How to properly approach the apartment moving into your own four walls!

Flat move redecoration red sofa blue wall

© Daniel Nelson (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Judging by the Apartment move-in the living area accordingly, is the beautiful home, in which one feels completely comfortable, nothing in the way! Whether you move into your own apartment for the first time or from one to the other apartment – you want to set up your own apartment as comfortable and beautiful as possible. But that is often not possible from the beginning. If you have a suitable apartment, for example First of all, repairs often occur that have to be done before painting.

Apartment move in – painting © salendron

Apartment feeder renovation red color

Are all the necessary repairs before the Apartment move-in done by the landlord or the future tenant himself, the individual rooms can be deleted. There are no limits to creativity, unless the landlord refuses. However, most landlords have nothing against a little paint on the walls, if you sweep them in another extract again in white paint. Therefore, you should probably take care not to paint the walls too dark. In the best case, you can still paint the apartment before any furniture in it.

Apartment feeder – wall decoration

Apartment walls painting renovation work

© salendron

Although the finishing touches in terms of decoration is only possible if all pieces of furniture have found a suitable place. But the wall decoration can usually be done when the walls have been painted. In this way you know in advance, which furniture is best. This then facilitates the actual move.

The last step – the move

Apartment Moving Furniture Transport Flooring ©

Is in the new Apartment move-in Everything can be prepared move take place. Organization is the alpha and omega. If the belongings are already stashed in boxes, the moving company or even the family and friends only have to transport the boxes from one to the other flat. The furniture should at best be dismantled and prepared for transport. In a big move, a company that is moving can pay off. Because that means less stress and usually a faster move. Such a company is experienced in moves and knows exactly how to do it.

Apartment move-in – the bottom line

set up cozy apartment move living room

© Sascha Nonn

Moving to a new apartment is always associated with stress. But at the same time there is also a lot of anticipation. A new apartment is a new beginning for many people and thus usually something positive. If you adjust your own four walls according to your own taste, nothing stands in the way of the beautiful home in which you feel completely well!

Gardening »Cultivating trellis fruits in the garden on facades and walls

trellis fruit in the garden fig-plant-brick-wall-sight-protection

espalier Fruit is the perfect choice if you have a small garden and still want to plant and harvest fruit. You can use the height of the trellises because you get a vertical garden. You can put these on the wall of the house or on a wall. These are wonderfully heated by the sun and provide the perfect conditions for the plants to thrive well. However, there are some things to consider when it comes to growing Trellis fruit in the garden goes.

Trellis fruit in the garden – An idea for advanced gardeners

trellis fruit in the garden cut-idea-white-wall-s-shape-greeting

Trellis fruit in the garden is not for Beginner and should only be considered if sufficient time can be invested for care and some expertise is available. Even losses are not uncommon and should be aware of the gardener.

Trellis fruit in the garden – harvest with a difference

trellis fruit in the garden house-facade-deco-crop-care-tips

If you have decided to plant trellises in the garden, you will find some tips helpful. We also want to introduce you to some varieties that can choose this type of fruit growing. Added to that are the requirements that every type of fruit brings with it and should help you with your gardening.

Helpful gardening tips

trellis fruit in the garden wall-planting-idea-roses-hedge-bed

In addition to grapevines, you can even grow sweet and sour cherries, blackberries, apricots, apples and pears. The trellis fruit in the garden is not only a useful thing in terms of harvest, but also visually a wonderful decoration and idea for the design of the garden. Prepare everything soon, because the last frost is soon a thing of the past and it will be time to spice up the garden.

Plant grapevine on a wall

espalier fruit-garden-grape-green-south-atmosphaere-terrace

The grapevine is a great choice if you want to provide for a southern flair in the garden or just love grapes. The vine as trellis fruit in the garden needs a lot of sun and is otherwise very dependent on care. The place should also be as wind-protected as possible, which is why the wall is a good choice. For tendrils is suitable for both wire, as well as rods, grids or even ropes.

Cut the grapevine

espalier fruit-garden-blue grape-wine-pergola-idea-gardening

The thick branches should be tied to the framework so that it is on the outside. The fruit-bearing branches can be behind it. They will be cut off one way or the other later. An important cut takes place with this trellis fruit in the garden in winter. In the summer maybe a second. The grapevine can grow up to 10 meters. A regular cut to keep them low is important. Choose grapes in green, yellow, red or blue color.

The pear

espalier fruit-garden-form-pear-fruit-flavorful-fruit tree

Very popular and, as the grapevine is well known, are the pears as trellises in the garden. The warm space on the wall also makes it possible to cultivate southern varieties. So choose as an ideal location a sunny one. South or west walls are particularly well suited. The soil must be warm and deep.

Fertilization and cutting

espalier fruit-garden-pear-fruechte-demanding-idea-wall-clinker

An important fact that you should know about this garden jellyfish is that the pears are not self-pollinators. The plants need other varieties nearby that are used for fertilization. The cut is another feature in the care of the pear that seems difficult. For this reason, it is important that you seek expert advice in advance or read textbooks to succeed in the harvest.

Grow apples

Squid fruit in the garden Small-plant-apple-space-saving-idea

The apples are very demanding as trellises in the garden. They are not special lovers of the wall as a location. So if you have a piece of outdoor land left in the garden, it’s best to choose it for the apple trees. If not, try it on a west wall. The apples do not like the heat of the south wall too much. A humus-rich soil that is moist and watered regularly is just as important.

The right choice of apple varieties

espalier fruit-garden-apple tree-cut-wood-fence-white

As with the pear, the right “partner” is of vital importance to the apple. You need at least two varieties that fit together. There are apple varieties that are suitable for small trellis, as for medium and high. Which one you choose depends on what you want and how much space you have available. Dwarf apples and colza apples are not at all suitable as trellises in the garden for the facade. As a trellis slats or ropes are suitable.

