Wohntrends 2014- the white living room wall creates a modern ambience

modern wall unit white color photos decorative pieces carpet

The white wall unit is also in 2014 in vogue. The minimalist color and the glossy surfaces create a modern ambience. The simple design of the handleless cabinets and the clean lines of the shelves radiate timeless elegance.

The white living wall – successful combination of distinctive sense of style and unconditional modernity

Bookcases cabinets storage system mirror door

The white wall unit has established itself successfully over the years as a timeless trend of living. Also in 2014, it enjoys increasing popularity. The functional piece of furniture combines minimalist elegance with precise functionality. The manufacturers offer more and more often the opportunity to design the living room according to their own needs. This makes it easy to combine wall shelves, drawers and cupboard systems. The areas for video and sound systems are traditionally the focal point of the living room wall. Above the TV, the wall shelves are hung while compact cabinets are screwed to the wall on the left and right. Integrated colored LED lights put the design perfectly in scene.

The white living room wall is also very much in trend in 2014

Cabinets handleless original deco elements leather sofa

So that the living room is not too cold and sterile, the designers combine the white wall unit more and more often with wooden cabinets. The warm wood color integrates perfectly into the modern home design and gives the room a cozy look. Pictures, photos and small statues on the shelves add a personal touch. Stylish also see two-tone wall units off – the red color is a minimalist classic. But also grass green or even pink can be set as accents. As an inspiration, we have included the collections of two renowned Italian manufacturers. Cucine Lube is a popular kitchen manufacturer that has recently expanded its multi-facetted wall-to-wall product range. TUMIDEI is an Italian company that was popularized for their stylish and space saving furniture.

The collection of Tumidei

Bookshelves TV cabinet Living room set up

Everyone can design their living room wall themselves

Wall unit shelves photos living room set up

Wood gives the design a cozy look

Wall unit white high gloss look Wohntrends 2014

TV wall in Scandinavian style

decorate living trend 2014 integrated LED lighting

Stylish combination of white bookshelves and wooden TV cabinet

Drawers wood elements photos books storage space

High gloss fronts and handleless cupboard doors in a minimalist style

Wall unit white purple wallpaper beanbag living room

The TV is hidden behind sliding door

white wall light floor lamp pink carpet

High gloss and matt surfaces create a charming contrast

Wall unit high gloss TV cabinet wooden shelves

The collection of Cucine Lube

white gray integrated lighting LED lights

plan to set up modern design high gloss

Stylish design Ideas Photos Handleless Cabinets

modern wall unit kitchen built-in lighting television cabinet

Glossy surface bookshelves drawers table lamp

Vases Books Audrey Hepburn Living Trends 2014

38 Ideas for White Living Room – Living Ideas with Purity and Elegance

white living room leather chairs high gloss floor carpet plant

On white living room is the right choice if you want to bring peace and light into the house. The purest color is white, often associated with innocence, kindness, and perfection. On white living room It looks like a blank canvas, a clean palette that represents peace and clarity. White can be integrated into the furniture, home accessories and wall design.

White living room with white home accessories

white living room interior carpet dining table elegant window shelf

Bright walls painted with colors like mint green or light blue are a great backdrop for one white living room with white furniture and accessories. A vase with a metallic sheen full of fresh flowers is the perfect centerpiece for a white coffee table. It is inexpensive and makes the room look fresh. Use white candles and crystal chandeliers to accentuate the purity of the white color. A glass bowl with white floating candles would also be a nice idea. Silver and light pillows are beautiful accent colors on a white sofa or armchair. White bookshelves with bright books and white vases of flowers will be yours white living room nice complement.

White living room with white furniture and indirect lighting

white living room couch kitchen modern minimalist wood accent

The choice of white furniture for their white living room is perhaps the boldest step. To avoid a lackluster call in the predominantly white living room, insert monochrome pillows on the white couch or armchair. Choose a plain rug to accentuate the radiant white color of the furniture. LED lights are a great way, because your white light harmonizes with the white theme. Hang white pendant lights in a corner in different lengths for a similar soft sheen. For the central light source, hang a white chandelier for ultimate white splendor.

White living room idea with green accents

white living room furnishing green accent chair modern tiles high gloss

Instead of white, use light shades of gray

white living room furniture floor lamp cushion black accent parquet light gray

bright white and beautiful ceiling design

Ideas-black-white-living-cover design

115 home ideas for luxurious living room furniture by Roche Bobois

Living room with sloping roof

Ideas-white living room-roof slant-decorative-accessories

Fresh ideas for small living room design

Minimalism in the living room

Ideas-minimalism-white-living room-

silver home accessories


Spacious living room with dining area and kitchen

gray backdrop


beige carpet

Ideas-white-living-beige carpet

white wall with wooden elements

Ideas-white-living-room-wood-accents-living wall

bright parquet

Ideas-white-living-wood parquet-great-glass window

Clarity and light


Living room furniture – design ideas

white furniture and black brick wall

Ideas-white-living-black-brick wall

cream color


Minimalism and light

minimalism Ideas-white-living-GIESSEGI

Modern white living room design ideas

tropical freshness


gray wall paint


High gloss flooring


Living room furnished in Victorian style

black accents

Ideas-white-living-two black-accents

red decorative pillows

Ideas-white-living-glass elements and red pillows

bright wood flooring


modern corner sofa

Ideas-white-living-room-modern-corner sofa

royal armchair with feathers


Chinese style

Ideas-white-living-room-furniture design

open living areas

Ideas-white-living-open-residential use

exclusive light installations

Ideas-exclusive-white-living-room-light installations

Living room color ideas – yellow accents

Design ideas


white quilted furniture

Ideas-white-living-purity Elegance

suspended ceiling and fireplace


brown carpet and curtain


Living room design

Ideas-white living room-and-living-glass window wall

colored accents

Ideas-white Living room Decorative-color-accents

brown accents and living room wall

Ideas-white-living-room-wood-living wall

Ideas-white-living-room-white-living wall


Ideas-white-living-paper lamps-flowers

34 white living room living ideas for modern house

Interior design ideas for living room: designer furniture as eye-catcher

Dental Care »White teeth through natural home remedies and professional bleaching

