Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas wreath hanging tinker – 1 instructions and 25 ideas

Christmas wreath hanging tinker fir-red-ribbon-glass-balls-red-gold

Wreaths, especially from evergreen branches , have been used for centuries as a symbol of life in the long winter months. The wreath combines many different traditions. The Advent wreath, for example, has four candles. Every Sunday before Christmas, the family gathers and sets off a candle. An Advent wreath can simply be placed on the dining or coffee table or suspended from the ceiling. We show you today a simple guide how to get one Christmas wreath hanging can tinker on four ribbons.

Christmas wreath hanging – materials

Advent wreath hanging tinkering required materials

You need:

– evergreen branches
– Wreath blank made of willow or metal
– Tape
– Cord for hanging best in gold
– Needle nose pliers, flower wire, scissors
– pine cones and Christmas tree decorations
– four bar candles and candle holders (small bells were used as candlesticks here).
– Hot glue

Make advent wreath hanging – step by step

Advent wreath hanging tinker willow-wreath-baender

First, wrap the green ribbon around the willow tree criss-cross. The fir branches are then put in the gaps. Then cut a piece of red velvet ribbon, make a loop in the middle and tie to the wreath. The four red loops must be at the same distance from each other so that the wreath hangs horizontally.

Bell as a candle holder

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-bell-metal pincer-opened

Then take the four metal bells and open them with pliers. Glue or tie the bells with flower wire between the loops.

Wrap ribbons around the wicker wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing tendril-brute-green-red-baender

Now you can beautifully bind the about 12 centimeter long pine branches on the wicker wreath. You should point down so that you can see its green side and not the back when looking up. For a decorative effect also 4 spruce cones on the top are fixed with flower wire.

Fix spruce cones to the wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing wreath-keel

First, find out how long the four suspension cords should be by measuring the distance to the ceiling with a tape measure.

Connect cord and loop


Since the golden cord is heavy, it was tied with copper wire to the red velvet ribbon. The knot was then hidden under a decorative 7-inch-wide band.

Hide knot with decorative ribbon

Advent wreath hanging tinker -dekorband-tannebaum-motiv

After all four strings have been fastened, the four candles are added. Try to make the candlesticks as stable as possible.

four white bar candles

Christmas wreath hanging tinker-fir-twig-white-bar-candle-grind

Now the Advent wreath is hung on a ceiling hook. Now you have easy access to the bottom of the wreath. Insert the other fir branches until the willow wreath is completely covered. You can add a few berry and mistletoe branches and Christmas tree decorations for fun.

Hang Christmas tree decorations


* A project of Willodel

The ideas for decorating the Advent wreath are endless. Cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, cranberries, pearl garlands, apples are just some of them. You can even omit the candles. Take a look at the examples below and get inspired for your own project!

four red pillar candles

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-white-checkered-baender

Red and white checkered ribbon, red berries and wooden discs

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-stump candles

hang a few apples under the Christmas wreath

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-checkered-baender-aepfel

Decorate with cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree decorations


Advent wreath and calendar in one


red pearl garland

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-tannenzweige-weihnachtsbaumschmuck-candy-beaded garland

Hang Advent wreath over dining table

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-about-dining table-green branches

white decorations tied to wicker wreath


Olive branches instead of fir branches

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-olive branches and white-stump candles-anhaenger

nice strong red color

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-pine branches-beer branches red-glass balls

interesting idea for tealight holders


adventskranz-hangend-tinker-floral wire-kerzenteller-glass balls

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-evergreen-branches-journal

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-journal-berries-ceiling hook

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-transparent-plastic balls


adventskranz-hangend-ideas-kitchen-dining table-living room


adventskranz-hang up-tannenzweige-silver-weihnachtsbaumanhaenger

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-blue-Satin Ribbons-glass ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-green-two-Pendant-Christmas tree ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-chandelier-beer-branches tischdeko-red-gold


Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration to make yourself – 34 Advent ideas

christmas decoration to make yourself salt dough heart star fir jewelry

Christmas is a beautiful time, full of inspiration and inspiration Tinker , We start to feel the Christmas atmosphere at the end of November, so we can already prepare our craft projects. This creative Ideas for Christmas decoration to make yourself are very easy and inexpensive. They include different living areas and corners in the house such as the mantel, Christmas table, bed frame, Christmas tree etc. Take a look at our ideas and you would definitely find something for you.