Plant peaches

espalier fruit-garden-peach-wire-fence-blossom-time-field

Peaches as trellises in the garden in turn need as much sun as possible. Choose the south or southwest wall. If you have no place there is also the southeast wall as an alternative. It is very important that the soil should not dry out after flowering. The fruits need a lot of moisture to ripen. The properties of the soil also determine what type of seedling pad you need.

Flowering and care

espalier fruit-garden-wall design-peach-wood-rank lattice

The peaches bloom depending on the variety in white, pink or red and that already relatively early. As a trellis fruit in the garden on the wall, this happens even more early than in the field, because the warm wall promotes maturity. The cut is not easy and should be done professionally or at least after reading or informing. Peaches are especially susceptible to mildew, aphids and the ragweed disease.

Apricot as trellis fruit

espalier fruit-.garten-apricot-fruehreif-easy-care-summer-fruechte

Apricots are less prone to diseases. However, it is important for the fruits that the plant gets the right amount of water and heat. Even the late frost gets the plant not good. One advantage of all this is the house facade. There, the espalier fruit in the garden namely protection from the cold and the amount of rainwater is limited in a roof board. Choose a south wall and regularly remove the weeds. Other plants really bother the apricot. Sufficient water needs the plant, as well as the peach, after the flowering period. Otherwise, there will be a drop of the fruits. The tendrils are ropes, wood or medium-high kits. Shaping is very difficult with apricot as trellis fruit in the garden. That’s why, just like the grapevine, you can easily leave it with a fan shape.

Trellis fruit in the garden with the sour cherry

espalier fruit-garden-sour cherry-unpretentious-easy-care-tips

Especially unscrupulous and thus easy to maintain is the sour cherry as a trellis fruit in the garden. So easy that even a north wall can still be chosen. To be preferred are however east or west walls, because the penumbral is the perfect variant for this fruit tree. With respect to the ground, you should only make sure that it is not too clayey and damp. An annual cut of the branch tips is necessary to stimulate lushly overgrown branches. In addition, the Monilla spores, which are located in the tip buds, are also removed. For the sweet cherry, free-standing spindle trees are to be preferred. At the trellis, the care is rarely worthwhile.


espalier fruit-garden-wall-kiwi-climber-exotic

If you want to plant the kiwi as a trellis fruit in the garden, keep in mind that it is growing fast and takes up a lot of space. Particularly suitable is the ornament, but also the Mini Kiwi , Again choose a sunny spot, which is also sheltered from the wind. It is important that the soil is moist and lime-poor, slightly acidic and rich in humus. Waterlogging is essential to avoid, as the roots can rot. In areas with colder climates, a crop may fail in some years.

Kiwi varieties

espalier fruit-garden-design-kiwi-health-nutrition-vitamins

However, if your trellises in the garden receive fruits, you should not harvest them until just before the first frost. In this way, you enable a full maturity and also the acid content is reduced. There are both self-pollinated varieties, as well as those in which male and female plants must be next to each other. Inquire! The vitamin-rich, exotic fruit is especially suitable for the pergola.

Blackberry as a climber

espalier fruit-garden-blackberry-wired-idea-easy-care-sun

Since the leaves of the blackberry usually do not fall off even in winter, the shrub is a popular plant to green the garden. Their delicious fruits also make the shrub the perfect trellis fruit in the garden, whether on the wall or on a freestanding wire fence. The location does not matter in principle. Both the bright sun and the shade are good for the shrub. Only the floor should not be too dry.

The fruits

espalier fruit-garden-forest fruit-blackberry-grid-idea-build Prop

So that the fruits can ripen well from the second year of life, this trellis fruit in the garden needs a sheltered and warm location. Sprinkle the blackberry on fences, lattices or on a trellis. A height of 3 meters is rarely exceeded, as the branches strive for a horizontal growth. With blackberries, the more prickly the branches, the more delicious the fruit!

Plant the delicious quince

espalier fruit-garden-quince-yellow-fruit-jam-jelly-ingredient

Just as undemanding as the sour cherry is the quince, which can grow up to six meters high. Their fruits are wonderfully suited for making jam or jelly. In order for the fruits to become edible, a south wall is important in the quince as a trellis fruit in the garden. There is still no guarantee and then only in October or November.

Tips for the location

espalier fruit-garden-quince-face protection-wood-tendril-decorate

Although she loves the sun, she gets along very well even in partial shade. When the floor is to be noted that it is sufficiently permeable and does not allow waterlogging. The rank aid should be chosen stable. The quince is cut as a trellis fruit in the garden every year only a little.

58 Wall Design Ideas and Trends – How to bring your walls to life?

wall design ideas black floral living wall high gloss white orange

If you attach great importance to design in your own home, you must be informed about the latest trends in wall design. Wall design is a trend that is slowly becoming established in Germany. Interior designers regard the wall as a design template and resort to modern wallpaper and large-scale pictures as stylistic devices. Dare to give your walls individuality. We have collected a lot of inspiration for you here. Perhaps you will find exactly these among the varied wall design ideas, which are designed entirely according to your ideas.

Wall design ideas with Chinese character

wall design ideas patterns chinese black ladder closet lanterns red

Thanks to modern development, today new high quality Murals presented with a large assortment of colors, patterns and patterns. A common question is paper or fleece? In the paper wallpapers you will find in the trade different variants with a washable vinyl coating. The type of material in the wallpaper, which sets the tone in recent seasons, but is nonwoven. Non-woven wallpapers can be applied dry from the roll to the wall and are particularly practical.

