Christmas Decorating Ideas »5 interesting window decoration ideas for Christmas

Fensterdeko Christmas garlands

Sweet and magical, with lots of light and colors – that’s what a great Christmas decoration looks like. We present you 5 Window decoration ideas for Christmas, which you can easily make and hang on the window.

Window decoration ideas for Christmas – white paper stars

Window Deco Christmas paper star tinker

If you have already thought about Christmas tree, Advent wreath or candles, you have laid the foundations of winter decoration. But have you thought about how you do that Decorate window become? Our Window decoration ideas On the one hand, they will last a long time, on the other hand they will be funny and interesting, on the other hand they will be well lit and will leave an impression on your guests. The first idea is actually very simple – cut little white snowflakes out of paper and tie them with a gap to a ribbon. Alternatively, you can combine snowflakes with bright pink colored LED lights – so that they are well lit even in the evening / inform yourself at the store in advance if there is a risk of fire.

Window decoration ideas for christmas – red christmas tree tinker

Window Deco Christmas Christmas tree paper craft

You need – a red tape, red and white hearts, stars and paper birds to cut out. Stick the tape to the window so that a Christmas tree is formed and hang the hearts, stars and birds inside of the tree / as shown on photo /. It is one of the simplest but most impressive Window decoration ideas ,

Window decoration ideas for christmas with candles and christmas lights

Lights Candle Fensterdeko

There are many Window decoration ideas for Christmas with candles and Christmas fairy lights, one of the most interesting is to place candles of different heights on the windowsill. Decorate the upper part of the window with hanging fairy lights. On the windowsill, you can still lay simple and elegant Christmas statues – porcelain deer or min-Christmas trees. Another great idea is to buy LED lights like candles and then put them on the windowsill.

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Window decoration ideas for Christmas – stars

interesting window Deco Christmas Ideas

Cut red and white stars out of adhesive foil. Prepare the main structure of the Christmas tree from red adhesive foil and stick the stars on it, so that they serve as decoration. Buy only adhesive films that are suitable for glass, and leave no marks!

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Autumn »Make beautiful window decorations in autumn yourself and design

Window decoration in the autumn -selber-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-wreath-branches-tealight-beautiful-walnut-decor

Window decoration in autumn you can do it yourself. If you are a romantic person then you will love it, some dry flowers , Hanging autumn leaves, branches and plants by the window. Natural materials can be wonderfully combined with artificial ones. The main thing is that the overall picture is finally right and the elements are matched in color.

With dry plants and flowers make beautiful window decorations in the fall and make your own

Window decoration in autumn -selber-tinkling-dry-flower-plant-roses-hanging

Dry plants and flowers for dreamlike and individual window decoration in the fall you can make it yourself, so to speak. Take some pretty flowers from bouquets that are not totally withered and let them hang with their heads down until they dry out completely. Then it is advisable to spray the dry plants with hair lacquer, so they last longer and not too fragile. The further design is up to you. Collect inspirations from our picture gallery.

Tinker window decoration in autumn with artificial flowers and leaves

Window decoration in autumn -selber-tinkling-dry-floral-plants-artificial-buy-color-form

Great flowers and plants for decoration are offered in all sorts of sizes, colors and styles in stores. They can be easily stuck with hot glue and fix and are also wonderful as a decoration for outdoor use.

Tinker with artificial autumn leaves

Window decoration in autumn-diy-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-artificially-take-apart-yellowish-orange

With orange and yellow leaves you can make a beautiful autumn decoration yourself. Simple instructions on how to make a filigree lettering and a magnificent autumnal wreath with integrated lantern itself can be found right here.

Create a wreath of autumn leaves

Window decoration in autumn -selver-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-artificially-wire-pliers-bending

Make wreath or lettering yourself


With orange autumn leaves and decorative mini-pumpkins

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter-orange-yellow-kuerbis Wreath-deco

Tinker lettering from autumn leaves


Make beautiful wall and window decoration yourself


Wreath of branches with integrated lantern


Decoration for inside and outside

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-hot glue-wired-tong

Wreath of branches decorated with artificial autumn leaves

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-tealight-flowers-deco

Wreath with autumn leaves and lantern

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-evening-light-tealight-windlicht

* DIY project by Happy Unicorns

Window decoration with natural, dried plants and flowers

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-garland-orange slices-wall color aubergine

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-glass front-roses-blueten-color

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-hang up-wall color-white-sprossenfenster-botanically

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-diy-hang up-tie

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter-hang up-garland-rod-jute string-scissors


Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-outdoor windowsill-and-white vintage chair-exfoliated-color


Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-candles-candlestick-wind lights-sideboard-vintage



Bird silhouette on the window makes glass panes bird proof

Bird silhouette window-glass-bird-window-decoration-children

Birds perceive their environment and the world fundamentally differently than humans. Many manmade objects obstruct their way. Especially in the city, but not only there are various obstacles to the flying creatures: wires, wires, wind turbines, ropes and fences. Some of them can be detected immediately in flight. On the other hand, transparent and reflective glass panels are invisible to the birds, and it is not uncommon for them to bounce against them. This usually leads to serious injury or cervical fracture to death immediately. Bird silhouette or another pattern on the windowpane works as a simple measure that makes the glass sheets bird proof and anyone can implement it.

