Wellness & Spa »Whirlpool bathtubs by BluBleu show elegance and timeless design

whirlpool bathtubs timeless design top view

Look at this stunning Whirlpool tubs Collection from Italian manufacturer BluBleu and get inspired to decorate your modern bathroom. The Italian Companies is known for its innovative design and love for details. These are the main elements of the corporate philosophy.

Whirlpool bathtubs create comfort and relaxation in the bathroom

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design rectangular

The success of this Whirlpool tubs is based on the classic timeless design, where old-fashioned elegance and modern technology meet to create a stylish collection that suits everyone bathroom fits. The bathtubs by BluBleu convey a sense of luxury and relaxation. Let yourself be pampered with this modern design and recover from the long workday.

Whirlpool bathtubs by BluBleu transform the bathroom into an oasis of calm

modern bathtubs with timeless design headrests

These Whirlpool tubs transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and bring timeless elegance to your bathroom interior. If you are looking for stylish bathtub designs in white, this adorable collection is just what you are looking for.

Rectangular bathtub with a simple design

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design quadrangular

Modern bathtub with irregular shape

whirlpool bathtubs with timeless design around

Comfortable whirlpool bath with headrests

modern bathtubs with timeless design mahri collection

White bathtub design in the corner

modern bathtubs with timeless design wooden floor

Bathtub with elegant design and clean lines

modern bathtubs with timeless design holder

Square bath with whirlpool function

modern bathtubs with timeless design freestanding

Set up spa area at home

modern bathtubs timeless design elegant

Built-in bathtub design for the modern bathroom

modern bathtubs timeless design built-in

Square bathtub saves space and ensures comfort

modern bathtubs timeless design corner model

Wellness & Spa »Plan a bath with a sauna – what do you need to consider?


If you want to create a real oasis of well-being in your own home, you can Plan bathroom with sauna , Sauna lovers will be enthusiastic about this idea, because sauna manufacturers already offer individual solutions for every taste and that at reasonable prices. But what do you have to do when buying a Sauna for the home note? Let us inform you.

Plan bathroom with sauna – Location and space requirements


For a sauna already sufficient 1.5 meters of floor space. It depends on how many people want to use the sauna at the same time. There are now space-saving models like InipiB by Duravit , Tailor-made sauna cabins can be adapted to different spatial conditions. So the roof slope in the bathroom is no longer a problem. The infrared sauna is a modern alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna. They heat the body by infrared radiation and also offer several programs such as color light therapy. Infrared cabins can be placed in any room, even directly in the bedroom. They can be made more compact and do not need long heating phases. Another space-saving alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna is the steam baths. Meanwhile, they are often placed in combined multi-function showers, which makes them suitable for the smallest space.

Types of sauna heater

sauna-bad-plan-corner-up-wall tiles-wood optics

In third place you should think about the heater before installing. It is the heart of every sauna and for the soothing experience of great importance. For saunas in the private sector, it is recommended to place it in a corner of the sauna room and to arrange the wooden benches around it. In this way space is saved and the heat gets everywhere. Select the oven output according to the size of the sauna. The operability is also an important factor when planning a bath with sauna. There are different variants of a sauna stove. Wood, electric, gas and bio-heaters are available here, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to hear the crackling of the wood, you can opt for the most famous form of sauna, namely the wood-burning stove. However, a chimney is necessary for this heater. Most often, the electric heater is used because it will be easily connected to the electrical installation. Anyone who chooses a gas sauna heater will profit from the fact that it is heated up very quickly and the desired temperature can be precisely set. Here, however, you must observe the greatest safety precautions and ensure proper ventilation. Very popular are the bio sauna ovens, which allow an infusion with sauna stones. With these stoves you can regulate the temperature and the humidity.

