Christmas Decorating Ideas »Make modern Advent wreath yourself – 48 inspirations

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-minimalist-white-candles-moss-numbered

Christmas is a festive time that elicits certain ideas for decoration. Mostly it means shiny Christmas balls in different colors, artificial or real pine branches, golden bows and bells – lots of kitsch. The typical decorative elements can sometimes be arranged differently and designed according to taste. Make one yourself modern Advent wreath suitable for your rather purist living ambience.

Modern Advent wreath make yourself – imaginative suggestions and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-minimalistic-white-moss-candles-number

The Advent wreath stands for the remaining days from the beginning of December until Christmas Eve. Originally the Advent wreath made a wooden wreath from an old cartwheel, decorated with fir branches and marked with a candle every day in December. For each Sunday of the month stood a larger candle. Today the Christmas wreath has become reduced and the number of candles is limited to four – for each week of December. The shape has not necessarily remained round – not necessarily that of a wreath.

Modern Adventskranz make yourself – decorate differently

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-the-day-decorated-candles-moss-tart-bakeware

Traditionally, the Advent wreath of four candles and that’s all that was left of that time. Modern interpretations are available in numerous variants. Basically everyone serves candle holder or holder for exactly four candles as Advent wreath. Alternatively, offer flat, elongated plates especially for decorating. Instead of fir green you can take moss or small plants, also succulents, and decorate the candles. Small bowls and even jam jars are wonderful as a creative modern Advent wreath. Forget the numbers for each Advent week – from one to four. You can simply print them out with copiers and stick them on them or put them on as little labels. Make what little cones and sticks of driftwood and make yourself a beautiful modern Advent wreath yourself.

Make modern Advent wreath itself – instructions

Modern Advent wreath - make-over-white-red-plate-decorate-candles

With very little effort, you can create a modern Advent wreath yourself. Take four block candles in the desired color – all four can be the same color or two times two. Find a flat plate, round or rectangular to taste, plain, plain. Obtain small items for decoration – individual pieces of Christmas decorations, decorative stones, stars and others.

Simple modern Christmas wreath – easy to design yourself

Modern Advent wreath - make-yourself-candles-white-red-plate-decorate

Cut out a circle of cardboard in matching color – white cardboard to white plate, out. Put on the candles. This piece of cardboard protects the plate from the candle wax. Arrange for pleasure and unfold your creativity.

Make modern Advent wreath – tools and materials

Modern Advent wreath-make-over-dish-deco-ball-white-red

If you take candles of the same size, number them. Decorate with numbers and numbers from one to four made of sheet metal, felt, wooden paper or simply labeled with a black marker. Shells and plates made of metal give a piece of individual touch to the homemade Advent wreath. Old baking tins for mini tartlets or cake tins can find new use and be used instead of plate for the candles.

Modern Advent Wreath – White, Red and Glitter


Advent wreath in a natural look

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-yapfen-rod natural materials-plate-keryen

Make your own modern Advent wreath yourself – 18 ideas and inspirations

Modern Advent wreath – simple and reduced

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-simple-simple-branches-of course-grind

Decorate Christmas wreath in a different way

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-tap-candles-white

Advent wreath decorated with natural materials


Decorate advent wreath according to taste


Advent wreath of homemade candle holders

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-pieces of wood-bowl-tap-deco-white

Advent wreath interpreted in a modern way – fir branches with moss

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-moss-tap-back form-metal-candles-white

Reduced variant for Advent wreath

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making center-table-plate-weihnachtskugeln-tannenyweige

Advent wreath in minimalist style – black and white


Modern Advent wreath – extremely reduced by decoration

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making minimalist candlestick-black-white-candle-oblong

Christmas wreath minimalist in white frame

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-minimalist-white-candlestick-rectangular design

Rectangular candlestick for four candles as a modern alternative to the Advent wreath


Arrange Advent wreath with a difference

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-oblong-decorated candles-and-white-number

Decorate a simple Christmas wreath with gingerbread

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-gingerbread-white-numbered-biscuit form

Elongated Advent wreath make yourself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making gingerbread-minimalist biscuit mold-white-Scandinavian

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-number-metal


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated, white and keryen-moss-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorated-candles-tannenzweige-plate


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-candle-moss-style

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-numbered - tannenyweige-plate

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-candles-moss-wired-number

adventskranz-modern-making oblong-decorate-candles-bottles-water-plant itself

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candles-sheen-water plant-idea-deco

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-white-jam sheen-numbered-full of white-powder

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-wine bottles and black-matt-numbered

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-candlestick-black wine bottle-number-tag

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wine bottles-matt black candlestick-number

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making oblong-decorate-white-keryen-plate-weihnachtskugeln

adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-wreath-silver-blue winlichter-nussschalenglaenzend

adventskranz-modern-yourself-making keryen-keryenhalter-antique-numbered-flame


adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-plate-concrete-round-candles-and-white numbered





adventskranz-modern-yourself-making tin cans-branches-star-knit-back form-pie floor

adventskranz-modern-yourself-do-shell-metal keryen-and-white four-simple


adventskranz-modern-yourself-making Scandinavian-style wood-slices-white-number-black-diz

Modern Advent wreath-white-pillar-metal-container-sweets-red-ribbon

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-cord-wire candles-tray

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-jute-digit

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-red-paper-hearts-tray-tannenzweige

modern-adventskranz-white-stump candles-digits nuts-FILLED-tray




adventskranz-modern-yourself-make-green-candles-Golden Globe-butterfly


Weihnachtsdeko Ideen »Christmas decoration to make yourself – 34 Advent ideas

christmas decoration to make yourself salt dough heart star fir jewelry

Christmas is a beautiful time, full of inspiration and inspiration Tinker , We start to feel the Christmas atmosphere at the end of November, so we can already prepare our craft projects. This creative Ideas for Christmas decoration to make yourself are very easy and inexpensive. They include different living areas and corners in the house such as the mantel, Christmas table, bed frame, Christmas tree etc. Take a look at our ideas and you would definitely find something for you.