The glass panes and the birds

Bird silhouette window-glass-bird-making-ideas

Although people have always used glass for their windows, modern architecture in recent years has made the building almost entirely of glass. The so-called glass architecture and the large-format windows look very attractive for architects, builders and homeowners and represent a special highlight. However, their transparency and reflections can endanger the wild birds, because they hardly perceive the glass surface and therefore do not recognize it as an obstacle , Current studies show that the most common cause of death among birds in Europe is just a bird strike on glass surfaces.

Bird silhouette window glass bird safe glass pane decoration

Glass alone is not only invisible, it also reflects. Transparent, clean windows can even be an obstacle for people. For example, in many conservatories and balconies or in modern commercial buildings, the problem is known when the frameless glass doors are not recognized in time and you suddenly step against it. After their habitat destruction and still confused by the traffic, many flying birds often fall into this trap. In addition, windows reflect the environment in front of them, such as trees, shrubs and the sky in certain lighting conditions. Birds do not recognize the reflection as such and fly directly towards the bright light.

There are several ways to make the glass sheets bird proof

Bird silhouette window-glass-bird-making-window-decoration

  • Dirty Windows – Probably the easiest way to reduce bird strikes on glass surfaces is to clean them rarely. The dust on the windows reduces the reflections and makes them appear more than actual surfaces. Thus, they are also recognizable as obstacles for the birds.
  • Visibility and sun protection – awnings, parasols and all decorative elements that shade the reflecting surface reduce the risk of bird strike.
  • Curtains, curtains and blinds, etc. – They do not prevent the reflections, but make the glass sheets appear less transparent and can reduce the problems a bit.
  • Fly screens – External grilles provide effective bird strike protection.
  • Bird feeders, dumplings, feeding places and the like, which attracts the birds, should by no means be attached directly to the glass panes. Unknowingly, it can end up endangering the creatures that you really want to help.
  • Window decoration of every kind but on the outside of the window – decorative materials e.g. Adhesive films, adhesive strips, stained glass and children’s paints can be used by children creatively and the birds to good ones.

Bird silhouette

window-glass-bird safe-motive-ideas bird-silhouette-

Individually mounted birds of prey silhouette in the form of window decoration or stickers is a simple and very common measure against bird strike. However, only a sticker on the window is largely ineffective. A bird silhouette is often recognized as not an enemy in itself, but as a mere obstacle, since it actually does not move. The birds will just fly close to the single motive against the glass. If you want to make the glass bird proof, a bird silhouette itself does not use anything. You have to provide the window with patterns. For this measure to be really effective, the distance between the individual motifs, regardless of their design and shape should not exceed ten centimeters.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird safe-pattern-motif-diy

Silhouettes, which are stuck to the window pane from the inside, usually have a bad effect from the outside. Due to the reflections, the stickers are not perceived from the outside. If these are glued on the outer side of the disc, they are much more visible.

Bird silhouette with sunscreen

Make-bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe stickers themselves

Often the fact is used that the birds (but not all bird species) can see in the UV range. There are commercially available special aids, as well as special glass, which reflect the short-wave sun rays and thereby make the glass surface very well recognizable to birds. Spraying with a water-insoluble sunscreen with high SPF should actually be enough. You can use a bird silhouette as a template and create a pattern invisible to humans on the glass. However, the effectiveness of this method is controversial, because not all birds can perceive the ultraviolet range.

Bird silhouette for DIY – Short instructions

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe window dressing-folie

Mostly, the glass sheets must be subsequently secured. Patterned adhesive films, which you can also design yourself, are perfect for this. The pattern or the motif is freely selectable. But it makes sense to decide on a bird silhouette and thus include the goal of window decoration. We will soon show you how to create a beautiful motif yourself.

template-print bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe

For the bird silhouette you can use a template and print it out in any size. Optionally you multiply the same motive, but only different sizes. If you want, you can paint a bird yourself. Here it is important to represent it as simplified as possible, so that a clean and clearly recognizable bird silhouette ultimately results.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe template-swallow

Now you cut with a pair of scissors, the selected motifs, namely, serve as templates later. The cut-out bird silhouettes are transferred to a thick paper or best to self-adhesive foil, if they are attached to the window glass from the outside afterwards. It certainly looks beautiful when the small and large bird silhouettes are combined with each other. The result is a nice composition and finally – a window picture, which not only ensures a good mood, but also makes the glass pane bird proof.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe idea-dig

If you have made several birds, it will certainly be creative to put a leash on the window glass and stick it to it. Washi tape or a colored adhesive tape is gladly used for this purpose. If you choose differently colored adhesive film for the bird silhouettes, a cute, timeless window decoration is created, which is also made super fast and is also ideally suited as a creative DIY project for slightly older children.

