Timeless living room living ideas – cool realistic 3d visualizations

Visualized by: Visual Studio

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Ceiling Design Visual Studio 3d Project Realistic Visualization

Since a living room is used for a wide variety of activities, it leaves a huge space for creative experimentation and creativity. Depending on the room situation, comfortable seating areas, cozy reading corners, a home office area or playground for children and adults can be set up. Not infrequently, the living room reflects the character of its inhabitants. Here’s how you can get an overview of the great ones 3d visualizations of timeless Living room living ideas, Created by experienced visualizers from all over the world.

3d-visualized living room living ideas

visualized by: Anole Arc

Furnishing apartment French-style 3d visualization-Anhle Arc

With the help of graphic ideas designers can be from classic to futuristic Living room living ideas realize. Visual Studio (on the first picture) offers a classic open-plan space concept. The furniture is reminiscent of the design of the 80s, but the entire ambience is particularly chic and fully in the spirit of the times. The modern outfit is completed by skilful lighting design and ceiling panel design. The design by Anhle Arc Design (in the second picture) deals with the topic of effective use of space.

Classic living room concept

3d realistic visualization design loft studio glass wall leather sofa Paolo Longoni visualized by: Paolo Longoni

Gray walls, room-high glazing, low coffee table in neutral color, soft textiles and carpets on hardwood floor are the perfect conditions for a cozy interior.

Facebook inspired interior design

Facebook Logo Room Interior Design theme Andrej Šenveter visualized by: Andrej Šenveter

Here is a furnishing concept offered, so the family can gather. The family was supposed to be a big Facebook fan.

Modern loft apartment reflects the sunlight

City apartment 3d furniture design pouf wall decoration Angelo Fernandes

visualized by: Angelo Fernandes

Classic corner sofa and wall design with graphics

Chic and cozy living room-living ideas 3d NW interior design studio

visualized by: NW-interior

Clear lines

Small Apartment Room Decorator Relief Wall Decoration Ideas Maria-Yangolenko 3d visualized by: Maria Yangolenko

Relaxed atmosphere in the Scandinavian style

Loft apartment White design 3d visualization-Realistic rendering jay3design

visualized by: jay3design

Cozy settlement decorated with works of art

Home design-Asian-style floor-to-ceiling coffee table Andrey Sokruta-Interior floor lamp visualized by: Andrey Sokruta Interior Design

A place for entertaining in front of the indoor fireplace

Penthouse flat minimalism interior design modern indoor fireplace glazing-3d ando-studio visualized by: Ando Studio

Swarz-White games

Majid Kiyanfar Ultra Modern Interior Design 3d Pendant Lamp Chair Design visualized by: Majid Kiyanfar

The chandelier – a noble note in the interior

3d living room classic beige sofa set chandelier Roma Romanov visualized by: Roma Romanov

Living room ideas for men

Male decorating living room furniture design 3d creation Vic Nguyen visualized by: Vic Nguyen

Light flooded apartment with cozy accents

Cozy living room furniture cowhide rug Arcasso pendant light wood floor visualized by: Arcasso

Interior design in pop art style

Yury Rybak-Interior Design Bauhaus Furniture Retro Chic Beam Wall Shelves visualized by: Yury Rybak

Architecture »Frame Kubus Haus-3D high-level visualizations by Michal Nowak

Bauhaus style house design design 3d visualization

The Kubus house named Frame House was visualized by the Polish designer Michal Nowak for the architectural studio 81.WAW.PL. The talented 3d graphic designer specializes in 3d visualization of exterior, interior and product design. His design projects offer customers design and execution of the highest standard, based on real customer requirements and current trends.

Bauhaus architecture – Kubus house

Frame house design architecture solutions modern

The combination of art and technology brought forth 3d graphics. The creative idea of ​​the frame house is a cube. The 3d model of Kubus house captivates with hyperrealistic rendering. Michal Nowak worked with great passion and enthusiasm. Thanks to his extensive professional experience at various design studios, Nowak develops new architectural concepts in addition to the visualization. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and excellent know-how, he succeeds in researching textures and shapes innovative design and architecture solutions.

Kubus House – Modern House Design

Cubic architecture 3D visualization glass wall facades cladding

frame Kubus house is characterized by straightforward and clear forms. That lifts the Bauhaus style and makes it so unique. The cubic volume is shapely, practical and perfect. Several windows from floor to ceiling give an open living feeling. The unique façade cladding with steel panels in a warm color enhances the connection to the surroundings. Each outer wall is characterized by different design elements.

A contemporary cube with a natural look

Modern house Bauhaus style computer graphic Architecture visualization

Of the Kubus house -Draft of Michal Nowak with flat roof and sunny terrace convinced by simple elegance and natural look. Asymmetrically designed architectural elements provide a dynamic look. Many right angles are suitable for practical use.