white teeth woman-young-smile

A radiant smile and beautiful, white teeth look just great and are an important prerequisite for a self-confident appearance for both women and men. Not every one of us has the enviable white teeth of the Hollywood stars. The natural color of the teeth is different for everyone and evolves differently over time. In this article we will introduce you to various methods tooth whitening and also give useful tips on how to use natural remedies and light tricks with perfect white teeth.

dentist-zahnarztpraxis-mirror-and-white teeth

The tooth color is genetically predisposed and changes in the course of life. To a discoloration of the teeth also lead various external factors such as the dietary habits and the consumption of high-pigment foods. Such are, for example, coffee, black tea, red wine or even beetroot. With advancing age, the tooth surface becomes rougher, which facilitates the storage of the pigments. Tobacco or the intake of medications can also be a reason for the yellow teeth. Whatever the reason, white teeth leave a good first impression and make you look more sympathetic. If you feel inhibited by the discoloration of your teeth or even hide your teeth while laughing, it is definitely worthwhile consulting your dentist and brightening your teeth.

How do you get bright white teeth? – Current whitening methods


Before you perform a professional tooth whitening with the dentist or with over-the-counter remedies, both your teeth and your gums must be healthy. The most proven and safest way to whiten the teeth without any side effects for the patient has become Home whitening proved. This treatment costs between 350 € – 600 € and promises the desired whitening after about two weeks. For this, the dentist makes an impression of your dentition and makes thin plastic splints for the lower and upper jaw. Depending on the doctor’s instructions, these slides are filled with carbamide peroxide gel before application and placed in the evening. Due to the low concentration of the active ingredient, this method is very gentle on the teeth.

Kuststoff-seemed-bleaching Woman

If you just have little time and want to see the results faster, maybe that would be In-office bleaching method Also known as soft bleaching or power bleaching, the right thing for you. The treatment is performed in the dental office and usually takes two to three sessions. In contrast to home bleaching, a higher dosage of the active ingredient is used here. In addition, the gel is heated with special lamps, resulting in much faster results. After this application, there is a risk that your teeth may become sensitive to heat and cold for a few days. With the Power Bleaching you have to reckon with costs between 450 € – 700 €.

man-teeth whitening-treatment-zahnarztpraxis

Dead teeth change their color over time and become darker and darker. The Walking bleach method offers the possibility to lighten the mark and root-dead teeth. The dentist opens the upper part of the root canal and then applies the bleach. After a certain exposure time, the opening is closed again. After one week, the bleach is replaced with a fresh active ingredient. The process is then repeated two to three times. Basically, after a bleaching, your teeth stay white for up to three years. Sometimes a thorough, professional tooth cleaning perfectly made, that the teeth are white again. Teeth cleaning not only removes the discoloration and bacteria, but also protects your teeth from various dental problems. In patients who suffer from periodontitis, crowns or plastic fillings in the visible tooth area, bleaching can not be performed. In such cases, the so-called Veeners used. These are thin ceramic facets that are glued to the tooth. Although the Veeners contribute to a visual beautification, they bring with them the disadvantage that the tooth has to be sanded off beforehand.

Whiter teeth at home – less expensive alternative for light whitening

stripe discoloration-remove-woman

If you want to inexpensively achieve white teeth in a home environment, you can access other alternatives that also contribute to teeth whitening, but are not synonymous with a professional bleaching. In the drugstores, for example, you get the so-called Bleaching strips , Apply these strips to your teeth in the morning and in the evening before brushing your teeth and let them work for at least half an hour. When used correctly, the strips will actually bring the desired brightening. However, you have to allow more time each day for the morning and evening rituals.


The new trend from the US to whiten the teeth, namely the Whitening Pens , promises fast action and easy application. The pen with brush applicator makes it easy to apply a whitening gel to the tooth surface. The active ingredient Wassestoffperioxid you have to apply practically after brushing and let it act for half an hour. This means that eating, drinking or smoking is prohibited during this time. After the exposure time, the mouth is rinsed out. When buying whitening sticks, make sure that they are quality-tested.

The countless toothpaste companies are constantly promoting various Whitening toothpastes , Whiter teeth with a shimmering shine promise the special toothpastes. They completely remove discolorations caused by food and beverages, but they can not naturally whiten yellowish teeth. Basically, it can be said that the whitening toothpaste dissolves better the unwanted discolorations than the normal toothpastes. Often the teeth whitening paste costs a little more.

