustainable life philosophy of the owners. The other special feature of this dreamlike apartment is the slide that leads from the upper floor to the living room.

Vertical garden: beautiful nature in the apartment

Vertical garden floor-to-ceiling-partition-wall-glass-workplace-lighting

Vertical garden has a spatial effect in the apartment and it is definitely enriched with the green. The improvement of the acoustics is immediately noticeable. The leaves release moisture into the room and oxygenate the air, improving the microclimate. In addition to the technical advantages, the pleasant effect of the plants should not be underestimated. Her green calms the mind and relaxes the view. The harmonious ambience of this dream home was achieved by the combination of few elements and guiding patterns when setting up. Vertical planting was created in the kitchen open to the stairs and in a bathroom. Walls in white brick visually combine the living area with the rooms upstairs. The honeycomb pattern has been discreetly but stylishly introduced in the bathrooms by wall tiles and mirrors.

Slide and vertical garden as a combination of two levels

Vertical garden view of the second floor-kitchen-dining area

This architecturally successful house allows its inhabitants the fun of not only being in their areas, but also of moving. The slide has many advantages to this concept, one of which is how comfortable, fast and even funny you come down. Especially the children of the family have benefited from the installation of this slide in the apartment.

Slide with class and fine workmanship in the apartment

apartment chute living room-wall-wood-brick-wall-arch-corner-kitchen

An open plan kitchen with built-in wardrobes and white honeycomb wall tiles

kitchen-wood-fronts-fitted wardrobe-under-stairs

The slide connects the upper floor with the living area

living area-haengestuhl-modular sofa-cushion-slide-stairs-laminate flooring-white-brick wall-fireplace

The wall with vertical greenery is common for the kitchen, dining area and stairs

Vertical garden wall-wood-kitchen-open-dining-area-room-high-windows-bright

The popular motifs in the bathroom – vertical planting and tiles and mirrors in honeycomb pattern

Vertical Garden bathroom-wall design-wood-schranktueren-bath-detached-sink-mirror

Stairs made of solid wood without railing

stair solid wood-without-gelaender-handrail-wall-corridor-lighting-innentuer

Under the roof windows is a workplace full of light

workplace-home-work table-chair-flat skylight-black-brick wall

The popular of the inhabitants honeycomb pattern – implemented in the bathroom with the black tiles

bathroom-black-wall tiles honeycomb-pattern-wall design-washbasin-mirror-indirect-lighting

Slide runs from the upper floor into the living room with design in white brick wall and wood

living-room high-window-sofa-wood-wandgestalung-chair-stool-lighting-arc lamp

Fireplace and niche for firewood as cozy accents of the furnishings in the living area

fireplace-white-brick wall-laminate flooring-kminholz-African-shelves

White brick wall – pattern from the entrance to under the sloping ceiling in the bedroom

creating room-white-double bed-and-white brick wall-minimalist dachschraege-skylight-wandschraenke

Vertical greening and eclectic style – A villa in Italy

Vertical greening dining-eclectic-furnishing-apartment

This Tuscan villa is located in Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy and has been redesigned by architect and designer Emanuele Svetti. The Italian architect opted for vertical greening decided in the dining room, which turns the room into a green oasis. The interior design of the apartment has one eclectic furnishing style referred to as a combination of elements of different furnishing styles.

Vertical greening in the interior – A dining room with a vertical garden

Vertical landscaping green-dining-natural-feeling-vertical-garden

The Tuscan villa is mainly decorated in dark colors and refers to a mix of styles. Modern pieces of furniture are used for interior decoration in rooms with beamed ceilings and terracotta tiles that look more rustic. Colorful, abstract murals decorate the walls of the apartment and set color accents in the eclectic interior. The highlight of the apartment is definitely the vertical garden in the dining room. Three of the four walls are decorated with green plants and provide green and freshness indoors.

Vertical greening in the dining room brings nature into the house

Vertical greening eclectic-dining-room-vertical-garden-wood-beamed ceiling

With the greenery in the dining area, the nature is invited into the apartment and the room is transformed from a traditional dining room into a green garden in the house. Passages without doors connect the living spaces without separating them and allow a view in between. Although the beamed ceilings and terracotta tiles can be found throughout the apartment, each room is furnished in an individual way and in a different color palette.