With the right window decoration you can save birds

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird safe-origami-paper

The well-known black bird of prey silhouettes have virtually no effect. But with very simple means you can protect the animals. A colored decoration that you made yourself and applied from the outside of the window usually works very well, so that the birds recognize the glass and avoid it.

bird-silhouette-window-glass-bird-safe origami template

Windows & Doors »34 ideas for curtains – window decoration, privacy and sun protection

Ideas curtains Strip blue white-

You would like to stage your walls and windows in style? Look at ours Ideas for curtains and curtains in countless designs, colors, elegant designs and pleats. The classic solution for window design has again asserted itself among modern alternatives. Why is window decoration an important factor in the harmony of a room and how does it affect our well-being, read it here.

Ideas for curtains – color trends

Ideas curtain-green color-dining room-design-ideas

You are planning a reorganization of yours soon habitats ? Do you still need a donation in the form of Ideas for curtains ? You are in the right place. The latest trends in window decoration are flowing fabrics, contrasting bold and subtle colors, cheerful patterns and chic designs. The decorative effect of a curtain determines to a considerable extent the ambience of a room.

In the interior, the well-being is now always in the foreground. Curtains and curtains contribute greatly to this, as they have a major influence on the entire interior design. Choosing the right color for your living room, bedroom or other room depends on the overall decor, as well as the flooring and wall design. Examples of different color combinations and patterns can be found below.

Ideas for curtains – which length?

Ideas curtain-modern-white-dining room design

From a practical point of view, flowing, floor-length curtains do not let the sun in and therefore do not heat up the room in the hot summer days due to sunlight. On the other hand, they store the heat in the winter and influence the room acoustics as an additional function, as flexible fabric surfaces reduce the noise. If you close the curtains in the evening, creates a pleasant room atmosphere. With transparent or opaque, patterned or plain-colored curtain fabrics, interesting effects can be achieved. Curtains can be easily exchanged. Even the easy cleaning is a positive aspect.

Sliding curtains for the modern living room

Ideas curtain-neutral-color Living

This exclusive blend of curtains and curtains is enjoying ever increasing popularity and can be perfectly integrated into modern interiors. It is attached to the left and right of the window frame, where the curtain move vertically up and down and push or pull together as needed. So you can find optimal privacy and sun protection according to your own style of furnishing. In addition, the ultra-thin sliding curtains are not only suitable for the windows, but also as wall decorations or room dividers.

Bedroom with the trendy ombre curtains

Ideas-curtain Fensterdeko bedroom ombre-blue color

If you decide on the design and color of the curtains, you can stick to the color scheme, or put an accent in the room. For simply furnished rooms, curtains are a good accent, as they can freshen up the entire interior. The popular ombre look has also prevailed in the interior design and is fully in vogue. Curtains with a gradient from dark to light immediately become an eye-catcher and contrast beautifully with a bright room.

Customize windows

window curtains Living trends 2014 colors idea curtain green

The ideas for curtains for a single room can be as much as you like and usually depend largely on your own preferences. Therefore, you can customize the window decoration in your own bedroom or living room. Always make sure that the colors used in the interior are in harmony with each other and create a successful overall picture. Do not worry about which fabric suits the curtains best.

Ideas for a new window design

modern living room with stove-window decoration ideas curtains-striped

In addition to their practical function as visual and sun protection, curtains are perfect as a window decoration. Without a curtain or an elegant curtain, the window looks bare and unfinished. But when the curtains are hung up, the whole room gets a rounded look. Here’s an example of a new window design where two-tone curtains adorn the windows. The colors used are consistent with the wall color and the rest of the decor, creating a harmonious atmosphere in the living room.

Luxurious curtains for corner windows

draped curtains-beautifully heavy floor-length furniture shabby-chis

One thing is certain for curtains: it can be used to set beautiful accents in any interior. Floor-length curtains made of opaque material are considered to be particularly luxurious and enhance the interior design immediately. They can be tied in a variety of ways to turn the window into a highlight. Various accessories can be used for this, such as tiebacks, Raffarme and elegant fabric ribbons with or without tassels. These accessories should fit well with the design of the curtains and should not be too noticeable.

White tightly draped curtains look puristic

translucent curtains bedroom design design ideas

When it comes to curtains, white is a timeless variant. It suits every interior and furnishing style and combines both light and dark colors. The draped white curtains look noble and puristic and are always a good idea for translucent curtains. However, they are usually not completely opaque and are best combined with a second denser curtain.

Curtains in lively colors

Sun yellow home ideas in the bedroom beach style color scheme

For a playful effect in the interior, ideas for curtains in vivid colors are perfect. This sets beautiful accents in the room that positively influence the whole ambience. Bright colors such as green, yellow or orange combine wonderfully with neutral tones and create a very special interior design. Curtains with more than one color also look very decorative and are a great complement to the interior.