White teeth without bleaching – Natural remedies, tips and tricks

hausmittel-strawberry-salt-tooth whitening

Without having to invest a lot of money, you can provide whiter teeth by natural means. First and foremost, of course, is the good thorough tooth cleaning , In addition to brushing your teeth, it is best to use dental floss or an oral irrigator to remove food scraps from the hard-to-reach interdental spaces. To get beautiful, white teeth, it is advisable to consume foods that are rich in vitamin C are. Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables such as apples, for example, support dental health and promote saliva production. Salivation is a natural care of the oral cavity and a natural dentifrice. Some fruits, like the strawberries For example, they act as a natural exfoliant and are also a very tasty option to get white teeth. For the delicious teeth cleaning the strawberry is crushed and simply applied to the teeth.

oil pull-coconut-hausmittel-course

An old Ayurvedic trick, the so-called “Oil Pulling” , Should also help to whiter teeth. A sip of a normal vegetable oil is pulled through the teeth, left in the mouth for 10-15 minutes and then spit out. The oil leaves a protective film on the teeth, which keeps germs and bacteria away and thereby prevents tooth discoloration. With coconut oil you can also get white teeth. Apply the same technique as oil pulling and then brush your teeth. Coconut oil is a great alternative for those of you who find olive oil to be quite austere in flavor. Another way to bring your teeth back to life is to activated carbon , It binds dirt from the tooth surface. After just a few applications, the teeth actually get lighter, because the grains of the activated carbon scrub the discoloration. If you choose this option, you should know that the activated carbon is not suitable for long-term use. The powder drags the enamel off, which can lead to painful discomfort. In the long run, the charcoal can even roughen the tooth surface, making discoloration even easier.


Although it sounds pretty strange, can turmeric Maintain your teeth and lighten them noticeably. Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial effect thanks to the curcumin active ingredient contained in it. Although the yellow root gives the food its typical, rich, yellow color, it can help you get white teeth. A hazelnut-sized piece of turmeric root is simply chewed. If you have turmeric only as a powder at home, you can mix it with the same amount of coconut oil and apply the mixture with the toothbrush. Let it work for a few minutes and then rinse your mouth. Finally, you can brush the teeth with normal toothpaste. For even more intensive effect, you can also add some Himalayan salt.

A natural, bleaching effect also have the banana peels , They contain manganese, magnesium and potassium, which gradually make the yellowish teeth lighter. Just rub the banana peel with the inside over your teeth. Another budgetary means for white teeth is sage , This wonder drug is also used for teeth whitening, because it can make the discolored enamel significantly lighter. Chew on this regularly some fresh sage leaves. The ingredients not only bring back your radiant smile, but also strengthen the gums and provide a fresh breath. White teeth can also be obtained by using bicarbonate of soda to get. Every two weeks, for example, you can put some soda on the toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. It is important that you use a soft toothbrush and do not scrub much. After this process, avoid acidic foods to allow tooth enamel to recover.

lemon-oil rosemary-hausmittel

Another remedy from the kitchen helps to reduce discoloration on the teeth – the salt , Just mix plain, iodized salt with a little olive oil until you get a homogeneous porridge. The resulting toothpaste can replace the conventional toothpaste in the evening. Immediately after the first applications you will get your natural tooth color and your teeth will feel smoother and cleaner. Do not clean your teeth more than twice a week with salt, otherwise the tooth enamel may be damaged. A natural bleaching effect also has the lemon juice , The caustic citric acid can pollute the enamel, which is why the lemon juice can be used only twice a month for whitening teeth. Bite into a slice of lemon or rub your teeth with a little lemon juice. Rinse mouth after use and do not consume any food or drink immediately afterwards.

Luxury loft with ornate white interior design

Luxury loft-white interior design

This beautiful and breathtaking Luxury loft Located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York. What makes this beautiful luxury interior design so extraordinary and fabulous is its interior design and the history of this place. The designers of Luxury loft with ornate white interior design are UNStudio , One of the main architects made friends with an artist. Her friendship became the muse for the design of this Luxury loft with white interior design ,

The former gallery space with white interior design


The loft used to be the artist’s gallery. After deciding to turn it into an apartment, he started this project together with the architects of UNStudio. They have preserved the most important romantic and aristocratic atmosphere in the loft. The luxury loft with artful white interior design consists of two ideas. For the gallery look and for the unity of the living areas with comfortable furniture and household appliances.

Bedroom with white interior design and sliding glass doors

luxury-bedroom-glass-sliding doors

The artful interior design This New York loft can be split into two zones and one additional. The two main zones differ functionally – exhibiting and sheltering. The zones, which do not transform and renew, still preserve the old gallery spaces. Here are the books and the other art collections shown, arranged on the walls and the elegant shelves.

Luxury loft with white interior design

Luxury loft-white interior design

The flow of curved and irregular walls makes some “gaps” in an almost natural way. They are used for the specific spaces – a large living room, a beautiful bedroom and a neat but finely arranged and decorated dining room. The glass doors lend the luxury loft Artistic white interior design even more luxurious look. The added element of the decoration is the framed view from the windows – the fantastic view of the great New York City.


Home Office and beautiful views of New York


Luxury loft once gallery

Luxury loft-once-gallery

weighted-white-walls-luxury-loft loft-new-york-white-interior design

Beauty »Get white teeth – Which variants are suitable for success?

white teeth get beauty-tips-remedy-dentist

Everyone dreams of snow-white teeth. For as much as we care for our teeth, a discoloration caused by various foods from our everyday lives can not be stopped. Fortunately, there are several variations that can lighten your teeth. The tips that we would like to introduce to you in this article will explain to you how you are doing get white teeth can. From variants for white teeth with home remedies All the way to the dentist different options are listed.

Get white teeth without bleaching

white teeth get discoloration-prevention-tips-healthy-teeth

Before you get to the extreme bleaching or consult your dentist, you can try it with simple home remedies to get white teeth. This saves you a lot of money and can lead to slight discoloration of the teeth to success. Also with various articles from the drugstore you can be helped quickly. Give it a try with these white teeth tips. But keep in mind that a difference is usually not apparent after the first measure.