Christmas decoration to make yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself paper stars christmas colors reindeer

You can either put a small accent in every corner around the house, or create a great arrangement that will catch everyone’s attention. If you do not have a mantel, where you have candles, fir branches and garlands then think vertically. An interesting idea is the white-painted wooden ladder below, which has been decorated with little candle holders, candy bags and red cards with Christmas slogans. The elements repeat themselves on each step and end with a beautiful porcelain sculpture at the top.

Christmas decoration for making your own for small rooms

christmas decoration to make yourself table decoration idea driftwood pine cone berries

If you do not want to deal with large projects, choose only small decorative objects. You can decorate empty jam jars with glitter and use them as candlesticks. The jam jars can also be filled with artificial snow, red berries and mini tree balls. Another good option is to make Christmas tree ornaments yourself. The pearls of an old pearl necklace or wine corks can be used here nicely.

Make door wreath yourself

christmas decoration to make yourself wreath idea berries red white

Sew Christmas decoration

christmas decoration to make yourself fleece fabric naehen keks loop

Make advent calendar yourself

Christmas decoration itself make advent calendar gold small ornaments

Decorate ladder for Christmas

Christmas decoration wooden ladder idea red white small accents

Making vases and candlesticks from jam jars themselves

Christmas decoration glass candle holders jam jars of silver glitter

small landscapes inside

Christmas decorations make jam jars Christmas tree artificial snow

Christmas tree decorations from wine corks

Christmas tree ornaments wine corks grind

beautiful table decoration inspired by the winter time and nature

table decoration christmas winter green table runner white branches

Advent wreath on the ladder

advent calendar wooden ladder blue paint ornaments

Christmas decoration for making adventskranz wooden ladder candy canes

Christmas table in purple and white Christmas decoration table purple white silver candles candlestick

Christmas decoration silver christmas tree balls groups beads garland

decorate with green branches

Christmas decoration making fir branches pine cones winterly Christmas decoration mantel white green gold string lights

Christmas decoration dining room wreath mistletoe table decoration white

christmas decoration angel wings wall decoration fairy lights shelves scandinavian

Christmas decoration blue green white porcelain jug branch

christmas tree ornaments ornaments art paper filling

christmas tree ornaments crafting beads sticking tulle bow

Christmas table decoration red candles candy cane fence

bedroom festive decorate garland red socks

felt fairy lights colorful self sewing mantel

advent wreath rustic planks small ornaments

Christmas wreath paper cone note paper wall

Christmas decoration for making ice berry wreath bow

Christmas decoration jam jars red berries pine branches

Christmas decoration mini christmas tree paper red green Do it yourself

Christmas decorations homemade note paper vintage look

Christmas wreath scraps red white decoration Do it yourself

white christmas tree modern black garland necklace chain reindeer

Christmas Decorating mantel gold green candle holder decorating fir branches

Hair and hairstyles »Make hair mask yourself: home remedies for hair loss

Hair Mask itself-make recipes and tips

Over the years, many know the problem: the hair on the head are getting thinner or less and less. If suddenly strengthened hair loss It can also be very difficult – especially for women. If many hairs fall out while combing, then you must react immediately. In the following article we deal with the topic ” Make hair mask yourself “And although against hair loss and would like to give you a few tips and recipes give them how you can make them yourself in no time.

Make yourself hair mask with increased hair loss

Hair Mask itself-make-causes-hair loss

Why is there hair loss?

The causes of hair loss can be very different. In males, this may be hereditary or caused by hormonal imbalances (for example, thyroid hyperfunction or hypofunction). In women, the hair loss can come as a result of hormonal conversion (menopause) or chemical treatments of the hair (dyeing, perm).

Hair loss occurs in some diseases such as diabetes, or as a side effect of medication for blood pressure, in chemotherapy to treat fungal infections, alcohol abuse or stress (the so-called. Psychogenic alopecia). But there is also hair loss due to a disturbed mineral balance in the body. Make sure you have enough iron, as lack of iron is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

How to get the hair growth back in motion?

Hair Mask itself-make-up-hair loss-recipes

You do not always have to spend a lot of money on hair treatments and beauty products to do something good for your hair. Nature, too, with medicinal herbs can help you. The benefits are obvious – you know what’s in it and you can tailor it to your individual needs. However, the hair cure with home remedies is not a miracle cure, which is guaranteed to regrow fancy hair, but it can at least stimulate the new growth.

For stronger and persistent hair loss, you should consult a doctor.

Make hair mask yourself – made in no time

Hair Mask itself-are-in-time at-rinse

Making a hair cure yourself is not that difficult and it’s also a lot of fun. Here are our suggestions:

Recipe 1: Walnut leaves deco

Hair Mask itself-make recipes and walnut leaves decoction

The walnut leaves deco strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth.

The first home remedy that addresses the common problem of hair loss is walnut leaves decoction. The following ingredients can be used:
– 2 hands full of walnut leaves, 1/2 liter of water.

Cut walnut leaves into small pieces, pour water into a saucepan, add the walnut leaves, then leave overnight. Simmer for 3 min the next day, then filter out the leaves. When washing hair, combine one half of the Absud with a shampoo, then use the other half as the last rinse.

Make recipe 2 for hair mask itself: oil mixture

Ole-mixture-rosemary oil Recipe the hair growth-promoting

Natural oils help promote hair growth and keep hair healthy. You need the following ingredients:
– 1 tsp jojoba oil, 15 drops of rosemary oil, 10 drops of cedarwood oil;
– 60 ml aloe vera gel

Mix the 3 oils together and add the aloe vera, stir well. Put the mixture in a well-sealable bottle. Massage your scalp every night with this hair growth mixture (about 1 tbsp of it)

The 3 oils are then mixed well in a small bowl, added to the aloe vera and stirred well. Pour the hair growth mixture into a well-sealable bottle. Every evening with a 1 tbsp of the mixture massage your scalp.

Homemade hair cure with beer against hair selection: Recipe 3

Hair Mask itself-make-beer-conditioner-effective

Beer is an old and well-known remedy for hair care. Wash your hair with beer at least once a week.

You need: 1 cup of beer

Distribute on the washed hair, leave for a short time, then wash with shampoo. Another 1/2 cup of beer in the hair massage in and do not rinse it out.

Recipe 4 – parsley mask

Hair Mask himself-making Parsley herb mix-massage

You need a handful of parsley.