Plan a bath with a sauna – choose the right choice of material

bad-sauna-plan-note-modern Scandinavian-style living-tiles-white-gray-pattern

If you are planning a bath with a sauna, you can choose between an elemental sauna and a solid wood sauna. The sauna made of solid wood is made of compressed, solid wooden planks. The solid wood sauna has corner overhangs, which ensure sufficient air circulation. It creates a distance to the wall, whereby the circulation of the air is ensured. The elemental sauna on the other hand consists of a wooden frame construction, on which thin wooden slats are fastened. A thermoactive fabric ensures thermal insulation. In addition, the sauna has a vapor barrier, which prevents the settling of water vapor. In comparison, the elemental sauna can be mounted easier and is cheaper. The quality is not necessarily influenced by the construction, but by the wood. Well seasoned wood species such as spruce and hemlock are resin-free and resistant to sauna moisture. The sauna air must be ventilated outside to avoid mold. A mechanical ventilation or a window are essential. Each high quality sauna has a vapor-proof insulation. Even if the sauna is not in your bathroom, but in another room with water and electricity connections, the shower should be close to the sauna, as heat and cooling must alternate. Access to fresh air through a window would also make sense.

Plan a bath with a sauna and separate the areas with a glass wall


Think of comfortable furniture, such as loungers, where you can treat your body to the necessary relaxation after your stay in the sauna. The matching sauna furniture make the spa cozy and make it look inviting. For example, if you want to give the sauna a Mediterranean touch, you can opt for a bamboo model. Bamboo spreads a cozy atmosphere and is insensitive to moisture. You can brighten up your sauna with different decorations and add an extra charm. Plants and wall decorations allow you to create a very individual area. When decorating you can of course use everything that causes a sense of well-being. Small fragrance bowls with aromatic, essential oils or wooden deco items make for a pleasant atmosphere. The wood used gives the sauna a special character. If you want a modern and elegant sauna, you can access bright aspen. The classic look is provided by the Nordic polar spruce.

Bathroom with sauna plan – shower next to the sauna room is recommended

bad-sauna-plan-note-modern-natural stone-bad-large-window

With regard to the sauna look, you can discuss your preferences with the specialists in this area and create a single sauna that is like no other. How do you like a sauna with a generous glass front, for example? It will definitely be a great highlight in the sauna area. If you feel better and more secure in a closed room, you can create a modern touch with a glass door and use a decorative element. The glass door visually lifts the sauna area. If you are looking for additional relaxation options, pleasant lighting can contribute to the desired feeling. Gladly you can install in the sauna colored light, which creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Let your imagination run free, because the design options are countless.

In the bedroom with breathtaking views, plan a bath with sauna

sauna-Effegibi-sky-model-bench-glass wall

Sauna Sky by Effegibi

sauna-sky-blue Effegibi-ambientbeleluchtung-modern-design

Sauna with chromotherapy

sauna-koko-Effegibi-little-bad-perfect-towel rail

Sauna Koko by Effegibi


Space-saving solution for small bathrooms

sauna-bathroom-planning-two-people-glass wall

Sauna pleasure for two


Logica Twin by Effegibi


Sauna Auki of Effegibi


Inipi B from Duravit



The compact sauna from Duravit


form-glass wall-black-bad-tiled sauna-bathroom-trapezoidal-


bad-sauna-plan-glass wande-intermeshing-built

bathroom with sauna plan-shower-skylight-glass-tree-look



bathroom with sauna plan-loft-glass wall-round bathtub


bathroom-wellness-ambience-glass shower-corner-small sauna

bathroom-sauna-black-floor tiles Two-shower

bathroom-sauna-plan-glass wall-door-large-scale-gray-floor tiles

bathroom-sauna-plan-floor tiles-wood-optic wall tiles stone-optics

bathroom-sauna-spruce wood-glass door-window

bathroom - small-sauna-white-tile-shower-glass-partition

bathroom-attic-sauna-glass-sliding door partition

bathroom-bathtub-window-gravel-stripe sauna

Wellness & Spa »Private gym, spa and lounge in the middle of the forest

private gym terrace glass roofing alu

Today we present to you a fascinating private gym located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg located and extends over a total area of ​​113 m2. Behind the project, which was realized in 2015, are the architects Olga Vetosheva and Eduard Zakharov of Horomystudio. Their task was to create a fully equipped sports complex with swimming pool and spa area, but seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Private gym in nature

