Modern wooden bookcases -Private exhibition on the living room wall

trendy bookcases living room variants collection design inspirational

The Wooden bookcases are practical and aesthetic storage furniture for the living room. Your private exhibition of books will be very good at the modern day shelves displayed. We present a few attractive ideas that you can implement to add a classic, urban or romantic touch to your bookshelves.

The wooden bookshelves – popular pieces of furniture in the living room

living bookshelves wood modern proposals interiors design urbanistic

Your book collection can be displayed with the right furniture. You need a high quality piece of furniture where you can store your books for a long time. The latest models bookcases give you the opportunity to bring aesthetics and elegance into the living room. rustic Wooden bookcases You can use it as a decoration accent living room put. If a shelf does not stand out, use light wood for it. But you can also choose wooden shelves in dark colors that stand in stylish contrast with the bright wall paint, and thus make your private exhibition on the living room wall more attractive.

More storage space for things – wooden bookcases in trendy styles

livingroom bookshelves trendy ideas design color scale vielvalt interior

You have put your whole Bücker collection in order and you have left room on the bookshelf? You can use the extra space on the shelf for decorations. Our suggestion: massive Wooden bookcases fit well for larger living rooms. Of course, you can separate each part of a modular shelving system to create a playful bookshelf system for the living room. These furniture characterized by a flexible design and can be integrated into the urban, classic, or rural-romantic style. Make your private book collection clearly visible from all sides!

Practical design of the living room

living room bookshelves wood modern drawers cabinets design proposals

The living room is an eye-catcher with aesthetic decorations

living room trendy suggestions interior design style library interior

Extensive storage space and private exhibition of books on the living room wall

living room trendy wardrobes bookshelves wood proposals interior design interiors

Decor in dark colors with bookshelf wall

living room bookshelves modern interior design interior ideas decor stylish

Strong contrast accents in eclectic style

color accents living room bookshelves modern design ideas drawers

Solid wood furniture completes the minimalist interior -22 wooden benches

Garden bench suite Solid wood side table Pedra model

A maximum of comfort and security for inside and outside, however, offer Solid wood furniture , Rustic wooden benches are not only up to date. They come into their own on a minimalistic background. Their specific coloring, grain and texture completes the overall picture. Wooden benches made of heavy high quality solid wood from Rotsen Furniture are available in a traditional design as well as in a modern design. With the bench, a coffee table, side table and a few stools you can quickly create a cozy sitting area in the garden, on the terrace or inside.

Solid wood furniture in exclusive look

Luxury Bank Brazilian-Itaúba Wooden Bench-Rotsen Furniture

Made by skilled craftsmen, provided with striking stainless steel inserts, the Rotsen Solid wood furniture are real eye-catchers in every living space. The seating material used is solid and textured old wood, Brazilian peroba, elm, mango, oak, cherry, black walnut and other woods that give a more natural look.

Rustic solid wood furniture for inside and outside

Solid Wood Walnut Bench Acrylic Frame Rotsen Furniture Furniture

After appropriate surface treatment with oil, the Solid wood furniture weather-resistant, easy-care and shiny. They are often combined with aluminum elements, powder-coated steel, glass or Plexiglas contemporary look.

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Handmade wooden bench designer metal foot L Bench

The exclusive wooden benches blend harmoniously into the living landscape of leather furniture and metal chairs. These match equally well with seating areas in country house style. Rotsen Furniture produces furniture that can be compared to works of art and is distinguished by its specific, clear, modern aesthetics.

Benches made of different types of wood crafted by hand

Garden furniture Benches Tamburil-Mango Oak-Black Walnut steel construction

Multifunctional garden bench solid wood

Bank recycled solid wood multifunctional model modern

Salvaged from hardwood bench

Garden bench solid wood Pinus log model modern Cachepôt Bank with Opening for sexy flowerpots or magazines

Bench wood solid garden furniture Indoor cachepot

Solid wood bench for garden and terrace

Modern Benchdesign Macico-Bench Rotsen-Furniture- oiled surface easy to clean
Onda bench in recycled walnut and tamburil wood

Walnut wood garden furniture bench Onda grain

Onda in dark brown finish

Onda garden bench-modern elm walnut-wood texture

Wooden bench in reddish-brown color warms up the room

Rustic garden bench-Contemporary design-Massive wood oil Solid wood furniture creates modern material and color contrasts

Metal leg design garden bench Constellation solid wood furniture

Wooden garden bench with metal frame

Stainless Steel Metal Solid Wood Bench Garden Design Mango Wood Handmade

Retalho bench made of different types of wood

Rustic garden bench Retalho Rotsen-Furniture Design

Rustic garden bench “Bridge”

Rustic Garden Patio Furniture Bench Dark Solid Wood Bridge Model

“Fazenda” impresses with modern bench design

Rustic garden wooden bench fazenda oil treatment finish

Designer Bank “Pedra”