Christmas decoration to make yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself paper stars christmas colors reindeer

You can either put a small accent in every corner around the house, or create a great arrangement that will catch everyone’s attention. If you do not have a mantel, where you have candles, fir branches and garlands then think vertically. An interesting idea is the white-painted wooden ladder below, which has been decorated with little candle holders, candy bags and red cards with Christmas slogans. The elements repeat themselves on each step and end with a beautiful porcelain sculpture at the top.

Christmas decoration for making your own for small rooms

christmas decoration to make yourself table decoration idea driftwood pine cone berries

If you do not want to deal with large projects, choose only small decorative objects. You can decorate empty jam jars with glitter and use them as candlesticks. The jam jars can also be filled with artificial snow, red berries and mini tree balls. Another good option is to make Christmas tree ornaments yourself. The pearls of an old pearl necklace or wine corks can be used here nicely.

Make door wreath yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself wreath idea berries red white

Sew Christmas decoration

christmas decoration to make yourself fleece fabric naehen keks loop

Make advent calendar yourself

Christmas decoration itself make advent calendar gold small ornaments

Decorate ladder for Christmas

Christmas decoration wooden ladder idea red white small accents

Making vases and candlesticks from jam jars themselves

Christmas decoration glass candle holders jam jars of silver glitter

small landscapes inside

Christmas decorations make jam jars Christmas tree artificial snow

Christmas tree decorations from wine corks

Christmas tree ornaments wine corks grind

beautiful table decoration inspired by the winter time and nature

table decoration christmas winter green table runner white branches

Advent wreath on the ladder

advent calendar wooden ladder blue paint ornaments

Christmas decoration for making adventskranz wooden ladder candy canes

Christmas table in purple and white Christmas decoration table purple white silver candles candlestick

Christmas decoration silver christmas tree balls groups beads garland

decorate with green branches

Christmas decoration making fir branches pine cones winterly Christmas decoration mantel white green gold string lights

Christmas decoration dining room wreath mistletoe table decoration white

christmas decoration angel wings wall decoration fairy lights shelves scandinavian

Christmas decoration blue green white porcelain jug branch

christmas tree ornaments ornaments art paper filling

christmas tree ornaments crafting beads sticking tulle bow

Christmas table decoration red candles candy cane fence

bedroom festive decorate garland red socks

felt fairy lights colorful self sewing mantel

advent wreath rustic planks small ornaments

Christmas wreath paper cone note paper wall

Christmas decoration for making ice berry wreath bow

Christmas decoration jam jars red berries pine branches

Christmas decoration mini christmas tree paper red green Do it yourself

Christmas decorations homemade note paper vintage look

Christmas wreath scraps red white decoration Do it yourself

white christmas tree modern black garland necklace chain reindeer

Christmas Decorating mantel gold green candle holder decorating fir branches

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Made of natural materials Making Christmas decorations yourself – 23 ideas

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-creative-wreath-boxwood-tap-tannenzweige-frame-old

If Make Christmas decorations yourself If you want, you can really develop your imagination. Using inexpensive materials and usually without much effort, unique pieces of jewelry are created, which contribute to the eye-catcher of the festive tree. Be inspired by our inspirational crafting ideas natural materials inspire and use your free time before the coming holidays to create something beautiful yourself.

Making Christmas decorations yourself – 18 ideas to copy from natural materials

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-tischdeko-tap-tannenzweige Candles tableware Dishes

Cones are particularly suitable for numerous experiments and decorative use in the winter months. It can be found in any park, or even in your own backyard or in the forest, and it’s easy to work on if it’s necessary for your project. Small cones can be fixed in a few minutes with cord and hang and you get a natural-looking decoration. Of course, pine branches or other elements made of wood are a perfect match. With spray in silver, gold or white they can be coordinated with the rest of the decoration without much effort. A great idea with instructions on how to easily make a creative Christmas decoration yourself can be found in the picture gallery. There are ideas for cones that come with Glitter , Sequins and quartz sand are decorated and hung as jewelry on the Christmas tree.

Make your own Christmas decorations and decorate the festive table

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-tischdeko-tartaric sheen-tap-jute string-bescheck tableware

Out natural materials create beautiful things that adorn our home. Collect cones, acorns or driftwood with your family on the next walk in nature and you can use them to make a unique Christmas decoration yourself for the coming holidays.

