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modern flat roof house concrete entrance lighting sliding door

Casa 7A is a modern flat roof house in Viletta, Colombia and is from Arquitectura in Estudio and Natalia Heredia designed. The house is located at the top of the hills about an hour or two drive from Bogota and boasts a high degree of sustainability and a lot of luxury. Casa 7A still boasts a modern wooden façade made up of sliding and folding doors that appeal to the residents of the house openness and provides privacy when needed.

Modern flat roof house made of concrete and wood

modern flat roof house concrete wall wood entrance door led bars

The modern flat roof house was realized at the beginning of this year and covers an area of ​​550 m². The villa was built with the help of local workers and using materials such as concrete, sandstone, wood for the folding doors and sustainably grown teak wood built for the furniture and flooring. The favorable location and orientation from north to south helps to reduce energy transmission while the sun shines over the pool during the day. A solar thermal heat recovery system is available for warming up the pool water. The house also has a rainwater collection system for irrigation.

Modern flat roof house, where inside and outside merge

flat roof-terrace house-concrete Canopy cutout

The house is divided into two parts – open external spaces and private interiors. Private areas include four bedrooms (each with private bath) and a kitchen with dining area. The living space, which is partly outdoors, is very interesting. There grows a small tree under the open sky. If the house is not needed or if you want more privacy, the wooden doors and windows can be folded. The concept is by no means unique, but the Wood facade is a nice idea, which has been designed very cleverly. It ensures the privacy of the residents and helps to reduce energy costs in a mostly hot and dry climate.

decorative garden wall made of concrete

landscaping-modern concrete wall-cuttings-holzwand-gravel-flooring



when the house is closed

modern-flat roof house-wood-terrace-klapptueren-closed

and when open

storey-house-modern-wood-terrace-pool-sun beds

a little transparent are the wooden doors

storey-modern-house-pool-terraces-sliding partition-wood

Sun terrace by the pool

modern flat-roofed house pool-sun terrace-wood-sliding-door-closed

beautiful views of the surroundings

flat roof house-pool-concrete Canopy klapptueren-opened

sliding doors flat roof house-huegel-pool-terrace-wood-

modern-house-colombia-living room-open corner sofa

dining area-kitchen-wood-cabinet fronts-built-lit ceiling lights

bedroom-open folding-outlook-huegel


bathroom-outdoor shower-pflanzkuebel-ambuentbeleuchtung


terrace-pool-night lighting-rattan sun beds

pool-night lighting-modern-house-water level

nightlight-pool-wood-terrace-concrete canopy

modern-flat roof house-backyard-concrete wall-decoration

ceiling lights under-Wi-sky-tree-wood terrace-

wood-solarium-rattan moebel-ground lights

storey-house-flat roof-concrete-wood-floor lights

storey-house-colombia-architecture plan

flat roof house-colombia-huegel-pool

modern-house-flat roof-storey-architecture plan

Casa 7A Arquitectura en Estudio Natalia Heredia facades