Get white teeth with baking soda

white teeth get baking powder teeth cleaning idea

You may have heard that baking soda is great if you want to get white teeth. The advantage is that this product is usually already present in the household and also very cheap. An alternative is also Backnatron. Since the effect is minimal, at least initially, you should not risk overdoing it. Once a week is enough. Otherwise, the baking soda could harm your teeth, which is not the goal of lightening. To get whiter teeth with baking soda, moisten the toothbrush first. These then dip into the baking powder so that all bristles are covered. Now brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth with clear water. If you are uncomfortable with the taste of the baking powder, you can also use mouthwash for this purpose.

How does the baking soda help?


The reason that you should not do the treatment too often is that the baking soda abrades the upper layer of the teeth, damaging the tooth in too short distances. By grinding the teeth, they become whiter after brushing, which usually does not last for long. Only an upper layer of the discolored tooth is removed, but the tooth itself is not lightened. After a few weeks your teeth will look like before. The surface, so the enamel becomes rougher. This, in turn, makes the teeth more susceptible to further discoloration, as they stick better to the rough ground. So if you want to get permanent white teeth, this variant is not perfect. Especially if you have a braces, this variant of the tips to avoid white teeth is to avoid. Baking soda can loosen the glue and remain under the braces. This is difficult or impossible for you to get away from there.

How do I get teeth whitened with lemon juice and salt

white-zaehne-get-lemon juice acid HARMFUL

The teeth whiter you get alternatively to the baking powder also with salt. The rules and also the dangers to the health of the teeth are the same here as with the baking powder. So you do not have to torment yourself with the salty taste, you can also mix the salt with the toothpaste. You can also get white teeth if you use lemon juice, but not in combination with the toothpaste. Keep in mind that the citric acid attacks the enamel. For this reason, this variant should be avoided if possible. If you still want to get white teeth by using lemon juice, repeat the procedure as rarely as possible. In both variants to whiten teeth, we recommend brushing the teeth as usual. This will remove any leftovers from the lemon juice, or from the salt.

A rinse with oil

Get-white-zaehne-oelspuelung-coconut oil-protection-enamel

Oil can form a protective film in the mouth, and more precisely on the teeth, which prevents discoloration by binding bacteria. Gwyneth Paltrow is supposed to use this trick. So that the whole thing does not taste quite as unpleasant, coconut oil can be used. The oil must be kept in the mouth for at least 15 minutes so that it can be pulled through the teeth and absorbed. Then just spit it out without rinsing.

Natural foods for white teeth

Clean white-zaehne get-foods-apple-zaehne--

Many people who want to get white teeth also use other foods. The apple should look very good here. While it is true that it removes the plaque and some of the bacteria on the teeth, a lightening effect can not be confirmed. Since apples are healthy, it is a good idea to regularly use them regularly to clean your teeth. But do not forget that it contains acids and sugars. As a substitute for brushing your teeth, the apple is not suitable. Strawberries whiten teeth is a myth as well. If the fruit is rubbed over the teeth, it should allegedly make the teeth whiter. But even this fruit contains natural acids, which on the contrary even attack the tooth.
It is similar with turmeric. The powder is to banish discoloration, but even that is not proven. The opinions here are divided into two. If you still want to try it, mix some powder with water and you will get a toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush as the bristles will discolour with the spice.

Get whiter teeth with products from the drugstore

white-zaehne get-Strip-bleaching-idea-to-home

Equally cost-effective, but more effective, is to use certain items from the drugstore if you want to get white teeth. These include the so-called whitening strips, as well as pens and ultrasonic toothbrushes. The strips are used twice daily and remain on the teeth for half an hour each. A success can already be seen after a few applications. With this technique, you can enjoy bright white teeth for a full six months. Equally effective are the bleaching pens. It is a gel that is applied to the teeth with a brush. The exposure time is only one minute. Some wrap the teeth additionally with aluminum foil. The ultrasonic toothbrush does not have a direct lightening effect, but rather deep cleansing. In stock Cracks in the teeth collect dirt that makes the teeth look discolored. However, the toothbrush has the ability to remove even such particles. This reveals the natural whiteness of your teeth. So it is a good addition to other remedies if you want to get white teeth. By the way, you should not use the whitening products on open tooth necks. So before you even do something against the discoloration of your teeth, a consultation with your dentist is recommended.

White teeth get to the dentist


Teeth bleaching at the dentist is the most expensive, but also the most effective option. The whitening costs amount to between 500 and 1000 euros. At the dentist, first select the right shade of tooth whitening. The gel the dentist then applies to whiten your teeth contains hydrogen peroxide. This remedy permanently brightens the teeth by allowing them to penetrate inside the teeth, releasing oxygen radicals responsible for the discoloration. Side effects are sometimes noticeable, but these are extremely mild and present for a short period. And indeed, in the treatment of the teeth water is withdrawn. This releases the canaliculi present in the tooth, which makes the teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods and other stimuli. During this time you should definitely refrain from coloring foods such as coffee, red wine or blueberries. However, this sensitivity passes after a short time, as soon as water is stored in the teeth again. In order to avoid re-staining, regular cleaning of the teeth by the dentist is recommended. Nich only get white teeth, respectively, keep by. Also caries is prevented in this way. In some cases, the costs can be covered at least in part by the health insurance. However, you should inquire about it in advance.

Use toothed rack

white-zaehne-get-rail-gel bleaching-idea-dental technicians-tip

A dental splint is used at home, but made by the dental technician on behalf of the dentist. Apply to the splint a gel, which should then act overnight, following the instructions of the dentist. The rail costs between 200 and 300 euros. In addition, the gel must also be purchased. Alternatively, rails are offered in the trade. In order to adapt these to your dentition, they are made flexible. Again, we recommend that you consult with your dentist in advance.