Made of natural materials to make a beautiful decoration yourself

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-tischdeko-gold-tap-ware-cloth napkin-cutlery

Christmas decoration made from cones and pine branches

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-tischdeko-tannenzweige-tap-tablecloth tableware wine-sheen

Decorate Christmas decorations with glitter and pearls

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-sequin glittering pearl-silver

Tinker Christmas Decorations – Short instructions in pictures

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-tap-frozen-effect-diy

Tinker with natural materials for Christmas – Useful materials

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments Serviceable-materials-tap-brush-shearing-kleibstoff-glittering sand

Brush for easy application of the glitter

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments diy-brush-sand-glitter-glue

Cord for binding and hanging

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-cord-hang up-garland

Apply glue to the desired points of the pin and dab the glitter on it

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-tap-adhesive diy Creative Idea

Other option with pearls and sequins

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-tap-christbaumkugeln-decorate-glossy-diy

Glittering decorations for the Christmas season

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-tap-christbaumkugeln-decorate-glittery

Imaginative ideas

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-glittering-pearl-decorate-tap-diy

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials Christmas ornaments-rod concentric-paste-decorate-silver

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-ball-acorn huete-bauble-band glittering

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-snowflake-rod natural wood-glittering-gold Christmas ornaments

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-star-tree Cup-candle lantern-mobile-ast

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-nautical-look broken glass-sea-ground-shells-starfish

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-cinnamon-orange slice-gewuerznelke-christbaum-hang up

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-Christmas trees-rod driftwood Christmas ornaments-hang up

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-eichelhute-Filzkugeln-hang up Christmas ornaments

weihnachtsdeko-yourself-tinker-natural materials-wood disc-band gold-round-hole-hang up

weihnachtsdeko-yourself tinkering-tinker-natural materials-star-tree Cup-cord-jute

christmas decorations make your own tree trunk joy cord decoration naegel

christmas decoration self crafting reindeer twigs idea modern christmas tree ornaments

christmas decoration make yourself wreath rustic foliage idea candles arrangement

decorate christmas decoration yourself gift decorate mistletoe cinnamon stick

Christmas decoration by yourself making Christmas card idea leaves dry lotus

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Make Christmas wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Advent wreath with candles plate design birch moss modern style

Christmas is slowly approaching and everyone is looking for fresh decoration ideas. If you want to surprise your favorite people this year, or if you want to create a stylish and traditional warmth, make your own Christmas wreath with candles – These inspirational suggestions are just for you.

Advent wreath with candles – color schemes

advent wreath with candles rustic style bells silver branches windlights idea

Before you get to work, and yours Christmas wreath with candles First, think about the color of your remaining decoration. White color schemes, purist or minimalist furnishings will benefit from a silver or purple Advent wreath, while classic or modern interiors look equally good with traditional red-green color combinations and golden candles.

Advent wreath with candles – modern designs and simple decoration ideas

advent wreath with candles hat grind red fir green gold bells

Once you have decided on the color scheme, collect the materials you will need for it. Modern Advent wreath With candles are easier to tinker, because they do not follow the traditional form – so you can use four purple candles with purple and silver balls to combine as a decoration. Or, as an alternative, use special color to paint pine cones in different sizes – purple, pink, blue – and combine them with four tall purple candles – it always looks good, and is relatively easy to imitate.

Make traditional Christmas wreath with candles

Advent wreath with candles red snowflakes mushroom rustic bark baender

Who is for a traditional Christmas wreath with candles The first thing to do is to have fir branches and cones and tie up the green base – the wreath. Alternatively, you can buy a finished green wreath and then decorate it with fruits, white or red flowers, pine cones and mushrooms. The candles can be red, golden or white. Beautiful variant, which is very easy to tinker, it is, instead of tying the candles with red ribbon, buy white lace and stick it to the candles. Lavender candles can be decorated with green fir trees and white stars. Who likes to bake, can bake a cake and then put four candles on it – certainly a tasty alternative.

Make an Advent wreath with beans

Advent wreath with candles white beans crafting idea bow red white

Modern Advent Wreath Silver Candles

Silver-Advent Thong tinker

Red candle christmas decoration

Red Candle Christmas table decoration

Elegant purple Advent wreath with stars

Purple advent wreath Beautiful table setting

Make simple Advent Krantz yourself

simple Advent Krantz-yourself-make

Purple candles and pine cones – making Advent wreath

purple Candle wreath-tinker

Advent and white candles

Cake Advent Wreath Candles

Cake Advent candles

golden candles Christmas flowers


modern Advent wreath and gold candles and red ball


More beautiful advent calendars and ideas

Christmas wreath for your door – Festive ideas for a warm heart

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Gorgeous ideas for fireplace Christmas decorations

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Gift wrapping – beautiful and original ideas

Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration as festive, bright outdoor jewelry

christmas decoration fir tree idea small light string lighting entrance artificial snow

It’s important to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home, but it’s also important to show it on your front door or in your yard. Imagine how many faces would shine as you put this shining Christmas decoration in the front yard where everyone can see and feel warm and loved. The festive mood must not be missed outside.