Ideas for curtains for round windows

Ideas like the summer feeling at home conjure up filigree curtains

The ideas for curtains are numerous and can be easily adapted to any window shape and size. The curtain rods often play a role as well and can contribute to the design. Especially with wooden poles and elements, a natural touch is given to the interior, which fits in perfectly with a country house. For modern apartments, ideas for curtains are recommended, whose poles are mounted on the ceiling and have a clean design.

Beautiful floor length curtains

Ideas for Curtains Drapes Living Room Furniture Rugs

The curtains are an important design element of any interior and always contribute to the overall interior design. Take a look at our ideas and find inspiration for your own living area.

Contrasting colors

Armchair Floor-length Gadinen color trends Home design

Trendy floral pattern

Upholstered chairs Dining room furniture ideas Chandelier curtains

Striped eclectic curtains

Modern Living Room Pattern Animal Pattern Ideas for Curtain Designs

Curtains with lively designs

trendy curtains curtains pattern modern home office

Curtains complemented with floor-length scarves

Veranda with pool deck exotic ambience outdoor curtains white

sunshade Opaque curtains-yellow bedroom window design

light white curtains-in bedroom-layers ideas

furnish home-office ideas-furniture gloss white-work-table-curtains

Dining room ideas pastel shades insert interior design

curtains geometric pattern fabric curtains black and white

modern curtain ideas Nursery design decoration

window curtains ideas bedroom furnishings-panoramic windows decoration

Mediterranean design patio ideas curtains-patterned furniture terrace stone floor

ideas set up nursery bedding ideas midcentury curtains white

ideas linen fabric modern-curtains decorate idea-entrance area

Patterned Curtain Country Style Bedroom Design Rustic Curtains

Nursery maids room set up ideas pink red curtains

green azure blue curtains drapes idea beach style bedroom

window design draped curtain ideas window decoration orange

colorful design ideas for curtains chandelier effects

Curtains with side-length scarfs seating group blue-green

Christmas decoration ideas »Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas


Christmas is a wonderful time that includes beautiful decorations around your home. One place you should not miss is your windows. The beautiful window decoration for Christmas welcomes your guests and strangers who can see them from the street. It’s also nice to come home after a long day at work and see the decorated windows that look cozy. Christmas window decorations are a great way to put a smile on your face.

Window decoration for Christmas – Christmas candles and fairy lights

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas-candles-and-hanging-tree ornaments

• Nothing can brighten a window like a row of Christmas candles. Arrange them on the windowsill and arrange them with fir branches, nuts or Christmas balls. The balls will magically reflect the light in the room. Hang fairy lights on the windows for a sculpted appearance.

Window decoration for Christmas – wreaths


Decorate the outside of the windows with Christmas wreaths. Buy finished wreaths or decorate plain wreaths with bows and ornaments. The color and style of the wreath should compliment the outside of your home or business. Put one in the middle of each window with a small nail in the window post (vertical piece of wood in the middle). If your window is not broken into slices with a jamb, place the nail in the top of the window frame and hang the wreath above the top of the window.

Window decoration in the kitchen


• Snowflakes made of paper are easy to craft and will sparkle beautifully on a window if they are decorated with glitter glue. Tie them to threads in different lengths so that the snowflakes hang on different planes. Attach the thread to the area above the window glass, either on the wall or the pane, so that the rest of the tape does not remain when you remove the decorations.

Christmas tree made of balls

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas Artificial Christmas Tree-of-balls

Gift wrapping – beautiful and original ideas

Paint window pictures
• If you are artistically inclined, choose washable colors for Christmas window decorations. Paint snowy landscapes, Christmas trees with gifts, gingerbread men, candy canes or other Christmas scenes that come to mind. Alternatively, simply use artificial spray snow.

Small wreaths easy to make yourself

craft ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas wreaths

Small Christmas trees by the window

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas candles Small Trees

shining stars


Little tree in the ball

Fensterdeko-to-Christmas Christmas Ball Small-sapling-in there

decorated candle holders


Three candles arrangement

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas three-candles-arrangement

Window stickers

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas window-stickers

beamed poinsettia

poinsettia for Christmas-Scandinavian-great-ideas-Fensterdeko-

Arrangement in silver



ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas lantern

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas Red Lanterns

Deco on the window

ideas-Fensterdeko-to-Christmas advent calendar-bedroom

Fensterdeko-to-Christmas craft ideas

20 summer window decoration ideas – planting and gardening planter

summer window flowers petunia purple yellow white blossom

We give you 20 ideas for Summer window Decoration – and give you tips and inspiration on how you can plant flower box.