Designer solid wood seat Pedra seat Outdoor furniture

“Tanumbuca” bench in a rustic look

Bench rectangular Tanumbuca wood massive modern

“Tatajuba” old wood bench

Tatajuba wooden bench oil treatment-rustic design

Handmade rustic bench

Eco-furniture garden bench-Imbúia wood-metal frame

Recycled wood furniture by Rotsen Furniture

Indoor Bench Design Rustic-Durable Solid Wood Furniture

Designer wooden furniture by Joyau enhance the interior

designer wooden furniture armchair cocoon raw upholstery white comfort

The Designer furniture made of wood by Andre Joyau are undoubtedly among those pieces of furniture that should not be missing in any institution. Even the first example, the Cocoon armchairs, impress with their design and transform every interior into a unique living area. The wood is unworked both on the outside and on the inside, which makes the armchair get their charm. For seat comfort again guarantee the seat cushions. The other designer wooden furniture is by no means less impressive. Take a closer look at this article!

Designer wooden furniture – Cocoon armchair

designer furniture made of wood andre joyau cocoon chair armrest

Designer wooden furniture – The Bascule chair

designer furniture wooden chair bascule angora fur sheep metal legs black

As impressive as Cocoon is the bascule chair. It is also made of wood while the chair legs are made of metal and represent two rings. The seat seems uncomfortable at first glance, which is not the case at all. Not only the shape of the seat contributes to this, but also the fur of Angora, which gives a feeling of luxury. Bascule is a dreamlike example of designer wooden furniture.

Wooden coffee tables

designer furniture wood lotus leaf imprint white table top

Everyone has their own charm under the coffee tables of designer wooden furniture by Andre Joyau. While the Lotus Leaf Table impresses with its simple, straight shapes and the tabletop with a leaf print, the Double Form Table shows how wonderfully two round wooden panels can be combined. In another coffee table, the cross section of the wood serves as a usable area and consists of several, juxtaposed blocks of wood.

Designer coffee table Double form

designer wooden furniture double shape wooden discs coffee table idea

End grain for furniture

designer furniture wood end grain tabletop sofatisch legs

Designer wooden furniture – benches

designer furniture wood bench kyukei blue color metal legs interior idea

If you like color accents in your interior, the Kyukei bench is the best choice for designer wooden furniture. It has an attractive, blue color and yet exudes naturalness thanks to the untreated wood. Likewise unprocessed is the Futatsu bench, which impresses with its shape, as it is slightly curved.

Designer bench Futatsu

designer furniture wood bench futatsu arch shape painted modern rustic

Design of Andre Joyau ,

Architecture »Wooden house with modern design conveys sustainable thinking

house wood with modern design facade street view

This modern one House made of wood is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was built by the architectural studio Altius Architectire designed. The house has been built and furnished in a minimalist style and the wood is the main material for indoor and outdoor use. The property is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto and has peaceful and pleasant surroundings. The project has a modern home with sustainable design aiming to ensure comfort and quiet atmosphere.

The wooden house was built efficiently and sustainably to save costs

house wood with modern design roof window dining room

The House made of wood was built entirely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Spatial planning and interior design have been deliberately designed to optimally use the position of the sun during all seasons. The window setting allows natural ventilation and cooling during the summer and the Sunbeams secure more light and warmth in winter. In this way, the heating costs are significantly reduced. Efficient LED lighting helps to keep electricity costs low.

Wooden house with minimalist decor and welcoming atmosphere

house wood with modern design dining table marble look

The foundation of the house was built of bricks, so that the building to the general appearance fits in the district. The rest of the facade was covered with wood. In the interior, the wood was also quite abundantly used and mainly the cedar wood. Although that House made of wood This material gives the interior a feeling of warmth and coziness. It creates an inviting atmosphere that is in perfect harmony with the quiet surroundings in the neighborhood.

Cozy dining room with a simple design

wooden house with modern design wall covering wood

Roof window secures natural light

house wood with modern design window ceiling

Kitchen counter in marble look

wooden house with modern design kitchen worktop

Cedar wood is the main material in the kitchen

house wood with modern design interior decoration wood

minimalist decor in the living room

wooden house with modern design minimalist interior

Wooden stairs

wooden house with modern design staircase wood

Massive railing made of cedar wood

house wood with modern design railing wood

Simple bathroom in white

house wood with modern design bathroom in white

Architectural plan of the house

house wood modern design gundstücksplan

Ground plan of the ground floor

house wood with modern design ground floor

Plan from the upper floor

wooden house with modern design upstairs

Floor plan front

house wood with modern design floor plan

Floor plan backside

House wood with modern design facade

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Architecture »Wooden house with modern design serves as a retreat in the middle of the forest

Modern wooden house in the forest stairs

This modern one House made of wood was from the architecture studio combine designed and located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia The house spreads over 247.11 sq.m. and was built in 2012.

