Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas wreath hanging tinker – 1 instructions and 25 ideas

Christmas wreath hanging tinker fir-red-ribbon-glass-balls-red-gold

Wreaths, especially from evergreen branches , have been used for centuries as a symbol of life in the long winter months. The wreath combines many different traditions. The Advent wreath, for example, has four candles. Every Sunday before Christmas, the family gathers and sets off a candle. An Advent wreath can simply be placed on the dining or coffee table or suspended from the ceiling. We show you today a simple guide how to get one Christmas wreath hanging can tinker on four ribbons.

Christmas wreath hanging – materials

Advent wreath hanging tinkering required materials

You need:

– evergreen branches
– Wreath blank made of willow or metal
– Tape
– Cord for hanging best in gold
– Needle nose pliers, flower wire, scissors
– pine cones and Christmas tree decorations
– four bar candles and candle holders (small bells were used as candlesticks here).
– Hot glue

Make advent wreath hanging – step by step

Advent wreath hanging tinker willow-wreath-baender

First, wrap the green ribbon around the willow tree criss-cross. The fir branches are then put in the gaps. Then cut a piece of red velvet ribbon, make a loop in the middle and tie to the wreath. The four red loops must be at the same distance from each other so that the wreath hangs horizontally.

Bell as a candle holder

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-bell-metal pincer-opened

Then take the four metal bells and open them with pliers. Glue or tie the bells with flower wire between the loops.

Wrap ribbons around the wicker wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing tendril-brute-green-red-baender

Now you can beautifully bind the about 12 centimeter long pine branches on the wicker wreath. You should point down so that you can see its green side and not the back when looking up. For a decorative effect also 4 spruce cones on the top are fixed with flower wire.

Fix spruce cones to the wreath

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-grazing wreath-keel

First, find out how long the four suspension cords should be by measuring the distance to the ceiling with a tape measure.

Connect cord and loop


Since the golden cord is heavy, it was tied with copper wire to the red velvet ribbon. The knot was then hidden under a decorative 7-inch-wide band.

Hide knot with decorative ribbon

Advent wreath hanging tinker -dekorband-tannebaum-motiv

After all four strings have been fastened, the four candles are added. Try to make the candlesticks as stable as possible.

four white bar candles

Christmas wreath hanging tinker-fir-twig-white-bar-candle-grind

Now the Advent wreath is hung on a ceiling hook. Now you have easy access to the bottom of the wreath. Insert the other fir branches until the willow wreath is completely covered. You can add a few berry and mistletoe branches and Christmas tree decorations for fun.

Hang Christmas tree decorations


* A project of Willodel

The ideas for decorating the Advent wreath are endless. Cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, cranberries, pearl garlands, apples are just some of them. You can even omit the candles. Take a look at the examples below and get inspired for your own project!

four red pillar candles

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-white-checkered-baender

Red and white checkered ribbon, red berries and wooden discs

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-red-stump candles

hang a few apples under the Christmas wreath

adventskranz-hangend-ideas-grazing wreath-checkered-baender-aepfel

Decorate with cinnamon sticks and Christmas tree decorations


Advent wreath and calendar in one


red pearl garland

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-tannenzweige-weihnachtsbaumschmuck-candy-beaded garland

Hang Advent wreath over dining table

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-about-dining table-green branches

white decorations tied to wicker wreath


Olive branches instead of fir branches

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-olive branches and white-stump candles-anhaenger

nice strong red color

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-pine branches-beer branches red-glass balls

interesting idea for tealight holders


adventskranz-hangend-tinker-floral wire-kerzenteller-glass balls

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-evergreen-branches-journal

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-metal ring-journal-berries-ceiling hook

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-transparent-plastic balls


adventskranz-hangend-ideas-kitchen-dining table-living room


adventskranz-hang up-tannenzweige-silver-weihnachtsbaumanhaenger

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-blue-Satin Ribbons-glass ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-green-two-Pendant-Christmas tree ornaments

adventskranz-hangend-tinker-evergreen-branches-chandelier-beer-branches tischdeko-red-gold


Christmas Decorating Ideas »Make modern Advent wreath yourself – 48 inspirations

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-minimalist-white-candles-moss-numbered

Christmas is a festive time that elicits certain ideas for decoration. Mostly it means shiny Christmas balls in different colors, artificial or real pine branches, golden bows and bells – lots of kitsch. The typical decorative elements can sometimes be arranged differently and designed according to taste. Make one yourself modern Advent wreath suitable for your rather purist living ambience.

Modern Advent wreath make yourself – imaginative suggestions and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-minimalistic-white-moss-candles-number

The Advent wreath stands for the remaining days from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. Originally the Advent wreath made a wooden wreath from an old cartwheel, decorated with fir branches and marked with a candle every day in December. For each Sunday of the month stood a larger candle. Today the Christmas wreath has become reduced and the number of candles is limited to four – for each week of December. The shape has not necessarily remained round – not necessarily that of a wreath.

Modern Adventskranz make yourself – decorate differently

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-the-day-decorated-candles-moss-tart-bakeware

Traditionally, the Advent wreath of four candles and that’s all that was left of that time. Modern interpretations are available in numerous variants. Basically everyone serves candle holder or holder for exactly four candles as Advent wreath. Alternatively, offer flat, elongated plates especially for decorating. Instead of fir green you can take moss or small plants, also succulents, and decorate the candles. Small bowls and even jam jars are wonderful as a creative modern Advent wreath. Forget the numbers for each Advent week – from one to four. You can simply print them out with copiers and stick them on them or put them on as little labels. Make what little cones and sticks of driftwood and make yourself a beautiful modern Advent wreath yourself.