Summer window with flowers – planting flower box

summer window elegant design klinkerstein façade pink blueten ragwort

From the beginning of May, the time begins, where you with flower boxes the balcony can decorate, or one Summer window Can prepare decoration. You can opt for flower boxes of wood, plastic or metal. A flower box with double bottom is the cheapest option – so you can water the plants from the side. In this case, you do not need to place a drill coating in the box. Clay vessels are also a cheap option that makes irrigation easier. For all other vessels and boxes you should first lay a three-layer coating on the ground and only then lay soil and plant.

Summer window – Popular flower species

summer window green white plant roof decoration idea

Which are the best plants and flowers for the balcony and Summer window Deco? Geraniums and hanging petunias are absolute classics, but also alegria, roses and different herbs and exotic plants such as Indian mint can be considered. Bunter Gundermann can provide privacy over time, and dangling flowers such as violets can captivate your guests during the summer days. Even lilies of the valley are very suitable for the flower box at the window. Summer flowers will create a happy mood. Hydrangeas and fuchsias are perfect for balconies or windows. Opt for hanging flowers that will create volume. In many gardener shops one sells ready mix for sowing on the terrace – sorted by flower types or colors.

Boxwood for the window

summer window metal flower box black boxwood plant

Summer geraniums in a rustic flower box

summer window flower box rustic stoecke deko geranien rosa graeser

Flower pots at window fix

French balcony flower pots window decoration ceramic metal

White Petunias – popular summer flowers

creative window decoration flower box drenaigeschicht

Fix the flower box to the railing – decoration idea for the balcony

purple white flowers flower box balcony decoration

Violets – dewy flowers in the flower box

fresh flowers plant railing trellis

Violets at the window

Flower box plastic window decoration ideas violets

Funnel Flower is easy to care for and beautiful

Cup flowers bell funnel flower decoration window

Sun-loving evergreen plants

evergreen flowers window deco evergreen plants

Spring and summer flowers by the window

Petunia natural stone facade flower box

Romantic petunia in pink and white color

Plastic flower box pink white flowers

Happy summer window decoration – with sunflowers

Sunflowers window decoration ideas

Plastic planter with metal frame

plant white petunia summer flower box

To embellish windows with flower boxes

colorful flower box window decoration flowers

Tulips purple color lily of the valley yellow narcissus

Window Flowers Summer Petunia Violets Roses Petunias

vintage summer window deco ideas lilies of the valley plants

Gray natural stone wall & concrete for a modern house with window fronts

natural stone wall room-design-concrete-deck-deck-chairs-chaise longue-carpet

Modern houses can be varied. Here, natural and artificial materials can be wonderfully combined. The example also creates a mix of materials that creates a unique and modern interior that much dreams of. A special feature is the Natural stone wall that is found everywhere in the house. If you are curious, you can look at the house designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales in the following gallery.

Natural stone wall inside and outside

Natural stone wall living room-sitting-area-wood-furniture-concrete-staircase

The natural stone wall has a gray color. For this reason, the combination of natural stones for wall is gray concrete very well done. In addition to the stone wall, concrete also plays a leading role. The modern material not only adorns the floor and stairs, but also the ceiling in the board pattern and the modern kitchen island.

Natural stone wall and window fronts

natural stone wall living area-view-garden-mountains-sitting-area

Those walls that are not made of natural stone are again large windows that not only allow much light to penetrate into the monochrome interior of the house, but also allows a breathtaking view of the mountains and the beautiful garden. The mix of materials is not just natural stone wall, concrete and glass guaranteed.

Stone wall in the living room

natural stone wall simple-furnishing-dark-wood-furniture-round-dining-table

In addition, there are also attractive dark wood furniture, which gives the house a certain exotic flair, while the natural stone wall radiates rustic charm. The stone wall look adapts wonderfully to the nature that surrounds the house, making it less of a contrast in the midst of nature. Incidentally, stones of irregular shape were used for the natural stone wall.

Modern bedroom design

natural stone wall bedroom-orange-pink-furnishing-white-bed-concrete-floor-gray

Not only in the living room is the stone wall to find. Just as the natural stone wall in the living room creates a pleasant atmosphere, so does it in the bedroom. Instead of dark furniture, white was chosen for this room, which was also combined with beautiful colors such as pink, orange and coral. The natural stone wall is supplemented by concrete for a half-height wall, floor and stairs.

Covered terrace

natural stone-wall-interior-coffee table-side table-korbstuhl-roof sloping

The natural stone wall is also combined with those for outdoor use. So you will find a wall of natural stone on this covered terrace again, which was very simply furnished with a wooden table and two rocking chairs. In the natural stone wall is also a door that leads into the interior of the house.

Natural stone wall and original architecture

natural stone-wall-minimalist-house-design-inclined-walls

The stone wall inside is the same as that which forms the facade of the house. In this way, the natural look of the house already catches the eye outside. Nevertheless, the house has an original and modern architecture, in which it is not uncommon for the natural stone wall to run diagonally. Add to that the interesting sloping roof, which was designed with a concrete slab in board look.

