Dreamhouses »Luxury villa with stunning views offers relaxation under the palm trees

Dream Villa Hawaii Palm Trees Ocean

We present you one Luxury villa with a dream view , which offers optimal rest under the palm trees. Located on the beach in Hawaii, the dream home delights with glazed facade, large swimming pool in the garden and the use of wood in the interior. Enjoy the virtual tour!

Luxury villa with stunning views in Hawaii

small round coffee table glass facade view ocean

The luxury Villa with a dream view in Hawaii was built as a vacation home for a young family and their friends. The house facade was glazed generously, so that enough sunlight can come into the rooms and the guests can enjoy the beautiful landscape. The first floor is connected by sliding glass doors seamlessly with the outdoor area. The pool in the garden looks more like a natural pond. The large balcony on the second floor looks over the ocean. The wooden house construction follows the traditional architecture of the region.

Luxury villa with stunning views and luxurious interiors

Colonial style four poster bed blue duvet Luxury villa with dream view

Also in the interior, the enthusiastic Luxury villa with a dream view with stylish color combinations. The interior designers were inspired by the ocean – in almost every room accents are set in the maritime look. Exotic dark wood, marble and granite were used in the decor. The colonial style of the furniture is in harmony with the overall concept. The azure blue color of the duvet in the bedroom contrasts with the dark wood furniture. Cozy white upholstered furniture in the living room provide plenty of seating for residents and guests. In the dining area, inseparable from the fitted kitchen, stylish rattan chairs attract the eye. The bathrooms are equipped with whirlpool baths and provide rest after a long day. It is an absolute dream house, where one likes to spend the vacation.

The bedroom with four-poster bed

Wood Flooring Copper Window Frame

The living room with blue accents

Living room furnishings maritime look blue

Balcony on the second floor

Holiday house view ocean Hawaii holiday luxury villa with stunning views

The cozy dining area

Dining room furniture chairs mahogany table

Rattan furniture in the kitchen

Furnishings kitchen island barstools rattan

Marble and dark wood for the kitchen

Marble kitchen back wall gallery kitchen wood counter

Stylish youth room

Colonial style office mahogany dresser bedroom cottage

Colonial style guestroom

Colonial style duvet motifs wooden furniture balcony

Bathroom with luxurious furnishings

Plant deco marble wooden cabinet mirror round

Bathroom with a chic look

Bathroom design mirror sink cabinet

Bathroom with a view over the ocean

freestanding bathtub whirlpool marble wall green

Pool with lighting

Hawaii pool lighting palms whirlpool

Generously glazed facade

Dream view pool wooden house Hawaii facades design

The pool has a natural shape

Dream House Pool Lighting Pond Hawaii Villa

Luxury villa with a dream view

Wooden house glass facade garden lighting Hawaii

Holiday Home & Hotel Design »Driftwood decoration and breathtaking sea views: Myconian Utopia

natural wood dining table glass railing balcony driftwood decoration

This boutique hotel boasts a unique location with great views of the Aegean Sea and exquisite Mediterranean-style décor. Overlooking the famous Elia Beach, the luxurious Myconian Utopia Resort offers breathtaking views of the city Islands of the Cyclades at the horizon. Utopia means in Greek as much as nowhere, in the sense of a heavenly dreamland. In this context, the 5-star hotel combines fantasy and reality, offering an unforgettable stay. Driftwood decoration, olive wood, natural stone and white plastered walls – visitors can expect a wonderful, Mediterranean ambience to feel good.

Driftwood Deco furniture bench sconces stair handrail

All accommodations at the 5-star resort are exceptionally stylish and authentically furnished to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The combination of contemporary furniture and rustic materials creates a delightful atmosphere that invites guests to linger. The driftwood decoration radiates a special coziness and provides attractive contrasts. Old wood-look objects are always unique – unique pieces with their own story. The colors of the decor are reflected in the natural landscape and provide a breathtaking backdrop to the deep blue of the sea.

driftwood-deco-furniture-black-accents-living room

There are luxurious rooms and three exclusive villas with several bedrooms. Private balconies and spacious terraces, where you can enjoy the warm sunshine in absolute peace and dreamlike atmosphere, make for a very pleasant stay. It is also possible to book a room with outdoor whirlpool on the terrace. In combination with the breathtaking view – this promises a special bathing experience! Relaxing hours can also be found in the unique stone bathtub, which is 100 percent handmade.

sun lie-jaccuzzi-infinity-pool-promising-sea

The largest villa is the jewel of this resort. It sleeps up to 13 people and has a private infinity pool with beautiful views of Elia Beach. Covering an area of ​​270 m², the Grand Majestic Villa has 5 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen and a fully equipped barbecue area on the terrace.