Make modern Advent wreath itself – instructions

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-white-red-plate-decorate-candles

With very little effort, you can create a modern Advent wreath yourself. Take four block candles in the desired color – all four can be the same color or two times two. Find a flat plate, round or rectangular to taste, plain, plain. Obtain small items for decoration – individual pieces of Christmas decorations, decorative stones, stars and others.

Simple modern Christmas wreath – easy to design yourself

Modern Advent wreath - make-yourself-candles-white-red-plate-decorate

Cut out a circle of cardboard in matching color – white cardboard to white plate, out. Put on the candles. This piece of cardboard protects the plate from the candle wax. Arrange for pleasure and unfold your creativity.

Make modern Advent wreath – tools and materials

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-dish-deco-ball-white-red

If you take candles of the same size, number them. Decorate with numbers and numbers from one to four made of sheet metal, felt, wooden paper or simply labeled with a black marker. Shells and plates made of metal give a piece of individual touch to the homemade Advent wreath. Old baking tins for mini tartlets or cake tins can find new use and be used instead of plate for the candles.

Modern Advent Wreath – White, Red and Glitter


Advent wreath in a natural look

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-yapfen-rod natural materials-plate-keryen

Make your own modern Advent wreath yourself – 18 ideas and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath – simple and reduced

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-simple-simple-branches-of course-grind

Decorate Christmas wreath in a different way

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-tap-candles-white

Advent wreath decorated with natural materials


Decorate advent wreath according to taste


Advent wreath of homemade candle holders

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-bowl-tap-deco-white

Advent wreath interpreted in a modern way – fir branches with moss

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-tap-back form-metal-candles-white

Reduced variant for Advent wreath

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making center-table-plate-weihnachtskugeln-tannenyweige

Advent wreath in minimalist style – black and white


Modern Advent wreath – extremely reduced by decoration

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making minimalist candlestick-black-white-candle-oblong

Christmas wreath minimalist in white frame

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-minimalist-white-candlestick-rectangular design

Rectangular candlestick for four candles as a modern alternative to the Advent wreath


Arrange Advent wreath with a difference

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-oblong-decorated candles-and-white-number

Decorate a simple Christmas wreath with gingerbread

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-gingerbread-white-numbered-biscuit form

Elongated Advent wreath make yourself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-minimalist biscuit mold-white-Scandinavian

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-number-metal


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated, white and keryen-moss-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated-candles-tannenzweige-plate


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-candle-moss-style

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-numbered - tannenyweige-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-candles-moss-wired-number

adventskranz-modern-making oblong-decorate-candles-bottles-water-plant itself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-sheen-water plant-idea-deco

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-white-jam sheen-numbered-full of white-powder

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-wine bottles and black-matt-numbered

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-black wine bottle-number-tag

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wine bottles-matt black candlestick-number

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-keryen-plate-weihnachtskugeln

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wreath-silver-blue winlichter-nussschalenglaenzend

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-keryenhalter-antique-numbered-flame


adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-plate-concrete-round-candles-and-white numbered





adventskranz-modern-yourself-making tin cans-branches-star-knit-back form-pie floor

adventskranz-modern-yourself-do-shell-metal keryen-and-white four-simple


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making Scandinavian-style wood-slices-white-number-black-diz

Modern Advent wreath-white-pillar-metal-container-sweets-red-ribbon

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-cord-wire candles-tray

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-jute-digit

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-red-paper-hearts-tray-tannenzweige

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-digits nuts-FILLED-tray




adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-green-candles-Golden Globe-butterfly


Christmas Decorations Ideas »Decorate door wreath from natural materials – decoration idea for autumn and winter

turkranz-natural materials-tinker-deco-autumn-winter-wood-wood slices band

in the mood for Tinker ? In ten easy steps you can make a beautiful Door wreath of natural materials bind – and that is guaranteed to last in autumn and winter. It takes little time and can not be used only in one season. Instead, pick it up for the next year and use it to decorate the wall or the front door to welcome guests in a pretty way.

Make a door wreath out of natural materials – instructions step by step in the photo gallery

turkranz-natural materials-tinker-deco-autumn-winter-tap-peg-scale gold-glitter

For the Door wreath of natural materials you need the following materials:

1 bunch of willow branches / approx. 10 pieces /

6 pine cones

2 dried lotus pods

Red currant

Flower wire wrapped in paper

Thinner flower wire

garden shears


Green raffia

Cut off the willow twigs and tie them together with the flower wire wrapped in paper. Wrap the wreath with the thinner flower wire, then tie the pine cones to the wire at a distance from each other. The berries between the spigot bind so that the leaves and fruits hide the wire. At the end, attach the two dried lotus pods to the center of the arrangement. The door wreath can easily defy cold and wind and is guaranteed to last long. The willow branches have a big advantage – they can easily bend when the wreath loses its shape over time. Only the berries have to be replaced regularly. The wreath can be hung with a loop on the door.

Door wreath of natural materials – beautiful decoration for home and garden

turkranz-natural materials-tinker-deco-autumn-winter-dry-slices of orange-driftwood-journal

Of the Door wreath of natural materials has several advantages – it looks fresh and can decorate the front door or the garden gate perfectly in autumn and winter. A wreath over the fireplace in the living room creates a friendly ambience. Welcome guests with a rustic wreath. So do not wait – get the materials from the florist shop and do the design!