Dining room with pendant lamps in industrial style

Vertical greening dining-eclectic-furnished-pendant lights

Minimalist kitchen with marbled fronts

eclectic-style device-kitchen-marble-fronts-cooking island

Kitchen overlooking the vertical greenery in the dining room

vertical-greening-kitchen-dining-marble appearance-handleless cabinets

Vertical greening and passages without doors


Round living room in eclectic style

eclectic-style device-greening-living room-plants

Gray sofa with a round design and green cactus in the corner

eclectic-style device-living room-round-decorated-gray sofa

Games room with pool table and fireplace

eclectic-style device-headroom-pool table-wooden beam ceiling

Second living room with rustic table and industrial lights

eclectic-style device-dining-pendant lights-wood-dining table

Passage with round arch connects dining room with living room

eclectic-style device-apartment-glowing-wanddeko-prendelleuchten

Living room in natural tones

eclectic-style device-living room-mural-floor lamp sofa

Cozy living room with fireplace and decor in neutral colors

eclectic-style device-living room-wooden beam ceiling-natural-colored

Bedroom with wooden beamed ceiling

eclectic-style device-bedroom-natural-tone brown-beige

Modern lights in the bedroom

eclectic-style device-bedroom-pendant lights-bedded-deco

Abstract art as a wall decoration in the bedroom

eclectic-style device-bedroom-modern-rustic

Bedroom with red color accents

eclectic-style device-bedroom-wooden beam ceiling and red-carpet

Creative wall design in red bedroom – world map on the wall

eclectic-style device-bedroom-red-color accents

* Interior design by Emanuele Svetti and Studio Svetti – official website ,

Landscaping »Vertical gardens and green walls – the trend in urban landscapes

vertical gardens bench wood decor round design graeser

Vertical gardens are one of the most up to date trends and yet it is one of the oldest. Maybe you have ever grown a vine or ivy on a fence or lattice? It’s the perfect solution for almost any garden, indoors or outdoors, with minimal space requirements.

Vertical gardens as a privacy screen

vertical gardens bags textile dining table terrace wood pergola

The vertical greening can draw attention to a particular area or disguise an unattractive or undesirable prospect. Climbing plants or columnar trees transform the indoor climate and serve as privacy screens. With the grates attached to the ground or large plant containers, you can grow vines, flowers and vegetables. Vertical gardens require much less space than conventional gardening.

Vertical gardens – lush planting

vertical gardens urban land house terrace lush planting

Evergreen plantings on vertical walls May be a blessing for city dwellers who do not have much space. Of course, they are also suitable for gardeners with large, traditional gardens. Inside, you can grow indoor plants as living walls by creating a tapestry of beautiful color and texture. They decorate the living space with fresh green while filtering the air pollutants. In cold climates in winter, indoor plants add much needed moisture to the interior when the stove dries out the air. Vertical gardens More and more hotels and office buildings are being used as living walls. Although the vertical gardens may require watering more often, they provide good air circulation.

green walls – decorative and healthy

vertical gardens waterfall idea tree pond boxwood hedge

wall greening or green walls
Green or living walls are the latest trend in the vertical garden. Some are simply walls covered with vines, while others are a modular system in which plants can grow within structures.
The French botanist Patrick Blanc is considered the father of the vertical gardens. He designed his first project on the façade of the Museum of Science and Industry in Paris in 1988. Dozens of his other works are now installed worldwide both indoors and out. Blanc describes his projects as living paintings or vegetable walls.

Shaping patio area

vertical gardens bench entrance modern design design

To create a plant wall using the Blanc methods, you need a metal frame, a sheet of hard plastic and felt. The frame can be hung on the wall or left alone. The rigid plastic that attaches to the frame makes the wall watertight. The plant roots grow into the felt, which distributes water and fertilizer evenly. The choice of location depends on the amount of light and other growing conditions. In addition to irrigation and fertilization, the green walls require other maintenance, including pruning, dusting, weeding, and replacing the withered ones plants , Vertical gardens are heavy, so talk to an expert to make sure your wall can carry the load.

Climbing roses on the balcony

vertical gardens green wall roses climbing plants

Special features and tips for the construction of the vertical gardens
Consider the following when creating your outdoor vertical garden:
the Anchoring your structure in place before planting will not allow you to disturb the roots or stems of the plants afterwards. Use more stable structures for heavy or demanding plants.
Tall plants and structures cast shadows that can affect the plants growing nearby.
Plants grow differently. Some, like climbing roses, need to be physically attached to structures, while others, such as field winches, wind themselves around the gridwork.
Plants grown vertically need more watering and fertilization because they are exposed to more light and wind.

Black-eyed Susanne

vertical gardens green wall black-eyed susan yellow climber

Plant species for vertical gardens
A wide variety of plants can be used on green walls, with the choice of plant being determined by the lighting conditions.

For traditional vertical gardening, consider this selection:
Annually flowering vines that are not too heavy – Schwarzäugige Susanne ( Thunbergia alata), cardinal winds (Ipomoea x multifida), spring winds (Ipomoea quamoclit), moonflower (Ipomoea alba), common bean (Phaseolus coccineus) and spiked bean (Dolichos lablab). Everyone grows best in full sun.