Modern architecture in Bauhaus style

Frame house 3d project Michal Nowak poland

Glazed entrance area 3d graphic

3d house design concrete house glass wall facade terrace

Frame House by 81.WAW.PL

3D visualization cube flat roof cube house

Architectural Visualization – Projects by Michal Nowak – Wing Haus

3d graphic design wing cubic house Nowak

3d visualization – cut house

Cut House Solid Construction Project 3d Nowak

Black & White House Modern Architecture Solutions

Visualization House Modern Black-White Nowak Michal

Curved shapes and open living feeling – Summer House

Summer house visualization Michal-Nowak 3d

Crown House – geometric rigor defines the architectural volume

3d-Crown House design architecture-modern Michal-Nowak

Luxury apartment interior – 3d visualizations by Eduard Caliman

Luxury apartment interior 3d visualization sofa set design floor lamp ceiling strip

Thanks to state-of-the-art visualization software, even the most bizarre ideas are developed and realized. The luxurious presented here Apartment furnishings has been visualized by Eduard Caliman. His design impresses with openness, security and exquisiteness.

Apartment interior with exclusive design pieces

3d photorealistic visualized living room design project Eduard Caliman

The living room is generously designed with a loft character. It includes a cozy sitting area with corner sofa and a low coffee table in Natural stone look. There is a minimalist cooking area available. The handle-free kitchen cabinets in high-gloss white are exactly in line with the trend. The puristic look is complemented by dazzling and exquisite chandeliers, cozy fabric upholstery and floor carpets.

Home design ideas – visualized by Eduard Caliman

3d visualization apartment interior design trends set of furniture sofa set lamps design

In the 3d project by Eduard Caliman The pastel tones dominate without appearing too noticeable. The sophisticated apartment décor includes comfortable furniture classics as well as designer pieces by famous furniture manufacturers that Caliman visualized. Among them is a design sofa by Antonio Citterio for B & B Italia, the feathery mirror (Bird), the console (Gretel) from the collection Interiors Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli. Floor lamps and ceiling lights by Giovanni Sforza – Home Luxury Collection complete the luxurious picture. His studio has the young architectural visualizer Eduard Caliman in Leeds, UK. His photo-realistic digitally developed interiors he visualizes with 3D Studio Max and Corona Render.

Photorealistic computer generated interior projects

Interior Design Carpet Hanging ceiling Recessed ceiling lights Upholstered sofa modern

A highlight of the modern Apartment furnishings are the filigree crystal chandeliers and lampshades. Wooden chairs with backrest add a certain retro touch to the interior. A contrasting accent is the black sideboard.

Exquisite light body for living room – ceiling molding and crystal chandelier

Design apartment loft style residential landscape curtains coffee table marble look

Puristically, the white glossy handle-less kitchen fronts have an effect

3d kitchen white glossy handleless front cabinet dining table chandelier crystal

Feathery mirror by Interieurs Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli

Home decor white minimalist gloss sideboard high gloss mirror living room design ideas

Kitchen and dining area in white kept simple

Living design White kitchen fitted minimalist gloss finish

Flat with loft character photo-realistic 3d visualized

Living room decorating parquet floor flooring wooden chairs 3d retro touch

3d visualization – room lighting

3d interior design modern flat visualizations Eduard Caliman design

Architecture »Eco-friendly house in the forest by Konrad Wójcik -3d visualizations

House-In-Forest Konrad Wójcik-3d project mountain hut modern visualization

The sustainable project “Primeval Symbiosis” by Konrad Wójcik convinces with an environmentally friendly concept. Inspired by the nature and lifestyle of woodland wildlife, the young architecture and interior design student in Denmark offers an innovative and environmentally friendly architectural solution for House in the woods , Shaped by strict geometric lines, the futuristic “mountain hut” reflects the zeitgeist. We are excited about his project and would like to make you known.

“Primeval Symbiosis” – house in the forest with forward-looking concept

Passive house build forest landscape modern mountain lodge futuristic concept

“Primeval Symbiosis” or “primeval symbiosis” should bring nature and people closer together. An important aspect of the design is the motivation to spread environmental awareness. The House in the woods invites you to live in its natural state in the midst of nature without harming nature. The idea developed Konrad Wójcik together with Curbed. Inspired by the tree as an animal and insect habitat and natural shelter, he managed to design a self-sufficient system. The environmentally friendly concept is supplemented by solar panels on the roof, which are used for heating the water and water Heating s orgen.

House in the forest sharpens the environmental esteem

modern house in forest mountain hut Saddleback Chalet Eco-friendly concept

The futuristic concept offers House in the woods built on a single stilts. This octahedral residential building with sturdy metallic construction is designed to harmoniously blend in with the surrounding forest landscape insert. It offers spacious living comfort for a family of 2 to 4 family members. On the first floor is a spacious storage room, on the second floor there is a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. Upstairs the house offers comfortable home office and bedrooms. Everything is kept in pure white.

Modern sculpture or residential building?