The modern wooden house – location and exterior design

modern wood house forest design

Despite the modern design, that is House made of wood on a slope in the middle of the forest and gives a sense of relaxation and tranquility. In front of the house is a huge meadow and behind it the forest stretches. No direct path leads to this building which reinforces the feeling of private space even more.

The wooden house was tuned with the landscape features

Modern wood house forest removed

Exactly the natural conditions are the reason that the House made of wood after North west is directed. The house design follows the landscape surface and separates the living and sleeping area in an unobtrusive way.

Spatial planning and interior design

modern wood house forest fireplace

The interior design of the house is characterized by large open spaces. The House made of wood has no corridors and all rooms can be reached from ground level. The roof design has been carefully designed so that the sunshine in the morning can illuminate the entrance, the bathroom and the living room. The facade with wood paneling makes this modern building look natural in this forest landscape.

Modern living room with sliding glass doors

modern wooden house in the forest living room

minimalist kitchen in white

modern wood house forest kitchen

Facade with wood paneling

modern wood house forest exterior

The modern villa at night

Modern wooden house in the forest at night

View from the outside in the evening

modern wood house forest facade

A house with geometric shapes

modern wood house forest kombinat

The architectural plan of the house

modern wood house forest architecture plan

minimalist wooden house on Lake Zurich with a simple interior

Modern garden design and wooden facade for a house in Brazil

Modern garden design -holzfassade-roofing-shade-trees-plants-wood-floor-lawn-bloeten

Modern garden design and architecture flow into each other and create dreamlike living landscapes. Social and private areas are separated and considered equally. A great example is an architect’s house in Brazil , which is placed in the middle of the property and has a front yard and back yard. Exotic plants surround the building and cast a dense shadow on the entrance area as well as on the garden.

Modern garden design – wooden elements on the facade and in the courtyard

Modern garden design - wood facade-lawn-trees-wood-floor-open-seating-shadow

From the garden, only open, large-scale rooms and areas can be seen. As you enter the garden, you are surrounded by climbing plants, palm trees and ferns. Behind the wood facade Visible from the street, a magnificent vertical garden grows. It stands between the glass fronts of the interiors and the street, between the private area and the social environment. This modern design brings a naturally fresh flair to everyday life, as you wake up, as a refreshment in the morning or while working on the Workplace Surrounded by green climbing plants along the entire window.

Modern garden design and wooden facade with different exotic plant species

Modern garden design - wood facade-lawn-palm-trees-wood-floor-pool-lie

In the courtyard, the contemporary outdoor area serves as a cheerful lounge area with pool area and lawn for leisure activities. At the swimming pool, a wooden floor was laid as an extension to the wooden facade. Under a massive canopy is a living area with seating and a dining area in the shade. Different exotic and tropical plant species provide shade in the summer days and add variety to the garden.

Wooden facade at the entrance

Modern garden design - wood facade-house-entrance-stairs-lawn-bushes

Exotic plants, grass and big trees

Modern garden design - wood facade-house-stairs-entrance-tree-street

Design with front yard and backyard

Modern garden design - wood facade-fern-lawn-palm-tree-ivy-entrance

Big tree at the entrance in the front yard

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-house-stairs-rush-street-entrance-bodendecker

Small shady terrace

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-creeper-palm-groundcover-window-house-terrace

Narrow terrace at the entrance under the shade of exotic climbing plants

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-creeper-terrace chairs-terrassentueren-curtain-palm-ferns

Exotic plants for a unique ambience

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-outdoor plants-palms-race Canopy seating

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-SITZMOEBEL-mallet-sitting Canopy open

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-couch-and-white cushion-wood-frame-pillows-colorful-window wall

Exotic plants such as palm trees, ferns and blossom trees create a relaxing atmosphere

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-wphnzimmer-light-daylight-SITZMOEBEL-pad-white-flowers-plant

Plants are also found inside

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-dining table-pendelleuchte-panton-chair-and-white image

From every interior you can see the attractive design of the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-bedroom-window wall bed pillows-chair Lookout

Study with a large window wall and a fresh touch

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-buero-workplace-office chair-window-plant-green-lamp-table

Bathroom overlooking the garden

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-glass fronts-bathroom-mirror-washbasin-vese-armature-white

Plan and floor plan of the house

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-plan-floorplan-house-raeume-uebersicht

modern-gartengestaltung-wood facade-floor plan-plan-basement-uebersicht

* a project by Felipe & Alexandre Bueno

Windows & Doors »3D wooden elements on vertical bars as a room divider or sunshade

3D wood elements privacy glass sunshade

The sunscreen for windows is not just for the hot daylight saving time a very important topic. Some products are also a great option for creative design. Stylish and functional, for example, is the sunshade made of wood, which optimally integrates into any interior and sets beautiful accents. The 3D wooden elements that we would like to present to you in today’s article, are an attractive and contemporary alternative to the wooden blinds and wooden slats. They are designed by the talented American designer Elish Warlop. With her creations she tries to interpret the paradox between silence and movement.