Clematis hybrid

clematis hybrid fence purple flowers

To the lightly growing perennial vines include the clematis hybrids, American tree shrike (Celastrus scandens) and ivy (Hedera). All grow best in full sun; The clematis prefer their flowers in the sun and have their roots in the shade.

Climbers for shade – Flowering kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta), finger-leaved akebie (Akebia quinata), whistling (Aristolochia macrophylla) and climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris).

Wooden lattice with clematis in the garden

vertical gardens green wall clematis lattice wood garden

Fruit plants that are also good for vertical garden grape varieties include small-fruited kiwi (Actinidia deliciosa), gooseberries (Actinidia arguta), edible flowers such as nasturtium, and vegetables such as peas, squash, tomatoes and runner beans.

Columnar plants create a vertical eye-catcher. Many can be grown without support structure. Columnar-shaped apple trees, tree of life (Thuja occidentalis), juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) or black poplar (Populus nigra).

Climbers for the vertical garden

climbing plant red flowers

Technical requirements
Fences, axles, grilles, steel tube scaffolding and other types of structures make it easy to grow plants vertically. Hanging baskets can be used as elements of the vertical gardens because they break the horizontal plane of gardening.

If you have an existing structure such as a gazebo or garage, add a grid in front of one of the walls so that the plants have a supporting structure, and will not damage the wall. Be sure to leave some space between the grille and the wall for air circulation.

Plant species and needs

vertical gardens green wall plants species and conditions

Evergreen facade with plants planted facade vertical garden

Hyacith beans

Hyacinth bean climbing plants garden vertical

Dress concrete wall with ivy

planted green wall ivy creeper outer wall

vertical gardens green wall green oasis room climate

vertical gardens green wall patio area

vertical gardens green wall indoor wood frame

vertical gardens fence visibility creepers

Home & Garden »Vertical garden by Paola Lenti with drip irrigation

vertical garden -free-partition-lush-planted-paola-lenti-design

“Greenery” is a vertical garden designed by CRS Paola Lenti in collaboration with Verde Profilo and works as a decorative partition. The creation stands for a well-balanced aesthetic unity of indoor and outdoor areas and transforms your rooms in the blink of an eye to the oasis of well-being. The eco-friendly Trellis was presented at the Salone del Mobile Milan 2013.

Vertical garden and decoration with vibrant plants

vertical garden trellis drip irrigation system green plants

The revolutionary product, designed as a decoration, combines environmental friendliness with functionality. Greenery has the advantage of being freestanding compared to conventional vertical gardens that require the presence of load-bearing walls. The greenery gives texture and a fresh touch in all living spaces where it is placed.

Vertical garden brings nature into the house

vertical garden partition wall integrated droplet irrigation system

The trellis consists of a steel scaffold, painted in ivory or graphite, to which various non-climbing plants can be attached and made into a desired shape. These include removable containers suitable for growing green plants or herbs.

The vertical garden of Paola Lenti is equipped with a drip irrigation system specially designed, manufactured and tested by Verde Profilo to ensure optimum conditions for the plants.

Vertical garden as a traveling green partition

Vertical garden-by-Paola Lenti lounge furniture design neon colors

Vertical garden with h removable containers

Vertical Garden Partition Wall Decoration with Vibrant Plant Environmentally Friendly

Original green screen panels – Corten steel finish

garden-trellis-removable-container-for-green plants and herb

Greened panels as Screen for the terrace

Greenery-system-removable-container-drip irrigation system

The Sustainable Vertical Garden Live Screen by Danielle Trofe

Urban gardens vertical-installation water storage Led A-design award-Denielle-Trofe

The sustainable vertical garden Live Screen ensures the well-being of humans and plants and contributes to healthier living and environmental conditions. This lively composition of step-shaped, organically shaped planters promotes the growth and health of plants. A’Design Award & Competition already honored Danielle Trofe for this future-oriented design.

How is the vertical garden watered?

Live screen flat vegetation to thrive bring-solution sustainable drip system

The inspiration was already existing vertical gardens and the tendency to integrate living wall systems as an interior design element. The green initiative promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility. Of the vertical garden “Live Screen” has a sculptural character and has an efficient irrigation system. It supports biodiversity and improves air quality. In the networked structure hides a modified version of hydroponic drip system. Submersible pumps, which are set in advance with a time switch, tempt the water from an internal water reservoir (this is placed in the lower part of the structure) evenly to the topmost planters. By gravity, the water is transported at intervals of fixed predetermined length in each planter. The intelligent irrigation concept guarantees that each plant absorbs a corresponding amount of water. The water reservoir in the lower part of the structure is accessible via an LED cover. The inelastic system uses a combination of lava rock and coconut shells and avoids the danger of soil-borne diseases.