Modern wall design ideas that shape your individuality

wall design ideas wallpaper design dots 3d effect mirror side table modern

The wallpaper is perceived as a mural. The latest trends include a variety of patterns and colors. The surface structure and the Play with the perception is today the alpha and omega for a successful wall design. Three-dimensional structures and braids, in combination with glitter particles, produce different lighting effects. In this way, you can bring out your individuality with a wallpaper and create a unique wall design yourself.

Design walls with color

wall design ideas geometric motif colorful contrast dice bedroom

Boring wallpaper and bright white walls in the living room are a thing of the past. The wall colors azure, papaya, peach are now in demand for wall design. Simple walls are out, while contrasts and bold color combinations are becoming a trend. In addition, metal colors such as gold, bronze, silver and copper are a strong theme that conjure up beautiful accents on the walls.

Plaster walls

wall design ideas plaster idea cream brown accent wall armchair stool light blue

The plaster protects the walls from external influences and gives them a decorative touch. Depending on the desired structure and type of attachment, you can choose between classic and decorative plasters. Plastered surfaces can be refreshed with special paint and made particularly striking.

Wall design ideas – light as a design element

Lighting effects apartment penthouse hallway design marble floor

If you want to successfully stage your walls, then you need a suitable lighting. Light is one of the most important design elements in the home, and thus it is possible to set atmospheric accents in the interior. With LED lamps, amazing lighting effects can be conjured up on the wall, making the wall design an absolute eye-catcher in the room.

Relief surface structure

Living room armchair with footrest wall design ideas natural stone look

With different structures in the wall design, you can furnish the interior modern and make a visual highlight in the room. Stone walls, for example, have become a trend in the design of the living room and create a natural ambience. With a beautiful lighting, you can emphasize the stone wall, so that it attracts attention. For more comfort in the living room, the stone wall can be designed above the fireplace.

Trends in fashionable wallpapers

Wall decoration with color golden yellow bedroom panoramic pane

Many wall design ideas can be implemented with a simple wallpaper, but still have a particularly high-quality interior. The wallpapers are mainly used for an accent wall. However, they should be coordinated with the whole interior of the room and provide a harmonious overall picture. For a fine wall design, you can opt for a wallpaper in gold and give the room a stylish touch.

Patterns characterize the latest wall design

Eclectic art wall design ideas pattern colorful design

The trendy wall design ideas are characterized by different patterns and colors that create an eclectic look in the room. Geometric lines and patterns are particularly popular and can be designed with different means. On the one hand, you can opt for a matching wallpaper that quickly decorates the wall with patterns. On the other hand, with wall panels not only beautiful color effects can be achieved, but also create atmospheric light reflections and various structures in the room.

Decorative plasters for a unique wall design

Interior walls plaster wall ideas wall design with color yellow curtains

Decorative plasters offer a suitable idea for every taste and guarantee a feel-good climate in your own four walls. The walls can be plastered with almost any color and at the same time decorated with a decorative effect. The techniques for structuring the surface are just as varied. Decorative plasters can also be easily applied with a paint roller or trowel and even require no experienced painter. That is why they offer a good alternative to painting or wallpaper.

Concrete and wood in combination

House with concrete walls rough effect glass high ceiling sofa

Concrete is a versatile material that has found its application in modern interior design. Wall design Ideas made of concrete or with concrete look enjoy an ever increasing popularity in modern apartments and can be combined beautifully with different furnishing styles. Their neutral color and noble appearance are perfect for the design of the living room.

Nice structure

Exterior wall design house Katarina wood paneling facade

However, since the material sometimes seems too cold, it is recommended to combine concrete with warm colors in the interior. Wood offers a beautiful combination possibility for the concrete walls and harmonises perfectly with its rough appearance. With structured wood panels, a beautiful wall design can be achieved both indoors and outdoors.

Individual eye-catcher for the walls

modern trends flat-colored accents-set pink coffee table

The wall design ideas refer not only to the color and material for the wall design, but also to a beautiful wall decoration. The elegant wall decor includes murals with elegant picture frames, wall decorations made of different materials and decorative wall tattoos, which bring any motives on the wall. The chosen mural or decoration can therefore be adapted in color to the existing wall design, or as a color accent in the room design.

Wall radiates romance

Wall design pictures Arrange maritime motifs-color combinations

Apartments with high ceilings offer a great variety of wall design ideas. If there is no other decoration in the room, then you can make a whole wall with pictures and conjure a fancy decoration. Choose those pictures that match the interior and create a feeling of well-being.

Retro motifs

Wall design ideas living room trends Concrete rough optics world map

If you want to give your living room a vintage flair, you can opt for a wallpaper with retro motifs. A beautiful example of such a wall design offers this wallpaper with vintage world map and outdated wood look. It fits perfectly in the interior and sets a great contrast to the black interior.

