Wohntrends 2014- the white living room wall creates a modern ambience

modern wall unit white color photos decorative pieces carpet

The white wall unit is also in 2014 in vogue. The minimalist color and the glossy surfaces create a modern ambience. The simple design of the handleless cabinets and the clean lines of the shelves radiate timeless elegance.

The white living wall – successful combination of distinctive sense of style and unconditional modernity

Bookcases cabinets storage system mirror door

The white wall unit has established itself successfully over the years as a timeless trend of living. Also in 2014, it enjoys increasing popularity. The functional piece of furniture combines minimalist elegance with precise functionality. The manufacturers offer more and more often the opportunity to design the living room according to their own needs. This makes it easy to combine wall shelves, drawers and cupboard systems. The areas for video and sound systems are traditionally the focal point of the living room wall. Above the TV, the wall shelves are hung while compact cabinets are screwed to the wall on the left and right. Integrated colored LED lights put the design perfectly in scene.

The white living room wall is also very much in trend in 2014

Cabinets handleless original deco elements leather sofa

So that the living room is not too cold and sterile, the designers combine the white wall unit more and more often with wooden cabinets. The warm wood color integrates perfectly into the modern home design and gives the room a cozy look. Pictures, photos and small statues on the shelves add a personal touch. Stylish also see two-tone wall units off – the red color is a minimalist classic. But also grass green or even pink can be set as accents. As an inspiration, we have included the collections of two renowned Italian manufacturers. Cucine Lube is a popular kitchen manufacturer that has recently expanded its multi-facetted wall-to-wall product range. TUMIDEI is an Italian company that was popularized for their stylish and space saving furniture.

The collection of Tumidei

Bookshelves TV cabinet Living room set up

Everyone can design their living room wall themselves

Wall unit shelves photos living room set up

Wood gives the design a cozy look

Wall unit white high gloss look Wohntrends 2014

TV wall in Scandinavian style

decorate living trend 2014 integrated LED lighting

Stylish combination of white bookshelves and wooden TV cabinet

Drawers wood elements photos books storage space

High gloss fronts and handleless cupboard doors in a minimalist style

Wall unit white purple wallpaper beanbag living room

The TV is hidden behind sliding door

white wall light floor lamp pink carpet

High gloss and matt surfaces create a charming contrast

Wall unit high gloss TV cabinet wooden shelves

The collection of Cucine Lube

white gray integrated lighting LED lights

plan to set up modern design high gloss

Stylish design Ideas Photos Handleless Cabinets

modern wall unit kitchen built-in lighting television cabinet

Glossy surface bookshelves drawers table lamp

Vases Books Audrey Hepburn Living Trends 2014

Wohntrends 2013 – trendy wall paint and living decoration in turquoise and green

living trends 2013 turquoise-design-wardrobe-vase-branches-décor

One of the most interesting Living trends 2013 is the turquoise blue color in the interior. Its high adaptability to different furnishing styles and color combinations offer numerous possibilities for decoration. Bring a happy mood and a romantic touch from the Mediterranean region at home!

Wohntrends 2013 – Turquoise wall paint

living trends 2013 living room-turquoise-accent-white-wall-mounted-sofa-carpet

The color turquoise looks exotic and cheerful – that’s because of its great appeal and maybe that’s why it belongs to the Living trends 2013 , In any case, you should rather use the paint sparingly – you can paint one wall in turquoise and leave the others white. Small rooms will look bigger when you paint the walls with white-and-blue horizontal stripes. Hang a mirror over the turquoise wall – and it will bring out the design again. Azure blue blanket can be combined with a sky bed. In the bathroom you can combine blue and turquoise, so that in the end a relaxed the atmosphere arises. You can paint a baby room in turquoise – this color has a calming effect and is gentle on the eyes compared to bold colors.

Living trends 2013 – turquoise home decor ideas

residential trends-2013 light blue curtain-blueten-pattern carpet

Anyone who does not dare to paint a whole wall in turquoise, or to put wallpapers in turquoise, can opt for turquoise home decor. Turquoise duvet and curtains in the bedroom, paintings and a pendant lamp in turquoise color in the dining room, or new upholstery for the sofa in turquoise color. The golden rule applies – the accent color should be present everywhere in the same hue. A cozy bench with turquoise pillows will make the kitchen comfortable.