private-gym-design-terrace-sun are

The lack of open space and the forest landscape presented a real challenge. Finally, a 30 m2 plot of land was devoted to building land, preserving all the trees and integrating them into the architecture of the sports center. For this reason, the use of construction machinery was not possible. All excavation work in the project was done manually. So the basement was built according to the TOP-DOWN technology: from top to bottom.


The private fitness center is spread over several floors: a basement with fitness machines for strength and muscle training, cardio machines on the ground floor and yoga on the upper floor. The façade, which is located to the north, is made of glass and this one to the south has been covered with wood. The adjoining terrace is on several levels and offers a pleasant stay in good weather. The terrace on the north side connects the fitness center to an existing sauna complex.

Private gym professionally furnished

private-gym-cardio training-device-glazing

The private gym integrates harmoniously into the natural environment. Thanks to the ample glazing, the natural light is used optimally. The hall on the ground floor has sliding glass doors that open completely when needed and allow the boundary between inside and outside to merge. The steps also have excellent accents, such as LED strips and integrated flower boxes.

private-gym-boxing-mirror-behind lighting

A spiral staircase with copper sheet railing connects the three floors. Polymer coatings on the steps provide extra security. The interior design and equipment of the gym satisfies the high demands of a professional sports facility. SPORTEC® style safety flooring and sports parquet made of Canadian maple MIRAGE) were laid. Special emphasis was also placed on the technical solution for natural room ventilation. A real highlight are also the figures of famous boxers, which were made of mirrors specifically for the project.


private-gym-stair-led strips

private-gym-design elements


private-gym-spiral staircase-copper sheet railings

private-gym-glass roof-balcony

private-gym-glass roof-light ring

private-gym-night lighting-pool


Project and realization of HOROMYSTUDIO

Wellness & Spa »Find the right products for your dream bathroom with the Villeroy & Boch online bathroom planner

Design Boch online bathroom planner Traumbad

So that the bathroom not only fulfills practical functions, but also becomes a place of rest and relaxation, the appropriate bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture must be selected. With the Online bathroom planner From Villeroy & Boch everyone has the opportunity to test different equipment. With just one click, the room is completely transformed – and if these simple tips are taken into account in the planning, a spa atmosphere and a pleasant, relaxed ambience can be created in each bathroom.

Various equipment can be tested with the online bathroom planner from Villeroy & Boch

Bathroom frame Villeroy Boch

Often, when planning the bathroom a mistake – the bathroom products are selected only on the basis of catalogs and brochures. However, the dimensions of the products can be easily underestimated and it is found in retrospect that, for example, the washstand or the tall cabinet fit into the room, but the bathroom is overcrowded and restless. If you use an online bathroom planner for your planning, you do not need to worry about it – thanks to a 3D visualization, the user gets a clear idea of ​​what his future dream bathroom will look like. The following tips also help with planning:

– Thinking ahead – Ultimately, a bathroom renovation is an investment that pays off in the long term. That’s why it’s definitely worth thinking about the future. As a single, usually only a vanity is needed, a family, however, benefits from a double vanity with additional storage space in the vanity unit. Even the barrier-free design of your own four walls is a sensible investment in your future. A barrier-free facility will meet every situation in life: It not only offers plenty of space for the whole family, but can also be used across generations. If you dare to look into the future, you can rely on a barrier-free bathroom for maximum comfort and safety.

– Test different design variants – with shower, with bathtub or a combination of both? Only after getting an overview of the possibilities can the best alternative be chosen. Even a small bathroom can offer many design options. There are comfortable and at the same time space-saving furnishing solutions: a narrowed washbasin or the installation of a compact toilet create a generous spatial effect in the mini-bath. A floor-level shower including a glass shower screen is subtly integrated into your room concept.