Large-scale wall art

Wall design in kitchen with cooking island-Shiny surface loft cloud

Graphic pattern

interior walls hanging pictures-portrait abstract art

Marble surface with gloss finish

Marble wall effect high gloss floor living ideas modern trends

Abstract art

Abstract art decoration wall design ideas table glass top NS house

Romantic floral leaves designs

Living room furniture wall decoration large format design image

Non-woven wallpapers with effects

Wall design bedroom wallpaper pattern proposals non-woven wallpaper

Glaze the interior walls with pigments

Armchair with footrest-red wall photographs-attach atelier design

Retro stripes in bold colors

design with wood old wood effect living room wall design

Textured wallpaper

Wall design ideas modern gray wallpaper surface texture

Wall design ideas with wood

Minimalist wood-accented dining room-White chairs

Rustic wood creates the interior Matt-gloss contrasts

Wall design suggestions rustic columns interior design contrasts

Wall covering ideas – wood paneling

Wall design ideas modern wood paneled wall decorations art

Effect with glaze

Floor wall pendant lamp white table paneling-Modern wood-type bamboo

wall design ideas hieroglyphic carved in the wall brick gray

Living room picture wall floor rustic decoration

kitchen loft house design partitions original design

Ideas interior design decorating ideas Lechtmittel wall decoration

Wall effect brick design ideas wall design

Indoor pool wall design integrate with wood lighting

modern home decorating ceiling wall paneling with wood panel loft apartment

Wall plaster decorative plaster design interior walls sofa floor lamp

Flat wall decor design ideas wall art paintings

Ideas wall decoration with neon colors Portrait painting apartment set up

Loft apartment high ceiling-design ideas Wall brick wall

Kitchen island design Idea design sight concrete wall Penthouse-in-Mokotow

Wall design ideas modern set up wood paneling-Open living

Glass white contrast rustic wood corridor wall design ideas wall design

Decoration for the house wall light staging wood paneling

Design kitchen fronts gloss surface mirror surface wall brick wall

Ideas Wall Decoration 3d Wallpaper Floor Lamp Leather Sofa Rug

Decorations wall mirror Round white wall design ideas

Living room with sloping roof design-minimalist decor

Artistic design wall adornment renovated apartment berlin

recessed kitchen framing lights wood paneling wall design ideas

Eclectic art wall design ideas pattern colorful design

Bathroom sink-glass partition wall-wall design wood grain

Office design office chairs black leather wall wood paneling

brick wall design interior wall design ideas wood optic tiles floor

Pine fitted kitchen-handle kitchen cabinets

High gloss lacquer kitchen recessed light cooking island white glass wall

Wall design Structures Wall design design ideas

Dining furniture Seating area bench Wooden chairs Pine wood Heinz-Julen-Loft

Industrial chic bathroom custom wall design tile wall mirror

Lighting railing staircase wall decoration design large image

30 Living room walls Ideas: painting and modern design

Living room walls ideas - swipe-gray-effect-yellow-accents

When it comes to decoration, that’s it living room the most important room in the house. There, guests are entertained and sat together with the family, so the room must express the taste of the homeowner and even speak for his personality. The Living room walls ideas are numerous and you should not limit yourself only with the choice of a suitable color. Take a look at these examples of modern wall design and you’ll see for yourself.

Living room walls ideas – wall design with color

Living room walls swipe ideas-purple-eggplant-white-furniture

The wall color is decisive for the sense of space. And because colors can create different moods, you need to be aware of their effects. Choose two different shades of a color, for example cream and chocolate brown and combine them in a uniform color scheme. A painted in a contrasting color wall is an excellent way to bring your furniture and home accessories to advantage. The aubergine accent wall, as you can see in the example, stands in a strong, yet visually appealing contrast to the white sofa, side table, wall shelf and planter.

Living room walls ideas with wallpapers

Living room walls ideas paper-foliage-tree-living-kitchen

Murals are always a great way to hide flaws in the walls, add color and texture, and harmoniously combine elements in your living room. However, the trends in wallpapers have changed a lot over the years. Better focus on subtle colors and simple designs. The photo wallpapers with individually selected motifs are gaining more and more popularity and appear very modern. If you want a particularly modern wall design for your living room, then 3D wall panels, wood wall cladding and facing bricks in natural stone Optics a very original idea.

original wall panels made of wood

living room-wande-ideas-modern led wood-wall panels and white-shelves-

Wall panels are a quick and interesting solution when it comes to decorating the walls. They are not only made of different materials, but are also available in any color and a variety of patterns. With panels, bumps on walls can be perfectly hidden, which in the worst case could even be highlighted with a wall paint or wallpaper.

olive green wall paint

living room-wande-underline-ideas-olive-green accent wall and white-wall shelves-indirect-deckenbeleuchtung

The accent wall is subtle but very beautiful, for which a light olive green was chosen. Apart from the curtains, it is the only color accent in this room. Furniture, flooring and accessories, as well as decorations all have a neutral color tone, such as white, beige or gray. The furniture in combination with the green wall paint is harmonious and cozy.

interesting wall design with floral ornaments

living room-wande-paper-ideas-fotowand-ornaments-motive

A real eye-catcher is this wall design, which consists of ornament-rich floral motifs. The lavish design replaces a living room wall and at the same time serves as an effective decoration. It fits perfectly with the brown color of the remaining walls. The fact that the TV was placed on this wall and the seating area is directed there, you can always enjoy the wall design.

black and white photo wallpaper “Stadtlichter”

Living room walls ideas wallpaper-photo wallpaper-black-and-white-city-lights

Of course you can also highlight the area behind the sofa. For this purpose, photo wallpapers are chosen with which one can design a specific theme. Photos of big cities are modern and therefore wonderfully suited for the modern style of furnishing. A black and white photo wallpaper also looks very elegant.

colorful wall stripes

Living room walls ideas - wallpaper-colorful-stripes-white-furniture

The wall design with stripes in different colors adds a touch of dynamism to this small living room. The rest of the room is kept in white. Incidentally, the simplest way to create a striped look is to use wallpaper that can be easily hung on the wall. So you can save yourself time-consuming and costly painting work.

Strappy bricks

living room-wande-paper-ideas-brick wall-Optic-black-white-moebel

Riemchen veneers are very popular these days both inside and out. They are very easy to glue together and can be found in very different colors and designs. The beautiful structure of the straps can be additionally emphasized by downwardly directed spotlights.

oblique stripes in 3 colors

living room-wande-underline-ideas-vertical-striped-blue-cream-silver

If you want to give your four walls a personal touch, there are several options to choose from. Geometric patterns look particularly effective. By the way, two-colored and three-colored walls are not only suitable for the colorful children’s room.