Christmas decoration for outdoors

christmas decoration star fairy lights wreath lighting outdoor

Outside Christmas decoration is different in different parts of the world. In some places people decorate the trees in the neighborhood. In other places there are various Christmas lights throughout the city and the cities. In Western Catholic countries, people put statues in biblical scenes in the city to remind people of the joy of the birth of the Redeemer. Therefore, one can say that each culture has its own way of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. That makes the world more alive and wonderful. The Christmas decoration outside shows people celebrating and honoring this moment of history.

Everything shines with a beautiful Christmas decoration

christmas decoration garden idea santa claus snowman deer

An interesting fact is that some cultures incorporate not only floral but also water elements in their decorations. They use water pipes in different colors to make their homes and outdoors brighter and more unique. In other places, some foods like Christmas cookies and popcorn are strung on a string and hung around the Christmas tree at home or outside. The imagination of different nations is simply endless.

Fairy lights made of balls and branches for the decoration of the house

christmas decoration fairy lights balls garland fir branches facade decorate

People gather in the parks, decorate and enjoy dinner outside their homes with friends, relatives or just locals. However, the Christmas decoration is also what warms everyone’s heart and makes people more social. Then all that matters is Christmas – the very special time of the year when you can truly feel happiness and love everywhere.

Shining stars as a tree decoration

christmas decoration lamps stars tree ornaments idea garden christmas

Candles and berries in glasses


Shining ball for the birdbath and star

festive-weihnachtsdeko-out-decorate-luminosity stars

Balls and bells for outdoors




Vintage lanterns


glowing angels


festive doormat


Jewelry in front of the door




glowing gifts

Christmas tree decorations with beautiful trend colors and Christmas motives

light festive-christmas-decoration-out-decorate-


Garden Gnomes


Snowman on the mailbox

mailbox festive-christmas-decoration-out-decorate-


Garland of pine cones


Glowing garland for the porch




Arrangement with balls


chandelier balls




festive-christmas-decoration-out Christmas Lights

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Advent Ideas gifts

Create a happy mood in the house with these simple ones Ideas for advent calendars for crafting! They are practical, inexpensive and creative – and are great for beginners. Ideas for families with children and also for creative men and women who want a nice interior but can not devote much time.

Ideas for advent calendars – Tinker with the kids

Wooden shelves advent calendar idea

You need – paper / cardboard / green and red colors and their children. You can make a traditional Advent calendar by filling little packages with sweets and tying them with red ribbons and decorating them on the dining table. Optionally, you can feel a wooden box with small gifts and red ball. If you like to sew, you can sew a green Christmas tree, hang it on the wall and decorate it with Christmas balls and sweets. One of the most original Ideas for advent calendars – cut out of paper a template for the hands of each family member, let your children paint it and hang it on the wall. Template with traditional details can be found below.

Ideas for advent calendars – original and extraordinary ideas

Advent Men's Garage Doors

Surprise your friends – make an advent calendar with drawn garage doors! Or hang your golden jewelry / earrings, necklaces etc. / as a decoration on the wall – for every day of December. More original Ideas for Advent Calendars – buy playing cards with Christmas motives and hang them on the wall with thumbtacks. Buy paper bags of the same size and write the calendars on them with a black pencil. Then hang the bags on the staircase.

Ideas for advent calendars with sweets and presents

Advent fabric itself-tinker

You need 5 white boxes in the shape of a cube – the same size. Write a number on each wall – and then tie them with red and green ribbons to look like gifts. You just have to turn the box over when the date is over – and you can also use this Advent calendar next year as well.