3D wood elements in rhombic design as a privacy screen

3d wood-elements-face protection-glass front-modern

The 3D wooden elements in rhombic design are attached to vertical steel cables. Each bar can also be rotated so that you can direct the daylight in the desired direction. The designer was inspired by the concept of tiling, where different tiles share edge points and can create a flat layer together. So the construction can also serve in the evening as opaque privacy. They are ideal for shielding large glass fronts, as shown in the example.

3d wood-elements-diamond-shape-turned-vertical-rope rods

The 3D wood elements look very stylish and not only because of their shape. They are made of high-quality walnut wood, which is characterized by a pleasant dark wood tone. The color varies from dark brown to dark brown tones. The visual antipole to the solid wood material is formed by filigree but hard steel cables. The composition of wood and steel gives each room a dynamic and warming look.

3D wooden elements on vertical steel bars as a room divider

3d wood-elements-room dividers-decorative-rope rods

The wood-steel construction is ideal not only as a visual and sun protection, but can also be used as a room divider. Depending on the rotation angle, the 3D wooden elements can separate or connect spaces. The design fits in a country house as well as in a modern apartment. Combined with a yellow-green sofa and floor tiles in taupe creates a particularly harmonious ambience. See for yourself.

3d wood-elements-room dividers-flooring-tiles

3d wood-elements-steel bars-room divider

3d wood-elements-vertical-steel bars-living room

3d wood-elements-walnut wood-grained design

Source: Elish Warlop Design Studio

Pergola & Gazebo »Wooden pergola with curtains – 50 ideas for privacy in the garden

Wood pergola-curtains-evening-sunset-light-chains-garden-furniture-upholstery-white

The wood pergola with curtains is a beautiful element in garden design and will Mediterranean Bring flair to the outdoor area. It can be described as a decorative accent, which also has a functional benefit. The pergola is a relatively low-cost variant for privacy and sun protection, which you can easily mount or suspend yourself if a construction is available. Curtains in light color look very stylish and absorb no additional heat. They are easy to maintain and easy to take off and stow in winter.

Wooden pergola with curtains for airy shade in the hot days

Wooden pergola-curtain-modern-roof-terrace-plank-floor-kitchen-dining-area-lie

Similar to the normal interior curtains, there are different designs and sizes that can be easily attached to the construction of a wooden pergola. This accessory will turn your garden into a romantic corner. In addition, the curtains protect against the unwanted glances of neighbors or passers-by, without hindering the fresh air draft. So you can relax and enjoy the summer evenings in your garden with full privacy.

Wooden pergola with curtains and matching decoration to the dream garden

Wooden pergola-curtains-maritime-white-blue-stained-glass-chairs-white-metal-table-solid wood-deco

Thanks to the curtains, the wooden pergola is redefined and can be redesigned in other colors. If you’re a colorful guy who also cares about decorating, then the best way to bring a fresh touch to the outdoors is now. So the pergola will look very individual. Pick a suitable theme for the garden decoration and get the right accessories. And do not forget that you can do many things yourself, especially when it comes to outdoor areas. Textiles and upholstery in matching colors to the curtains create a beautiful harmonious overall picture. A carpet under the table in the garden is particularly topical and is no longer taboo. Experiment and reshape your wooden pergola with curtains and garden decor!

Pergola with curtains as a decorative element for special occasions

Wood pergola-curtains-beach-wedding-stool-cover-sea-romantic-sand

Privacy in the outdoor area

Wood pergola-curtain-water-channel-gravel-deco-palm-plant

White curtains are stylish and elegant

Wood pergola-white-dining-table-chairs-garden-lawn-trees-beautiful

Bring beautiful design elements in bright colors in the garden or on the terrace

Wooden pergola-curtains-white-daybed-bed-juteseil-garden-furniture-pillows-stools-accents-yellow

White fabric for Mediterranean flair

Wooden pergola-curtains-white-wood-construction-garden-furniture-fence-view-garden-gravel

White fabrics by the pool

wood pergola-curtains-white-pool-privacy-weather-fence-schoen

Garden furniture made of rattan or solid wood

wood pergola-curtains-white-rattan-cushion-plant-turf carpet-cozy-deco

Cozy sitting area

wood pergola-curtains-brick-sitting area-seat cushion-pad pillow-beige-schaukelstuehle Canopy