With a spa area, a gourmet Mediterranean restaurant and a pool bar, Myconian Utopia Resort offers a variety of options for an unforgettable vacation.

driftwood deco-bedroom-infinity-pool-terrace

driftwood-deco-side table-olive wood-chair

bedroom-platform-bed-mattress-poster bed-jute string

black-bath-middle-bedroom-terrace-sun are

driftwood-deco bed-pendant lights-weave yarn

driftwood-deco-windlicht halter-clothes stand


driftwood-deco-floor light sculptures-human figures


driftwood Deco windlicht halter-spa

infinity-pool-night lighting-leds-sparkle-terrace Lookout

driftwood-deco-drilling flower-terrace-glass railings

official website of the resort

House & Hotel Design »Infinity pool with sea views in restored medieval fortress

Infinity pool with sea view - tent-wine-candles-lantern-view-swimming-pool

This paradise really exists and it is located in one of the most exciting places in Greece – the Mani region, on the Peloponnese peninsula. In the Middle Ages, the surrounding area was a fortress with a lonely tower and today it functions as a small guest house, which has been awarded the prize for Best Hotel Design 2015. A special highlight is the Infinity pool with sea views surrounded by wild landscape as if it had never been touched by human hands. The strategic location of the tower offers a breathtaking view – from the high rocks of the coast to the wide sea and the landscape behind it.

Medieval tower and fabulous infinity pool with sea views

Infinity pool with sea view -pool-urlaum-tower-medieval-restored

An architects couple fell in love with the fantastic location and the building in 1994 and turned it into a retreat. The tower was restored in a sustainable way using techniques and materials used in Roman times. Stones from the surrounding area were installed in the masonry in order to adapt it as precisely as possible to the regional architecture. In the garden, pool area and interior flow in a very mild way the traditional Mediterranean style and the minimalist for Greece Facility and equipment with the golden rule of contemporary design “Less is more” into each other. The guest house spreads over four floors and has three en suite bedrooms, a communal kitchen, front yard and backyard with the fabulous infinity pool overlooking the sea.

Infinity pool with sea view in the medieval tower in Greece

Infinity pool with sea view pool-mountains-view-lie-natural stone

There are several historical objects in the region. From Athens airport this is exceptional guesthouse three and a half hours drive away.

Landscape and architecture in harmony with each other

Infinity pool with sea view -pool-mountains-sky-nature-view

A beautiful view of the bay

Infinity pool with sea view -pool-lying-outlook-sunset-mountains

The pool adapts to the landscape

Infinity pool with sea view -pool-sea-view-natural stone

A heavenly retreat in Greece

Infinity pool with ocean view -pool-roofing-lying-outlook-sun-sea

Great view of the sea and the coast

infinity-pool-sea view-liege-sea-sun-holiday

Rooftop terrace and garden with pool

infinity-pool-sea view-dining table chairs-sheen-deco-romance-sea

Romantic moments in a lonely tower on the coast

infinity-pool-sea view-dining table-deco-glass bottle-sea-views

As emerged from the rock, rises the tower of the fortress

infinity-pool-sea view-outlook-tower-fortress-castle-rock-sea

Strategic place of the towers in the Middle Ages

infinity-pool-sea view-sea-fortress-tower-burg-forest-booked

Untouched landscape and great sea views

infinity-pool-sea view-tower-bay-fortress-natural stone-greece

infinity-pool-sea view-olive trees-romance-klappstuehle-table

infinity-pool-sea view-olive trees-tower-natural stone-gaestehaus

infinity-pool-sea view-natural stone-rock-tower-baeume-plant

infinity-pool-sea view-natural stone-tower-medieval-fortress-restored

infinity-pool-sea view-natural stone-terrace-tower-hotel-greece

infinity-pool-sea view-terrace-vantage-sea-roof terrace

infinity-pool-sea view-terrace-stair-promising-natural stone-floor hallway

infinity-pool-sea view-sunset-fortress-tower-medieval-natural stone

infinity-pool-sea view-tower-night-lighting and natural stone-promising

infinity-pool-sea view-input-tor-steel-paving-natural-stone-tower

infinity-pool-sea view-entrance-door-natural-stone-pavement-tower-fortress-tor

infinity-pool-sea view-tower-natural stone-restored Fortress-wild-environment

infinity-pool-sea view-tower-natural stone-reasturiert-greece-stairs

infinity-pool-sea view-bedroom bed-natural stone-atmosphsere

infinity-pool-sea view-bedroom bed-bettwaesche-wooden floor-lighting-bedside

infinity-pool-sea view-stair-interior-stainless-minimalist

infinity-pool-sea view-bath-antique-natural stone-window-armature-minimalist

House & Hotel Design »Spectacular luxury villa with sea views in Kamala-a dream destination