Playing cards as advent calendars

Blue Card Advent self-tinkering

Advent calendar with small gifts

Advent sweets

Advent calendar – fir-tree

Advent calendar-self-tinkering-fir-tree-wall

Advent calendar made of paper

Advent itself-craft-paper cards

Advent calendar made of paper bags

Advent Paper bags-myself-tinker

Sweet pink advent calendar

Advent itself-tinker-idea

Craft idea with the children

Red advent calendar Hart Children

Paper bag staircase Christmas decoration

Advent Paper bags Stairway Christmas

Gifts for Advent

Advent Gift Ideas paper itself-tinker

Advent Calendar Gifts Santa Claus

Advent gifts Santa Claus

Advent calendar – fir-tree

Advent Tree itself-tinker

Fresh idea advent calendar Candles

fresh-idea-Advent candles

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

25 creative ideas for advent calendars for crafting

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Advent calendars DIY ideas

Advent itself-craft ideas

20 simple ideas for advent calendars for DIY

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Festive ideas for beautiful advent calendars

25 creative ideas for advent calendars for crafting

The Advent Calendar – History and Meaning

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration with wine glasses – 23 original craft ideas

weihnachtsdeko weinglaesern red stand idea christmas tree decoration evergreen

How about using superfluous or old wine glasses to decorate at Christmas time? A great idea, right? And once you see what great ideas there are for the Christmas decoration with wine glasses , you will hardly be able to wait with that decorate to start. Let’s not stretch you on the torture, but start with our gallery!

Christmas decoration with wine glasses in the icy winter look

christmas decoration with wine glasses romantic ice cream look blue white ombre matt snowflakes

You can color glasses with a suitable spray wonderfully and create a dull look. For these impressive glasses, an ombre effect of white and blue was chosen. The Christmas decoration with wine glasses gets in this way an icy look. In addition, the glasses were decorated with snowflakes and pinecone decorated.

Christmas decoration with wine glasses – snow globes with a difference

christmas decoration wineglass snow globe idea fir landscape art snow

Make interesting snow globes in Christmas glasses. To do this, you only need to place the glasses upside down and close the opening. But sure, this Christmas decoration with wine glasses works well if you put the glass in the right direction and create a landscape in it.

Reindeer wine glasses

christmas decoration wreath reindeer antler idea cardboard decorate advent

This idea for a Christmas decoration with wine glasses is very easy to copy. Cut out of cardboard reindeer antlers, which you then simply put on the glass.

Rustic Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration wineglass rustic inspiration burlap flower candlesticks

From burlap you can make known great decorations, which also get a rustic flair. And this style is wonderful for the Christmas season. Design a linen flower for this Christmas decoration and place it under the glass.

Original nativity scene in the wine glass

weihnachtsdeko weinglaesern crib idea romantic art snow santa claus paint

A crib should not be missing at Christmas. You can try something original and make a crib from small figures in the wine glass. Another interesting idea for the Christmas decoration with wine glasses is Santa Claus, who can be painted with suitable colors.

Modern firs and blackboard paint

christmas decoration wine glasses modern fir paper cone plate color foot

If you do not want to change your wine glasses permanently, you can also use the idea of ​​modern firs. All you have to do is make cones out of pretty cardboard and put them on the glasses. Also interesting is the variant with blackboard color. Make name tags for the banquet table, paint Christmas motives or write greetings.

Christmas decoration with wine glasses and Christmas baubles

christmas decoration wreaths fill gold ornament christmas baubles gold red ostrich branches

Again a very simple idea you can see here. Fill the glasses with small Christmas tree balls in any colors. You are welcome to combine two or more colors for this purpose.

Painting winter motifs on wine glasses

weihnachtsdeko weinglaesern paint idea schneemaenner red yellow green blue

If you are artistically gifted, you can paint the glasses pretty , These motifs are not only suitable for the wine glasses, but for the whole winter.

Floating candles as a Christmas decoration

weihnachtsdeko weinglaesern floating candle berries water fir green artificial

Not only bowls can be used well for floating candles, but also wine glasses. In addition, you can still red berries into the water, which also swim effectively. This Christmas decoration looks romantic and elegant.

Wine glasses as a candlestick

christmas decoration wineglass rustic tree trunk slice balls red led candles

The wine glasses, or, their feet can be wonderfully used as a candle holder and thus to illuminate the Christmas decorations with wine glasses. So that the cavity of the glass but not too boring, you can fill it with any decorations, such as balls, pine cones, artificial snow and others.

Tinker with window color

weihnachtsdeko weinglaesern window colors idea stars silver gold glamor

With window color you can create wonderful motifs with which you can decorate the wine glasses. This is a wonderful idea if you do not want to paint your glasses permanently. And this Christmas decoration will also be unique.

Snowman wineglass

christmas decoration wineglass frosted idea snowman cute bow red fir green

A frosted wine glass with the icy look mentioned above is great for creating a snowman. The green wreath of artificial fir green gives the Christmas decoration with wine glasses the finishing touches.