3d architecture modern house passive energy-efficient Konrad Wójcik project

Waldhaus fits into the forest

Architects residential house built-in forest design metal construction sturdy

Realistic 3d visualizations

Wald-Haus futuristic chalet architecture Modern-ecologically sustainable building

Primeval Symbiosis by Konrad Wójcik

Sustainable Construction Environmentally friendly house in the mountains sustainable architecture innovations

Forest houses with steep peaks

Residential houses futuristic ecological concept pyramidal forest

Living room with a view of the forest landscape

pur white living room floor-to-ceiling windows Denmark Konrad-Wójcik

Exclusive apartment in white

Puristic House Concept Loft-All White-Indoor Fireplace Wooden Floor

The white interior conveys purity

Minimalism in the bedroom interior design purism design all white

Living kitchen in loft style

3d passive house white interior white interior purism

Bedroom upstairs

Architects house minimalist 3d living room tidying up modern puristic interior design

The functionality and structure of a tree inspiration for the architecture

eco-house solar panels concept Konrad-Wójcik Denmark architecture student

Modern house futuristic concept. Shaping solar panels

Passive house Konrad-Wójcik project concept 3d visualizations architecture

Passive house in the forest eco heating system solar panels on the roof

Octahedron Shaped House 3d Floor Layout Certified Concept Curbed

Use vivid colors in the interior – 3d visualizations

Bömisch Wohnstil Broom interior living room-3d visualizations-shaggy rug-WOhnaccessoires

The 3d visualizations by Romi Volentino illustrate how Colors in the interior can be used skillfully. Dynamic and cheerful, the strong colors have the ability to breathe new life into every room. Take a look at these amazingly realistic visualizations!

Colorful colors in the interior

Wall Deco Living Room Storage Sofa Pillow-VIntage Cabinet Shelves

Simplicity and clarity have become leading principles in contemporary home design. Clean lines and shapes have conquered our interiors. But neutral colors may look elegant on a picture, it looks very different if you live in a lifeless ambience. Especially at the first rain in the autumn you can already feel the effect of Colors in the interior , Interior designers and designers are very sparing with colors and refrain from lush decoration to insure against allegations. But creating a design that pleases everything would hardly be possible. However, you can always afford some color.

Colors emphasize the individuality

Flat Loft Room Situation Lustres Design Fluffy Carpet Coffee Table

While other designers would rather forego family pictures, souvenirs, and household items that add to everyday comforts, these can be found in the interior of Romi Volentino an application. In addition to ultra-modern equipment, the designer placed a surfboard, a vintage film projector, radio, turntable and binoculars and created thereby effective accents. Mondrian-inspired geometric shapes provide convenient storage space. The designer offers a good home office furnishing solution by combining practical furniture with moody decoration that encourages creativity.

Colorful combinations for a living house

Decoration Industrial chic retro vintage pop art turntable surfboard broadcasting equipment

Colors in the interior however, combining it is a unique art. The interior of Romi Volentino gives a Bohemian feeling. The powerful nuances soothe the severe effects of right angles and monochrome colors. Different combinations give rise to different color effects. Modern aesthetics are by no means disturbed by the use of colors.

Exceptional decoration pieces

Pop Art Decor Binoculars Metal Scabbard Clothes Hoops Stand-Books Footprint

The vibrants color combinations complement the interior design and create a lively feel-good ambience in the kitchen. Eclectic kitchen back in poison green is the stylish addition that completes the overall picture.

Furnishing ideas for modern kitchen

Kitchen Design Candlestick Metal Pendellecht-Green Back Wall Dining Table White Chairs Black

Kitchen back wall in neon green

Design kitchen gift-green kitchen back-dining table modern white-minimalist

Industrial chic decoration in the living room

Colors interior design shelving living room storage space-creating ideas

Bookshelf made of metal

Industry Inspired-Wouhnaccessoires Design Furniture Shelving-Books-Footprint

Create coziness with shaggy carpet

Coffee table modern design recycled wood vintage white shaggy carpet living room trends

Mobility design inspired by Mondrial

TV Furniture Design-Inspired Mondrian Clothes Hanging Wall Interior Design 3d Visualization

Colors in the interior – ideas for home office

Home Office Wall Decoration Interior Design 3d Visualization Colors Pattern

Great wall decoration with pictures

Pop Art Wall Decor Industrial Chic Interior Design Office Chair on Rolling Home Office Parquet Floor

Vintage furniture is trendy

Interior Design Table Lamp VAse Flowers Ideas Wooden Dresser Vintage Style Wall Family Pictures Composition

Bedroom design

Bed wall design paint design yellow stool rug-shaggy chandelier metal frame

Put vintage furniture as an accent

Bedroom Design Trends Vintage Bedside Table Floor Lamp Laminate 3d

Lush decoration on living room cabinets

3d visualization interior design Vintage Cabinet Interior Romi Volentino

Neon color accent on the wall

Wall decoration ideas neon colors Interior design 3d visualization Romi Volentino

Decorating ideas for a vintage-looking interior

Vintage furniture design dresser interior design graphic images deco

3d visualizations of Romi Volentino

Dandelion Flowers Ostrich Deco Ideas Zen Atmosphere Design Idea 3d Ideas