Villa Kamala spectacular view outdoor pool

The exotic Luxury Villa Tranquility is part of a 5-star resort on the hilly western coast of Kamala, Phuket, and is perhaps one of the best vacation rentals in the area. Thanks to its high position, the house offers its guests a spectacular panoramic view of the Andaman Sea.

Luxury Villa Tranquility offers the best living comfort

Pool Luxury VIlla Tropical Wall Palm Trees

The exclusive House was completely new and modern equipped. The guests have 5 comfortable bedrooms, a main room with an open plan, terrace, swimming pool and exotic garden to disposal. The open living floor includes a spacious living room with exquisite furnishings, dining area and kitchen area. The rooms are spacious and bright. Traditional Thai and modern elements add to the perfect living ambience for a more dramatic finish. The room opens onto the garden and pool through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors.

Dreamlike luxury villa on Phuket, Thailand

Tropical Villa Phuket Thailand sunset

The geographical location of Kamala (lagoon) offers a stylish and memorable stay. The route between Kamala and Surin is known as the Millionaires’ Mile. The Holiday Villa Just half an hour’s drive away from the airport is the perfect harmony between man and nature. The border between interior and exterior almost merges.

Retreat with spectacular views – perfect for a family

Pool modern villa-holiday home Kamala

The total area of Luxury Villa is 2640 square meters. There are other additional facilities available – Snooker Travel, Spa Beireich , Sauna, pool bar and gym. Comfortable lounge seating provides the ideal atmosphere and visually outlines the privacy.

Thai luxury holiday villa with lush garden

Dream villa garden lush

Covered terrace with wooden furniture

Patio rattan furniture chairs design villa

Holiday in Kamala – sunbed for pleasure

Luxury villa parasols sun loungers

Many opportunities for leisure activities

Cottage Villa on Phuket Snooker Table

Beige comfortable lounge furniture – terraces design

Lounge Set Dream Villa on Phuket

Bright accents and clear line of furniture design

Bright Living Room Deco Feats Phuket Thailand

Interior made of local materials

Red wood paneling-Wonhzimmer Villa-Interior

Spacious living room – corner sofa with pillows and carpet

Villa interior wood paneling glass wall

Kitchen furniture – modern equipment and Led ceiling lights

Holiday home kitchen equipment

Indirect ceiling lighting in the bedroom – exotic ambience

Villa Furnishings-Indirect Lighting-Bedroom red

Modern bathroom with great views

Luxury bathroom view to the sea

Bathroom with 180 degrees panoramic view

Bathroom Holiday Home Design Red wood paneling

Architecture »Top 10 Best Skyline Views in the World

We present you the most breathtaking Skyline views of the world , Our Top 10 will give you an idea what are the best skylines in the world. Enjoy this journey through the most beautiful, busy and largest cities in the world, where millions of people work and live.

Seattle Skyline USA

Seattle, USA

– Seattle is called Emerald City. With a busy port that serves as the starting point of trade with Europe, the city is famous for its large observation tower, called Space Needle, which you can see in the center of the photo.

Shenzhen-China views

9, Shenzen, China

More than 6 million people live in Shenzen today. It is one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world and the number of inhabitants is increasing. The interesting thing is that in 1970, the city was a small fishing village. Unbelievable how quickly everything changed!

Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia-Skyline views

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Over 2 million people can be one of the most unique Skyline views of the world enjoy. The buildings are not too close to each other, so that the modern architecture of the city comes into its own.

Toronto-Canada views

7, Toronto, Canada

Toronto is known with the CN Tower. This structure is the tallest freestanding building in North America. In Toronto, a few buildings are over 200m high, while the CN tower itself is over 553m high.

Tokyo Japan View

6.Tokyo, Japan

Look at this incredible, shiny look that is one of the best Skyline views of the world belongs. Tokyo is the most populous city in the world. Tall buildings, unique neon lights and happy atmosphere – Tokyo is a city that never sleeps.