Christmas decoration in turquoise and silver

christmas decoration wineglasses turquoise silver decorate balls elegant

Hang decorations on the foot of the glasses. These can be chosen in the form of Christmas tree balls or other jewelry, but also consist of pine cones or any figures such as stars, snowflakes or candy canes. But leave it at a discreet Christmas decoration with wine glasses.

Remodel wine glasses

christmas decoration weinglaesern santa claus motif glitter glamouroes

Especially original is this design of a wine glass. The goblet was designed like Santa’s costume and with glittering colors for a glamorous look. The foot is again used as a candlestick. A Christmas decoration that will impress everyone.

Fir tree shape from wine glasses

christmas decoration wineglass painting fir tree pretty idea green white dots

With only a few hand movements even the most untalented can conjure up such a romantic Christmas tree on a glass. The foot again has a great dot pattern in red and white. Is not this idea pretty cute?

Unusual Christmas decoration

christmas decoration with wine glasses modern idea colorful Christmas tree balls

If you want to break the traditions, you can choose instead of the usual color schemes a motley design. This Christmas decoration with wine glasses, for example, was decorated with colored balls in a small format.

Ideas for designing the wine glasses

christmas decoration with wine glasses design color pastel motifs snowflake snowman

Here are some inspirations for the design of wine glasses. Some of them are decorated in a matted look, as well as with Christmas motifs and delicate colors.

Candlestick idea with wine glasses

christmas decoration with wine glasses candlestick idea elegant balls red gold

Make candlesticks of different heights by placing the glasses partly directly on the table and placing others on other candlesticks. The different heights let the Christmas decoration with wine glasses look visually attractive and modern.

Use broken wine glasses

christmas decoration with wine glasses broken stalk snow globe tinker

Did you break the stem when rinsing the wine glass? You do not have to worry anymore, because you can still use the goblet for the Christmas decoration with wine glasses. Put pretty figures in and make a kind of snow globe, only without water. At the top you can attach a ribbon and use the decoration as a Christmas tree decoration.

Snowman faces

christmas decoration with wine glasses snowman hair red funny idea candles

Here is another idea for snowman motifs. Through the hair that has been added to the snowmen, the Christmas decorations with wine glasses look especially funny and original. Incidentally, the glasses were painted from the inside and not from the outside this time.

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas presents for Christmas

gifts for christmas ideas tips red ribbon shine paper

There are many fun and unique ways that you can save money Gift for Christmas n can give. Probably the best idea is to send cash in a card or envelope. But adults do not mind having money in one surprising and entertaining way to get. Here are some nice ideas like you Make money gifts for Christmas.

Creative gifts for Christmas tinker – Origami

gifts for christmas fir tree craft dollar design

You can make interesting origami shapes. For example, put a heart in a box with red paper as a base. Stars, flowers and many other shapes are also great for Christmas. You can also use the origami money gifts as Christmas tree decorations or stick them on another gift box. Make a garland of origami or fill a Christmas sock with these funny shapes. Instructions can be easily found in books or online.

Christmas presents – wrapping paper and bows

gifts for christmas card crafting green cardboard

You can roll up some Euro notes and pack them in a small gift box with a big red ribbon. Or you use a transparent Christmas tree ball as packaging and also fill it with some glitter. These are not new ideas, but they are fun and are usually highly appreciated by the recipient, young or old. The packaging sometimes says more than the gift itself.

Moneybox with money present

gifts for christmas box save idea make yourself green red

Make a nice savings box for the Christmas presents and add typical Christmas motifs and colors. Then add to the start budget by placing any sum in the box.

Christmas envelope

gifts for christmas greeting card santa claus costume diy idea

Make an envelope that looks like the Santa Claus costume. Thus, the Christmas mood is guaranteed and matching the money gifts for Christmas could hardly be packed.

Money present in the pop sweet

gifts for christmas pop candy fabric crafting original

Make a bang sweet. This can be made of fabric or paper. Then you fill it with the money and you have an original packaging, from which nobody will guess the inside.

Christmas tree made from money

money gifts to christmas money tree inspiration star flower pot

We found this idea in Amy’s blog (thenshemade.com). It’s a Christmas tree made of money. It’s better than a gift card and an envelope with money, because it shows that you put a lot of effort into the gift.

Christmas tree from different banknotes

monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker Christmas Tree

Box of chocolates and other imaginative packaging

monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker-chocolate box

Buy a box of chocolates, take out all and then wrap some coins in the cases. Fold some bills and repack the box of chocolates. For even more fun, you can use many boxes of different sizes, all intertwined. It will take about ten minutes to find the little money present in it, but it’s really funny. Use all kinds of packaging – cereal, chocolate, pizza, or even a balloon as shown here.