Door wreath of natural materials with a small heart of red berries in the middle

turkranz-natural materials-tinker-deco-autumn-winter-tap-small-herzchen

Door wreath of natural materials – wooden discs and fir branches

turkranz-natural materials-tinker-deco-autumn-winter-wood-wood disc-tannenzweige

Make a door wreath out of natural materials – instructions step by step

tying autumn winter make a nice idea yourself

Useful materials – Small cones, thin branches

Door wreath itself make natural materials fast

The willow branches can be easily bent

Cut out willow branches. Flower wire wrapped in paper

Door wreath natural materials bind willow branches pine cones

The floral wire wrapped in paper looks natural

Türkranz country style deco autumn winter

The door wreath can be tinkered quickly – the instructions are suitable for beginners

winter decoration ideas natural materials pine cones

Arrange the pine cones and berries

Christmas wreath Pine cones Lotushülsen Willow branches

Fix the individual elements to the wreath with wire

Winter pine cones tie instructions for quick craft ideas

Lotushülsen as an accent in the design

original beautiful deco Christmas country style

The berries have to be replaced every week with new ones

Wreath itself bind willow branches pine cones beautiful decoration idea

The wreath is pretty light – and can be hung up with a bow

Natural materials bind beautiful deco idea holidays

The door wreath in country style

tinker bow door bind materials natural treasures

The end result – door wreath for the fall and winter

Door wreath of natural materials beautiful decoration idea Christmas

natural wreath pine pinecone pine idea rustic deco

natural wreath bow potpourri christmas deco idea

natural wreath red ribbon dry flower pine cone ribbon

natural wreath orange pinecone cinnamon ragwort

turquoise wreath of natural materials branches berries linen bow christmas

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Make Christmas wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Advent wreath with candles plate design birch moss modern style

Christmas is slowly approaching and everyone is looking for fresh decoration ideas. If you want to surprise your favorite people this year, or if you want to create a stylish and traditional warmth, make your own Christmas wreath with candles – These inspirational suggestions are just for you.

Advent wreath with candles – color schemes

advent wreath with candles rustic style bells silver branches windlights idea

Before you get to work, and yours Christmas wreath with candles First, think about the color of your remaining decoration. White color schemes, purist or minimalist furnishings will benefit from a silver or purple Advent wreath, while classic or modern interiors look equally good with traditional red-green color combinations and golden candles.

Advent wreath with candles – modern designs and simple decoration ideas

advent wreath with candles hat grind red fir green gold bells

Once you have decided on the color scheme, collect the materials you will need for it. Modern Advent wreath With candles are easier to tinker, because they do not follow the traditional form – so you can use four purple candles with purple and silver balls to combine as a decoration. Or, as an alternative, use special color to paint pine cones in different sizes – purple, pink, blue – and combine them with four tall purple candles – it always looks good, and is relatively easy to imitate.

Make traditional Christmas wreath with candles

Advent wreath with candles red snowflakes mushroom rustic bark baender

Who is for a traditional Christmas wreath with candles The first thing to do is to have fir branches and cones and tie up the green base – the wreath. Alternatively, you can buy a finished green wreath and then decorate it with fruits, white or red flowers, pine cones and mushrooms. The candles can be red, golden or white. Beautiful variant, which is very easy to tinker, it is, instead of tying the candles with red ribbon, buy white lace and stick it to the candles. Lavender candles can be decorated with green fir trees and white stars. Who likes to bake, can bake a cake and then put four candles on it – certainly a tasty alternative.

Make an Advent wreath with beans

Advent wreath with candles white beans crafting idea bow red white

Modern Advent Wreath Silver Candles

Silver-Advent Thong tinker

Red candle christmas decoration

Red Candle Christmas table decoration

Elegant purple Advent wreath with stars

Purple advent wreath Beautiful table setting

Make simple Advent Krantz yourself

simple Advent Krantz-yourself-make

Purple candles and pine cones – making Advent wreath

purple Candle wreath-tinker

Advent and white candles

Cake Advent Wreath Candles

Cake Advent candles

golden candles Christmas flowers


modern Advent wreath and gold candles and red ball


More beautiful advent calendars and ideas

Christmas wreath for your door – Festive ideas for a warm heart

Make Advent wreath with candles yourself – ideas and tips

Gorgeous ideas for fireplace Christmas decorations

50 craft ideas for Christmas table decoration

Gift wrapping – beautiful and original ideas

Window decoration for Christmas and some craft ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas »Make Christmas Wreath – 25 inspiring ideas to make your own

christmas wreath crafting fruit fir branches checkered bow

What would Christmas be without the appropriate festive decoration? The Christmas wreath is indispensable and is suitable for hanging on a wall or on the front door, or as a great eye-catcher on the living room table. In order for you to prepare perfectly for the holy evening, we offer you a lot of inspiration and hope you enjoy the Make Christmas wreath , Whether traditional or modern – your imagination knows no bounds!

Make a traditional or modern Christmas wreath

christmas wreath tinker modern style white tubes baubles color accent

Make Christmas wreath is fun for young and old. The traditional finds always a great appeal. Are you a lover of the traditional look? Here is all you need: pine cones, some fir branches, about 15 cm, or mistletoe, which you then wrap around with flower wire and a few fruits like apples or lemons, which they then attach. With a little imagination and skill, you can quickly conjure up beautiful ones door decorations , For an aesthetic look, you must still make sure that as much as possible is covered by the wire.