Singapore Singapore Skyline views

5. Singapore, Singapore

One of the most incredible cities in the world – with tall buildings and many green areas between them. Singapore is proof that modern urban architecture can also be environmentally friendly.

Shanghai-China views Skyline

4. Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a city of modern buildings, 28 of which – over 200m high. It is considered one of the capitals of modern architecture – the most popular building in Shanghai is called Oriental Pearl TV (468m) and offers one of the most beautiful Skyline views of the world.

New York USA Skyline views

3. New York, USA

Almost everyone can recognize the skyline view from New York. We have seen the city several times in Hollywood movies. There are 48 buildings over 200 meters. New York is with the fashion and the many benches.

Chicago USA City Panorama

2. Chicago, USA

The first steel building was built in Chicago in 1885. It was not the tallest building in the world, but served as an example and shaped the Skyline views in the world , Similar to New York, Chicago is also very recognizable thanks to the film industry.

Hong Kong-China Skyline views

1. Hong Kong, China

Our winner is clearly Hong Kong, China. The city offers the most incredible Skyline views of the world , The 43 buildings over 200 meters, 30 of which built in the 21st century, impress with their unique architecture.

Modern apartment with stunning views

Design by Mark English Architects

Living room interior-round-carpet orange sofa

We introduce you a stylish modern Apartment with a dream view in front. Designed by the Mark English Architects and Gary Hutton Design, this spacious condo is located in San Francisco, California and offers stunning views of the ocean and famous bridges. The incredibly beautiful surroundings and the half-round shape of the apartment offer a very interesting living space with great potential.

Modern apartment with a dream view – elegant design

white minimalist bedroom

The owners of this modern Apartments with a dream view dreamed of a home reminiscent of a quiet resort hotel. The designers took into account the customer request and set up the apartment minimalist. First, walls should be demolished so that the living area looks more open. So a modern apartment with a large living room and two bedrooms was created. Many modern high quality materials were used in the conversion.

Elegant interior design – an apartment with a dream view

stylish interior design - decoration on the wall

The living area is opened by glass wall and it reveals a beautiful view. The interior design of the modern apartment with a dream view is simply held by the neutral color scheme, selected bold colors / red sofa, green granite disc on the floor / set accents. Marble on the walls and on the floor creates a feeling of luxury. Even the suspended ceiling has a circular shape.

The modern apartment with stunning views has two bedrooms with a chic design. One of them is separated from the living area only by a wall with Venetian plaster ornaments. The bedroom itself is minimalist, with a small terrace overlooking the ocean. The other bedroom, painted in red and beige, is directed towards the city.

By K.H.Hristova

modern elegant bedroom - red bed

red bed in the modern bedroom

nice apartment - interesting terrace

Interesting terrace with wooden furniture

elegant interior design in modern apartment - bathroom

minimalist kitchen in the apartment with stunning views

elegant interior design -white bed

modern interior - fitted kitchen and red furniture

Architecture »Modern loft design with spectacular views of San Francisco

Modern apartment in San Francisco living room

This amazing loft design is by the architect Craig Steely designed. Outside there is a terrace that frames the living area. It presents a breathtaking view of San Francisco and the bay. But even the modern interior design will leave you speechless.

View from the terrace

Modern apartment in San Francisco Terrace

A floor to ceiling high light installation adds a very interesting and futuristic flair. Something you definitely do not see every day, in one Loft , We always thought that one light installation better suited for additional lighting of a bar. However, you can see that they have the warm atmosphere in this beautiful modern loft makes it even more inviting.

Fantastic light installation in the loft

Modern apartment in San Francisco light installation
Actually, this residential landscape fits perfectly outside. What do we do with it? Well, take a look at San Francisco. It is a city that never sleeps. The interior design and light installation blends perfectly with San Francisco nightlife. The wall of light covers almost the entire length of the apartment, with a view to a world that “recalls the contemplative atmosphere of ambient music,” he explains Architect Craig Steely These lights are a cool idea, and a different design solution would probably make them look awful. In this modern loft But they are just perfect. They perfectly match the amazing view of the city and are also a great addition to the interior design.

Modern kitchen in the loft

Modern apartment in San Francisco kitchen

You can see that the kitchen is also very modernist. The bathroom is white, simple, but somehow very elegant. The living room has a clean, modern and elegant design. It’s a space with a breathtaking view of San Francisco. If you want to feel like the king or queen of San Francisco, this one is modern loft perfect for you.