Three steps to the dream bathroom – with the bathroom planner from Villeroy & Boch

Select bathroom furniture Bathroom sloping ceiling

With the selection of the right products, nothing stands in the way of the dream of a wellness oasis. Once the decision is made, planning can go straight to one Villeroy & Boch Partners will be forwarded nearby. The Villeroy & Boch partners take care of a professional implementation and are happy to bring you further useful advice and ideas.

Click here for the Villeroy & Boch online bathroom planner

Home & Garden »Outdoor whirlpool provides wellness experience in your own garden

Outdoor Jacuzzi Terrace-built-Spa-Wellness

With an outdoor whirlpool, your own garden or roof terrace becomes a wellness oasis where the senses can relax. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy the healing power of water all year round Home Spa enjoy – because modern whirlpool systems are equipped with heating systems and can therefore be easily used even in winter at minus temperatures comfortably. What types of Hottubs are offered in the market and how the modern facilities are properly maintained, you will find in the article.

Outdoor Whirlpool – the types at a glance

Outdoor whirlpool built-wood terrace roof

Hottubs are bathtubs or pools that massage the body thanks to special air jets / jets or jets of water. The intensity of the massage can be regulated on request or directed to specific body regions. The equipment can be easily used to relax, but often come after consultation with a doctor as a therapeutic means used – the Underwater massage promotes blood circulation and has positive effects on the metabolism.

The hottubs can be mounted in the house or in the garden. In the house, the so-called whirlpools provide relaxation – these provide enough space for one to two people and are used similar to the bathtub /d.h. Water is drained after the bath. Whirlpool tubs are made of acrylic and installation is easy, as long as an additional power connection is available. The tubs are considered a cheaper and space-saving alternative to the popular outdoor hottubs.

Hottubs – the permanently installed version quickly becomes a highlight in the garden

Outdoor hot tub -round-built-beside-pool

The weatherproof outdoor whirlpool can accommodate up to eight people and is available in two versions – fixed or portable. The built-in Jacuzzis will quickly become a highlight in the garden, on the terrace or next to the pool. They are designed according to personal needs and leave nothing to be desired in terms of equipment, shape and basin size. In any case, even during the planning phase, extra attention should be paid to the heating system and the filter systems – because once installed, the whirlpool can only be retrofitted with difficulty.

A new, built-in outdoor model has enjoyed great popularity lately – the space-saving unit combines pool and hottub in a pool of water. Swim Spa, at the spa experts optirelax.de Available, has a strong countercurrent swimming facility and a jacuzzi area that can be used year-round.

Portable spas provide flexible solution for the cottage

Outdoor whirlpool freestanding-flexible-Spa-Hottub

The second type of hottub – the so-called portable spas allow for a degree of flexibility. The basins are made of acrylic and clad in wood or steel, which gives the design a noble look. Heating system, pump and filter system are installed in the Portable Spa, so that the installation is fairly straightforward.

Outdoor whirlpool – it depends on the right care

Outdoor hot tub-care tips Water

Although an outdoor whirlpool is just designed for outdoor use, the right care and the right accessories guarantee its longevity. A whirlpool cover ensures that the unit will easily withstand the cold and rainy winter days.

The thorough cleaning with special care products and an ozone plant prevent the germination. The manufacturers also advise to change the water every 3 months and to pay attention to the pH value regularly.

Outdoor whirlpool freestanding cottage spa area

Architecture »Modern Wellness Architecture – The Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Exterior design of Thermal Römerbad

The thermal Römerbad has a unique Wellness interior design from Behnisch architects created. It was built in 2007 in the Austrian ski resort Bad Kleinkirchhem. The Römerbad was built in 1978. The unique thing is that it was the first spa resort in the area. Today this includes Wellness interior design an extension with new attractions and modern facilities for children.