Minimalist facade

natural stone-wall-eingangsbereich-glass door-black window frame-modern

The natural stone wall is combined with window and door frames in black. The black color is also found in the steel beams in the interior, as well as in some textiles and upholstery. The combination of black and gray creates a stylish and elegant interior, enhanced by the simple retro furniture.

Minimalist garden

natural stone-wall-terrace-idea-rustic-modern-soil-concrete-ceiling

Simple and stylish is the garden that surrounds the entire house. In addition to a few trees and shrubs, only a green lawn adorns the outdoor area. So the garden design does not distract unnecessarily from the natural environment. The natural stone wall represents a wonderful background for garden design.

Open terrace

natural stone-wall-facade-modern-house-design-fensterfront

In front of the large window front is also a large terrace without roofing. The substrate is gravel. In addition to a seating area consisting of table and chairs, you will also find a modern fire bowl on the terrace, designed to make the cool evenings in the mountains warmer and more comfortable. In terms of color, the terrace also adapts to the gray natural stone wall.

Stone wall for the Bauhaus

natural stone-wall-Bauhaus large-window-minimalist-garden-flat roof

All in all, the house with natural stone wall, concrete, glass, wood and metal is a very successful design, which is sure to find almost everyone impressive and attractive. It is a great alternative to the classic wooden mountain hut without losing its natural look. A great design for those who like the modern architecture and the modern style of furnishing!

Design of Cadaval & Solà-Morales ,

Easter & Spring »Window decoration to make Easter yourself – Hanging vases from egg shells

Window decoration for Easter eggshell-vase-hanging-window-flower-bouquet

In spring, nature begins a new life. For more spring mood you can use our Window decoration for Easter make your own. So the festive days are much more colorful and happy. With blown eggs can always be great Make Easter decorations and very easily the Easter eggs transform into mini vases for beautiful spring flowers.

Window decoration for Easter – materials

Window decoration for Easter Easter-tinkering-fizzy-eggs-cups-colorful-ribbon-flowers-tulips-sage-asters

All you need for this Easter decoration is: colored ribbons, flowers, scissors, glue and some clean, blown eggs (You can remove the tips like a soft-boiled egg). Do not worry if the edge is not straight, the flowers cover it up anyway.

Making window decorations for Easter yourself – step by step instructions

Window decoration for Easter easter decor-tinkering-blown-egg-shell-colorful ribbon

You can use a cotton band in any color you want. First, measure the distance from the top of the window to the desired height where the minivase should hang. Double that length and cut a piece off the tape.

Fensterdeko-easter-colorful-band scissors

Apply a strip of glue along the egg. After that put the egg on the middle of the ribbon and press lightly. To make sure the glue sticks to both sides, you can cross the two ends of the tape over the top of the ice. Let the glue dry for a few hours.

Fensterdeko-easter-garnishment-tinker-colorful-band blew out-eggshell

Take the flowers in your hand and tie a small posy. Cut off the stems so that they have one of the minivas appropriate length. Tulips, pussy willow, cherry blossoms, asters and sage were used for this project.


Put the bouquet in the egg and pour in a little water with a small pot.

Fensterdeko-easter eggshell vase-garnishment-pot-tulip-astern

You can repeat the process, choosing other flower combinations as you wish. The original vases look great both with a colorful combination of different flowers in different shades, as well as with a single flower. Only a single tulip with the green leaves cuts a fine figure and brings a touch of spring in your apartment.

Fensterdeko-easter eggshell vases-garnishment-tulip-asters-sage-colored-baender

This window decoration for Easter can be easily transformed – for example, you can cut shorter ribbons and use the vases as a table decoration or gift for Easter. Place several tiny vases in an egg carton side by side to create a unified overall picture. The egg carton is a creative base for the self-made masterpieces. If you want to give away the vases, the egg carton is also a gift idea as a creative idea.

Fensterdeko-easter-garnishment-eggshell vases-flowers-bouquet-tulips-asters-sage

Another idea – you can tie the two ends of the tape and fasten them to the window with a tear purpose.

Fensterdeko-easter Pendant-eggshell vases-window-flowers-tulips-asters-sage

Make sure the minivas always contain fresh water.

Fensterdeko-easter-garnishment-eggshell vases-asters-tulip-sage

The finished posy is waiting for a sunny place at the window.

Fensterdeko-easter eggshell vase-flower-bouquet

The eggshell vase for window decoration for Easter to tinker itself is easy and fast


Arrange the tiny vases to your heart’s content

Fensterdeko-easter-egg shells and white flower-tulip-pink-sand-egg-carton-table

Create a unique table decoration from egg shells

Fensterdeko-easter eggshell vases-hanging-tree-flowers-pink-yellow-rope

Panoramic window to highlight – Here is the view the attraction

Panoramic window to the highlight -city-city-apartment-white-chic

Light-flooded rooms with a generous cut and great views are certainly a dream of many homeowners. The visual impression for open and airy areas is achieved by the large windows. Anyone who wants to transform the feeling of tightness and unity begins Panoramic window to the highlight in a modern ambience. We put 20 outstanding Examples from architect houses before, where is provided for the feel-good atmosphere.