Mince the parsley, place in a bowl, cover with boiling water and leave overnight. The next day, put the parsley in a saucepan, fill with 900 ml of water, simmer for about 20 min. Covered in a light heat. Then strain the herbal mixture and pour the cooled hair condition over the washed hair. Massage into hair and do not wash.

Make hair mask yourself: Recipe 5 with castor oil

Hair Mask himself-making recipe with castor oil stimulates hair growth-

Rub the scalp twice a week with the castor oil, wrap the head with cling film and wrap a towel over it. Leave it on overnight and rinse well in the morning with lukewarm water.

For stress-related hair loss, aroma oils can also help – e.g. Lavender, thyme and cedar oil. You need to massage your scalp with one of the oils every day. A mix of lemon juice and olive oil is also suitable as a scalp rub.

So, have fun trying it out!

Here are a few tips on hair care for hair loss

Hair Mask himself-making hair loss-prevention

– Often massage your scalp, which stimulates the blood circulation and thus promotes the growth of hair.
– Change cold and hot water showers – this stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp positively.
– Eat less animal fats, low sugar and sweet foods
– Do not eat foods made from white flour
– Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, black tea and strong carbonated water
– Do not smoke
– Stress can also trigger hair loss. So try to avoid stress.

Hair Mask himself-making tips for hair care for hair loss

Build fireplace surround yourself and decorate effectively

Fireplace surround yourself build deko-idee-living-room-white-green-springing

On decorative fireplace can be an interesting part of the facility. If you live in a city apartment, often can not install a real fireplace, because there is no chimney. A fireplace console is a good alternative. Functional and decorative at the same time, the fireplace surround can be set up anywhere and decorated according to mood and season. It is suitable for home office, bedroom and dining room, but many feel that the perfect location is the living room. There, where the whole family gathers in the evening. We’ll give you some tips and ideas on how to get started today Build fireplace surround yourself and can decorate creatively.

Fireplace surround itself build from wooden pallets

Fireplace surround yourself build europalette-holzbretter-weihnachtsdeko

The design of the chimney console is simple – two vertical columns and a horizontal plate. For craftsmanship this project would be really easy. Here you can a few instructions look at. The best material for a decorative fireplace is wood in different shapes. Whether a pallet, wooden boards, plywood boards or chipboard you decide yourself.

Building fireplace surround yourself – decorative fireplace made of wooden pallets

fireplace umrandung-own-build-wooden palette-assembled

Wooden pallets are a versatile and inexpensive material and can be used for many interesting construction projects. Perhaps the hardest part is to disassemble the wooden pallet to gain the boards. After that they are simply nailed together. You can see in the picture above what the construction looks like from the back.

LED tealights instead of real candles

fireplace umrandung-own-build-wooden-pallet-rustic

The top panel has not been fixed to the fireplace surround, but is stably in place. This decorative fireplace is easy to assemble and disassemble and is perfect for seasonal decorations such as autumn or Christmas. When decorating, you can replace the real candles with LED tealights, especially if you live with toddlers. So there is no risk of fire and you ensure the safety of your family.

Christmas decorations on the decorative fireplace

fireplace umrandung-own-build-wooden palette-weihnachtsdeko

You can decorate the mantelpiece nicely for any big party and give the apartment a festive mood. At Christmas, decorative fir trees, fir trees, candles and poinsettias are a perfect match. In addition, the mantelpiece is a suitable place for the Advent wreath.

* A project of Noni’s House

Mirror in the chimney console

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-white-mirror Background Candles

Decorative fireplaces are decorated differently. Often a group of differently sized pillar candles are arranged there to represent the fire in the fireplace. A nice idea would be to put a mirror behind the candles, which nicely reflects the candlelight.

Take a look at the other great ideas below in the picture gallery and be inspired!

Use a decorative fireplace as a bookshelf

fireplace umrandung-ideas-book shelves-different-color-background

If you are done with the fireplace surround itself, then you should think about their function in the room. The Dekokamin you can not only make a beautiful decoration, but also for the storage of various items use. This variant is particularly suitable for small apartments, where the available storage space is often insufficient. Shelves can therefore be installed in the decorative fireplace and used for small items and books.

Fire drawn with chalk

fireplace umrandung-own-build-wooden-white-painted-shelves-panel color-firewood

If you can not install a real fireplace in your own home, then you can draw the fire in the fireplace surround for a playful effect. You will need a black board placed between the pillars of the chimney console and chalk. Put some firewood in front of the decorative fireplace and draw the fire over it. With different colors, you can achieve more great effects. If you can paint well, then try to paint a realistic fire on a canvas and use the picture as a decoration for the fireplace surround.

Firewood in the decorative fireplace

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-firewood-Scandinavian

Many people want to build a fireplace surround themselves to get the look of a real fireplace. In this case, some firewood is perfect for decorating the fireplace console. If the whole gap is filled with firewood, then the decorative fireplace looks exactly like a real one. Thus, the room can give the popular, rustic charm.

Mirror in antique look

fireplace umrandung-ideas-mirror-led lighting-candles

If you have opted for the variant with a mirror, then it should not necessarily be new. With an old mirror can conjure up a beautiful effect, which creates a vintage flair in the room. Such an old mirror you can find at the flea market, or just ask in older relatives.

Stucco decorative fireplace for books and decorations in the home office

fireplace umrandung-own-build-drywall-buecheeregal-decorative stucco

Building a stucco fireplace surround itself can be a bit more difficult, but it looks really nice in the interior. In addition, the decorative fireplace can serve as a storage space for documents and books in the home office. Only a few shelves are necessary, which should be fastened between the pillars of the fireplace surround. To make this area look neater, you can also install two cabinet doors and make the chimney console a cupboard.

white plastered bricks in the decorative fireplace

fireplace umrandung-decorating-christmas-clinker-white-painted

If you want to make the living room two-tone, then a combination of white and a strong color is just fine. The white decorative fireplace can be designed inside with white bricks, or just imitate their appearance with a wallpaper. For the mantel you need a decoration in the second, contrasting color. Beautiful pillar candles, garlands and pretty picture frames with photos fit perfectly.

differently sized white pillar candles

fireplace umrandung-decorate-stump candles bill

If you want a minimalistic decoration for the fireplace surround, with a few candles right. For a creative effect, it is best to choose single-colored pillar candles in different sizes. You do not need more for a minimalist look.

arrange various decorations on the fireplace surround

fireplace umrandung-ideas-stump candles-book shelves

Building and decorating a beautiful fireplace surround itself is an easy way to decorate the simple wall in your bedroom or living room. The presence of a fireplace enhances every room and creates a beautiful visual eye-catcher. The decorations for the mantelpiece should match the style of the room and can also be used as color accents in the room.