Tinker gift and greeting cards for Christmas

monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker-Card

The gift cards have become increasingly popular and tend to be more personal than simply giving money. Greeting cards for Christmas, on the other hand, are a bit ordinary, easy to craft and can show your creativity. Decorate the cards with euro bills or hide them in a creative way.

Gifts for Christmas

monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker-money bags

monetary gifts-to-christmas-craft Balloon

Gifts for Christmas as a tree decoration

monetary gifts-to-christmas-craft-ornaments

to-christmas-tinker Candies monetary gifts

Make greeting cards

monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker Christmas Card monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker-cards

Gifts for Christmas in unusual packaging

to-christmas-tinker-bank notes-roll monetary gifts

to-christmas-tinker monetary gifts

gifts for christmas fir tree idea idea fairy lights

gifts for christmas bauble angel gold head wing

gifts for christmas wrapping ideas paper cartons

monetary gifts-to-christmas-craft-origami-heart-shaped

monetary gifts-to-christmas-tinker-ostrich

Christmas gifts envelope idea wood carving euro ribbon

gifts for christmas bauble transparent confetti bow green red

gifts for christmas box silver ribbon gluing garland

gifts for christmas green loop packaging rose silver

gifts for christmas pizza wrapping idea funny loop

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Making Christmas tree ornaments yourself – 39 ideas made of felt

christmas tree decoration making angel deco idea sequins white

It would be very boring if you see the same ornaments on the Christmas tree every year. We offer you some ideas if you are this year Tinker Christmas tree decorations yourself want. The material is felt, because it is a commonly used one craft materials , easy to find, inexpensive and has a number of positive characteristics.

Tinker Christmas tree ornaments yourself – Christmas tree made of felt layers

tannerbaum star green felt layers

Cut star-shaped pieces of green felt to be able to make this Christmas tree ornaments yourself. You then stack them together and glue or sew them tight- For example, only one piece is missing for the trunk, as well as a star and the ribbon to sew on.

Tinker Christmas tree ornaments yourself – Christmas tree ball made of felt

christmas tree ornaments yourself crafting ball felt red white anhaenger

If the bullets break quickly, you can consider using cloths. These also look very original. You can Use felt and make such a Christmas tree ornaments yourself. Add glitter as you like and use a chain instead of a band.

Sew fir trees from fabric

christmas tree ornaments make tannenbaeume traditional colors green red white

Such beautiful fir trees can be made of different colors. Just sew the pieces together. If you do not trust sewing, you can use glue again.

Colorful felt jewelry for the modern Christmas tree

christmas tree decoration homemade organic colorful idea deco christmas tree

The Christmas tree decoration does not always have to be traditional. You can also put pretty accents with other shapes and figures. This is especially true if you use colorful instead of the classic colors. Try it! You can then use this jewelry for any other occasion.

Tinker Christmas tree ornaments yourself – cute snowmen made of felt

christmas tree ornaments yourself making felt snowmen caps bowl

These happy snowmen are perfect for felt remnants. Cut two pieces of white felt for the front and the back. With black embroidery thread you make knots for eyes and stitches for the mouth. Glue a piece of orange felt for the nose. Make a long-seamed seam with blue yarn on the edge. Leave a small gap for the polyester filling. Make felt pieces with sock caps and stick a pompom on them.

Tinker Christmas tree ornaments yourself – Baby owl tree pendant

tinker owl felt christmas tree tinker yourself
Instead of the traditional red and green Ornaments You can make this cute owl out of blue and green felt. The little penguin also finds shelter from the cold outside on the Christmas tree.

penguin felt tree pendant idea christmas
Scandinavian inspired felt pendant

christmas tree decoration felt pendant crafting white glitter gel
Traditional folk art was the inspiration for these beautiful white pendants. The ornaments are made with glitter gel.