Modern wellness interior design

Interior design of Thermal Römerbad

Although the new one Wellness interior design completely transformed into a “Roman bath”, it still resembles its earlier appearance. It is not unrecognizable modified. The new architecture has more appeal. The new equipment and the new shapes and curves make the existing proportions a little different. The entire design includes a new terraced landscape. The modern wellness interior design stands out in any case because there are new perspectives and innovation in terms of modern wellness architecture shows.

minimalist interior design in the wellness Römerbad

minimalistic design in the Thermal Römerbad

In contrast to others modern Wellness architecture , this is in perfect harmony with the natural landscape. The different extended areas have a very different atmosphere and bring different kind of relaxation and regeneration. There is a zone for meditation and a zone of excitement where guests can enjoy the mesmerizing mountain views. This is a perfect example of how the modern Wellness architecture can merge with the surrounding landscape and atmosphere.

Modern wellness architecture

Interior design of Thermal Römerbad in Austria

The extraordinary quality of “Römerbad” sends the top of the modern wellness architecture , When it comes to perfection in this type of activity, the combination between the environment, innovative architectural ideas, style and materials is in complete harmony. Architects have the opportunity modern wellness architecture to create the highest quality materials and the best technological resources. The result is only due to their imagination and abilities.

Rebecca T.

Thermal Römerbad in Austria - television

Gorgeous landscape in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Landscape - Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Magic lighting

Exterior design of Thermal Römerbad in Austria Lighting from the exterior design of Römerbad

Wood detail of exterior design

Detail of the exterior design - Römerbad Wellness

Modern wellness design

Bathroom design in the Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Recreation areas in the “Römerbad”

Thermal Römerbad in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Thermal Römerbad in Austria - indoor pool

The restaurant in the Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Restaurant in the Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Architectural plans from the Thermal Römerbad in Austria

wellness architectural plan - Thermal Römerbad in Austria

wellness architecture Planvon Thermal Römerbad

Architectural plan of Thermal Römerbad in Austria

Photographs by Roland Halbe

Designed by: Behnisch architects

Faucet for Bath and Mini Wellness Shower – Top products by Zucchetti

Bathroom fitting -bathroom-elegant-minimalist-puristic-edgy

State of the art Faucet for bath and mini wellness shower , the two products from the well-known manufacturer Zucchetti, were awarded in 2015 with the prestigious “Good Design” award. The award is known worldwide since 1950 and has set itself the task of the innovative To praise projects and products with guaranteed quality.

Bathroom fitting with an innovative, ultra-light design

Bathroom faucet-fitting-deisgn-innovative-minimalist-reduced

In the area of bathroom For the first time, the manufacturer Zuchetti.Kos has not convinced designers with their optical, qualitative and aesthetic characteristics of innovative work. An example of this are the two excellent products – Faucet and Mini Wellness range., Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

Bathroom fitting with “Good Design” award 2015

Bathroom fitting -bronze-sink-edgy-simple-simple

The bath mixer “Him” is characterized by a clear, elegant and simple design language. The handle is ergonomic and sustainable. It is made of minimum materials – especially light, but not noticeable at first glance.

Mini Wellness shower for the outdoor area

wellness-shower-pool-area-outdoor wood-frame

The mini wellness shower “Wazebo” is a work of the same designers and is in itself an extraordinary object. It’s actually an outdoor shower in the shape of a shower stall. It offers comfort and privacy. Covered with natural wood, the shower cubicle gives the perfect atmosphere of the outdoor area and creates a connection between inside and outside.