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-vogelkaefig-red-weihnachtsbaumkugeln

If you do not have a fireplace in the apartment, but still want to put the Christmas stockings nicely in scene, you can build a fireplace surround itself. This is how the popular Christmas decorations can be brought to bear and create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment.

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-christmas-candles-fir garland

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-stone-tile-group-stump candles

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-mirror-background-candles-Scandinavian

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-Scandinavian-firewood-living room

fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-black-background-white-candles

sumpenkerzen fireplace umrandung-deco-idea-autumn-

fireplace umrandung-decorating-ideas-firewood

fireplace umrandung-own-build-brick-corner Candles

fireplace umrandung-own-build-clinker-antique-look

Building fireplace surround yourself – DIY instructions for Dekokamin

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-christmas-winter-deco-white-holzstamm gifts

A crackling fireplace gives warmth and special cozy atmosphere in the room. Whether it is used for heating or simply as a decorative object in the apartment, he looks very charming. If, for obvious reasons, you do not get one installed, then you can get one Build fireplace surround yourself and decorate the decorative mantelpiece nicely. Dekokamine are commercially available and can easily be created by yourself. Learn how!

Building fireplace surround yourself – decorative mantelpiece

fireplace umrandung-own-build-and-white decorative fireplace-fireplace-seat cushion-deco-mirror-around

In principle, the fireplace surround consists of a simple construction – two vertical columns and a horizontal surface that extends from the two sides and over fireplace edge. They are narrow and mounted directly on the wall. This construction for decorative use can be easily made of wood panels or other easy-to-edit material yourself. In the article you will find three simple instructions on how to build a decorative fireplace surround yourself.

Build fireplace surround yourself – DIY Dekokamin instructions

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-tvwand-white-mantel-deco-candles-firewood

The first example combines the practical and decorative benefits – decorative fireplace and TV wall in one. The compartment has been designed with small compartments to accommodate TV cables, DVDs or other accessories. The TV was mounted over the decorative mantel on the wall.

Plan construction, dimensions and desired optics

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-schema-construction-presentation-plan

Design your own decorative fireplace mantel in the desired size and look. For successful results, plan exactly the dimensions before and, accordingly, the useful materials. There are different decorative elements made of plaster or wood, which can be easily attached to any surface.

TV wall and decorative mantel in one

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-instructions-and-white-Freezer units tvwand-decorative-shelves-firewood)

The lower part of the fireplace surround can be designed as additional storage space in the living area by installing a few shelves. These can then be closed with wooden panels as cabinet doors, so that this area always looks tidy. Also, consider matching handles to make it easier to open and close the cabinet doors.

Nice to decorate for Christmas

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-tvwand-mantel-white-christmas-deco-holzstamm

If you have built the decorative fireplace surround, then you can already start with the best part: decoration. It can be adapted to every season and every big party by using matching decorative elements. For winter and Christmas for example, a natural decoration is perfect. Wooden blocks, pine cones and some fir green create a real Christmas mood in your home. If you prefer colorful, you can also decorate the mantel with colorful garlands and Christmas tree ornaments.

Building fireplace surround – TV wall as a decorative fireplace

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-tvwand-weoss-wood-candlestick

A beautiful fireplace surround is perfect for the TV wall. Usually, TV walls are large and provide more storage space than you actually need in the living room. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to install a fireplace surround in the TV wall. This makes the ambience in the room more comfortable and enhances the overall look of the living room.

Chimney-piece construction and border made of wood or chipboard

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-design-Freezer units-egal-wood panels-deco

If you would like to build such a TV wall with fireplace surround itself, then you can use chipboard or plywood boards. First, make a plan and sketch what the decorative fireplace should look like. Then get the materials you need and build the construction.

Fill in joints or blemishes and sand

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-design-wood-wood panels-filling-grind

The resulting joints should be leveled before painting and sanded as needed. When filling, you can also cover any defects and make a smooth surface for the fireplace surround.

Paint white

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-tvwand-shelves-Freezer units-white-decoration

If the wood is already sanded, then it is easier to paint and varnish. For this you can use any color as soon as it harmonizes with the rest of the interior. A popular variant offers white, since it fits almost any interior style. After the paint has dried out, you can already put the TV and its accessories on the mantelpiece.

Attach decorative elements

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-tvwand-white-shelves-Freezer units-deco

To make the self-made fireplace surround look more individual and in line with your living room, you can add some decorative elements. If you want to decorate the decorative fireplace with wooden blocks, then you can put a rug in front of it. In this way you protect your flooring from scratches and the like.

Decorative mantel with creative homemade decoration

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace wood-disk-deco-diy creative

The firewood for the fireplace is often stored directly in it in the warm months to save space while creating an original decoration. You can enjoy this effect with a decorative fireplace throughout the year by building an original wooden decoration for the fireplace surround itself. For this you need wooden discs that are about 7-8 centimeters thick and a plywood panel that fits in the fireplace surround.

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-tvwand-wood disc-deco-white-mantel-firewood

The plywood panel should first be painted in a dark color, preferably black or dark gray. Then attach the wooden discs to it, for example with screws or a hot glue. Simply attach the finished decoration to the place of the fireplace and you’re done. This deco gives a rustic charm in the room and is perfect for living room in country style.

Made of wood fireplace surround yourself – DIY instructions

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-wood-boards-along-construction

The possibilities to build fireplace surround yourself are manifold and you can use different materials for it. The most popular of these is without doubt wood, because it makes it easier to work. Below you will find a picture tutorial for decorative fireplace mantel, which you can also build yourself with some skill and patience.

Build your own decorative fireplace mantel

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-design-wood-dimensions-volume-boards montage

This requires wooden boards of different sizes, with which you build the construction. The individual boards fasten with metal hinges and screws that should hold the construction in place.