Christmas wreath jewelry with fruits, hazelnuts and pine cones

christmas wreath tinker porch decoration idea apex pine branches

At Christmas you have the chance to create something creative and individual. You can either make something completely yourself, or buy an already bound Christmas wreath and decorate it to your taste. It does not have to be the same every year. The modern wreath may be colorful and playful. What color do you think when you hear Christmas? If the red or white, you should forget both colors immediately! Gold and silver convey the spirit of Christmas and are gaining in popularity as a corresponding festive decoration.

Festive door decoration conjure – Christmas wreath with orange slices

christmas wreath crafts berries oranges idea winter decoration

If you like a natural look, you could have an individual natural looking Make Christmas wreath , To do this, use dry orange peels, cones, nuts, cinnamon sticks.

Decorate the traditional wreath with stars

Christmas wreath tinker balls glitter red stars accents leaves

With asterisks the wreath gets a shimmering and effective look. The Christmas wreath can of course also as Advent wreath use. So you can create a transition between two beautiful traditions.

Red and white – the classic variant for Christmas decorations

Make a cupboard decoration for hanging up Colors-red-white Make Christmas decorations yourself

With Christmas tree balls and artificial snow, the Christmas wreath can be decorated beautifully

Art Snow Advent Christmas Wreath Decoraion Christmas Tree Balls of Craft Time

Wreath of orange slices

Christmas Craft Ideas Tips Decoration for hanging-orange slices-dry

Sexy craft ideas for Christmas wreaths – silver pine cones and red deco birds

Red silver wreath Playful design with pine cone decoration ideas make yourself advent

Tie together and decorate artificial fir branches

Artificial fir branches tie to Christmas wreath Advent crafts tips ideas

Decorate door wreath with bells and bows

Jingle Bells Advent Season Deco Christmas Wreath Craft Door Ornament

Decorative wreath with leaves of the Christmas star flower

Poinsettia bind plant leaves pine needles deco tinker-Adventskasteln

Christmas wreath tinker with ribbons and Christmas baubles

blue ribbons Deco jewelry-self tie-christmas wreath deco ball snow globe

Red cones and loops attach with the heat-glue gun

Christmas Advent crafts wreath door Decorating pine cones Fir branches Craft ideas

Tie together rosehip branches to form a charming wreath

Door wreath itself crafting ideas Christmas Advent branches rose hip ribbon ribbon decoration

Make a minimalist Christmas wreath

plain door decoration make yourself cardboard wreath white yarn wrapped in rosehip branches

Colorful wreath of Christmas garlands

Ribbons Colorful Deco DIY Tips Garland Wreath-hanging

Add layers

Festive deco hanging advent time ribbons tie bow tie

Extravagant variation of newspaper

Paper journal sheet door wreath crafting with children's advent Christmas

Experiments with the materials

White Wreath Wool Textile Soft Felt Craft Ideas Christmas Decoration

Christmas wreath of cocktail umbrellas

Christmas advent time jewelry door wreath cardboard cocktail umbrellas

Decorate with natural materials

Decorating ideas with autumnal fruit Wreath for hanging-Christmas

Decoration with lotus flowers adapts ideally to the country house style

Deko Ideas Natural materials with lotus blossom christmas time. Craft ideas door wreath tie

Experiment with the forms

Christmas Star Door Decor Craft Idea Wreath Nuts Decorating Christmas

Diamond-shaped wreath with fruits

Diamond-shaped Christmas wreath-making door wreath fruit-fruit nuts ideas

Square Christmas wreath

Quadratic Christmas wreath fir tree balls decoration idea creative ribbon BAnd-red

Mistletoe wreath deco Christmas original stars-crafts ideas design trends

Making Door Decorations Christmas Decorations Green Leaves Mistletoe Red Apples

Christmas deco crafts Advent door wreath hanging light chain sign

Christmas wreath DIY crafts ideas fir cones-apples door decoration

Autumn »Festive autumn wreath make yourself – 3 simple autumn decoration ideas

Autumn wreath itself make garn-flowers-autumnal colors

We have welcomed the autumn. Autumn flowers, berries, twigs, flowers, nuts give us nature to decorate our home autumn. An autumn wreath hung on the front door, but should last longer. That’s why we’re introducing 3 simple fall decoration ideas for long lasting fall wreaths to withstand the rainy autumn weather. You can also use them next year.

1st autumn wreath with berries

berries-autumn wreath-door

The first suggestion comes from Sarah and her blog The Wintrop Chronicles. Buy a wreath blank from florist, craft supplies or hardware store. These can be made of different materials: fir green, thuja, polystyrene or straw. For this it is better straw. Buy berries (artificial or natural), pine cones and other decorative elements. They are arranged on the wreath blank and fixed with glue gun.

berries-door wreath-straw wreath-decorating

berries-autumn-wreath-making itself-

Autumn Wreath itself-make-berries-branches-orange-loop

2. Beautiful yarn autumn wreath of “Decor Chick”

Yarn Fall Wreath door

First, buy your yarn and a blank. You can only use one color, two or more colors. Whatever you like. For this one a mustard yellow thread color and a yarn in a brown / cream mix was used.

Yarn Fall Wreath do it yourself-

Then use a permanent marker to mark where the different colors should be. So they would all be even. And this method works pretty well!
Then use a hot glue on the back for your first piece and then just wrap and wrap. It takes a while.