Red and yellow as accents in a modern, white interior in Hungary

red and yellow furniture-armchair-sloping-minimalist-furnishing

This bright and friendly apartment in the center of the city of Budapest in Hungary offers stunning views of the Danube and the Parliament building. But that’s not all that this stunning apartment has to offer. In addition to a state of the art facility and Design in white color , also include attractive accents in red and yellow to the interior design, which give the interior Pepp and liveliness. The design is from Margeza Design Studio and can be seen in the following gallery.

Red and yellow in the living room

red and yellow accent-living-room-window-front-bench-glass

Both simplicity and extravagance characterize this minimalist decor. The apartment is spread over two floors. It is therefore a maisonette. While the first floor accommodates the living room with kitchen and toilet and a guest room with en-suite bathroom, the second floor has the bedroom and an original open bathroom. Red and yellow as accents are used here and there in all rooms, creating a stylish atmosphere that, together with the simple lines and shapes of the furniture, create a perfect minimalist flair.

red and yellow sofa-canapé-white-vertical-garden-room-plant

Large windows guarantee the perfect view of the city, with a glass bench allowing you to relax by the window. Already here are yellow pieces of furniture and decorative accessories that create variety in the rooms with white walls, white tiles and white ceiling. There are also lush plantings such as the vertical garden, which forms an accent wall and guarantees a livelier atmosphere in the urban environment.

Kitchen with dining area

red and yellow kitchen-white-minimalist-decorations-white-wall-design

Red accents are again found in the dining area in the form of chairs, while in the minimalist kitchen red and yellow are combined in the form of decorations. Despite the rather small size of the living area creates a sense of spaciousness. A modern staircase leads to the second floor and is equipped with a large shelf full of colorful decorations. It leads into a kind of corridor with a small seating area that leads to the bedroom. Here, too, modern pieces of furniture decorate the rooms and create a perfect living experience for contemporaries who value the minimalist design.

red and yellow dining area-round-dining-chairs-vase-deco-modern


red-yellow-white-guest room-wardrobe-colorful-pillows-deco-houseplant

red-yellow-bathroom-mirror-wash cabinet-modern-spacious

red-yellow-stair-shelf Colorful Decorations-mirror-glass

red-yellow-house-built-in wardrobe-staircase-bin-small apartment

The second floor with accents in red and yellow


red-yellow-bedside-round-retro-flair-laminate-newspaper stands

red-yellow-bad-idea-shower-detached-bathtub-marble-accent wall

red-yellow-carpet-design-white-blue-river-plain-living accessory


red-yellow floor plan apartment-First Floor-living room-guest toilet


Design of Margeza Design Studio ,

Modern living room wall design in black and white

Wall decoration in black and white living room-strip-zigzag-seat-furniture-picture-wooden-table

The interior design in monochrome colors promises one elegant and timelessly modern look for the apartment and the house. A Wall design in black and white would give the room an extravagant touch and exotic flair and provide an individual touch. Arrange the wall above the sofa in gray or beige with several black and white pictures and photos. The result is an interesting and very personal atmosphere, which makes the restrained furniture look very different.

Wall design in black and white with artistic works and pictures

Wall design in black and white -wphnzimmer-loft-dwelling-couch-gray

Creative handmade pictures or qualitative artistic photos and posters are extremely modern and serve as a contemporary wall design. Another option would be one wallpaper with elegant pattern or stripes in black and white. This is how an optical center of the room is created and it looks cozy and lively.

Wall design in black and white with effective image over the couch

Wall decoration in black and white - living room-couch-white-world-map-decoration-idea

When a room is set up in monochrome colors, it often looks bald and impersonal. Design a wall with graphic or geometric elements and let it shine and be individual. Place beautiful family photos on the wall above the couch or on a sideboard or design high-contrast strips as an accent in the room. For this you need wall paint and suitable adhesive tape. Experiment and create creative details in your living space.

Living room design with geometric shapes

Wall decoration in black and white living room strip tv tv couch beige

Living room in the Scandinavian style

Wall decoration in black and white - living room-popart-picture-couch-gray-wood-floor-modern-youthful

Living room with black and white floor and wall design

Wall decoration in black and white - living room-glossy-extravagant-floor-pattern-sofas

Colored accent in yellow

wall design-black-white-living room-yellow-carpet-spotlight-industrial-design wallpaper wall

Large and very realistic looking image with the Golden Gate Bridge

wall design-black-white-living-bridge-realistic-modular-couch-wood floor

Creative idea with funny wall tattoo

wall design-black-white-living room wallpaper couch-wandtattoo-mustache-hat-glasses

Beautiful motifs are repeated several times in the room

wall design-black-white-living-baroque pattern wallpaper-couch-armchair-light

Wall tattoos with exotic ornaments and patterns

wall design-black-white-wall decals-mandala-ornaments-pattern-couch-cushion

Elegant wall design in black and white with rectangular frame made of wooden strips

wall design-black-white-carpet-pattern-chair-cushion-gray-tv-table

Interesting pictures become an eyecatcher in your home

wall design-black-white-living room wallpaper artistic chairs Picture Frame

Black sideboard in front of a white wall and several black and white pictures and photos

wall design-black-white-sideboard wallpaper photos-deco-Scandinavian-design

wall design-black-white-bedroom-couch wallpaper stripe fur carpet

wall design-black-white-pattern-zigzag-diamond-couch-pink pillows

wall design-black-white-leather-couch-wooden floor-brick wall-whitened-audrey-hepburn