Attach decorative filigree ornaments

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-deco-fragments-wood-Optic-ornaments

If you want to design your fireplace surround with vintage elements, then you can get suitable ornaments and thus decorate the mantelpiece. Various decorative elements can be found in some craft shops. For an even more beautiful effect, the wood can be aged and fashioned in the popular vintage look. With a matching decoration, the beautiful design of the fireplace surrounds can be rounded off.

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-wood-construction-decorate-ornaments-Gipf

Vintage mantelpiece

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-manual-vintage-blue-white-dye-decorate-wreath-mirror

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-mantel-white-decoration Candles wallpaper botany

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-sweet-carpet-black-white-dog

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-vintage-deco-kaminfen-country style-basket-Gieskanne

fireplace umrandung-own-build-decorative fireplace-fireplace-wall tiling and natural stone-deco-mirror-white-gray

fireplace umrandung-own-build-stone-and-white elegant accent wall yellow

fireplace umrandung-modern-Idea-black-tile-stone-candle-plant itself-build

fireplace umrandung-own-build-white-kaminofen-mirror-deco carpet

fireplace umrandung-own-build-easy-frame-wood-dark kaminofen

fireplace surround build yourself rounded-stone-design-living-room-armchair

Autumn »Make beautiful window decorations in autumn yourself and design

Window decoration in the autumn -selber-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-wreath-branches-tealight-beautiful-walnut-decor

Window decoration in autumn you can do it yourself. If you are a romantic person then you will love it, some dry flowers , Hanging autumn leaves, branches and plants by the window. Natural materials can be wonderfully combined with artificial ones. The main thing is that the overall picture is finally right and the elements are matched in color.

With dry plants and flowers make beautiful window decorations in the fall and make your own

Window decoration in autumn -selber-tinkling-dry-flower-plant-roses-hanging

Dry plants and flowers for dreamlike and individual window decoration in the fall you can make it yourself, so to speak. Take some pretty flowers from bouquets that are not totally withered and let them hang with their heads down until they dry out completely. Then it is advisable to spray the dry plants with hair lacquer, so they last longer and not too fragile. The further design is up to you. Collect inspirations from our picture gallery.

Tinker window decoration in autumn with artificial flowers and leaves

Window decoration in autumn -selber-tinkling-dry-floral-plants-artificial-buy-color-form

Great flowers and plants for decoration are offered in all sorts of sizes, colors and styles in stores. They can be easily stuck with hot glue and fix and are also wonderful as a decoration for outdoor use.

Tinker with artificial autumn leaves

Window decoration in autumn-diy-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-artificially-take-apart-yellowish-orange

With orange and yellow leaves you can make a beautiful autumn decoration yourself. Simple instructions on how to make a filigree lettering and a magnificent autumnal wreath with integrated lantern itself can be found right here.

Create a wreath of autumn leaves

Window decoration in autumn -selver-tinker-diy-herbstblaetter-artificially-wire-pliers-bending

Make wreath or lettering yourself


With orange autumn leaves and decorative mini-pumpkins

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter-orange-yellow-kuerbis Wreath-deco

Tinker lettering from autumn leaves


Make beautiful wall and window decoration yourself


Wreath of branches with integrated lantern


Decoration for inside and outside

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-hot glue-wired-tong

Wreath of branches decorated with artificial autumn leaves

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-tealight-flowers-deco

Wreath with autumn leaves and lantern

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter Wreath-branches-evening-light-tealight-windlicht

* DIY project by Happy Unicorns

Window decoration with natural, dried plants and flowers

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-garland-orange slices-wall color aubergine

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-glass front-roses-blueten-color

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-hang up-wall color-white-sprossenfenster-botanically

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-diy-hang up-tie

Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-crafts-diy-Herbstblaetter-hang up-garland-rod-jute string-scissors


Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-outdoor windowsill-and-white vintage chair-exfoliated-color


Fensterdeko-autumn-yourself-tinker-dry-flowers-plant-candles-candlestick-wind lights-sideboard-vintage



Baby Mobile making paper yourself – ideas and instructions

baby mobile tinker paper-stars-yellow-gray-gender-neutral

You can turn baby mobiles into just about anything. The materials that are the easiest to handle are paper, wood and felt. We show you how to enter Make baby mobile yourself can and indeed with the cheapest material of the already mentioned – the paper , When building up, you should pay attention to the compensation points, especially if you use an odd number of hanging objects.

Baby mobile making tinker with origami cranes

Baby Mobile make your own paper-origami-crane-colored-white-varnished-branch

When using paper or cardboard for a mobile , you have more freedom for mistakes due to the low price of the materials. You can draw and cut your own shapes or find and print a template with popular motifs online. These objects can be flat or glued to one another three-dimensional effect to reach. Punch holes in the top of the objects to hang them with string, yarn, thick wire or transparent nylon thread. A metal or plastic ring in the desired size, wooden sticks in X-shape or a branch are perfect as a basis for your mobile.

Make baby mobile yourself – instructions

Baby Mobile make paper-instruction-white-cranes yourself

The crane is one of the basic forms that masters an origami fan. In Japan, cranes are folded as good luck charms, so this motif is particularly suitable for a baby mobile.

Required materials


Materials: a large branch, origami paper in colors of your choice, spray paint in gold, needle and gold thread, scissors.
Manual: Sprinkle the branch with the gold paint spray. Fold cranes from origami paper. Below you will find a detailed step-by-step video tutorial on getting the desired origami figure. Use a needle and gold thread to hang the cranes on the branch at different heights.

Mobile with origami cranes

Make baby mobile yourself -paper-instructions-cranes-gold-varnished-branch

A mobile is a beautiful baby toy, great sleep aid and valuable reassurance when the tears flow. The babies are fascinated by the colorful figures and threads that arouse your curiosity. The great colors and the flowing movement of the figures not only calm the children, but invite them to reach for the figures. A self-made mobile can be designed individually and of course as a beautiful reminder of this unique period of life be lifted. When choosing the pendant your imagination knows no bounds. The ideas of what you can attach to a mobile are almost endless. Paper balloons, cut-out figures made of construction paper, cute animal figurines like Schaffe, owls or butterflies are made very easy. You can attach the homemade mobile over the changing table or cot and conjure a wide smile on the face of your favorite.