Panoramic window as a highlight in the modern city apartment

Panoramic window to the highlight evening-view-city-living-noble

The large-format glass surface that the panoramic windows have is usually divided into a few parts or not at all. Some designs even serve as external or partition walls and thus allow the high incidence of light. Panoramic windows are a highlight, especially in the very hot currently open space planning, without visually delimiting the rooms.

Panoramic window to the highlight in the townhouse

Panoramic window to the highlight -modern-house-pool-bright-dining area

An old Victorian house has been renovated, reconstructed and designed so that all common areas are housed in an open plan living area. The focal point of the modern living concept of Canny Design is the natural light. Thanks to the panoramic windows all rooms benefit from it and you can enjoy from inside the gray-blue tiles laid pool.

Panoramic window to the highlight in the villa on the river coast

Panoramic window to the highlight -meer-outlook-terrace-oval

A modern house built in Australia on the river coast, benefits maximally from its special location. Towards the river, a curved glass façade offers a direct view of the other side. The panoramic windows can be moved and thus completely abolished, so you can enjoy the beautiful view.

Panoramic window to highlight and more light

Panoramic window to the highlight -minimalist-patio door-garden-living room-gray

Belzberg architects have designed a luxurious home complex – 1232 Sunset Plaza, which sits on the hillside above West Hollywood and offers beautiful views of greenery, palm trees and rooftops. The immediate view ensure panoramic windows aimed at the adjoining garden or pool.

Panoramic window to the highlight in the bedroom

Panoramic window to the highlight -house-bedroom-terrace-wood-flooring-patio doors

The beautiful garden with tropical plants and a beautiful wooden deck can be enjoyed from the bed in the bedroom. But only if you replace the opaque outer walls with panoramic windows. As inspiration we take Casa Mecano from Robles Arquitectos.

Villa on the ocean coast with panoramic windows a highlight in every room

Panoramic window to the highlight -ocean-outlook-terrace-inifnity-pool

An apartment in Cape Town, South Africa realizes all dreams for exotic luxury holidays. In the immediate vicinity of the ocean, where the waves break, you can enjoy the beautiful nature in peace from the inside, on the wooden deck or in the Inifity Pool. The project belongs to Antoni Associates.

Modern, open planning with glass walls and panoramic windows as a highlight

bay window-highlight-ocean-outlook-fireplace-reading corner-bath

If you have the ocean or the sea at the door, it is simply wasteful not to enjoy the view by any means. Panoramic windows are not a real highlight if the view they present is not really breathtaking. * Nettleton 195 House by Antoni Associates

House designed in white – panoramic windows to highlight and direct access to the terrace

bay window-highlight-modern-house-white-wood patio-terrace doors

An architect house – Casa 115, designed by Miquel Lacomba in Mallorca, is designed on several levels and furnished in a modern beach house style. The interior shines in white and accents set light blue living accessories, as well as the outdoor area separated only by a glass surface.

Panoramic windows along the entire living room invites you to linger

bay window-highlight-house-sea-gearten-beach-lighting

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset by the sea? Panoramic windows along the house side facing the coast offers this breathtaking view every day and from every room. The contemporary luxury house Carpinteria Foothills Residence is a project of Neumann Mendro Adrulaitis Architects.

Inifinty pool and panoramic windows to highlight

bay window-highlight-modern-house-infinity-pool-lighting

A daybed vm infinity pool edible at any time is a realized dream designed by the homeowners of Casa Torcida in Costa Rica by SPG Architects. The panoramic windows make the outdoor area look closer and more tangible, completely eliminating the boundary between inside and outside. Inside you can feel the breeze and the sunshine.

Open planning and a lot of glass in the modern house on the lake – panorama window as a highlight

bay window-highlight-sea view-open-planning-glass railing

Panoramic windows are not only a highlight in the modern interior design, they are purely functional and very practical in line with the open planning and reduced Einrichtungsstil.Glas is multi-faceted and undeniably belongs to contemporary interior design.

Modern designed dining area – designer furniture Panorama windows as a highlight

bay window-highlight Lookout Mountains-modern-dining area-table

A lake house in Crystal Bay, Nevada, USA, is favored by the breathtaking nature of the area. Mountains meet water and the beautiful view you can enjoy while boarding. The elegantly furnished dining room is designed as a glass observation deck by Mark Dziewluski Architekten.

Panoramic window to the highlight and great view of the coast from the bedroom

bay window-highlight-sea-coast-villa-outlook-bedroom

Bedroom with views of the Pacific Ocean coast is just gorgeous. Fouregon architects have designed a beach house in which, however, the bedroom is in the picture. Through the panoramic windows you can see from 76 meters height how the waves break in the rocks.