Mini Wellness shower with award “Good Design” 2015

wellness-shower-outdoor wood-metal frame easy

Innovative products for bath by Zucchetti.Kos


Bath fitting “Him” – edged with ergonomic handle

faucet-bad-edged metal polished optics sink faucet

Bathroom with minimalist design

faucet-bad-armature design-innovative-sink

* Learn more about the whole Zucchetti product line. here

Wellness furniture – the cocoon of “water beds”

Wellness furniture - cocoon of waterbeds

Of the Cocoon of “waterbeds” is not just a modern piece of furniture. It is also a new wellness concept of total relaxation, comfort and enjoyment. The futuristic graceful capsule is shaped like the silkworm cocoons and also reminds us of a science fiction movie decor. You want a womb-like pale memory? If yes, that is Cocoon of waterbeds exactly what you need.

Cocoon of “waterbeds” – absolute comfort and relaxation

Wellness furniture - Cocoon design of waterbeds

The capsule will be your isolation from the external environment and will send you to the land of absolute comfort and relaxation. After 20 minutes or more in this extraordinary piece of furniture you will feel refreshed and reconciled with the outside world. All problems disappear completely, you feel like a baby floating in weightlessness. The “swim” or “like uterus” effect results from the built-in water mattress, which is based on the famous waterbeds wellness chairs. The water chair wellness chairs are distributed throughout the world in more than 550 different hotels.

different sound options in the cocoon of “water beds”

Wellness furniture - cocoon of waterbeds - purple
Another part of the therapeutic effect is the soothing sound which is integrated in the cocoon. There are a few different sound options. You can choose surround sound, sound waterbed, with or without headphones. The feeling of light vibration in the mattress gives a cool feeling, a relaxing massage.

relaxing massage in the cocoon of “water beds”

Wellness furniture - modern cocoon of waterbeds

Once the Konkon is closed, you will be transferred to another world. There will be no disturbances, no more problems, only real peace and comfort. This capsule has a very nice soft lighting that makes you feel protected and it also relaxes your eyes. The Cocoon design is inspired by different forms of nature. It is suitable for a home decor or for a spa center. The lighting, the beautiful, calm sounds, the water mattress and the unique design of the Konkons are the key to the true experience of relaxation. Once you get into this extraordinary capsule you know what comfort really is.

real peace and comfort in the cocoon of “water beds”

Wellness Furniture - Relax in the cocoon of waterbeds

Sauna in the bathroom – A wellness universe at home

Finnish sauna in the bathroom AUKI-EFFEGIBI-compact-sized-modern-bathroom

The Finnish sauna is very popular with the Germans. For centuries it has been an excellent solution for the complete relaxation and detoxification of the body thanks to the very hot and dry air. It also plays an important role in our well-being today. If you are also a sauna lover and want to enjoy the sauna more often, then why not get one Sauna in the bathroom allow yourself to be treated? Today we present you the saunas of the Italian company Effegibi Turn your own bathroom into a real one spa can transform. Their innovative design and numerous functions ensure maximum relaxation and complete stress reduction. Take a look at the excellent Effegibi product line and start planning your wellness home for the home.

Sauna in the bathroom – true panacea

Sauna-steam-combination-LOGICA TWIN EFFEGIBI

If yours Spa complete the sauna-steam shower combination “Logica Twin”. Both offer different benefits and are based on heat therapy. The difference between the two lies in the different modes of action. The Turkish steam bath is based on the positive effect of hot steam and takes place at lower temperatures, while the Nordic sauna promotes perspiration through dry, hot air. Which of the two is better? That’s a matter of taste. But if you like both, then you can enjoy all the benefits combined.