In the first few weeks of life, babies do not yet distinguish between colors and like plain, two-tone patterns especially like. You are welcome to make a cute mobile with sheep, the relaxed dangling from the ceiling and prepare your little darling joy. For the sweet flock of sheep, you must first cut out some circles of solid white paper. Then cut a wave-like edge with scissors. Make a small hole so you can attach and hang the sheep later. If you want to make the sheep with legs, you can make another two holes on the opposite side and thread and knot a piece of yarn. Then cut the head of the animal with your ears out of black or brown cardboard. If you want, you can paint the face, or even cut out eyes and muzzle from paper. Now all you have to do is attach the thread or wire and hang up the cute piece.

Clip different origami shapes


You can also make many other cute animals that will impress your baby when awake and bring it to sleep when the child is tired. You can easily record birds, fish, giraffes, butterflies or elephants on paper, create stencils and apply them to the colored paper as often as you like and cut them out. On the Internet you will find ready-made templates that can also help you. If you want to create a colorful swarm of enchanting butterflies, you can easily create the delicate, flying beauty with a simple folding technique. If you want to make a butterfly mobile yourself, you need two squares of paper in different colors. Fold the paper pieces in a zigzag and connect both parts in the middle with a little craft wire to each other. The ends of the craft wire can bend you to feelers. Make sure the mobile is hanging high enough and can not be touched by the baby. For the upper part of the body, fold the paper diagonally so that beautiful wings emerge. You can also create beautiful 3D butterflies from firmer paper. Cut out 3 butterflies and put them on top of each other. Just tie a yarn in the middle and fold each butterfly up slightly. This creates the great 3D effect.

Beautiful motives for a happy child

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-clouds-air balloon-sun-voegel

For your little baby, you can also make a great cloud mobile yourself. Thick, white clouds, little stars and colorful balloons guarantee exciting moments and a great view in any weather. Draw a cloud on white paper, cut it out, and use it as a template to cut out the remaining clouds. Take three cloud pieces for a cloud and bend them in the middle. For the three-dimensional cloud, you must then glue the clouds together on the kinked strip. Make a hole in the cloud with a needle, thread the nylon thread and knot it. Design the stars, the sun and the paper balloons in bold colors. Finally attach them at different heights.

Pinwheels wind up

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-windraedchen-handicraft paper

Use a willow wreath for the mobile

baby-mobile-yourself-tinker-Paper bird-red check pattern pastures wreath

Birdies in yellow, gray and black

baby-mobile-yourself-tinker-Paper bird-yellow-gray-white

Asterisks in yellow and gray

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-stars, yellow and light gray

Blues for a boy

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-stars-dark blue-light blue-white

Modern in black and white


Butterflies for girls


Folding origami diamonds

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper origami-diamond-black-white

White and cream for a gender neutral baby room

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-butterflies-white-gender neutral

Orange, gray and africa animals

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-orange-blue-africa animals-motive

Cranes Mobile over the cot


Colorful 3D hot air balloons

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-air balloon 3d clouds


baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper airplanes, yellow and gray


baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper-blautoene cream-voegel-motive

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper 3d flowers-butterflies-pink-gray-white

baby-mobile-yourself-craft-paper 3d flowers-pink-blue-butterflies-girl

mobile self craft solar system planets idea stars paper diy

mobile tinker stars paper colorful idea

make mobile yourself dots ombre blue green orange

mobile tinker butterflies blue pink paper nursery

mobile self craft baby room decoration moon stars sky

Hair & Hairstyles »Make beautiful party hairstyles yourself – 55 simple ideas

Party hairstyles-makeover-ideas-easy-to-follow-tips

Hair is an important part of the overall effect of an event. Party hairstyles First of all, it takes a lot of effort to make your own or costly, if you have to turn to a professional. Above all, it is thought that they take a lot of time. All these claims are totally deceptive and wrong, especially when it comes to party hairstyles and not around Wedding hairstyles , In a few minutes you can create a beautiful look with your hair. All you need is some skill, hairpins, a comb, hairspray and maybe some hair accessories. Learn how to use them.

A good basis for party hairstyles are the well-groomed hair

Party hairstyles-hair-open-medium-long-long-blonde-make-up-pink-waves

Open hair seems the simplest option for party To be hairstyles. But that just seems like that. Because you really need well-groomed, healthy and shiny hair. Otherwise, you look scruffy despite the beautiful, modern outfit and that is anything but attractive. Use hair care that adds extra shine to the hair. The flush is a must. Special oils such as argan oil ensure that the hair loses moisture and can withstand regular smoothing and blow drying. A healthy diet rich in vitamins B, E and D and in omega-3 and 6 acids is especially important for the development and condition of your hair and skin.

Make party hairstyles yourself – Prachtvoll hair jewelry stuck in the hair

Party hairstyles-hair-jewelry-crystals-stones-glitter-feather-white-tender-romantic-idea

A special highlight are hair bands, jewelery and accessories that adorn the hair. Splendidly decorated with stones, crystals and pearls, these small pieces bring more glamor to the perfect look for special occasions. But you should handle it carefully. Hair jewelry looks very extravagant and needs a simple held hairstyle and clothing. He should be matched with the outfit – casual-romantic in boho chic or classic-elegant to match the small black dress. A great advantage of this is that hair ornaments are great for any hair length. In the article you will find some wonderful examples.

Romantic hairstyle idea – make side braid yourself

Party hairstyles-long-hair-side-braid-self-instruction

Braids and braided hair contribute to a romantic look and look very youthful. A side braid is great for summer hairstyles, as they give a serene mood. You just seem to come from the beach. In addition, it takes only 10-15 minutes to do it yourself. Here is a guide on how to weave a loose fishbone into long hair step by step.