Roofing for sociable evenings in the garden

wood pergola-curtains-tiles-wood construction-garden furniture-shadow privacy

Romantic bed swing with wooden structures and white curtains

wood pergola-curtains-bank rocking-cushion mat-rush-bushes-wooden structure-garden

wood pergola-curtains-triangular-yellow substance-holzstuehle-rush-bushes

wood pergola-curtains-dark candle lanterns-aufgehaenget carpet-garden furniture-metal

wood pergola-curtains-foundation-geranium-pflanzenkuebel-hearth-evening-lichterkette

wood pergola-curtains-garden-barbecue-flowers-plant-material-striped-window-garden furniture

wood pergola-curtains-garden design-pronged natural stone-sityecke-pad-red pillow-flowers

wood pergola-curtains-garden furniture-klappstuehle-kunststoffrattan-plant-fresh dishes Candles

wood pergola-curtains-garden-lawn-yet-deco-plant-gravel-pflanzenkuebel-Gartendeko-SITZMOEBEL

wood pergola-curtains-garden-lawn-cypress-plant-material-schalosie

wood pergola-curtains-garden-face protection-garden furniture-carpet-parasol-foundation

wood pergola-curtains-cozy-garden furniture-plant-baeume-carpet-white-blue

wood pergola-curtains-gross-SITZMOEBEL-black-pad-tobacco color-wooden floor-haengeleuchten-fence-face protection

wood pergola-curtains-green-bank rocking-terrace-table-flowers-deco

wood pergola-curtains-green-garden furniture-metal-iron-rush-shadow privacy

wood pergola-curtains-hanging bed-daybed-wooden structure-lounge-Uralub

wood pergola-curtains-behind garden-lawn-house-fence-stairs-garden furniture

wood pergola-curtains-wooden floor-wood construction-garden furniture-kunststoffrattan-black-upholstered cushion beige-face protection

wood pergola-curtains-wooden structure-column natural stone-concrete-hearth-seating-dining area

wood pergola-curtains-wooden structure, white and daybed pillows-pflanzenkuebel-orange-plant-flowers

schoenholz-pergola-curtains-infinity-pool-bali-palms-exotic-plants travel vacation

wood pergola-curtains-infinity-pool-exotic palm-vacation-relax

wood pergola-curtains-kaminofen-flowers-couch-metal-white-lavender-holzbalken-vintage

wood pergola-curtains-natural-stone-wall-wood construction and dark-couch-armchair-iron-rattan

wood pergola-curtains-privacy gartenmobele-iron-poster-ceiling-green-lichterkette-deco

wood pergola-curtains-rattan-pad-weuss-table-lichterkette pillows

wood pergola-curtains-shadow-garden furniture-metal construction grill-cypress-gravel-rush

wood pergola-curtains-beautiful-Aublick-natural-lawn-kunststoffrattan-moebel-pad-beige-baeume

wood pergola-curtains-black-beige-üeberdachung-pillar hammock

wood pergola-curtains-swimming pool-house-brick-lawn-garden furniture-kunststoffrttan

wood pergola-curtains-face protection privacy-garden furniture-metal kunststoffrattan-cushion-concrete-foundation

wood pergola-curtains-sofa-cushion-cushion-cream white-foundation-plant-baeume-exotic

wood pergola-curtains-material-striped-terrace-garden furniture-holzgelaender

wood pergola-curtains-material-lueftig-beige-sun-protection-wooden structure gelaender-garden-shadow

wood pergola-curtains-white-black-hallway floor-garden furniture-metal pillow-beige-carpet pflanzenkuebel

wood pergola-curtains-white-sun-shade-bench-ski-racing-house-gray

Making large wooden planters yourself – 47 DIY ideas

Planter made of wood -large-large-flowers-plants-variant-lawn-outdoor-outdoor

Raised beds or large Planter made of wood You can find it in the garden department for a certain price. With a bit of manual skill, some free time and wood remnants, you can also build something beautiful yourself and design it according to your personal taste. Wooden slats, boards or crates can be transformed into practical planters. An old barrel is also suitable for this purpose. A lot of tools are not needed for this. A hammer, nails, a cordless screwdriver and possibly a hand saw, if the wood is not already cut into matching pieces, is all you need. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. Gather ideas and great examples of large wooden planters in the outdoor area.

Build raised beds or large planters made of wood yourself

Planter made of wood - gravel-lavender-raised bed-garden-outdoor

If you want to grow ornamental plants in your garden or on the balcony, wooden planters could be used effectively for this purpose. Make wood remnants of a medium-sized raised bed, a small vertical garden or a spice garden from a Euro pallet. These and other cool ideas follow in the photo gallery.

Making large wooden planters yourself – Great DIY ideas and tips

Planters made of wood -diy-materials-deco-easy-stick-wood-slats

Building planters made of wood itself does not have to be complicated. In the following we show you how easy a great piece of jewelery for the outdoor area can be. The materials needed for the tubs are found in almost every apartment. This DIY project is most suitable for balconies or terraces that are covered. The bucket should not be exposed to direct moisture.