Yarn Fall Wreath rohling

Yarn Fall Wreath itself-tinker

Then all you have to do is add a few ornaments …

Yarn Fall Wreath artificial-flower

Yarn Fall Wreath Ornament Elements Yarn autumn wreath-deco-ideas

yellow yarn fall wreath-over-fireplace

Autumn Wreath-making itself red and green yarn-artificial-blatter

3. “Pom Pom” autumn wreath

lush-autumn wreath yarn pom-poms-

Nikki – Nature’s Heirloom Blog

You need:
Yarn (2 colors or as many variations as you like, better orange or other autumn shades)
2 colors felt (one for the flowers and one for the middle)
3 colors fleece (or more)
needle and thread
scalloped or zig-zag edged scissors
Hot glue gun and glue
a 10-12 “straw wreath

First, do that Pom-Poms ! These are the most elaborate part and you will need a lot of time.

pom-pom-autumn wreath-yourself-tinker

Before you start, cut a piece of yarn about 6 inches long or more. Put aside. Take the end of your ball of yarn and hold the end in front of 2 fingers for a small pom-pom (3 fingers for medium, 4 for large) Keep your finger slightly free so that it does not end up being too tight when using the Bind thread between fingers when we are done (see below). Start wrapping your fingers around.



door wreath-autumn-yourself-tinker


Wrap around 50 times or until you have a large amount. Slide the spool of thread to the edge of the fingers. Grasp with your prepared piece (6 or more cm) between two fingers. Cut the yarn ball until all edges become equal.

filzrosen-autumn wreath

Filzrosen: Thread a needle and set aside.
Cut your felt into strips about 3/18 inches. Fold in half at one end and pinch to start the roll. To roll the rose, fold the felt in the middle (See the picture if it is not clear). Pull the needle through and loop it through the loop end. Push the needle through the other side of the felt through all layers.


filzrosen-yourself-door wreath

filzrosen-yourself-making instructions




Filzblumen: Cut 3 pieces of felt for the flowers. And roll a little bit for the middle.

felt-flower-autumn wreath

In the end, all of them glow with the hot glue gun on the straw wreath.

yarn-pom-pom-door wreath

Autumn Wreath himself-making yarn-filzrosen-flowers-ugh

Autumn Wreath-making itself red and green yarn-felt-flowers

3 creative autumnal napkin rings for DIY

Autumn »Autumn and Halloween decoration – make a door wreath with mini pumpkins yourself

autumn and halloween decorations turquoise bow moss

This door wreath is such a great idea for Autumn and Halloween decoration , The mini pumpkins on a wreath add a beautiful Halloween touch to your front door. This is one of the simplest Fall wreaths for do-it-yourself. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Fall and Halloween decoration for the front door

autumn and halloween deco fabric flowers yellow red front door

Note: If you use fresh mini pumpkins, they will disintegrate after a week or two. That’s why you can make this wreath with artificial materials. The miniature pumpkins used here have a fine, sparkling coating.

Required materials: a wreath blank, mini pumpkins, hot glue gun, flower wire, plastic spiders, black satin ribbon.

1. Start with an 18-inch wreath blank. This size allows us to stick about 13 pumpkins on it.
2. Once your arrangement is done, start to glue each pumpkin in place and let it dry. Stick them close together, but leave room for our bow at the top.
3. The small plastic spiders are a fun addition. Attach this to one of the pumpkins with a bit of hot glue for a spooky Halloween touch.
4th Finally, you need a loop to the accent of Autumn and Halloween decoration to put.
5. Use flower wire or black pipe cleaner to attach to the wreath or if you want you can use hot glue on the front. Happy Halloween!

use different pumpkin varieties

autumn wreath pumpkins pinecone craft idea

Halloween door wreath Halloween turquoise black orange mini pumpkins

other version with pine cones and flowers

dekokranz mini gourds pine cones flowers

autumn wreath deco gourds varieties fall foliage

lush wreath of flowers and foliage

autumn wreath mini pumpkins foliage rosehip front door

autumn decoration door orange grind mini pumpkins

Moss wreath blank

autumn wreath itself make loop moss tubing

with sweets

halloween turquoise mini pumpkins sweets

Easter & Spring »Wreath with egg shells tinker at Easter – 20 DIY ideas for spring

wreath with eggshells crafting-idea-feathers-artificial-flowers

Do you want one Tinker Easter decoration with the help of nature, then today we have a great idea for you. You can make great wreaths by decorating them with eggshells. Some great suggestions on how to get one Tinker wreath with eggshells we have put together in this article. Create this year a very special Easter wreath or table wreath, create the perfect Easter atmosphere and bring everyone to the marvel!

Making a wreath with eggshells – ideas for Easter and spring

wreath with egg shells tinker natural-look-natural-materials-feathers-simple-country-house

Eggshells can be used for a wreath in various forms. So whole and blown out eggs are suitable for decorating, which you can also dye in advance, as well as eggshell pieces. Would you like a wreath with eggshells Tinker As you can see above, use a polystyrene wreath that you decorate with half egg shells and feathers.

Make wreath with eggshells – instructions

wreath with eggshells tinker flowers-make-yourself-idea

With this wreath, it is not at first apparent that egg shells were also used for the design. When making this spring wreath, combine egg shells with twigs and a few leaves and pompoms. It is best to use willow twigs because these can be easily turned into a circle. How to make the blossoms with which you then make the wreath with eggshells is explained below.