Taupe wall paint and purple glossy cabinets

living room-wande-underline-ideas-gray warm-undertone purple high-gloss sideboard

With the color taupe you can create a noble backdrop for furniture and accessories. Taupe is actually a shade of gray that tends to brown and looks very comfortable. The trendy color can be combined particularly well with all shades of brown, dark reds like Bordeaux as well as with old rose and fuchsia. A little more freshness comes into play when taupe is combined with ecru or off-white.

Wood wallcovering in a mid-tone

living room-wande-modern-wood cladding-high-gloss white sideboard

If you want to put on the decor on colorful home accessories, should rather keep the wall and floor design discreet. Decorations in bright colors – such as sofa cushions and curtains – can unfold their charm without the room being overladen.

Brick-facing bricks

Living room walls ideas modern-veneer-stoneware-wood-kitchen

An open living area is not for everyone. With some planning, however, the space can gain in width and size. The lighting concept plays a decisive role. As a rule, a harmonious interplay of several small light sources is to be created, which are distributed over the room.

Bright natural stone and dark wood

living room-wande-ideas-modern-facing bricks-fireplace insert

Bright, cream-colored natural stone also fits perfectly with the modern interior design style. Different colors make just the charm of this material. In combination with dark wood – walnut or wenge – the bright natural stone comes into its own.

living room-wande-ideas-modern-loft-design-brick wall-decor

Open loft apartments are now considered to be particularly chic. Typical for the interior design are high ceilings, brick walls and huge window fronts. The rafters are deliberately made visible. The high ceiling not only allows furniture with high cabinets, but also the installation of several luminaires at different heights. Especially large and extravagant chandeliers are ideal for high ceilings.

living room-wande-ideas-modern-wood-wall flat-fireplace

To visually split large rooms, you can use different color palettes. Shades of gray dominate the living area, while creamy shades and natural materials such as wood and rattan create a relaxed atmosphere in the dining area. The materials for the wall cladding are in contrast to each other: modern against near-natural.

Living room walls ideas modern-gray-tile-stone-look

Porcelain stoneware tiles are also ideal as a wall covering for the living room. Whether marble, stone or wood effect – there are many other factors that determine the effect of the wall tiles in the room. Tile manufacturers are also picking up on the contemporary trend and offering more and more tiles in cement look.

wohnzimmerwaende-ideas-facing bricks brown-fireplace insert

Natural stone has been used as a fireplace cladding for centuries. This emphasizes the original power of the fireplace. Also from a thermal point of view, this building material is recommended. This idea for wall cladding can also be reinterpreted for modern fireplace inserts. The bricks, tiles and flagstones should only be heat resistant.

living room-wande-design-modern store-free-standing-kaminofen-firewood-

Not only the freestanding stove is an eye-catcher in this living room. The wall behind it has become a real design element. The firewood is stacked and stored on elegant black steel wall brackets. So the logs are always at hand and serve at the same time a decorative purpose.

living room-wande-ideas-modern-decorative-wall tiles Red-wall

modern-living-dining area and white-cover design-wanddeko photo wallpaper abstract-texture

living room-wande-paper-ideas-stripe pattern-black-silver

living room-wande-paper-ideas-lace pattern and white high-gloss-living wall

living room-wande-paper-ideas-black-white-abstract-motive

Living room walls ideas - wallpaper-french-motto-black-white

living room-wande-paper-ideas-pastel-taupe-pink-floral motifs

wohnzimmerwaende-ideas-white-brick wall-lowboard-high-gloss white

wohnzimmerwaende-ideas-wood cladding-bright-white-corner sofa

wohnzimmerwaende-ideas-led indirect-lighting-wallcladdind Tv

Living Room Walls Ideas 3d wall panels black upholstered sofa

Design a studio apartment – functionality in four walls

Design a studio apartment -hidden-element-wallcovering-white-gray-wood-floor-module-room

Who one Design a studio apartment would like, has no easy task. Functionality and spaciousness in this case can be quite complicated. Often such rooms are constricting or you simply have no place to keep all the useful and necessary things clearly. Then you urgently need clever and practical solutions.

Design a one-room apartment – functional drawers remain hidden


Design Studio Concrete develops concepts that focus on global life in confined spaces. The designer design their projects with high professionalism and do not refer to theories or abstract ideas, but only to functionality.

Design a studio apartment – functionality in four walls

Furnish one-room apartment-functions-white-wood-gray-kitchen-bedroom-drawers-+ staircase-flexible-idea

It was with this philosophy that the project for the Zoku hotel chain in Amsterdam, which opened in autumn 2015, was born. The Design Studio sets new trends in this industry and designs rooms for people who need to spend longer time in the hotel because of their professional commitment. Thus, a home-office hybrid was developed, which is also suitable for studios suitable. The attic of a room offers more space and hidden features and storage space than appears at first glance.

A pull-out staircase leads to the sleeping area

One bedroom apartment -function-sleeping-area-trppe-hidden-couch-coffee-table-practical

Modern designed offers this Studio Quality of life and changes the outdated notions of cramped spaces and situations in which one must choose between social life and privacy. Guests can enjoy this concept, with the bedroom hidden behind a breezy wooden wall paneling. This does not disturb the spaciousness or the air circulation. Hidden elements and drawers provide storage space and prevent a chaotic look in the overall picture of the apartment. The colors are neutral and the furniture is minimalist, but everything you need is there.