Necessary materials:

– Moving box – as free as possible of fonts or stamps

– solid copper wire

– Wooden slats or boards – the length should correspond to the side of the box

– solid plastic bag

– Hot glue

Planter made of wood with copper frame for terrace or balcony build yourself

Wooden planter -diy-decorative-wood-lath-flower-copper-feet-frame

Look for a moving box of the desired size so that the finished wooden planter will look good in its later place. Use the plastic bag to carefully cover the inside of the box. This ensures a long-lasting hold. After the inside is done, we continue with the outside. Arrange the wooden slats or boards horizontally and fix them with hot glue. The base made of copper wire form with the help of a pair of pliers and fasten it at the four lower corners. For safety’s sake, you can attach an additional, fifth foot in the middle of the carton bottom. The last step is to pick a suitable plant that fits in the box and is not too heavy for the tinkered construction. Note that this planter made of wood should be used decorative and is not weatherproof.

Craft decorative wooden planters

Wooden planter -diy-decorative-plant-fungus-plant-copper-feet-decoration

* a DIY project of Designer trapped

Build a wooden box yourself with a hammer and nails

Wooden planter -diy-gross-hammer-holzlatten-nail-garden-artisanal

Anyone who has opted for plant pots made of the natural material wood can benefit from several advantages. The material can be colored according to your own taste and can also be edited as often as you like, resulting in ever new designs. If you want to redesign your garden, you can create a whole new atmosphere in the outdoor area with a simple coat of paint. Wooden planters create a unified overall picture on the balcony or in your garden and can set stylish accents depending on the shape and color scheme.

Quite simply you can put together a box of wooden slats

Wooden planter -large wooden box-wooden slats-decorative-easy-yourself-build

If you want to create a true eye-catcher in your garden, you can, for example, make a planter from a wooden box yourself. If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can build a stable wooden box of wooden boards yourself. For the necessary stability, the boards should be at least two inches thick. You are also welcome to use corner timbers to fix the boards. Leave the corner timbers a bit longer, so that your planter is not standing directly on the ground and receiving feet.

Build a vintage planter made of wood yourself from old wooden boards with exfoliated paint

Make-pflanzkuebel-wood-old-wood slats-exfoliated-color-jute string-outdoor himself

You will also need a base plate for the wooden box, into which you can drill drain holes. A wood sealant will protect the wood from wind and weather. Various oils, as well as biological glazes provide the necessary protection. You can treat the planter with linen oil, for example. Linen oil is also very suitable for regular care. It makes the bucket look like new again. The Pflanzenkübel get after oiling a brown color. So that the wooden box is also protected from the inside by the irrigation water, you can cover the inside with pond foil, whose bottom you provide with drip holes.

Make a rectangular flower pot from different wooden boards

pflanzkuebel-wood-waste wood-boxwood-wood slats-arrangement-different

Of course you can plant any stable box. A drawer from the unusable, old dresser can also be converted into a planter. When you are ready and planting is over, you can choose the plants. In order for them to feel comfortable in the tub, they must have very similar demands on water, light and soil. For example, if you always want fresh herbs on hand, a herbal bed is right for you. There are also many other combinations possible. Whether wildflowers, sunflowers or geraniums – they all look good in the wooden box.

Paint wooden planter white

pflanzkuebel-wood-fern-white-beautiful-paving-brick wall-idea-white

A planter can also be made from europallets. You can hang this flower box outdoors or lean it against the wall and fasten it. First saw off the lower part of the pallet and smooth the edges with coarse sandpaper. If you want to hang the flower box on the balcony, you can drill holes in the above projecting boards and thread a solid rope.

Use a larger barrel as a spice garden on the balcony

pflanzkuebel-wood-barrel spices-balcony-outdoor-garden-terrace-idee

In the next step, you can place the euro pallet vertically and put a garbage bag in the pallet. Fix it with a hand tacker. There you will fill the potting soil later. Now you just have to close the lower part of the planter. Cut some pallet boards for the bottom of the box and nail them down. Now you can become really creative and dedicated to the decoration.

Wooden planter with vintage flair – Flowering wooden barrel


Large planters can be shaped in any shape. Whether round, rectangular or square depends on your personal preferences. Combinations of flower boxes in different shapes also look great. The wooden planters can also be combined with other materials. Wood wooden tubs are particularly effective when combined with others made of concrete or stainless steel. Great effects can be achieved by placing planters of different materials next to each other or creating a mixed design. Wooden tubs with a stainless steel frame look elegant and modern.

Wooden boxes instead of planters made of wood


Planters made of wood can be very durable if you get some care. After several rain showers, dry the tubs so that the home-made flower box can beautify your garden for a longer time. Persistent moisture can damage even the best wood. It is also important that the planter is not in the wet. A bottom ring with plastic feet can keep the moisture away.