Swedish Dala horse


You can use these cute felt ornaments to decorate not only the tree but also other objects in the house.

christmas decoration crafted decoration ornaments wreath bell tree

Poinsettia flower made of felt

poinsettia flower crafting felt pieces sticking

Make felt pegs

Pine cones make your own felt together

adorable star made of felt and with other ornaments

christmas tree ornaments star crafting felt layers

Decorate with mirror pieces

DIY ornaments yourself tinker felt pieces mirror

Christmas tree ornaments crafting felt candy cane snowflake bell

christmas tree ornaments yourself crafted felt christmas tree pendant

These craft ideas are also suitable for children

christmas tree ornaments make felt owl rooster chicks

Layers of felt pieces

Christmas tree ornaments light idea crafts felt circle

christmas tree ornaments felt bonbon red white tinker

Christmas tree ornaments crafting felt red bird glitter beads

Christmas tree ornaments crafting felt idea around tree

christmas tree decoration pendant crafting felt tap

Decorating Christmas felt felting knobs decorate

doll felt christmas pendant crafting stuffing

tree decoration christmas red heart sew three layers

tree felt felt crafting sewing snowflake idea

tinker tree cupcake cupcake sewing

pendants christmas ideas dwarves deco self tinker felt

snowflake felt tinker blue red idea

Christmas tree ornaments yourself tinker felt tear shape blue green

DIY ornaments made by yourself felted ornament blue

crafting christmas tree ornaments felt light idea sticking sewing

Tailor yourself making felt pieces of glue

DIY ornaments yourself crafted green felt anhaenger instructions pearls

christmas tree ornaments homemade felt felt mistletoe bow red pendant

christmas tree ornaments make elf idea cute green felt hat button

christmas tree ornaments make christmas poinsettia white flower felt deco

christmas tree ornaments to make your own pillow idea christmas reindeer elf santa claus

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas tree decorations made with children from salt dough

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough gingerbread man-angel-stars

If you are cheap Tinker Christmas tree decorations salt dough is the perfect material children can play with. With a simple salt dough recipe and a few ideas for creative decorations, you can make beautiful Christmas tree pendants. Take a look at our examples below and get inspired.

Christmas tree decorations made from salt dough

Christmas tree decorations craft children's salt dough Christmas cookie cutter

The salt dough is made from 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt and 1/2 cup of lukewarm water. Another recipe for pure white dough consists of 1 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup more or cornstarch and 3/4 cup of water. Mix all ingredients and knead. To make the salt dough even harder, you can add 1-2 spoons of wallpaper paste. You can use the play dough with food, nature – and acrylic dyes, because the salt dough is not edible.

Tinker and decorate Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations make children-salt-tea-paint-green-glitter

You can then roll out the finished salt dough and cut out different figures with cookie molds. If the figure is meant to hang, a hole with a straw is pricked into it before baking.

Let the salt dough pieces pre-dry one to two days before baking. Then they are placed on baking paper and slowly dried in the oven. So no cracks will arise. Bake for one hour at 60-80 degrees and then at 100-120 degrees for two hours. For more shine, the salt dough figures can be covered with egg yolk.

After the salt dough pieces have dried out well, they can be painted with acrylic paints and finally sealed from all sides with paint spray.

Christmas tree pendant decorated with pearls

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-fir-craft beads

We have already told you the salt dough recipe and given some tips for the preparation of salt dough. Now comes the best part – decorating the Christmas tree pendants. Take a look at the great ideas below!

Put pearls in the salt dough before baking

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-fir-cookie cutter

Punch a hole in the figure

Christmas tree decorations make children-salty-pine-tree-shapes

Paint the Christmas tree pendant after baking

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-fir-green-paint

Play dough made from baking soda and corn starch

Christmas tree ornaments craft children-salty-tastel-handicraft-decorated

Add rubbed crayons to the dough

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-growing pins vermicelli

Salt dough, star cookie cutter and grated blue crayon

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-growing pins-deco

Add the blue crumbles to the dough

Tinker Christmas tree decorations -children-salt-dough-blue-wax-stick-rubbed

Place star figures of salt dough on baking paper

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-grated-awake pin

Decorate with silver glitter

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-star-silver-glitter

Wreath of glued salt dough stars

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough Wreath-stars

after baking decorate with golden glitter

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough Wreath-star-golden-glittery

Wreath of gingerbread men

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough Wreath-gingerbread man-group

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough Wreath-braided

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough circles form-garland

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough cinnamon-gingerbread man

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough candy canes Snowman

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough gingerbread man-moose

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-asterisk-sprinkles

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough recipe

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough glittering color

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-butterfly

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-star flourishes

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-stars-heart-red-white

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough santa claus face

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-owl-blue-white

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-baby hand-imprint

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-salt dough-baby-handprint-santa claus

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-baby hand-imprint

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-fir fingerprints-bunt

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-candy canes, white and red

weihnachtsbaumschmuck-tinker-children-modeliermasse-salt-advntskalender-gifts glittering