Original decorations make with egg shells

wreath with eggshells tinker instruction-eggs-half-materials-simple

If you want to make this door wreath, you will need some egg shells. Cut them roughly and roughly in the middle with a knife. The interior of the ice can be further processed at the end. Rinse the trays and let them dry inside or dry them carefully with kitchen paper. If you want to make the flowers for the wreath with eggshells, there are still some steps to be taken.

Make flowers from egg shells

wreath with eggshells crafting simple-idea-flower-diy-brush-paint

The edges of the half egg shells still break here and there to get a slightly straighter edge. Be careful not to remove the inner skin of the ice, as this will make the shell more stable. Furthermore, you will need some smaller pieces of eggshells, with which you design the petals. Then paint the egg shells with brush and paint before making the wreath with egg shells.

The finished flower

wreath-eggshell-tinker-stick-flower-yourself tinkering-bobble-yellow-deco

So the finished flower that you make for the wreath with egg shells, should look like. Outside of the half eggshell, stick the smaller pieces. Finally, decorate the interior with a yellow pompoms. Now you can tinker and decorate the wreath with egg shells. The model is merely a suggestion. You can also come up with your own arrangement.

Wreath in egg shape

wreath-eggshell-tinker-door wreath-egg-oval-spring flowers-daffodils

A wreath does not always have to be round. With a different shape, the Easter wreath looks even more interesting. In this example, twigs were used to make an oval door wreath, which was then decorated with blown eggs, egg shells and spring flowers with onions. So, if you make a wreath with eggshells, you can also combine whole eggshells with pieces

Whole egg shells for a wreath

wreath-eggshell-tinker-feather-stick-garland-yourself-making wanddeko

You can easily make such a wreath with egg shells. Any number of eggs are blown out and then covered with feathers. It is best to use spray glue. Through the holes that you have stung to blow out, then thread with the help of a long needle Schnu and bind the two ends together at the end. You can also decorate the area between the eggs with yarn.

Eggshells as an accent

wreath-eggshell-tinker-straw-yourself-making spring flowers-onions-decorative-black chick

If you only want to use the egg shells as an accent, you can decorate them additionally. For the wreath above, for example, a black chick was stuck in the shell as if it had just hatched. Eggshells can also be transformed into tiny nests, which you can then also use as a decoration if you make a wreath with eggshells.

Make spring wreaths yourself

wreath-eggshell tinker tinker-idea-chicken egg-fabric-flower-tissue paper

If you want to make this wreath with egg shells, you need a ring of cardboard, as well as half egg shells and Flowers made of paper or fabric. Glue the egg shells in groups to any part of the cardboard ring and the rest with the homemade flowers. Also do not forget the loop with which you can hang the wreath.

Flowers and eggshells

wreath-eggshell-tinker-moss-grazing branches-pansy-planting

The lower part of the wreath was equipped with moss, in which pansies were planted. If the wreath is outside, where you can easily sprinkle vivid flowers in the wreath, you can also make such a wreath with egg shells. The bowls and the spring in the middle serve as accents.

Rustic spring wreath

wreath-eggshell-tinker-rustic-idea-moss-branches-polystyrene ring

If you make a wreath with eggshells, you can basically use all sorts of materials. Stick a styrofoam ring, for example, with artificial moss and use branches only as an accent, as in this example. The rustic look of the wreath creates a cozy atmosphere during the holidays.

Tinker mosaic wreath – instructions for copying

wreath-eggshell-tinker-mosaic-door wreath-idea-flowers-diy

You can also design a polystyrene wreath in this way. That’s it mosaic a wonderful idea that you can consider when making a wreath with egg shells. If you want to make colored mosaic, color the egg shells before chopping in egg color. Then you can break the half egg shells into small pieces.

Tinker Easter wreath

wreath-eggshell-tinker-country style-inspiration-linen-bunny-flowers

As mentioned before, the egg shells do not necessarily have to be broken if you want to make a beautiful wreath with egg shells. For this wreath whole eggs were used, which were blown out in advance and dyed. They are combined with fabric flowers and a rabbit made of linen, which miss the wreath the country house style.

Use eggshells from blown eggs

wreath-eggshell-tinker-eggs-dye-auspusten-stick-hot glue

The Easter wreath will be especially pretty if you use eggs of different sizes. For this purpose, you can also use quail eggs in addition to chicken eggs, which also have a beautiful pattern. Exhausted eggs are therefore more appropriate, because they are much lighter on the one hand and on the other hand of course not bad and over time to smell.

Ideas for handmade wreaths

wreath-eggshell-tinker-table wreath-vases-hyacinth-daffodils-wanddeko

Above you can see more ideas for whole egg shells and eggshell pieces. But we find the table wreath especially interesting here. If you want to make such a wreath with eggshells, use bowls with only the tip open. Then the eggs can be used as vases for spring flowers. The bowls are also suitable as tiny flowerpots for living flowers.

Door wreath for spring and easter

wreath-eggshell-craft-ideas-original-rope-flower pots-deco-spring flowers-tulips

You are welcome to make one of these Türkränze yourself. You can make a fancy wreath with egg shells in combination with a rope and small flowerpots. If you want to make a flower wreath yourself, you are best to use any spring flowers. These can be fresh, but also artificial and combined with green branches.

Wreath with egg shells tinker in a frame

wreath-eggshell-tinker-easter wreath-artifice-deco-nester-eggs-deco

Also with this idea no round shape was chosen. Create a square wreath quickly by using a picture frame that you can also paint as you like. The interior of the frame was then decorated with eggshells and artificial grass, as well as a nest. If you want to make a wreath with egg shells, no complicated materials are necessary.