Small vegetable garden in the bed of wooden boards

pflanzkuebel-wood-garden-lawn-raised bed-tomato-plant-planting table

pflanzkuebel-wood-garden-face protection-thecke stool-plastic-transparent-garden-holzboden

pflanzkuebel-wood-garden-terrace-geranium-flowers-plant-wood slats-wood floor

pflanzkuebel-wood-pflanzgefaess-raised bed-bench-one construction-outdoor practice

pflanzkuebel-wood-reddish backstenwand-cypress-roof terrace-wood floor

pflanzkuebel-wood-raised bed-table-bench-gravel-outdoor garetn

pflanzkuebel wood raised bed-under window gardening plants Flower arranging

Pflanzkuebel-build-wooden-high beets-floors-with-windows-garden-outdoor himself

pflanzkuebel-wood-gewuerzgarten-raised bed-own-build-idee


pflanzkuebel-wood-gewuerzgarten-thyme-basil-mintze-outdoor garden

pflanzkuebel wood gewuerzgarten-vertical-garden soil-outdoor-euro pallet

pflanzkuebel-wood-vertical-garden-pflanzgefaesse-garden-raised bed-dreetagen


pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-barrel-real wood-rustic country house-outdoor-vintage-paving

pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-raised bed-strawberry flowers-outdoor garden

pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-raised bed-outdoor giesskanne-pflanzengefaesse

pflanzkuebel-wood-gross-gravel-wood slats wood-reste-plant-earth

pflanzkuebel-wood-high beets-arrange-plant-green-outdoor garden

pflanzkuebel wood raised bed-vertical-garden-spices basil mintze

pflanzkuebel-wood-raised bed turf-wall-led-plaster-floor-garden-

pflanzkuebel-wood-wood residues -outdoor- pflanzgefaess-raised bed-industrial-design

pflanzkuebel-wood-wood-easy-wood residues-flowers-daisy-marigold-garden


pflanzkuebel-wood-wooden box-yourself-build-metals-plug-lawn-garden-concrete-idea-construction

Wood-lath-roll-push-garden-otdoor-plant-poured pflanzkuebel-wood

pflanzkuebel-wood-small-garden-salad-breed-stamp-wood laths

pflanzkuebel-wood-pflanzgefaess-outdoor terrace-balcony-stamped Idea

pflanzkuebel-wood-juteseil-high fern-brick wall-doorstep-outdoor

pflanzkuebel-wood-cases-lawn-garden-outdoor iron chair

pflanzkuebel-wood-plaster-holzkiste Flower-garden-pond less than or outdoor

Pflanzkuebel-build-wooden-lawn-garden-plant-flowers-wood slats-yourself

pflanzkuebel-wood-beautiful-diy-wood slats-raised bed-holzkiste-lawn-garden

pflanzkuebel-wood-wall-mounting-outdoor wooden boxes Flowers-white-

pflanzkuebel-wood-bamboo wooden crates-outdoor-garden-earth-path

pflanzkuebel-wood-floral-wood slats-unprocessed-easy-yourself-build


Balcony »Balcony Wooden Tiles – 50 Stylish Outdoor Ideas

Balcony tiles made of wood roofing-gartenmoebel-pflanzen-schoner-view-nature-ikea

Creating a cozy and quiet atmosphere in the outdoor area of ​​your own home is a dream of many. A great idea would be on the Balcony tiles made of wood to relocate and thus make it stylish. There are special features in the different versions, some tips and tricks that you have to take into account when trying to get the best results. Here you find 50 Outdoor Examples of balcony tiles of all kinds of wood, as well as some advice, as far as the care and arrangement is concerned. And do not forget the most important of all – you should like it!

Balcony tiled wood and green plants for a casual breakfast alfresco

Balcony tiles made of wood folding-chairs-red-vintage-table-plants-metalgelaender

The balcony tiles made of wood are generally laid in two variants – parallel or in checkerboard pattern. The elements are very easy to put together and in a short time large areas are covered. A prerequisite for best results is firm and level ground. The best are concrete , Ceramic tiles or asphalt. If necessary, the parts can be disassembled so that the flooring can be plastered underneath. Once a year, the floor tiles made of wood can be rescoated, so that the surface does not lose its original color and durability. Our tip: The wood weathers when it is exposed to jamming. Do not lay the wooden elements directly on the lawn carpet if you want to combine wooden balcony tiles for a more natural look with artificial turf. For the purpose a solid base is needed. When laying in the immediate vicinity of lawn, you should definitely lay a root fleece.

Balcony tiles made of wood – assembly and wood species

Balcony tiles made of wood-sitzmoebel-outdoor-cushions-brown-city-apartment-candles-lanterns

If you inform yourself before buying about the different types of wood and their properties, pay attention to the FSC seal. Only marked wood material guarantees a controlled and legal origin. Asian woods are very moisture resistant. Nevertheless, they are actually tropical species and often come from primeval forests. A suitable native material for balcony tiles made of wood is the larch and if properly laid with adequate ventilation, this species can last up to 100 years. Optional elements of acacia or softwood are available. There are also many commercially available products made from wood and plastics composites. They are particularly easy to clean, insensitive to the weather and can hardly be distinguished from real wood or offer a different modern and interesting color scheme.