The stairs can stay hidden and share shelves and cabinets

Furnish one-room apartment -functionality-staircase-hidden-extendable-wood-minimalist-bedroom-white-black

If all functional elements are closed, the room looks neat

Furnish one-room apartment -functional-couch-kitchen-dining-table-chairs-gymnastics-rings-black-white-plain-wood floor

A normal couch fits into the room, without it seems cramped

Furnish one-room apartment -couch-gray-carpet-coffee-table-deco-stehlampe-prints-pictures-lighting

Kitchenette with all useful appliances and washing and dishwasher in the base units

One-room apartment -functionality-kitchen-cupboard-hidden-washing-machine-dishwasher-black-white-wood

Furnish one-room apartment-funktionalitaet-kitchen-kitchen-line-hidden-black-white-simple-hotplate-dish

Washbasin with mirror cabinet in black and white

One-room apartment-washbasin-armature-saucer-black-white-mirror-cabinet-small-towels

The sleeping area is separate and practical

Furnish one-bedroom apartment -bed-room-bed-pillow-shelf-television-practical-headboard-white-black

A desk hides in a niche at the entrance

Furnish one-room apartment -functional-practical-hidden-workplace-desk-stool-lighting-wood floor-white

studio-design functionality-closets-desk-stools-bike-white-wood-practical

A normal entrance area with lighting and wall hooks

studio-make-hallway-entrance-wardrobe-couch-functional and practical, simple

More about the work and projects of Design Studio Concrete , do you think …? Find here ,

Dream Houses »Wooden paneling for walls and ceilings in a cozy cottage in Poland

Wood paneling for wall-to-ceiling-sliding-window-terrace

The Polish design and architecture Studio Hola Design has one cozy hut designed at the Czorsztyn Reservoir in Poland. Located on a hillside in a green area, the small house is completely surrounded by nature and offers a beautiful view of two medieval castles. The cottage is more elegant Wood paneling for wall and ceiling, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior and invites you to linger.

Wood paneling for wall and ceiling for a cozy atmosphere

Wooden paneling for wall-ceiling-living-room-coffee-table-wood

The cozy atmosphere in the cottage is beautiful wood paneling for the walls and ceilings in every room. Even in the bathroom and in the toilet, the outdated wooden boards adorn the walls. Furnishings made of natural materials also provide more warmth and a natural feeling in the interior. The cabin is designed with an open plan living space that includes a cozy living area with a sofa and fireplace, a dining area and a small kitchen. The bedroom and the children’s room are located in the attic and the basement is designed with a guest room with toilet.

Cozy hut in nature with wooden paneling for wall and ceiling

Wood paneling for wall furnishing-cottage-living-room

Tradition meets modernity in the construction of this hut in nature. The architecture of the house, the dark colors of the façade and the materials used allude to the ancestral parsonages typical of this region. Nevertheless, the cottage is built with contemporary technology and furnished with modern style interiors.

Kitchen and dining room with wooden furniture

Wood paneling for wall-ceiling-kitchen-dining-room-wall-decor-pattern

Wall decoration made of steel with flower as a sign of life

Wooden paneling for wall-mounted kitchen wall decor pattern

Staircase with wooden paneling for wall

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-staircase-black-Teppe

Cozy bedroom in the attic with beautiful views

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-gable roof-hut-promising

Wood paneling for wall and ceiling in the nursery

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-wood stair-pendellechten-nursery

Cozy children’s room with games

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-holzbalken-nursery-cozy

Guest room with simple furnishings

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-berghütte-interior design-bedroom

Bathroom with concrete wall and wood paneling

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-bathroom-concrete wall

Modern bathroom with large windows

wood cladding-wall-ceiling-bad-hut-make

Gray bathroom with shower

wood cladding-wall-bathroom-gray-level access-shower

Small hut at the reservoir with traditional architecture for the region

hut-gable roof-architecture-natural-hang-black-facade

Entrance area with entrance door made of wood and wood paneling

wood cladding-entrance hall-wooden door-motif

Cottage with picture window and terrace

cottage-terrace-see natural-large-windows-cozy

Terrace with wooden floor offers views of the mountains

cottage-terrace-natural-promising-see mountains

Hut in nature with sliding windows

wood cladding-wall-window-reflection-facade-black

Gabled roof and black facade with large windows

hut-gable roof-large-window-beautiful-design-architecture

Hut am See – a dream house for nature lovers

hut-gable roof-see natural-large-windows-traumhaus

* Architecture and design by Hola Design

Natural stone floor and walls for a modern house in a real cave

natural stone floor kitchen design-white-minimalist-side table-ceiling-stone

Everyone knows that people lived in caves in earlier times. But with the evolution, humanity began at some point, houses of wood, then of brick and now also out concrete Building and living in caves has been a thing of the past for ages. But could you still imagine living in a cave? If you are frowning, then the house design from this article is guaranteed to convince you. “Cave House” is exactly that: a house in a cave and it will turn your ideas 180 degrees. The design of UMMO Estudio, through real cave walls and partly from a modern one Natural stone floor is very impressive and inviting!

Concrete and natural stone floor in the house

natural stone floor living room furniture white sofa bed cushion

Natural stones are not just used to shape some of the floors. Also the walls in the bathroom were designed with this material. The natural stone in the bathroom looks chic and traditional and gives the room a certain rustic touch. The large panels also made a beautiful natural stone mosaic, which can also be found on the terrace. There will be the Natural stone floor combined with metal furniture. The rest of the house in turn has a gray concrete floor, which provides, among other things for a modern flair.

Natural stone floor and natural walls

natural stone floor cave-flooring-concrete-carpet-colorful-sofa

For the decor, the color white and wood furniture were chosen, which adapt to the natural cave walls wonderful. The natural stone floor adapts to these colors, while concrete represents a slight contrast. All in all, however, creates a harmonious interior, which is characterized by open spaces. So you get from everywhere a view of the impressive natural stone floor and the natural stone ceiling.