Side plait braids for Boho flair in the hair

Party hairstyles-long-hair-side-braid-yourself-make-instruction-idea

Hairstyles Instructions – Make your own fishbone

party-hairstyles-side-plait fishbone-long-hair-do it yourself-

Braid the fishbone a bit looser for a casual bohemian look

party-hairstyles-side-plait-yourself-making fischgaete-long-hair-manual

Make beautiful hairstyles yourself

Party Hairstyles-make-over-curl-curling-wand-volume-toup-hair

Variant with clamps for a braided updo

Party hairstyles -braided-braid-hairclip-interesting-idea-creative-making-yourself

Make vintage hairstyles with clamps yourself

Party hairstyles -braided-make-yourself-hairclip-middle-vertex-idea

Casual party styling with bun at the top

Party hairstyles-hair-bunches-long-hair-upside-make-yourself

Do the hairstyle yourself and fix it at the neck

Party hairstyles-hair-buns-neck-laessig-hairstyle-dutt-yourself-make

Loose style and glamorous make-up




party-hairstyles-plug hairstyles-easy-yourself-making hair knot-variant

party-hairstyles-medium-length-hair-updo-easy-laessig-selbermachen Idea

party-hairstyles-hair-laessig-messy-yourself-making idea

party-hairstyles-hair-volume-vintage-retro-yourself-making idea

Hairstyles with open hair


party-hairstyles-hair-open mid-length Long-volume-anne-hathaway


party-hairstyles-open-hair-waves-gloss medium-crest-maintained


party-hairstyles-waves-laessig-airy-yourself-making idea-schoen


Hair accessories and accessories in your hair

party-hairstyles-hair flower accessory red-hair-open long

party-hairstyles-headband-haarschmuck-stones-crystal-hair-open vintage


party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-gold-vintage-flair-yourself-making idea

party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-hair-open mid-crest-boho-chic hair chain


party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-hair mature-diadem-stones-crystal-sparkling

party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-hair mature-pearl decorations-hair knot-neck-easy

party-hairstyles-haarschmuck-crystal-stone-feather-vintage headband



Ideas with tied hair – ponytail and others


party-hairstyles-horse swan-long-medium-length-hair-hair band lacquer-black-yourself-make

party-hairstyles-ponytail-neck Long-medium-length-hair-smooth-yourself-make


party-hairstyles-medium-length-hair-ponytail-different-yourself-making idea

Hairstyle ideas for medium-long hair – plait as a hair wreath


party-hairstyles-plait-front-side-yourself-making idea-braided

party-hairstyles-hair parts-use-Pigtails-art hair-blonde-simple-ideas

Extra volume on the top of the head

party-hairstyles-volume-top head-side-smoothed-make-up-yourself-make-kim-kardashian

party-hairstyles-volume-auxiliaries-easy-bumpits-tower-hair cushion

make party-hairstyles-hair pillow-volume-haareinsaetze-idea-itself-

Dutt make yourself

party-hairstyles-medium-length-hair-pinned-dutt-art hair-hair parts

party-hairstyles-dutt-selbermachen-duttkissen Simple Idea

party-hairstyles-knot hair-bun-duttkissen-hair pillow-do it yourself-

party-hairstyles-lure-laessig-half open-hair-styling ideas


party hairstyles original-ladies-pony-braids

party-hairstyles-dutt-laessig-updo earrings

Hair & Hairstyles »80s hairstyles make yourself – 55 cool ideas for the party look

80s hairstyles volume-blonde-hair-diadem-dress-green-neon-background-blue

Every decade brings something into today’s fashion. Much is known today as Bad Taste, but that is purely a matter of taste. Many trends are celebrating a revival and so are the ones 80s hairstyles and fashion. An ideal opportunity to experiment with past fashion trends, hairstyles and make-up are themed parties. Gather inspiration and new ideas for the next one party in the wild style of the 80s. Here are 50 cool haircuts and styles that you can do yourself at home using the three video tutorials at the end of the photo gallery.

Hair crimping for 80s hairstyles

80s hairstyles long-blonde-hair-crimp-colored-straps-pink-yellow

Special decades As far as the hair is concerned, it was the 80s and 90s , The 80s hairstyles are characterized by wild haircuts with steps and lots of volume and also a pony must not be missing. It is achieved using different techniques and tools and a lot of strong hair spray. A slightly more modern twist is to crimp your hair. This is possible with a special hair crimper or with the attachment of the normal flat iron. If you comb through the crimped hair, you get the desired volume with waffle effect.

80s hairstyles mean extreme volume

80s hairstyles-extreme-volume-hair-crimp-toupieren-red-lipstick vluse

For the typical 80s hairstyles the hair is extremely toupiert and especially on the top of the head. One option would be to smooth the hair sideways and fix it with hair clips behind the ears. A voluminous ponytail on top of the neck or on the side would also be a simple and well-suited variant. Our tip: Toupieren each strand and fix it immediately afterwards with the hair spray. Then bring the hair to the desired position and spray another coat on the hairstyle. This will ensure a long hairstyle hold.

Exclusive colors in the hair

80s hairstyles curls-retro-straightening-ornage-copper-blonde-hair

When it comes to curls, you can find all sorts of variations on the ’80s hairstyles – long, medium, up to the chin or shortened with a certain length on the top of the head. Highlights in all colors of the rainbow were missing at that time. Punk hairstyles with side shaving or laterally extremely shortened are also typical for the 80s. Pony and hair cut short in front and long in the back and of course toupiert was also a hit with the hair styling.

Style for women inspired by Madonna

80s hairstyles-hair band headband-earrings-costume jewelery-red-lipstick-madonna

Of course, the 80’s hairstyles were inspired by the music scene just like the fashion and the look of the stars was imitated by many. Thus, we can take a look at the first outfits and stylings of the well-known singer Madonna. Typical are blonde curls, casual hair and headbands and very, very much fashion jewelry. In the picture gallery you will find contemporary variants of the most popular 80s hairstyles, which you can also do on your own at home.