wall design-black-white-photo wallpaper-couch-beige pillows Tv

wall design-black-white-Ballerinas-modular-couch wallpaper side tables

wall design-black-white-living-realistic tree-branch-couch-modern

wall design-black-white-beige-image-stripes-spade-gold-deco-couch

wall design-black-white-living room-fitted wardrobe-ceiling-lines-carpet-color-chair

wall design-black-white-living-stripes-corner-bedroom buecherstapel-light

wall design-black-white-living-chair-wall-print-pattern-scanning

wall design-black-white-armchair-braid-wanddeko-drawing Mural art-modern

Fashion »Boho Chic Fashion in White for the Late Summer – 61 inspirations

Boho Chic Fashion White Outfits Ethnic Top Blouse Women

The summer passes slowly and the early autumn getting closer. The days are still warm and sunny. Only in the evening you would need something to coat. Nevertheless, it is not too late for Boho Chic Fashion and if your color is white, then we have prepared something suitable for you. Just read on and take a look at the specially selected pictures in the picture gallery below. Surely you will find something appealing there for you!

Boho chic fashion in white with fringes in every shape

Boho Chic Fashion White-fringe-pocket-cardigan-street-style-modern

Boho chic Fashion just does not work without fringes. In every possible variant becomes one accessory or make a difference in your outfit. A clutch or a fancy bag made of velor or leather with many fringes are perfect. Ankle boots and sandals with or without a heel with beautiful fringes will give your look a certain hippie charm. It is important to keep the other parts of the clothing a bit simpler. So the overall picture comes over particularly stylishly.

Boho chic fashion in white with the right accessories for an individual look

Boho Chic Fashion -White-accessories-pattern-motif-motif-jewelry

The accessories play an important role in boho fashion and should not be missed. Jeans and a white T-shirt can transform you into an impressive Bohemian outfit with several long chains, rings or a beautifully embroidered belt. Ethno motifs and floral patterns are a perfect match for the casual look you seek. Experiment and assemble pieces of jewelery that have a similar shape, pattern or color. Just follow one rule: a simple outfit and effective jewelry or vice versa – subtle accessories and a more interesting clothing.

Casual jeans, knitwear and lace for boho chic fashion in white for the late summer

Boho Chic Fashion-white-lace-fringe-knit-jeans-simple

A harmonious and at the same time not at all impersonal effect can be created with the boho fashion in white, if you combine different structures of fabrics. Another option would be filigree lace parts, which in themselves are a masterpiece. These are mainly made by hand and made very precisely. That’s why they usually cost a little more, but they never go out of fashion.

Boho fashion with elegant maxi dresses in white lace

Boho Chic Fashion White Lace Maxi Dress Ornaments Romantic Transparent

Colored, varied accessories and jewelry

Boho Chic Fashion accessories-dress-bag-color-brown-colorful

Multiple rings and bracelets for the right look

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray jewelry jewelry kimono-rings Bracelets

High heels with fringes in brownish tones go perfectly with white boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-high-heels sandals-sales-hose-denim shorts

Styling for the early autumn with kimono or leather jacket

Boho-Chic Fashion White leather jacket-black kimono-shorts-accessories-capsule

White pants with a wide leg

Boho-Chic Fashion White white-long-leg-bag-accessories-hippy-top

Chic outfit with casual white dress and overknee boots

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-accessories-over-knee boots-fedora-hat

Fancy jumper, short skirt and overknee boots in black velor – street style and boho fashion

Boho-Chic Fashion White pullover-fray over knee-boots-black-street-style look

Tops, tunics and blouses in flowing fabrics for boho chic fashion in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-shell-rock-ancleboots sunglasses

Youthful look with short pleated skirt in brown imitation leather and ankle boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-rock-brown ankle-boots Teen

Off shoulder tops and dresses are particularly timely

Boho-Chic Fashion white blouse-topless-jeans-pocket-ankle-boots-black-fringed

Longer parts made of lace with a transparent effect are perfect for the end of the summer

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-shell-pointed-transparent-effect-roman sandals

Boho chic fashion for the slightly cooler season with kimono

Boho-Chic Fashion white fedora-Ankle-oots Leoprint-kimonoexotisch decorations

Casual street style look in a sporty version

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans tunka-sneakers-street-style-modern

Boho fashion with kimonos and parts in white

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-beach-look pattern-summer

Boho-Chic Fashion White lace knitting-fedora-ankle-boots-dog

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-black zigzag-angkle-boots-sunglasses-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-fray-jeans-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White coat-cream white-jeans-pants-blouse sandals

Boho Chic Fashion with Ankle or Cowboy Boots

Boho-Chic Fashion white kimono-kunterbunt-pocket-cowboy-boots-blue feather

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-ankle-boots-cowboy hat and black-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-dog-headband-sunglasses-mirror-bag Strip

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-boots-brown-ornaments-flowing-material

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-ankle-boots-brown bicycle basket

Tunic or blouse in flowing fabric with jeans for stylish boho outfit

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans topless sandals leather-brown lace headband

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-top-brown-wedge-heel-shoes-velor

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans torn-fray-boot-lace bodice

Boho-Chic Fashion white tunic jeans tulle-sandals-ethno-pearl-colored

Maxi dresses made of flowing white fabric or decorated with lace and embroidery

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-pattern sandals brown leather sunglasses

Boho-Chic Fashion white dress sleeves-long-flowing-material-roman-sandlaen

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-jeans-jacket-pointed-pearl accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White maxi-rock-net-jacket-sacrament-color-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White everyday-look lace fringe-Accessories

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-rock-parka-jacket-lassiger-look modern

Combine Roman sandals with maxi dress in white

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-fringed sandals-pocket-mirrored-glasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-roman sandals Hat