Cozy seating area in a cave

natural stone floor sofa-bench-cushion-wooden-table-stool

Open kitchen

natural stone floor dining area-tv-furniture-wood-material-original-ceiling

House on different levels

natural stone floor living area-cubicle-studio-bright

Open bedroom with four-poster bed

Natural stone floor bedroom-bedside-checkered-drapery-lighting

Small workspace

natural stone floor bedroom-desk-wood-rustic-modern-chair

Wood furniture for the decor

natural stone-ground organic-desk-workspace-luxury set-nature

Rustic and modern accents in interaction

natural stone-ground-wood furniture-idea-wardrobe-mirror-table-white-walls

Natural stone tiles for wall and floor in the bathroom

natural stone-ground-bathroom-toilet-bidet-wall design

Natural stone sink

natural stone-floor-sink-marble-window-aluminum

Natural stone patio slabs

natural stone-ground-terrace-metal furniture-wrought iron-comfort-summer

Natural stone terrace

natural stone-ground-terrace-design-idea-modern-natural-materials

Natural cave ceiling

natural stone-ground-stone-mountain-ceiling-natural-look-cave-live

White facade

natural stone-floor-house-design-original-architecture-cave-terrace

House with natural stone floor and modern design

natural stone-ground-stair railing and white-metal-gravel garden path

Simple garden

natural stone-ground-spain-house-cave-original-minimalist design

Displaced living areas

natural stone-ground-outdoor rasenfläche-white-facade-Mediterranean-exotic

Outdoor lighting for “Cave House”

natural stone-ground-outdoor area-lighting-input-planting-exotic garden path

The floor plan

natural stone-ground-ground plan space-open-living space-underground

House with natural stone floor in side view

natural stone floor-side view plan-cave-house Ummo-estudio

Design of UMMO Estudio ,

Soundproofing for walls and ceilings – effectively fighting noise

Soundproofing for wall Ceiling-Tips-mounting-wood-wall-panels-livingroom

Today, noise pollution is recognized as an increasing problem that significantly reduces the quality of life in densely populated neighborhoods, terraced houses and poorly insulated old buildings. But finding a solution can be a major challenge – in most cases external insulation is not feasible because the old house is a listed building because the other owners disagree with it, or simply because the exterior insulation creates noise in the building itself can not fight effectively. A cost-effective alternative to this is offered by the sound insulation for walls and ceilings in the living area – This is the own living room acoustically separated from the environment.

Sound insulation for walls and ceilings – the basic principles of noise abatement

Sound insulation for wall -Rigipsplatten-wood paneling-panel-bedroom

Noise is used to describe airborne sound and structure-borne noise – the first one spreads out over the air, the second is transmitted through various bodies / components, furniture, etc., into the living space. Under certain circumstances, people can perceive structure-borne sound tactilely, which is perceived as particularly disturbing. When choosing the right sound insulation for walls and ceilings, it depends on where the noise is – at the neighbors, on the street, or is the owner himself the cause. Depending on whether the noise from the environment or your own noise has to be reduced, the experts can offer appropriate certified insulation materials. In this regard, several types of acoustic insulation panels – for example, cellulose, wood fiber mats or lately particularly popular foam boards – in question. They are offered in numerous strengths, so that the acoustics in the room are optimized accordingly. Detailed information about the foam boards, numerous insulation systems, as well Various foams can be found on ,

Sound insulation for wall – effective and cost effective variant

Sound insulation for wall impact sound-suspended-ceiling-panel-desk-living-room-venetian-blind

The first step to effective wall and ceiling sound insulation is to detect the noise source and find out exactly how the noise is transmitted. In most cases, the problem is obvious – the neighbors or the nearby road. But sometimes it happens that noise (for example, from the restaurant nearby) is transmitted through installation shafts. Professionals can measure with special devices and determine where the disturbing noise actually come from. Only then can the installation of the sound insulation for wall and ceiling begin. In this case, special insulation sets are usually offered, which consist of bars (aluminum profiles, partition wall tape and insulation boards). The panels are fixed to the wall with the bolts, the partition tape prevents the transmission of vibrations. The installation is then covered with plasterboard. Similar to the isolation of an outer wall the isolation a partition. This enjoys great popularity lately and is used when, for example, kitchen must be separated from the living room, or even a nursery is needed.

Sound insulation for the ceiling – reduce impact sound

Soundproofing for wall-mounted home-acoustically-separate

Hardly any sound disturbs more than impact sound – but also effective systems are offered that absorb the noise. It depends on whether one itself causes the impact sound – in this case, the own floor must be laid with the material. If the footfall sound at the neighbors above, then ceiling sails can be suspended. These are supplied prefabricated and can easily be mounted by beginners.

Soundproofing for wall floor impact sound at home

Staircase made of wood – Attractive oak & clay for the walls

wooden staircase oak-lighting-indirect-corridor

This likeable apartment was made up of two superimposed apartments created. Various changes have been made to this end, including the Staircase made of wood as the center. Finally, we created a unique interior that we would like to introduce to you in this article. The design owes the owners Zest Architecture. The apartment is located in Barcelona in Spain.

Staircase made of wood with attractive lighting

wooden staircase maisonette-gewoelbe-living room-bright

After a previous one renovation The original construction of the former factory building was hidden by panels for the ceiling. The team of architects removed these and used the actual height of the rooms to create more spacious rooms in the duplex apartment with wooden staircase. An important point for the owner was to create a musical space where small concerts could be performed. They also wanted a workroom and a library so that they became part of the new interior.

Staircase made of wood and showcases

staircase-wood-gelaender-scale-dress-warm ambiance

The connection between the upper and lower apartment is characterized by an attractive Staircase made of wood educated. It quickly became the heart of the apartment. The reason for this is not only the decorative showcases that have been integrated into the wall and showcased the owner’s collections, but also the use of bleached oak. But wood does not only play a big role there. As the owners put great emphasis on wood, this material was used throughout the home, mostly in the form of wall coverings and furniture.