Hairstyle with hair and headband

80s hairstyles-headband-Berlen-flower-chiffon-and-white delicate romantic

Smoothed hair and headband in neon colors

80s hairstyles-headband-blonde-smooth-hair-neon-yourself-do-look

Curly styled hair and golden headband

80s hairstyles-headband-gold-earrings-large-blonde-curly-blouse-purple

Vintage look with green velvet headband

80s hairstyles-headband-green-velvet vintage-long-blond-hair

Black headscarf as headband for a great party look

80s hairstyles-headband-black-sunglasses-black-gold-making ladies' suit and white

Numerous variants for a look with headband and 80s flair

80s hairstyles-Strinband-variation-vintage-look-colored outfits-fashion show

Use colorful headbands

80s hairstyles-headband-red koralfarbe-top floralmuster-color-exotic-vintage-look

80s hairstyles-headband-color hair-big-glasses-red-hair

80s hairstyles-headband-fashion-style-long-hair-red-blouse outfit

80s hairstyles-headband-beads-pointed-blonde-hair-long-Vintige-loog False Eyelashes

80s hairstyles-headband-white lure-yellow outfit-deunkle-hair-volume-

Hair crimping for typical hairstyles of the 80s

80s hairstyles-hair-crimp-haired-woman-pony chin-length

80s hairstyles-hair-crimp-vintage-look-haired pony

80s hairstyles-long-blond-hair-crimp-eyeliner-neon blue-turquoise

80s hairstyles-long-blond-hair-crimp-open dress-ornage

80s hairstyles-long-hair-crimp-blond-mittelscheitel-

80s hairstyles-long-hair-crimping sunglasses-gross-dress-black

80s hairstyles-hair-crimp-ponytail-party look-eyeliner-topless

Fine curls and retro waves with extreme volume

80s hairstyles-Leoprint-dress-jewelry-hair-pink-blond pony-volume-fine-draw

80s hairstyles-volume-hair-cerimpen-party-look Long

80s hairstyles retro waves-volume-brown-hair-rihanna

80s hairstyles-volume-red-hair-subtly-makeup-anbend-look

80s hairstyles-volume-waves-dramatic-make-brown-hair-retro

80s hairstyles-waves-wild-messed-volumien-makeup-pink-purple-lipstick-neon

80s hairstyles-fine-lure-volume-blonde-hair-hair band headband black

80s hairstyles-fine-lure-volume-headband-white-disco-party-look

80-hairstyle-violet hair color-blond-volume-purple-blond

80s hairstyles-blond curls clips earrings-eyeliner-lipstick-madonna

80s hairstyles-haircut-hair styles-three-variant-hair style

Typically 80s hair with a side ponytail

80s hairstyles-ponytail-side-costume jewelery-much-band black

80s hairstyles-ponytail-volume-teased-blonde-hair-eyeliner-earrings-large

80s hairstyles-side-ponytail-blonde-hair-volume-top head

80s hairstyles-side-ponytail-blonde-hair-straenhen-exeliner-pink-chain

80s hairstyling for short hair with volume on the top of the head

80s hairstyles-party - look glamorous-set high-volume-top head

80s hairstyles-short-blonde-hair-wild-look-roeckig-costume jewelery-madonna

80s hairstyles-short-hair-blonde-clips-earrings-party look-volume-top head

80s hairstyles-short-hair-blonde-party-look black-dress

80s hairstyles-short-hair-blonde-side-cut-straenchen Orange

80s hairstyles-short-hair-dark curly-volume-lure-top head

80s hairstyles-short-hair-sleek look-janet-jackson

80s hairstyles-short-hair-curly-side-cut-orange-blond

80s hairstyles-short-hair-side-cut-shaved-straenchen-pink

80s hairstyles-short-hair-side-razur-pony-punk

80s hairstyles-short-hair-curly-dark upper head-punk-look

Volume and many steps, blown outward for medium-length hair

80s hairstyles-yourself-making party-.mittellange-hair-step-volume-side crest

Karrie Bradshaw (“Sex and the city”) with curly, 80s hair

80s hairstyles volume-itself-making party-curly-hair-blond

Medium-length hair cut in several stages – More volume at the top of the head

80s hairstyles-yourself-making party-medium-long-black-hair-scale

80s hairstyles-yourself-making party-.volumen-messy-curly-hair

80s hairstyles-yourself-making party-.Short-hair-streaks-sidecut

Video Tutorials – Party curls with volume make yourself

Hairstyles with Toupieren

Fine curls with extreme volume without toupieren and crimping make yourself

Design »Build furniture yourself with hinges from the 3D printer

Build your own furniture 3d-plywood-plywood-hinges-accessories-easy-attach-plug

Ikea furniture is offered worldwide, which you have to assemble and assemble yourself. It just goes with the tools that are included in the package. But there is a new variant, with which one the Build furniture yourself and even can shape it without glue, screws or drilling. Add-ons from 3D printers that resemble hinges become plates plywood or another, relatively thin material plugged into each other, fastened and assembled. You choose the size and the design, the use and the proportions themselves.

Use hinges from the 3D printer to build lightweight furniture yourself

Furniture yourself build 3d printer plywood accessories hinges plastic

A Hungarian designer has developed a special hinge that the average consumer can print at home using a 3D printer. To build furniture yourself, you only need the plates. A thickness of exactly 8 millimeters is required so that the parts fit together really well and ensure stability throughout the construction. The hinges from the 3D printer allow connections between the plates at a 45, 90 or 120 degree angle. Tools, glue or other aids are not needed.

Build furniture yourself with the help of small additional parts

moebel-own-build-3d-printer-plywood-panels-fix-hinges-added parts-plastic

The idea of ​​this project is actually to bring our mindset in line with the advancement of technology. It is an accessible variant of how you can assemble your own furniture without special preparation or previous knowledge. So you get simple, stylish pieces of furniture according to your own ideas, which are easy to disassemble, dispose of and are completely recyclable. In addition, you save time, otherwise you can spend hours browsing the Ikea Brochure invested.

Design your own functional furniture yourself


Self-designed furniture ideas

moebel-own-build-3d-printer-plywood-panels-hinges-fix-plastic-added parts

Build without screws or glue


Decorative constructions, shelves and other furniture


Simple and functional furniture

moebel-own-build-3d-printer-plywood-hinges-construct-added parts

Hinges made of sturdy plastic

moebel-own-build-3d-printer-plywood-and-white Platik-parts-hinges

Different hinges at a glance


Build different constructions


Model of 45 degree connection


Model of the 90-Gard connection


Model of 120 degree connection


Project and Research of Forming

moebel-own-build-3d-printer-plywood-added parts-hinges-fix-project

* a project of Ollé Gellért