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-lace transparent-effect-boots-roman sandals-pocket-flower pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion White kleod-roman sandals-sales-black flowing-material-clutch-bag

Boho fashion in white and leather or velor jacket for early autumn

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-maxi-leather jacket-black-hat-bag-guertel

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-velor jacket-fedora-hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White velor jacket-brown-rock-patterned-paisley-chain

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-schorts-cropped jacket-pocket-sunglasses-black

Boho-Chic Fashion white black-leather-pants-Jaske-Accessories

Boho fashion with white jumpsuit

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit comfortable outfit-great-practically-strauss-hopping

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace keel heel shoes sandals-hair-styling

Boho-Chic Fashion white jumpsuit lace transparent-effect-keel Heel shoes-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pants-blouse-laessig-street-style look

Boho-Chic Fashion white shorts-pattern-ankle-boots-cowboy hat-bag

Boho-Chic Fashion Accessories White-pocket-ankle-boots-chain-pattern

Boho-Chic Fashion white pants-top-headband-colorful-pattern-headband-sunglasses-large

Boho-Chic Fashion White fray-ankle-bott-velor-brown hat-black

Boho-Chic Fashion White jeans-tunic-blouse-blue-embroidered-pocket-ethno

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-tunic-topless-Accesssoires decorations

Boho-Chic Fashion White dress-blue-accessories-mirrored sunglasses-embroidered

Boho-Chic Fashion white maxi-dress-lace romantsich-long

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace long-sleeve short-dress-romantic

Boho-Chic Fashion white lace transparent dress-ankle-boots-beach

Set up in black and white – A minimalist luxury apartment

Black and white furnishings -luxury-minimalism-living-room-modular-couch-open-fireplace-wardrobes

A certain color combination remains timeless and stylish no matter in which respect and that is black and white. If you are in Set up black and white After a renovation or remodeling of the house, make the ultimate choice. monochrome , bright nuances make rooms appear friendly and brighter. Accents and special design elements come into their own when they are contrasted with the surroundings. Objects or furniture in black become design centers and ensure the personal character of the apartment.

Set up flat and house in black and white

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-modern-living-room-modular-couch-carpet-gray-decorative-fireplace-candles

Set up in black and white and bring in contrasting accents and decorations is a successful recipe for a stylish home. Simple, white walls, black shelves and photos, clean lines and shapes are recommended by designers around the world and also put these principles into practice.

Set up in black and white and still let the room look personal

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-living-room-fireplace-fireplace-rich-contrast

A spacious luxury apartment in the old building is a great example of a modern renovation in a minimalist style without removing the typical features such as stucco, lattice window and brick wall. Architectural features have been reinterpreted in a particularly reduced way and other simple furniture and modern pieces have been added. The entire living space is divided into two levels. There are two stairs leading to it. Those that existed before the renovation were renovated and covered with gray wood. The other is located in the living room and represents a futuristic spiral staircase that looks like a contemporary sculpture.

Rebuild old apartment

Black and white furnishings-flat-attic-stair-living-room-minimalist-spotlights-roof windows

Minimalist solution for storage space and shelves with sliding doors

Black and white interior-living-room-modular-couch-central-room-kitchenette-built-in

Playing with the light

Black and white furnishings-apartment-luxury-living-room-spiral-staircase-modular-couch-fireplace-decorative-walled

View from the second floor

Black and white home-apartment-mansard-spiral staircase-living room-couch-carpet-flooring-gray

Functional and stylish in a minimalist style

black and white set-apartment-luxury-minimalist-device-folding bed-functional

Second staircase leads to the upper floor

black and white set-apartment-mansard-stair-skylight-monochrome-color

Reinterpret details and accents from the old building

black and white set-apartment-luxury mansard-skylight-old building-brick-window-conservatory

Black and white kitchen

black and white set-apartment-luxury-kitchen-spots-wooden floor-kuechentheke-stool-window

Kitchen in white with decorative accents in black

black and white set-flat-minimalist-spots-kuechentheke-stool-spots-batten down-sliding door

Everything in the kitchen stays behind discreet sliding doors

black and white set-kitchen-minimnalistisch-kuechentheke-stool-hallway floor-fitted wardrobes Sliding

Design monochrome nursery

black and white set-apartment-luxury-nursery-wooden floor-brick-dachschraege-desk

Bedroom with patio doors

black and white set-bedroom-hallway floor-to-install cabinet-curtain-spots-bedded carpet

Bedroom with wooden floor and discreet built-in wardrobe

black and white set-apartment-luxury-bedroom-built-in wardrobe spots bed pillows

Insert vintage elements

black and white set-apartment-luxury-bathroom-detached-bath-vintage-wash under cabinet minimalist

Living in blue and white – 50 modern living ideas

Living in blue and white modern minimalist design panton chair couch rectangular pictures

If you want to bring a fresh touch to your home and prefer to keep it simple, then grab cool nuances for the basic furniture or wall paint. The Living in blue and white is often chosen by contemporary designers as a means to visually enlarge spaces and make something lighter and airier. different blueness and white nuances reflect the light and would really be the best choice if you only have one light source.

Living in blue and white and kitchens with modern design

Living in blue and white -modern-open-kitchen-wood-floor-wall-decor-indirect-lighting-kitchen island-fridge

Living in blue and white is equally suitable for any style of living and if some basic rules are respected, the rooms look cozy and lively at the same time. According to the Feng Shui doctrine, this color combination conveys peace, silence, purity and wholeness. It is often encountered in nature and stands for air, wind, water, sea and purity, which is why a serene atmosphere is created. Living in blue and white suits every living room, no matter if kitchen, bathroom, hall, living or sleeping area. It would be advisable to lay in the kitchen a wooden floor or laminate with warm wood look. This is better because kitchen appliances usually have a cool surface and the space combined with the white-blue nuances could look quite cold. If you choose an intense color like azure or indigo, then choose cream white and wood with a very natural finish.