Combine steam bath and sauna in the bathroom

Sauna-SKY TECHNO-EFFEGIBI-be-everywhere-up

Wellness area at home


Cabin lined with wood

Sauna-SKY GLASS-EFFEGIBI-glass front-two people

the tradition of heat therapy

SAUNA Manty-EFFETI-quality-wood-material

combined with color light therapy

Sauna farblichtterapie SKY TECHNO-EFFEGIBI

Sauna-steam bath combination

Sauna-steam-combination-own-bathroom-LOGICA TWIN EFFEGIBI

Sauna Auki

Sauna in the bathroom Auki-bedroom-effetti

Hamam Omnia Touch

modern-bad-steam bath-Hamam Omnia Touch

Steam bath with chromotherapy



Finnish sauna in the bathroom at home KOKO-EFFEGIBI

Finnish sauna in the bathroom shower-LOGICA-SAUNA-EFFEGIBI





designer sauna SKY DECO-EFFEGIBI-decorative-wood-panels

steam bath-home color light therapy omnisteam-touch

steam bath-shower-modern-design-LOGICA HAMMAM-EFFEGIBI

Turkish-chromo-compact-bricked-Omniasteam TOUCH EFFEGIBI

modern-bathroom-brick-Hamam Omnia Touch shower

Turkish-chromo-bricked-Omniasteam TOUCH EFFEGIBI

Turkish-chromotherapy shower Omniasteam TOUCH EFFEGIBI

Ideas for bathroom furnishings with fireplace wellness in your own home

bathroom-modern-install fireplace-sink marble board

The trend in bathroom design is largely in the direction of more wellness. The bathroom is getting bigger and more spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art hot tubs, saunas, steam showers and fireplaces. Cozier you can not imagine it! If you want to relax in such a relaxing atmosphere of everyday stress and unwind, here are 20 charming ideas for Bathroom facilities with fireplace !

Ideas for bathroom furnishings with a higher degree of well-being

design-bathroom-pendant lights-wall-fireplace-built-stretched square-bath

The private bathroom can be transformed into a wonderful wellness oasis. And that does not require so much. Many set up a spa bath at home to treat themselves at any time so an hour off. The log fire provides romance and offers above all a visual pleasure. It creates a feeling of security and warmth. With fur rugs, fancy lights and a lot candles the efficiency is further increased. And the relaxation can begin!

Ideas for bathroom decoration in the style of rustic

bathroom-rustic fireplace-cladding-natural stone-floor-from-wood

For bathrooms, there are either the so-called open fireplaces, or fireplaces with glass, installed in front of the fireplace opening. Thus, on the one hand the falling out of embers is prevented, on the other hand, the effect reinforced by light reflections. The small freestanding Ethanol fireplace or table fires in the bathroom is an ideal solution if there is less space. If you have enough space in the bathroom, you can easily install a wall-mounted fireplace. Then there are nothing in the way of relaxing hours in your own wellness bathroom!

ideas-bathroom furnishings-bathing area-glass-shower-door-to-install fireplace-facade-stone

Fireplace for atmospheric moments

bathroom-walls-design-in-plywood-install fireplace-windowed-square

The combination of fire and water

built-bio-fireplace-windows-double glazing-bathroom-detached-tub

A bioethanol fireplace will enhance the mood in the room

cozy, design-ideas-bathroom furnishings-fireplace-built-window curtains

Nice atmosphere in the bathroom

ideas-bathroom furnishings-fireplace-facade-cladding-3d-Optic-black-bathroom furniture

Bathroom designs with built-in fireplace

ideas-bathroom furnishings-modern indoor kaminofen-bio-fuel-large-window

Enjoy the beautiful flame play

industrial-chic-bad-design-fireplace-chimney-brick-brick wall


modern-bad-black-white-marble-wall-mounted biofireplaces-tub-round

modern-fireplace-bathroom suite-tiles-design shower enclosure-of-glass

white-marble-bathroom-wall look-stylish-lit-built-fireplace

bad-floor-wood-white-bathtub-mantel-tray area-wall color purple

bathing area-kaminofen-built-stainless steel bezel-to-install shelves

ideas-bathroom furnishings Built-in-bathtub-kaminofen-wall shelves-wood

ideas-bathroom furnishings-detached-bathtub-design-white-ceramic-kaminofen-ethanol

ideas-bathroom furnishings stove-bio-ethanol-fuel-patterned carpet

ideas-bathroom furnishings-cozy, neutral-colored-wall tiles hanging-lamp-design