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Advent and Christmas decorations – door wreath made of cheap materials

christmas and christmas decorations crafting pine cones door wreath branches star silver

The Advent season is tinkered most! Welcome your guests with a beautiful Christmas wreath! This can be made in a few minutes with simple utensils! The materials can be found in every craft shop. Tinker Christmas and Advent decorations But it’s great fun! Who a personal touch to the Adventsdeko would like to develop the following ideas and shape them according to their own ideas!

Tinker with individual Advent and Christmas decorations

Advent and Christmas decoration - rustic flower wreath idea white berry branches

With twigs and berries you can make a great door wreath as Advent and Christmas decorations. You do not need any additional materials, such as a wire frame or Styrofoam ring. Just make a ring with the branches and tie the two ends together.

Winter beads for a festive, decorative wreath

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath beads silver look

Buy pearls in a Christmas color to make such a wreath. These Advent and Christmas decorations are made with glue. Stick the pearls on a Styrofoam ring, which you can find in the craft shop.

Christmas balls as materials for decoration

christmas and christmas deco craft christmas baubles red white silver door wreath

If you have changed your tree decoration, you do not have to throw away the old balls immediately. Instead, use them to make a door wreath like this one. The more wintery patterns the balls have, the nicer the door wreath finally looks.

Advent and Christmas decorations – wreaths made of candy canes

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath candy cane idea motives

Even with candy canes you can make an interesting Advent and Christmas decoration. Here are four ways you can arrange candy canes to make interesting door wreaths. Whether in snowflake or star shape, the wreath will be a real eye-catcher!

A wreath as a decoration with memories

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath picture frame wreath

The Christmas wreath can evoke some nice memories. For this you need an artificial fir branch, a few Christmas tree balls and colorful ribbons that you can quickly tie into a wreath. Arrange the door wreath with some family pictures that you set in cardboard box in advance. Decorate with wrapping paper and stripes and enjoy the get-together! This wreath would be a great great Gift idea for Christmas ,

Advent and Christmas decorations – The wreath of red ribbons as an opulent door decoration

Christmas and Advent decorations - wreaths-styrofoam-blank-white-red-baender

The pink and red wreath is a great Christmas decoration on the table or at the front door. He speaks to our senses and brings a special charm to the home. Make it more comfortable at home with a colorful deco piece.

Advent and Christmas decorations – idea for a traditional look

Advent and Christmas decorations tinker wreath-fir-green-red-ribbon

For this Christmas wreath, you need artificial or real fir or cedar twigs and cones that you tie together using metal wire. The cones add structure to the Christmas decoration, while the evergreen fir needles refresh the room atmosphere.

Creative ideas for the Christmas wreath decoration

Advent Christmas-wreath-tinker-green-red-knoepfe

With buttons and colored ribbons can be great Advent and Christmas decoration Tinker. The cardboard pad for the wreath can be layered with buttons in different sizes and colors.

Decorating in winter with traditional colors – idea for the garden

Advent Christmas-tinker-ice-red-berries-farnenblaetter-outside

A wreath as a glittering ice crystal is great decoration idea for the winter days in the garden! Collect natural materials, berries, pine cones, etc., add water and freeze everything in a cupcake form outside or in the freezer. Simple, fast and effective!

Maritime wreath with seashells and moss

Door wreath-crafting ideas Christmas crafts Advent decorations spanish moss bauble straw

When making Advent and Christmas decorations, let your imagination run wild. Who says that the Christmas wreath should be wintery! Use dry flowers, Spanish moss, Christmas tree balls to tie together a fresh maritime wreath.

Crafting ideas for Christmas wreath – simple and inexpensive

Winter Wreath Advent Crafting Door Entrance Decoration Kumquat Metal Wire Attached

The winter scents Kumquat add a fresh touch and warmth to your home. Fix it with a metal wire and attach to the window.

Door wreath with cinnamon sticks

Festive door wreath cinnamon sticks Materials Foam Underlay Idea-decorate

Attach the cinnamon sticks to a foam pad. Ornate with red ribbon and bow.

Crafting ideas for Christmas wreath of artificial materials

Decorative entrance door Entrust Decorate DIY door wreath Christmas Advent-glittering decorative elements

An ornate wreath can be made with satin bows and polished decorative stones. These bring glamor and shine into the house.

Beautiful wreath, decorated with carnation flowers

Deco winter ornament outside Christmas-Schleifen Kranz-selbst tinker

Wrap the foam pad with ribbons and fix the ends of the ribbons with hot glue. In addition, the wreath can be decorated with small artificial berries.

Decorate a pretty door wreath with ribbons of organza and satin

Colorful-bow design custom christmas decoration Advent in winter

Snow fleece Pom-Poms as snowballs – a Christmas door wreath to fall in love with

Advent Decor Tips white snow fleece pom-pom ball-wreath-to hang up tinker

Make Christmas wreath and festively decorate with snowflakes

Decorative Advent crafts Christmas wreath balue sweep-binten Shiny jewelery

Christmas decorating entrance door making red ribbons ribbons ideas

Custom deco jewelry picture frame gift fir branches

Wall festive Decorate to Christmas door wreath tinker pink bows Ideas

Door wreath advent decoration crafts-artificial grapevines Evergreen leaves twigs fir needles

White-Red Wreath Ribbon Yarn Buttons Christmas Decoration Decorations

Deco wreath Advent baubles freeze-leave recipes-Christmas idea

Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Tinker Christmas wreath – The highlight of the Advent season

advent wreath craft moss flowerpot clay candles metal stock

Soon the time has come: The Advent MTime. This is the perfect moment to lovingly decorate your home as Christmas attunement. Fairy lights, Christmas baubles, stars and candles create a festive atmosphere. The Christmas decorated home traditionally includes an atmospheric Christmas wreath with burning candles. You can tie him with a little skill taste yourself. Our picture gallery will show you ideas how to make your own personal Make Advent wreath can. Immerse the Advent Sundays in candlelight!