The vertical garden in aesthetic form

Danielle Trofe-Design Products Planters vertical-tiered water reservoir Led lighting

Do you feel like a healthy herbal tea in the cool? Autumn and winter days ? You can plant and breed herbs and spices in your own home without much care. For private and social spaces, plants are an important component of a good living and working atmosphere. The self-contained vertical structure is modular and flexible designed and can be positioned anywhere. The hydroponic systems and technologies optimize the space and simplify the process of plant growth.

Think of the water cycle

A Design Award Installation - Planters Green Wall Indoor Garden

“Live Screen” by Danielle Peat is a functional and aesthetically appealing solution for urban apartments and offices. It allows a uniform irrigation of all components of the modern structure and can be used as a space-separating element. The vertical garden was made of powder-coated aluminum, steel and resin. Sunken Led lights transform the design into a highlight. The live screen biosystems are to be coordinated with specific customer wishes.

via A’Design Award

Environmentally friendly, simple and chic

Design Planter Soilless Hydroponics Grow Led Integrated-Live Screen

Dynamic living system

Sustainable drip system-Modern planter design line guide

Green wall by Danielle Trofe

Design installation green-wall modern planting drops system

Housewares design – vertically tiered planters

Indoor Greening Planting Tips Hydro cultivation installation Vertical

Modern design language of plant pots

Indoor Garden Live Screen Hydroponics Irrigation Drip Submersible Pumps

Indoor plants for home

Houseplants maintain appropriate water storage to distribute water

Intelligent irrigation system

Planters irrigation system danielle trofe hydroponic live screen

Windows & Doors »Vertical blinds and vertical blinds – effective sun protection

Rollo blinds vertical-creation baumann-multicolored

Vertical blinds and slat curtains are characterized by ease of use, durability and longevity. As a practical sunscreen, the blinds are suitable for use in the private sector, as well as in office and business premises. The innovative combinations of colors and shapes set fashionable accents and immediately become an eye-catcher.

Vertical blinds – art and functionality

White Yellow Vertical Curtain Baumann Creation

modern Vertical blinds have become standard sunscreen in the office, in doctor’s office, conference rooms or used as a room divider. They filter the sunlight and provide a comfortable warm atmosphere. The slats are cleaned by wiping with warm water or neutral detergent.

Vertical blinds and louvre systems – modern living room design

Wood-washi banner-orange white

Japanese-style slatted blinds are designed by specialists in the field of interior design Wood & Washi offered. The transparent panels are handmade from original Japanese paper.

Modern window blinds

Baumann Alu vertical blinds privacy screen

The functional Vertical blinds from Baumann Creation characterized by puristic design and the highest quality and serve as room decoration , A panel curtain shapes the light in a particularly natural way.

Exclusive interior furnishing systems from Zieger

Vertical Blinds Pink Zieger Austria

Vertical blinds that sway easily with every movement emphasize the style in a room and convey safety and confidence. Sunlight is pleasantly colored by the material filter of the lamellae.

Vertical slats of Allprotectsun

Modern Furnishings Office Louvre Allprotectsun Amsterdam

Louvre curtains are a preferred sun and privacy screen in rooms where aesthetics and functionality are appreciated and desired. In addition, you can by modern vertical blinds create interesting highlights in the room. The Angeton of the company Allprotectsun covers different color and pattern combinations. Even the dark wood jalousies have a certain permeability and spread a relaxing homeliness in the room.

Vertical jalousie in white – window decoration

Banner blinds fabric Protectsun Vertical slats

Roller Blinds – high quality window decoration

Baumann sun protection roller blind window protection

Sliding panels and banners from Zieger

Zieger sun protection roller blind window decoration

Elegant curtain as a room divider

Blinds Roller Blind Banner-Pink Divider Room Divider

Modern Alu Jalosien of Silent gliss

Silent Gliss White-Wavy Room Divider Venetian Blinds

Interior blinds with futuristic design

Vertical Blinds White Modern Silent-Gliss Vertical Waves Collection

White window slat curtains

Kitchen Blinds-Silent-Gliss Design
Vertical slats in the Japanese style

Wood washi slats blinds vertical

Interior blinds by Wood & Washi

Wood-Washi slats curtain-orange

Wooden blinds -Allprotectsun

Wooden Blinds All-Protect-Sun Sunscreen

Transparent slat curtain made of fabric

Banner blinds fabric Protectsun Japanese style

Effective and practical privacy

Simple design blinds Allprotectsun

Classic Window Blind -Allprotectsun

Window blinds design white Allprotectsun Holland

Ideas for sunblind curtain

Vertical blinds design allprotectsun office

Beige slatted blinds

Fabric slat curtain Allprotectsun design