Original staircase design

wooden staircase entrance corridor staircase room divider

For the floor plan on the first floor with wooden staircase, a flowing design was created. The spaces merge into each other evenly, forming a whole in principle, but are nevertheless optically separated from each other. The center of this floor is the kitchen with seating area. From it you get a perfect view of the large terrace. To one side is the music room, which impresses with its vaulted, Catalan ceiling. Sliding doors make it possible to close this room or open it to the rest of the lower floor.

Decorate the apartment

Wooden staircase showcase shelf art dining area

Opposite the music room and on the other side of the kitchen is the living room with lounge. It is a walk-through room that leads to various utility rooms such as a laundry room, walk-in closet and bathroom. The wooden staircase also forms a partition between the kitchen and the front door, forming a spacious and practical hall and entrance area.

Kitchen with dining area

staircase-wood-wohnideen-design-modern-wall tiling

On the second floor, which, as mentioned above, is reached via the wooden staircase, some of the more private rooms are housed. These include the bedroom, a guest room and two bathrooms. Then there is the study and the library, specially made for this room, made of oak wood, supported by thin steel girders.

White kitchen

staircase-wood-duplex-kitchen-white-closets-dining table

Not only the wooden staircase and the wall coverings impress with their material. Clay was also used as clay for the walls. The execution by the workers is exceptionally high quality and reminiscent of Moroccan, waterproof gypsum plaster. Namely, the walls receive an attractive uneven and colorful surface.

Small lounge

staircase-wood-living room sofa-parquet-oak-comfort

The bathroom features Corian washbasins, specially designed by Zest Architecture with built-in drawers. The terrace gives all the luxury and comfort the finishing touches. Specially made steel pergolas guarantee pleasant shade and a built-in Jacuzzi invites you to relax. All lighting is also a Zest Architecture design and uses LED technology. An aerothermal system supplies the underfloor heating with water in winter and cools the apartment with a wooden staircase in summer.

The music room with vault ceiling

staircase-wood-music room-piano-desk-white-flooring

Library with wood Rega l


View of the wood terrace

staircase-wood-apartment-fensterfront folding door-and-white wall color

Whirpool and pergola made of steel

barcelona staircase-wood-terrace-pergola-whirpool-

Floor plan of the first floor

staircase-wood-floor plan First Floor-duplex-zest-achritecture

Floor plan of the second floor

stairway Wood Floor second-floor plan bedroom bad

Staircase made of wood – apartment in side view

staircase-wood-side view-floors-renovation-spain

Design of Zest Architecture ,

Living ideas to paint the walls -coloured and creative

home decor for painting ambiente blue wall stimulating armchair carpet

With color, you can create a very individual atmosphere in your home. Color creates a magical mood, an interesting appearance and can be used in many ways. If you want to give your home a new coat of paint, you will find beautiful inspirations for your next design project in the gallery below! We have 19 creative living ideas for painting walls for you!

Living ideas for painting the walls -Colors from a color family

home decor for painting blue accent wall purple living room dining area

To the imaginative Wall paint design There are different possibilities. Create a wow effect in your living room by using fresh color combinations. If you love it colorful, you should make sure in small rooms that you choose harmonious wall colors, which come from a color family and always appear somewhere in the living room. Add some drawings or murals, which not only look interesting, but also match the style of living. The colored one wall decor would amaze your guests.

Living ideas to paint the walls in the bedroom – an ambience to feel good

home decor for painting yellow wall panels beach style cozy

Painted borders are always something that you can paint in the bedroom. Also try a new one for the wall borders by changing the color Wohngefühl to create.

Green wall

home decor to paint green wall design pictures beige couch

Interior design with colors

Colors can be soothing or energizing, depending on which color scheme you choose. You can easily make small rooms larger with the right color and larger rooms – make them feel more comfortable. If your ideas for wall painting are modern, try the latest ones color combos out.

Modern, black living idea

home ideas to paint black idea modern mural white sofa side table blue

Paint the walls in color

Colored walls draw attention to details that you want to emphasize. If there are many black objects in different places in the room, then the colored wall can create a uniform appearance.

walls-make-ideas-home-office-wall pattern-rhombic-bunt

Exceptional wall design

With a little imagination, you can create a new sense of home while painting your walls. Patterned wall surfaces are harmonious and poppy. For a modern wall decor, you can use tape or draw thin strips of paper with a pencil and paint with a fine brush.

Wohnideen-strike-wall bedroom zigzag stripes blue

Ornate wall decorations with colors

Wohnideen-strikeout Paint Colorful Plane living room sideboard design

Paint walls imaginatively

Wohnideen-strikeout-floor entrance-contrast color blue-orange-high-ceiling

Contrast colors in the hallway

Wohnideen-brushing baby room imaginative Wall Free-hand pattern

Freehand painted wall motifs

walls-make-living room-dining area-color-red-cozy ambience

With color, you can visually divide spaces into areas

wall design-color-living room-dining area-burgundy-beige

Wohnideen-strikeout teenager rooms Pattern Design-walls-unique

living-eclectic style wall paint-magenta carpet-floral-patterned

nursery-wall-ideas-design-with-color-brown stripes and white


Wohnideen-strikeout Modern apartment Living Room Wall mustard yellow

Wohnideen-strike-wall pattern-upholstered sofa and white Modern

Mediterranean-atmosphere-nursery-fresh-wall colors-green-white

make living-color-ideas-white-magenta-blue-sitzgruppe


Wohnideen-strikeout walls orange, red and Swallow Pattern dining room

nursery-walls-make-floral-pattern-large-make visionary

Wohnideen-strikeout Wall border-sky blue-walls-stripe carpet