Advent wreath tinker in a natural look

advent wreath craft wood branches stars bells pine cones rustic

For the Advent wreath tinker natural handicrafts, which can be found on a walk through the forest. Beautiful branches, pine cones, fresh, soft tendrils, ivy, willow, sloe, tall grass are ample material for an Advent wreath. Among the conifers, northern fir and cypress are best for Christmas wreath suitable, very decorative are the branches of book, ivy, sage.

Advent wreath tinker with little cones on a plate

Advent wreath tinker modern tap gold tags numbers white candles

The basis of the Advent wreath is traditionally a ring-shaped framework – prefabricated rings made of steel, polystyrene or straw are available in craft shops. If you like it green, you can use longer, flexible branches that are easier to shape for the framework. For the basic framework, you can use a bucket as a template. Tie the branches tightly together with wire. For hanging Advent wreaths take round bound wreaths ,

advent wreath tinker red blackboard candles mugs idea christmas

Advent wreath make a difference

For decoration, everything that the garden offers (and it is also cheap): dry cones, acorns, chestnuts, berries, rosehips are fixed with hot glue on the wreath. Cinnamon sticks and dried orange peel go perfectly with the trendy natural look and spread the Christmassy scent. Dried flowers of hydrangea, firethorn, ornamental onions can be prepared with hairspray. This protects against too rapid decay and gives the finely detailed decorations the shine. Alternatively, you can cover the styrofoam framework in a thick knit scarf.

Advent wreath crafts balls pink decoration accent fir branches

Craft idea with christmas balls

When decorating in the Advent season, however, the first thing to do is to set the color for the Advent decoration and only then to purchase color-coordinated deco.

Advent decoration Candle pattern-Self-made Christmas Decorations low

Festive arrangement of moss and candles

Moss can be soft Form balls and attach to the wreath , Even bits of bark, brushwood, fresh fruits and ornamental apples can be found on the Advent wreath. Beautiful gold or silver ribbons, even small decorative elements such as deer figurines, small sledges or great zinc vintage numbers from one to four can be put into the finished wreath. To attach the candles on the ring, you can use simple plug-in tips or candle holders.

Advent-without-Glitter simple design knit scarf ring skeleton-white-pillar candles

Advent wreath from a gray scarf


Great table decoration for Christmas

Your homemade Christmas decoration will please your visitors as well. On the table or dresser, your Christmas wreath will be an atmospheric eye-catcher.

Advent-eye-cheap-for-yourself tinkering Christmas jewelry natural-craft materials

Tying Advent wreath itself – inspirations

Natural materials such as cones, chestnuts, walnuts, sticks or vine and twigs follow the current Naturtrend and fit perfectly with the Advent wreath


Homemade Christmas decoration – cheap and still pretty

This Advent wreath works without glitter alone by its homogeneous coloring in red and white and few natural materials.

adventskranz-tie-ideas-red-candles-self-made Christmas Decoration Felt ring

Decorate the home comfortably

Advent deco in crème and red tones ensures cosiness in the dark season.

Advent wreath make tannenzweige-white-pillar candles

adventskranz-tinker-fir green-gray Candlestick candles rod

adventskranz-tinker-straw-wreath-white-bar-candles-pin roses

adventskranz-tinker-white-stump candles-decorative paper-tray-art snow

adventskranz-tinker-keel-natural materials-red-rod candles

The home-cozy decorate Nature Christmas Wreath evocative eye-catcher

The Advent wreath – unobtrusive and simple, but still an eye-catcher

Natural materials-Crafts-Christmas pine cones walnuts baton-star brushwood

Beautiful natural Advent wreath – ideas to make your own

simple Advent flower arrangements, white and gray-low-ideas-for-it-yourself-rustic look

The rustic Advent wreath goes very well with a predominantly white interior


Atmospheric Advent decoration in trend

Advent Deco highlight Toller table decoration Christmas Ideas-for-it-yourself

beautiful Nature wreath-tinker-homogeneous-color-in-brown-gray

Advent-silver-trend color-christmas-decorating-with-pinecone-sternen

Simple Advent arrangement in white and silver

Hanging Advent wreath-baubles-shiny colorful child-ideas-DIY-deco-christmas

Hanging Christmas wreath

Eye-DIY Advent-table-jewelry-nature-Optic-white-candle-grind-red-checkered

An eye-catcher with ornamental apples in the Advent season

Eye-Tischdeko-hip-natural look-fir branches and red candles Thong branches DIY

Advent arrangement in country house charm with checks and classic red

Advent-tinker-with-country-house charm-with-diamonds-classic-white-red-pine cones

Advent-tinker-by-other-berries-pine branches-natural-materials-scented candles

The home-cozy-decorate-in-the-advent-Self-made Christmas decoration

brightly colored Advent decoration trend DIY Advent-eye-in-lilac-purple-green

Naturtrend DIY Advent-tinker-times-different-round-basis-green Candle Christmas baubles

Knit scarf Round-wreath-tinker-Advent-cream-and-natural tones