House in the mountains in a modern country house style with panoramic windows as a highlight

bay window-highlight-mountains-outlook-country style-natural-stone-wall tiling

Panorama safes are not only suitable for regions favored by warm climates, but also for mountainous regions where temperatures are relatively low throughout the year. However, a very high quality triple glazing is required so that the energy efficiency is right. The charming mountain villa Lower Foxtail Residence by Reid Smith Architects and Len Cotsovolos is an excellent example of a cozy and at the same time very modern interior.

House in the forest with infinity pool on the terrace and panoramic windows to highlight

bay window-highlight-forest-infinity-pool-terrace wood-wood deck

Cozy from home looking at the dying nature that is reflected in the water surface of the pool is just gorgeous. Designed in the forest of Maryland, USA, designed by architect Robert Gurney, this house can inspire and exemplify how architecture and nature merge.

Room-high patio doors – panoramic windows to highlight and direct access to the garden

bay window-highlight-living room-garden-light-gray-furniture

With panorama windows, one sets on generosity – the space is optically further, the ceiling higher. In addition, the panoramic windows are either floor to ceiling or installed at a height of 1m – 1,20m. The first variant is usually still functional as a patio door and thus usable as an exit.

Go straight from the dining area to the outside

bay window-highlight-dining area and white-terrace-garden-house

With sliding function or not, a panoramic window is additional positive aspect that leads to the outside. Especially at ground level buildings, a window wall expands the interior space to the outside.

Creating more light in the living room – panoramic windows as a highlight

bay window-highlight-open-space planning-living room-garden

Due to the large dimensions, a panoramic window should meet special architectural requirements. Claims in the area of ​​thermal insulation and safety can lead to higher acquisition costs. The particularly high incidence of natural light and the view are decisive reasons not to miss this highlight in the house. if ideally positioned, the glass surface could affect the space heating and use the friction effect of the glass.

Furnishings in Scandinavian style and panoramic windows as a highlight

bay window-highlight-skaninavischer-style-reading corner-hell-chair

Large glass area means for some exposure to prying eyes. Through tinted glasses, blinds or even a sensible planting can avoid this incident.

Windows & Doors »Glass sliding doors and window fronts give a view – dream home in the USA

Sliding glass windows fronts modern interior design

An absolute dream home in the US is currently being sold for $ 17 million. The modern building is located in a fine neighborhood in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New York. The beautiful location and the stylish façade hide a cozy interior. The builders have been generous in the new investing – from the precious marble floor, over the wood-clad walls, to custom-made furniture – the decor is pure luxury. The absolute highlight in the house is definitely the facade design – the generous Sliding glass doors and windows – Fronts provide a distant view into the beautiful surroundings.

Sliding glass doors and windows – fronts provide plenty of sunlight in the rooms

Sliding glass windows fronts dream home garden design ideas

The four-storey building offers everything you would expect from a luxurious new development – over more than 1370 square meters of living space, a spacious living area with kitchen and dining area, several living rooms, 4 bedrooms, the amazing 10 bathrooms. The building overlooks the nearby ocean. The Floor-to-ceiling tall sliding glass doors and windows – Fronts fulfill two important functions – on the one hand you can admire the fantastic view to the garden and pool, on the other hand you can let plenty of sunlight into the rooms. No wonder even the bathroom is glazed. Incidentally, the glass fronts also play an important role in façade design – glass loosens up the rigor of the concrete elements.

Sliding glass doors and windows – expansive glass fronts and skylights

Sliding glass doors windows living room living ideas wood fronts

Even if all the other rooms offer the beautiful view of the area, the small library remains our absolutely favorite room. The skylight and the suspended ceiling are real eye-catchers.

Comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace

Sliding glass doors window living room set up wooden floor marble walls

Cozy sitting area in the living room – Leather sofa in XXL format

Sliding glass doors Window Carpeting Leather Corner sofa Living landscape

Living room with upholstered furniture and large dining area

Sliding glass doors Windows Living room marble floor upholstered furniture

Living room with a cozy interior – one wall is covered in leather

Sliding glass doors windows dining room dining space design ideas

Stylish hallway design – suspended ceiling with LED lighting

Sliding glass window corridor design suspended ceiling ideas

The ground floor is seamlessly connected to the garden through large glass doors

Sliding glass window bathroom glass marble clad bathtub

The bedroom opens to the beautiful landscape

Sliding glass window bedroom design ideas bedding leather headboard

Balcony collar lays in the bedroom

Sliding glass windows window glass fronts ideas

Sliding glass windows Living room Sand color Marble Floor

Sliding glass window bathroom glass marble clad bathtub

Sliding glass windows fronts facade concrete glass elements

Sliding glass windows fronts concrete paving stones lawn area

Glass sliding doors Windows Fronts Gazebo Garden path Natural stone

Sliding glass windows fronts pool stone slabs terrace

Sliding glass windows fronts facade balconies garden pool

Sliding glass windows fronts lawn trees garden design

Sliding glass windows fronts dream house facade design