Green sideboard

residential trends-2013-sideboard-modern minimalist green-attractive-typewriter

Another great idea is to decorate the kitchen back wall with turquoise mosaic tiles. Sometimes simple and very small accents are enough – green-blue vase on the table, or dishes in turquoise color can set accents. Refresh old pieces of furniture by painting them in the fresh turquoise blue color. The ideas below will give you an overview of the Living trends 2013 create.

Green wall color

living trends 2013 green-wall-color-living-dining-area-red-shelves

Bedroom in classic style

Bedroom decorating ideas ceiling

Green accents in the white bedroom

Bedroom turquoise color

Bedroom with interesting color combination

Bedroom furnishing ideas 2013

Decorate small apartment – colors

Wohndeko Ideen Wohntrends 2013

White-blue living room

turquoise blue home accessories

Dining room in green-blue

azure turquoise color dining room

Blue kitchen cabinets

turquoise blue green kitchen design

Small kitchen – decorating ideas

Bench green kitchen

Green kitchen back wall

modern turquoise kitchen back wall

sweet Baby room in trendy colors

Baby room wall paint blue

Youth room in azure blue

Teenager room turquoise wall paint

Dressing table in combination with interesting wallpaper

Dressing table interior design ideas

Bathroom design ideas in vintage style

Bathroom design blue-green decor

Blue accents

green blue dresser Wohndeko 2013

green living room living ideas decoration

Bedroom decor Sky bed

turquoise living room living trends 2013

Wellness & Spa »Wohntrends 2013 – Wellness bath at home – Relaxation for the senses

Tropical oasis bath-spa

The physical well-being positively affects the brain and memory, improves sleep and has a positive effect on the psyche. Everyone would like to relax in their own home. Thanks to the latest technology, everyone can enjoy a spa today Wellness bath set up at home and completely equipped. Wellness at home is an alternative for all people who want to recover from everyday life and have no time or money for a complex wellness holiday.

Spa and Wellness Bath at home is excellent way for relaxation

Home Spa bath whirl-tub fireplace decoration

Modern or classic, exotic or minimalist, the possibilities for spa and wellness facilities are varied and numerous. We present some remarkable designs to help you plan a spa and Wellness bath to be able to inspire at home.

Bedroom Decorations – Spa and Wellness Bath at Home

Bedroom Sauna installation Wood paneling-modern furnishings

Would you like to relax and pamper your senses – try Spa Wellness bath at home. Half an hour in a steam bath is good for the immune system and provides new energy. Aromatic fragrances and harmonious colors are said to have a positive effect on both health and general well-being.

Design trends for a spa bath – trendy wall design and lighting

Living ideas modern house spa wellness bathroom interior design

Depending on the size of the room, different spa furniture can be designed. Massage table, jet shower, Jaccuzi, hydromassage, whirlpool, bathtub and sauna belong to the traditional Wellness bath Facility , If you live in a larger house, you could even opt for an indoor pool or Turkish bath.

Bathroom with whirlpool and beautiful lighting – great design

Whirlpool bath bathroom spa design spa

Exquisite decor in Bordeaux and Violet – trendy ideas for bathrooms

Create Spa Wellness Relax Zone at home

Exquisite decor in white and green – Home spa and wellness

Bathroom Green Furnishings Sauna Cabin Wellness Bath

Design home trends – a cozy Wellness bath at home

Spa bathroom tub shower stall exquisite-furnishing trends

Relaxation bath: how to switch off properly

Sauna spa wellness home-modern living trends design

Strengthen body and soul – Wellness trends – sauna at home

Sauna Kabin Cantilever Home Spa Design

Relax in the sauna at home

Spa Sauna Kabin infrared modern design ideas

Gemstone therapy or aromatherapy

Home spa set up tub massage table

Indoor pool – ideas for eye-catching modern furnishings

Indoor pool Spa Wellness Modern bathroom design