Living in blue and white – Modern design ideas for the bathroom

Living in blue and white -modern-bathroom-bathtub-glass-wall-photo-wallpaper

Living in blue and white you can even in the traditional bathroom. The timeless color combination for tiles is being reinterpreted and redesigned today. Designers use the most popular wetroom colors in a new way. A wall paint or wallpaper with beautiful, imaginative patterns decorates a wall and sets accents between sink and shower. A photo wallpaper next to the bathtub sounds probably impossible or at least impractical, but behind a glass wall, she provides a great eye-catcher while bathing. The contemporary design promises ideas for a stylish bathroom with the use of multiple finishes and materials, but subtly and with a keen eye for detail.

15 dreamlike living rooms

Living in blue and white -modern-turquoise-wood-image-lounger-carpet-used-look

Extremely calming effect is a bedroom in white-blue tones. The deep colors promote sleep, but swallow a lot of light. Our recommendation would be to paint a wall in color and get a nice duvet in the same shade. Curtains or curtains are another option for adding a little more freshness to the room. Combine with white furniture and a pleasant, discreet lighting. If your furniture looks classic or antique, put accents in turquoise close to it and underline its opulence.

Of course fresh look in the living room

Living in blue and white -modern-living-room-upholstered-armchair-corner-couch-beige-sideboard

Subtle accents and lighting for stylish living

Living in blue and white -modern-livingroom-couches-wood-floor-dark-led-lighting

Modern design

live-blue-white-modern-living room-couch-curved-form-marble floor-windows-stairs-extravagant design

Modern living room design

live-blue-white-modern-living room-design-light-industry Lamp couch-wall-floor-print

Accents of wood

live-blue-white-modern-living room carpet-pattern-counties-corner-krobleuchter-Polstermoebel-holzwand

Modern interior design in monochrome colors


Colored furniture and simple walls

live-blue-white-modern-living-daybed Tv-wooden floor-design-functional

Set accents in the room for stylish live

live-blue-white-modern-living-Scandinavian-design-side tables-bole-couch

Exotic elements

live-blue-white-modern-mosaic wall-accent-dekorav-pincushion

The colors blue and white with simple furniture and matching upholstery

live-blue-white-modern-table-pendelleuchte Chairs-pad-glass fronts-design

live-blue-white-modern-dining-vintage-classic dining table chairs wall-color-hall blue-gold

live-blue-white-modern-living room-style mix-color wall-wanddeko wallpaper photos-roman-pillar sideboard-deco

live-blue-white-modern-strandvila-blue-nautical-stripe Polstermoebel-window-vintage

Modern kitchen

live-blue-white-modern-living-crystal-chandelier-Polstermoebel-wooden floor-open-kitchen-spots

live-blue-white-modern-open-kitchen-simple-simple-dining table-glass fronts

live-blue-white-modern-open-kitchen-stairs-nut wood dining table-chairs-wood handrail-glasgelaender

live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-wood-oven and gas kitchen-indirect-lighting

live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-small-fitted kitchen-high-gloss tiles-traditional

live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-kuechenfronten-high-gloss stainless steel brushed-spots-extractor


live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-fitted kitchen-countertop-cabinet fronts-hotplate-minimalist


live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-vintage gas kitchen range-turquoise-motive-zigzag

live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-wall color-kuecheninsel-turquoise-cooker-steel-brushed-stool-rattan

live-blue-white-modern-kitchen-wintage-kuecheninsel-mozambique-pendant lights-copper

Bedroom ideas

live-blue-white-modern-bedroom bed-padded headboard-carpet-soft-wall color

live-blue-white-modern-bedroom-wood floor-parquet floor-chair-cushion-foot stool


live-blue-white-modern-bedroom-simple, minimalist-design-bedded-image-wanddeko-nightstands

live-blue-white-modern-ceiling-wall-dekoreation-image-bedded Lights

Thematic design of the nursery – From baby to youth room

live-blue-white-modern-baby-bedroom wanddeko-schaefchen-panton-chair-wooden floor-schalosie-wickeltisch


live-blue-white-modern-nursery-deco-armchair-bed-kuscheltiere carpet-soft-wardrobe

live-blue-white-modern-bedroom-bubble-chair-wooden floor-relief-headboard-wall-ceiling

live-blue-white-modern-haengesessel-bubble-chair photo wallpaper-clouds pearly-headroom-sitzecke

live-blue-white-modern-youth bedroom teenage bed-wardrobe-shelves spots carpet

live-blue-white-modern-youth bedroom teenage light-window-bedded-messy wardrobe

Design of the bathroom

live-blue-white-modern mosaic tile-turquoise-mirror wall-sink-wash bowl

live-blue-white-modern-simple-minimalist wooden floor-turquoise-bathtub-window-armature

live-blue-white-modern-bathroom-design-fish-scale-mosaic tile

live-blue-white-modern-bathroom-design-gray-basin-wood-light-room dividers

live-blue-white-modern-bathroom-mosaic tile-big-fancy-pattern

live-blue-white spots-modern-bad-loo-natural stone-wood-

live-blue-white-modern-bathroom-sized-mosaic tile-sink-armature-ceiling-colored

live-blue-white-modern-bathroom-wooden floor-bath shower enclosure-glass wall-spots-armature-vintage-dachschraege

live-blue-white-modern-bathroom-bathtub-detached-window-light-make-up chest-wall color light blue