Modern loft design with spectacular views of San Francisco

Modern apartment in San Francisco dining room

Modern apartment in San Francisco kitchen

Modern loft in San Francisco blue

Modern loft in San Francisco-Pink

Modern loft in San Francisco light

Architecture »Extraordinary house with beautiful views of Pyrenees

modern innovative Spanish country house

Well, there is a house in light and a wonderful view veiled! On a steep hillside overlooking the Spanish Pyrenees, this is exceptional House with a beautiful view designed by architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales. Your studio works like a laboratory. It was founded in New York City in 2003 and the two moved to Barcelona & Mexico City in 2005. Their goal is to create intelligent design solutions on many different scales, from large projects to smaller buildings.

House with beautiful views of Pyrenees

innovative Spanish country house

Here is a great example of her work – one House with a beautiful view , Vernacular architecture combines methods of construction that uses locally available resources and traditions to exploit local needs and circumstances. The project respected by the construction and operating logic and its aesthetics.

Modern spanish villa

modern spanish country house - glass facade

The facade is a combination of traditional “dry stone walls”, the structure is built of stones without mortar they bind together. The project includes two buildings whose physical connections coexist in a single envelope. Maintaining the envelope enhances the historical values ​​of folk architecture.

A Spanish country house with minimalist interiors

minimalist spanish country house - living area

In contrast, an enormous window was installed. On the one hand, it creates a connection between the traditional and the modern, on the other hand, the breathtaking environment really comes into its own. The project is also designed sustainably. The interior is minimalist and simple, but very stylish. The House with a beautiful view offers a sheltered and cozy atmosphere, yet still manages to look open.

minimalist spanish villa - living room

minimalist country house - dining room

spanish villa - minimalist dining room

Spanish country house - minimalist kitchen

Minimalist interior design - colored living room

House with beautiful views in Spain

minimalist spanish villa - roof

Architecture »Modern mountain hut with breathtaking views

Modern hut-front

Here is an example of one hut overlooking the mountainside Kanagawa that will surely impress everyone. Its location provides a starting point for endless views of the city and surrounding area.

modern hut on a slope

Modern hut - side

The kitchen and dining area have been placed easily accessible near the main entrance. The living room frames the best view. The bedroom enjoys a view of the hills and the bathroom – a bright, airy atmosphere.

breathtaking view of the city

Modern hut-view

A large balcony is taking advantage of the view, while sliding doors enclose the bathroom. What else? Oh, did we mention that the living room has great views? Especially considering the wind that gets into the one-room interior. The interior of the building has 10 different floors.

Modern cabin with a view-side view

Modern hut with a view sky

Modern hut with outlook living room

Incredible bedrooms with sea views

modern bedroom with glass facade

Coastal houses have a great advantage – they offer endless views of the sea, and you can enjoy the beautiful view through glass walls. The unique location inspires the architects to make the house as open as possible. This has proved particularly successful in the Bedroom with sea view Design proved.

Modern bedroom design

exciting interior design - bedroom

modern bedroom with ocean view are an oasis in houses that are otherwise as simple and purist as possible. This is how the beautiful view really comes into its own. Usually that has bedroom with ocean view a glazed wall, and the interior is selected in sound with the beautiful nature. The room should be energetic, relaxed, comfortable. A warm, neutral color scheme with many wood details creates a typically minimalist interior, where some color accents like blue wall seamlessly connect the interior to the exterior. Water-themed ornaments are a perfect match to the design, creating an exciting atmosphere in the room.

Colored decoration in the bedroom with sea view

modern bedroom with color accents

You can free the color in the Bedroom with sea view select as soon as they are not too strong or dark. Make a rather bright and simple bedroom, the view is complete as a decoration.

By K.H.Hristova

Bedroom with modern interior

White bedroom with glass wall and wooden floor

modern interior decoration- white bedroom

neutral color scheme in the bedroom

elegant bedroom design

Green accents in the bedroom

minimalist bedroom with colored accents

elegant chickes bedroom

Elegant bedroom with wooden furniture

Colored decoration - blue bedroom

Blue bed and wooden floor in the modern bedroom

green bedroom in minimalist style

minimalist white bedroom with green carpet

Colored accents in the modern bedroom

Strong colors in the bedroom

Bedroom in classic style

Classic bedroom with glass wall