Tiles without fixed mounting

Balcony tiles made of wood-mounting-fastener-concrete-floor-outdoor-idea

Balcony tiles made of wood do not require mounting on solid ground. They can be sawn as needed with a fine hand saw to adjust to the desired position. Otherwise you do not need any other tools or tools for laying. As a result, different patterns and arrangements can be achieved. Wooden tiles are usually square cut and can be laid to your own taste. They vary in their strength and size and therefore in their price. In the timber trade species are found for around two euros per piece (for example, in Ikea – Runnen), while others are available for 25 euros per piece.

A wooden floor and wonderful plants and flowers for a good mood


Tiles made of wood and lawn carpet

Balcony tiles made of wood -mountains-lawn-turf-carpet-outdoor-gruen

Wood and concrete or ceramic combine

Balcony Tiles made of wood -metallgelaender-roof-terrace-combination-concrete-benches-plant-flowers

Design a lounge area with wood

Balcony tiles wooden -chairs-terrace-relax-outdoor-outdoor-ideas

Assemble different arrangements

Balcony tiles made of wood -small-handy-metal-winged-terrace-white

Make a comfortable terrace or balcony

balcony-tiles-wood-table-chairs-rattan gelaender-metal construction-glass plant-

Lay a small balcony with wooden tiles

balcony-tiles-wood - terrassentueren chairs-black-metal-table-seat cushion orange



balcony-tiles-wood and natural stone wall-modern-SITZMOEBEL-upholstered cushion-outdoor green

balcony-tiles-wood-modern-white-plastic chairs-table-metallgelaender-olive



balcony-tiles-wood-blue-flowers-beautiful-planting table-klappstuhl

balcony-tiles-wood-building-flowers plants-deco-pflanzenkuebel-interesting

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-metal-steel-blue-gelaender-baeume-grundstueck

balcony-tiles-wood-teak-terrassentueren-plastic rattan Kübel plant-glasgelaender

Balcony tiles wood plants Kübel stone-small-garden-deco-outdoor

balcony-tiles-wood-plant-flowers-green-fresh Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood-black-metallgelaender Runner red seat cushion-plant Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood plant-bkumen Kübel klappstuhl-deco

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-steel-rustic-upholstered cushion brown-arrangement

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-upholstered cushion-reddish plastic rattan plant Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood-roof terrace-lounge-concrete tiles-bamboo-sun island-shadow

balcony-tiles-wood-roof terrace-garden furniture-idea-glasgelaender Lights

balcony-tiles-wood-arrangement-material-plant Kübel flower-outdoor

Wood tiles from Ikea

balcony-tiles-wood-klappstuehle-seat cushion-colorful-blue parasol Flowers

balcony-tiles-wood-practical-shelves-outdoor klappstuehle-plant-planting table-brick wall and white-painted

balcony-tiles-wood-upholstered chair-pflanzenkuebel-bench-vintage-gelaender

balcony-tiles-wood-klappstuehle-lemon tree-flowers-giesskanne-black-white



balcony-tiles-wood-yoga mat-plant-small-plant-pflanzenkuebel Candles lantern

balcony-tiles-wood-and-white townhouse-small-building-gelaender-plant Kübel

balcony-tiles-wood-and-white parasol-outdoor moebel-solid wood-carpet-upholstered cushion

balcony-tiles-wood-wall-white-Hulking metal plant-assembly-module-ikea-runnen

balcony-tiles-wood-chairs terrassentuere-metal-plastic rattan face protection-wood panels-pflanzenikea

balcony-tiles-wood-rustic metal chairs-vintage-look-and-white-table-ikea

balcony-tiles-wood-townhouse-deco carpet-chess pattern-stool-seat cushion Orchids-gelaender


balcony-tiles-wood-plant-red-blaetter Kübel chair-metal

balcony-tiles-wood-plant Kübel lighting-townhouse-terrace animals-palms

balcony-tiles-wood-garden furniture-plastic rattan Hulking pebble-plant-white-gray

balcony-tiles-wood-concrete tiles-gravel-garden furniture-upholstery-seat moeglichkeiten-small-tables-metal

Different versions

balcony-tiles-wood-mounting-arrangement-material-hell-wood slats

balcony-tiles-wood - assembly-assembly-brown-combine-variation-outdoor ideas

balcony-tiles-wood-montage-terrassentuer-instead Runner outdoor ideas

balcony-tiles-wood-mounting-assembly-mounting-outdoor ideas

Wooden tiles inspire for high-quality designs made of natural stone and ceramics

balcony-tiles-wood-modern-variation-white-wall-brick Optic-cushion-bench-plant-cream white